(The scene opens up with Masato and Yuka resting in the health center of I-Net. Ms. Haruka looks on as she looks down. Mr. Sasaki walks in on her)

Mr. Sasaki- Still worried? Haruka?

Ms. Haruka- Yes.. I just can't leave without worrying…

Mr. Sasaki- In time…we just going to have to protect these kids..

Ms. Haruka- Your right.. Tsubaki needs to know about this

Mr. Sasaki- Tsubaki knows of this but I don't want that to spot him for doing that task for me

Ms. Haruka- What task?

Mr. Sasaki- Don't worry about it Haruka it's not really important

(Ms. Haruka looks confused as she stares back at Masato and Yuka as Ryusuke walks in)

(A I-Net Engineer walks in)

I-Net Engineer- Excuse me Mr. Sasaki-San, Ms. Haruka the TeckaBraces have all been updated with the newer weapon systems.

Mr. Sasaki- Thats good to know

I-Net Engineer- But the problem with the Red Brace is that part of it has been damage and it's going to take some time for the system to fully restore…

Mr. Sasaki- How long?

I-Net Engineer- About a good day….

Ms. Haruka- We don't have time for that..Gaidoku…Saban! Can attack at any moment at any time!

I-Net Engineer- Ms. Haruka with the type of technology we have we just can't easily speed up the recovery. You should know this Ms. Haruka I'm deeply sorry

(Ms. Haruka looks very disappointed as she looks back at Masato and Yuka)

(The scene jumps to Gaidoku as we see Emperor Henji companied by Ohjo, Jeo and Renoi, Yuma is walking in with a report)

Yuma- My Emperor-Chan…there has been a report that the Saban is plotting a huge attack to destroy the city of Tokyo!

Emperor Henji- Oh please Saban is a failure even as a rogue warrior he still wouldn't be able to match up to my Gaidoku fleet. But you know something I'll let Saban get his because he suspects we'll just easily send down troops and he's just sly himself in and take the desert. Well look here Saban you're time will come and you will lose it all!

Jeo- This is boring! Instead of talking about it how about you do something…

(Henji and Jeo lock looks)

Empero Henji- You know what speaking of which how about you and Renoi go down to Earth and cause all the Havoc you want?

Renoi- Sound boring why would we want to do your dirty work?

Emperor Henji- Because you're here to help me after am I right? Like it or not Saban and those Damn Teckarangers must die!

Jeo- As i said before we'll asset you to defeating the Teckarangers thats it! We don't care about Earth or those parasite human beings! As soon as we fan kill both the Teckarangers and Saban we're leaving! Uyaro needs us

Emperor Henji- Last time I checked Uyaro isn't a Emperor! And Juuto is a much weaker General!

Renoi- I'm not even sure if you ever seen Emperor Juuto before! Some Emperor You Are! And as far as what Juuto and everyone apart of gaidoku you are the most weakest and crappiest General throughout the Galaxy. You don't deserve the title of Emperor! You are a fluke!

(Ohjo strikes his sword at Renoi as Jeo gets in and Yuma points a bazooka at Jeo!)

Emperor Henji- Now we don't want nothing bad to happen. Regardless of what you think pretty lady. Once a Emperor is dead the person held accounted for must be eliminated immediately by any means! You two couldn't touch me if you dare!

(Everyone lower their weapons)

(Jeo walks off as Renoi follows him)

Emperor Henji- OHJO!

Ohjo- Yes my lord

Emperor Henji- Send Baikin Smart down to lure the Teckarangers out and this time assist him and make sure Saban doesn't interfere!

Ohjo- Yes My Lord!

Emperor Henji- Yuma! It's time I give someone a phone call who will definitely won't gve me any troubles in the conquest!

Yuma- Who are you suggesting My Emperor?

Emperor Henji- In time Yuma In Time!

(The scene jumps back to I-Net where we see Masato and Yuka still breathing…suddenly Masato groans as he wakes up.. His vision appears to be blurry as he can't really see anything. He sits up and see's Yuka laying down as Masato takes the IV from out his arm and breathing mask from around his face)

Masato- Whhere am I?

Masato- Umm why?

(The alarm sounds as doctors rushes in to check on Masato as he looks scared)

I-Net Doctor- You're awake! How are you feeling TeckaRed?

Masato- Tech-a-red?

I-Net Doctor- Do you know where you are?

(Masato shakes his head..as now Yuka appears to be up as other doctors rushes over to her)

I-Net Doctor- Do you know your name?

Masato- Um yes my name is Masato Genta…I'm a 16 year old Junior at Mirai High School…

I-Net Doctor- Date of Birth?

