Being an agent with Medius has been the best thing to happen to me. I get to go on some exotic trips to places most people have never heard of, I get to solve some very important cases and the paycheques certainly don't hurt either.

To me though, the most exciting part of it all was the fights.

Yep, the fights are the best part.

It's always such a rush when you're in danger and fighting for your life.

I don't actually go looking for fights like I did as a teenager, but if one comes to me, I'm certainly not shying away!

Some might say that I'm a bit too into the violent part of my job and to them I say: screw you.

This morning though, I was in the dining hall of our building with my teammates as none of us felt like cooking and eating in our rooms.

"So, Courtney, has Barrow cracked yet?" Asha asked, stirring her oatmeal idly.

"Surprisingly, no…" I muttered. "We've… met in the past, and back then he was just some scrawny delinquent selling his father's hairpieces as pets and swimming naked in a city hall fountain…"

"Okay then…" Asha blinked and turned back to her breakfast.

"Wait. Swimming naked in a city hall fountain?" Jason raised an eyebrow.

"Selling his father's hairpieces as pets?" Ray asked in mild surprise.

"How does one even sell hairpieces as pets anyway?" Matt asked.

I laughed at their expressions. "I don't know how, but he did."

Resuming normal mode, I spoke again. "Anyway, now he's nothing but scum and has graduated from being a minor annoyance to a major criminal wanted on both sides of the Canada-United States border."

"That is a big jump from skinny dipping in fountains to being wanted by both the CIA and CSIS…" Asha snickered and they all burst out laughing.

I felt a mild feeling of anger start to rise up in me. Well, not really anger, more of a feeling of annoyance…

"It's not funny, you guys! It's just stupid!" I frowned.

"Yeah, you're right. I apologise." Asha nodded and so did the others.

"Good. Now I'm gonna see if I can get anything out of him today."

"Good luck with that. He's been holding up pretty well. He hasn't talked to anyone else except you." Matt shrugged. "He's one tough cookie."

"He'll be in teeny, tiny, miniscule little crumbs by the time I'm done with him…" I stood up, cracking my fingers.

"Yeah. Speaking of stuff to do, Dawn called and said that there are some files for me to pick up at CSIS…." Jason stood up as well. "Good luck with that interrogation of yours, Courtney!"

"Another day, another chance. Ready to talk yet?" I adjusted my shades.

"My lips are still sealed, lady." Duncan actually leaned back in his chair with a smug look on his face as if he owned the place.

"You're gonna want to unseal those lips if you want to make it out of here in one piece…"

"Isn't that sort of thing illegal in Canada?"

"Like that stops you…"

"I wouldn't be a criminal if I didn't commit crime…"

"Yeah, well you're a criminal in our grasp and nothing can save you now. We've got too much dirt on you to let you go. Once again, talk." I cracked my knuckles. "Or Josie will be making an appearance and I ain't talking about the Pussycats…"

"Dude was actually smart enough not to tell all his people every single detail in case something like this happened. What I told you before is all I know!" Duncan exclaimed.

"No, it's not. You merely told me how you got into Pravus. You haven't told me what you did or learnt when you were in there. There's a difference and you know it." I tapped my fingers on the edge of the desk, feeling slightly irritated.

"You think this is CSI or Law and Order? That I'm just gonna break down and cry, confessing my crimes immediately just because you play the bad cop routine? Think again."

I'm getting nowhere fast with Duncan. Why am I not surprised at this?

"Look here, you little punk. You do not want to waste my time."

"Actually, I think I do." Duncan smirked at me. "It's kinda fun, watching you squirm…"

I can feel the anger and frustration starting to pump through my veins.

Must… not… kill… yet…

I stood up silently and went over to retrieve my semi the same way I did last time I had the task of interrogating this asshole.

I twirled her trigger around my finger and blew off the barrel coolly.

"So you can twirl a gun. Whatever, Babycakes. No matter what you do to me, it wouldn't be worth it for me to tell you a damn thing even if I wanted to. Your efforts are futile when it comes to trying to get any information out of me, no matter how much sticks and stones you use on me. We can do this all day long…" He said.

I aimed a shot that would just barely graze the side of his head. Precision: I've got lots of that now. It can save your life if you've only got one bullet left in your gun and need to make it count.

"Trying to kill me now, Babycakes? How am I supposed to tell you the stories you wanna hear if I'm dead?"

"If you are of no use to us, we could always quietly dispose of you and find other means of getting the information we want. Is that what you want? To be tossed aside like a piece of trash? And let me tell you: our… disposal methods aren't always pretty like a clean shot to the head…"

With that, I fired off another warning shot.

"Well, maybe it's worth it to avoid having to spend the rest of your life having to look over your shoulder because you're avoiding McLean and his goons…"

"Oh please. Having to look over your shoulder from that narcissistic, pathetic dumb-ass? Never looked like the type to have any sort of brains to run something like this in the past…" I snorted.

"Oh yeah? Maybe he's wizened up. He's still in the public eye, yet none of them suspect a thing!" Duncan exclaimed.

Just then, I felt my phone buzzing in my pocket.

Transferring my gun to my left hand, I reached into my pocket with the right.

My eyebrows went up as I read the text message from Matthias.

There's been a security breach on level 6.