Masato- Feburary 17, 1994

I-Net Doctor- What is today's date Masato?

Masato- Feburary 1st 2012

The doctor looks scared as he hit the button for Ms. Haruka and Mr. Sasaki…The other doctors assist Yuka as she looks scared and extremely nervous

Yuka- Who are you people? Where am I?

I-Net Doctor- Yuka dear everything will be alright… Can someone bring me her Glasses?

(A I-Net Nurse rushes in with Yuka's glasses as the I-Net doctor gives them to her.. Yuka puts the glasses on her face as she takes them off. )

Yuka- I can't see in those glasses

(Ms Haruka and Professor Sasaki rushes in and see's the result of Masato and Yuka)

Mr. Sasaki- Whats wrong?

I-Net Doctor 2- Memory Loss.. They have no idea who they are or what has happened since becoming TeckaRangers all memory what has happened up to now is gone.

Masato- Um where are we?

Ms. Haruka- Masato today is April 27th 2012. Masato you're 17 years old.

(Masato looks shocked..)

Ms. Haruka- Bring them clean clothes! I want all he doctors to give them MRI's to find out whats going on!

Masato- Um excuse me but who are you people?

Mr. Sasaki- Masato…Yuka you'll be fine

Ms. Haruka- Mr. Sasaki-San we need to run tests on them!

Mr. Sasaki- That shouldn't be necessary. Please give me the Pink brace.. II will need these two for a little while

(Mr. Sasaki walks off as Ms. Haruka tries to talk to Mr. Sasaki but he ignores her)

(A hour has past as the scene now opens up with Yuka in her school gym attire and Masato wearing his school clothes as well.)

Masato- Umm Oji-San? Where are we going?

Mr. Sasaki- Even when the boy is brainwashed he still calls me a old man..hehe (inner thought) You two are going home!

(The car pulls up to a house which appears to be Yuka's home. I'm sure your parents are snide Yuka and their worried sick about you…Yuka looks unsure as she gets out the car with a new pair of glasses she can see out of)

Masato- Wait! I don't get it one minute you and those people back there wherever we was were all concerned for us but you're just letting us go? Why?

Mr. Sasaki- Well you two don't need to be informed especially to be put in a situation like this.. Now Yuka I think you need to go home.

Masato- I want to know what happened! If I was apart of something so good so spectacular then why not enlighten us… I want in!

(Yuka looks at Masato and she gets back into the car as she closes it)

(Mr. Sasaki smiles)

Mr. Sasaki- Driver take me home

(The car goes off as the scene cuts to Ryusuke..Megumi and Hiro walking…Megumi has a get well card in a bag with a pink teddy bear)

(Megumi looks sad as Ryusuke cheers her up)

Ryusuke- They'll be fine

Megumi- I know it's just that doing this and it's almost going on two months for us I just want us to be strong as a team and not fail or lose each other. Stuff like this shouldn't even occur.

Hiro- Megumi the road is going to be hard for us down the way. We just got embrace them with caution!

Megumi- You're right but I ready to right for what that silver-renoi did to Yuka! She deserves a punch to the face! I promise her Yellow will be the last color she sees!

(Hiro looks at Megumi as they walk up to the school and opens it as they approach the closet door leading to I-Net)

Voice- Welcome Tekanoroji Yellow, Green, Blue

(The three approach the emergency room where Masato and Yuka was last at but they are long gone. Ms Haruka walks in to inform that what happened)

Hiro- I see…will it work?

Ms. Haruka- Knowing Mr. Sasaki he's the best

Megumi- Well I atlas want to see Yuka

Ryusuke- How are the weapons coming along?

Ms. Haruka- Yellow, Green and Blue are complete but they power won't fully be accessed until Pink and Red are fully abled to do it. You can't pilot Dai-Teka-Oh with al five. We're working on something in the future but this is just going to have to be for now.

Ryusuke- I see

VOICE- Warning! Warning! Gaidoku Energy has been spotted!

Ryusuke- And the struggle continues

Hiro- We gotta go if… I trust Mr. Sasaki we will get the real Masato and Yuki back!

Megumi- Wait! Where's Mr. Sasaki?

Ms. Haruka- Last time I checked his location he's home..

Megumi- Please Give Me The Coordinates I will teleport to that location

(Ms. Haruka gives Megumi her TeckaBrace and Yuka repaired glasses)

Megumi- Wait why doesn't Yuka have her glasses?

Ms. Haruka- Poor eye sight but once she gets her memory back she'll be back to normal plus her eyesight. Don't worry

(The three students walk off)

Ms. Haruka- Good luck! Boys fight off the threat until All Five TeckaRangers are back

Hiro- Let's Go Ryusuke

Ryusuke- Yeah

(Hiro and Ryusuke runs to the teleportations cube as they proceed to Morph. Megumi teleports in a Yellow Stream of Light)

Voice- Change Confirm



Voice- Change Go!