Wait… Level 6? That's only one level below us! What are they playing at?

All of a sudden, the building shook violently and Duncan and I were thrown from our seats- him landing on his injured shoulder and my shades falling off.

"AUGH! DAMMIT!" We both yelled- him in pain and I in frustration.

We locked eyes under the table and in that instant I knew that he finally recognized me.

"You…" He whispered, stunned.

Took him long enough. What guy forgets an ex-girlfriend who he met while on a realty know that kneed him in the balls repeatedly? Who does that, I ask you? WHO?!

"About time you recognized me, huh, Delinquent?" I spat.

The building shook again and this time Matthias and Ray came in with a few guards.

"Let's move. They're on our floor now!" Matthias grabbed my arm and Ray and the guards hauled Duncan out.

"What? How did this happen? How'd they get past the security?" I asked, taking a bag he tossed me and reloading my gun with extra bullets he brought along.

"They killed the security." Matthias said grimly, fixing up his own semi and pulling on some bulletproof gear. I rummaged around in the bag he tossed me and found more, which I also put on quickly.

"What the fu-" I sputtered. "How'd they pull off that one?"

"We don't know. All we know is that they're dead and there are a good amount of invaders in the building!"

"What do they want?" I asked.

I ducked down, pulling Matthias with me as bullets around us were fired.

"I don't know yet!" He yelled as he popped up firing a spray of bullets at some incoming invaders.

"Let's move!" He yelled.

We ran for an elevator and I pressed the button to close it, narrowly missing being shot by some outside. Good thing the elevator doors are bulletproof…

We reached the ground floor to find about four security guards and three other employees dead, a few others injured and several others running out of the building or fighting with what they could.

Ray ran in front of us, leading a few civilian employees to safety.

Matt chased after some other invaders in another direction.

After pulling off some near-impossible acrobatics to avoid some of the invaders attacking us, I followed Ray out, firing behind me as I went.

Asha was to our far right elbowing one guy in the face while clutching her own pistol in that same hand, drop kicking another guy in the balls and shooting at a third. She really can hold her own against multiple attackers at once…

More guys came towards her.

But perhaps not that much…

I ran to help her.

"Hey, Lioness. How you holding up?" I asked coolly.

"Never better, Queen." Asha kicked another guy in the stomach and we moved to stand back to back.

"It's pretty nice of them to bring us a party, huh?" I asked, shooting at another figure.

"Yeah. All we need are the chips and dip!" She and I kicked out in unison before the building shook violently once again from the force of an explosion, throwing us off our feet.

One of the invaders stood up, calling out loudly. "That's the signal! Let's go people! LET'S GO!" Those who could run went after him, but the injured ones who tried to move were quickly pinned down by extra security.

Took them long enough to get here…

"Courtney…" Asha turned to me slowly. "What just happened here?"

"I don't know Asha. But I can't wait to find out…" I could hear lots more commotion outside like the sounds of sirens and people from the surrounding areas coming near out of curiosity. The reporters would be sure to follow…

"Come on Asha. I need a drink before the debriefing that's sure to come…" I sighed, heading for the nearest staircase.

"I missed out on the action? Dammit! I should have been here with you!" Jason frowned, pounding the desk with a fist.

"Well the action was just as unexpected for us as it was for you, Jason…" I muttered, taking a seat between Matthias and Asha.

"Besides, how could you have known? You were just out doing your job, collecting some intel files from CSIS…" Matthias said.

Ray entered the room, looking grim.

"Well ladies and gentlemen of Medius, we've endured a great shame today. Our Detention & Interrogation Centre has been invaded- and although some of the prisoners escaped, one of them is of particular concern to us."

I groaned. "Why do I think I know who that is…?"

"Probably because you do. It was Duncan Barrow, the guy you were interrogating when this shit went down…" Ray said.

Hearing confirmation of my suspicions made me head desk, sighing. "And to think I didn't even get that much out of him…" I moaned.

"The other individual teams are having their own meetings now and one large one is scheduled for Thursday- two days from now." Ray said.

"So what do we do now?" Matthias asked, rubbing his sore shoulder.

"Well…" I piped in. "Directives from above are to take a break, while still getting our facts together. Believe me- I want to go after those assholes as much as anyone else in this room, but going after them guns blazing is clearly not the right approach…"

"Well said, Courtney…" Ray nodded in agreement

"Okay then." I stood up. "Court dismissed, folks."

"If only we had the dancing lobsters too…" Jason muttered darkly.

I rolled my eyes at this and headed straight to my room, planning to make good use of the bottles of Smirnoff Ice Asha and I had in there.

"You have failed me Duncan. You have really failed me." His boss said, reclining in his chair.

"Well then boss, I will try to do better next time." Duncan inclined his head slightly.

"You had better. I didn't pull the stops to rescue you for nothing, you know. I lost a few of my good soldiers today because of you…"

"It won't happen again, boss. I swear on my life."

"The cost will be your life if any slipups are made. Do not let this happen again, are we clear?" Chris McLean turned to face him, looking much more menacing than he had in earlier years.

"Yes sir. All is clear." Duncan saluted with his good arm.

"Great. Now come on." Chris stood up. "We have many things to talk about…" he gestured for Duncan to follow him out of the room and he did so.