(The Blue and Green holograms of TeckaBlue and Green appears as both boys transform into TeckaBlue and TeckaGreen. Both heroes transport as the scene jumps to Gaidoku Baikin Soldiers and Elite Baikins storming the streets of Tokyo!)

Baikin Smart- There are no Teckarangers around this will be as easy as pie!

(Suddenly Jeo and Renoi appear in Star Trek fashion)

Baikin Smart- It's good to see you guys! Finally some help!

Jeo- Silence! There are no signs of TeckaRangers around we don't have to worry about a thing

(Suddenly a Green and Blue Flash of power appears and wipe out the Baikin Soldiers in the process)

Jeo- Blue and Green Light? TECKARANGERS!

(TeckaBlue and Green appears right before the eyes of Jeo, Renoi and Baikin Smart..)

TeckaGreen- Everyone get to safety!

(People are running away as TeckaBlue draws out his ScrewSabre!)

Jeo- TeckaBlue! You and TeckaGreen isn't enough for the likes of me and Renoi. Go Away before you get hurt!

TeckaBlue- Great for you to underestimate me but this time I here for a fight!

Renoi- How cute TeckaBlue talks like a hero but acts like a baka! I want him!

Baikin Smart- But what about me!?

Renoi and Jeo- SHUT UP!

(Ohjo suddenly appears to assist Jeo and Renoi)

Ohjo- You two are quite interesting

Renoi- Looks who's talking lapdog!

TeckaBlue- Ohjo!

(Ohjo smirks at TeckaBlue)

TeckaGreen- It doesn't matter this time let's just end this!

(The scene cut to Professor Sasaki entering his house with Yuka and Masato)

Masato- Wow Oji- San you are rich!

(Mr. Sasaki smirks at Masato)

Mr. Sasaki- You know what Masato if you believe what you are then anything can come in hand.

Yuka- I never been inside a mansion before.

Mr. Sasaki- Follow Me I have something to show you kids

(Yuka and Masato follows Mr. Sasaki to a bookshelf which is covered with nothing but books)

Masato- Whaaa? Oji-San you have zoo many books I bet you don't even read them!

Mr. Sasaki- Now you're starting to sound like yourself Masato actually this is just a cover-up

(Mr. Sasaki walks through the bookcase as both Yuka and Masato are in shocked)

Yuka- How are you able to walk through that?

Masato- Soo Cool!

(Masato walks through the hologram bookcase as Yuka looks scared and nervous)

Masato- Hey are you coming through?

Yuka- You don't feel anything?

Masato- Nope it's a hologram i can hold you hand

(Yuka smiles as Masato grabs her hand as she goes through the Hologram bookcase which leads down stairs to a room a corridor perhaps as Mr. Sasaki uses a card and swipes through.)

Voice- Welcome Sasaki-San!

Masato- Wow this is really cool a voice activation system?

Mr. Sasaki- Are you coming in the elevator?

Masato- uh yeah..wait a elevator in a mansion I've seen this before in a American Movie!

Mr. Sasaki- You like American Movies?

Masato- Yeah especially with explosions and stuff

Yuka- How violent

Masato- Umm well what type of movies do you like?

Yuka- Umm I like Romantic Things but a lot of history actually

Masato- History is cool?

Yuka- Really?

Masato- Yeah when it involves History on Americanized Fast Food! You know Mcdonalds has been out for nearly 60 years?

(Yuka looks confused)

Yuka- Ehhh? You like American Culture that much?

Masato- Yeah when we graduate in 2013. That fall I want to go to a college in America! Learn English or something

Yuka- Thats interesting once I realize it. If you want to do something I guess you should go after it..

Masato- I agree

- So are you two coming with me or you're just going to stay?

(The two followed Mr. Sasaki in a elevator which goes down stairs all the way to a corridor. The corridor is a research lab.)

Masato- OJI-SAN! This like a scene out of a movie!?

Yuka- What Masato said!

Mr. Sasaki- You remembered his name!?

Yuka- Yeah… I feel like I knew you for quite some time you always make me laugh

Masato- Ah wow I never had a girl said that to me before but I guess since we're a team then I guess we talk a lot.

Yuka- I don't know I'm too shy to talk It takes me a while to get use to new friends

Voice- Tekanoroji Yellow is nearby?

Masato- Tekanoroji Yellow?

Mr. Sasaki- Ahh can you please teleport Ms Megumi inside.

(Mr. Sasaki follow me I want to show you guys something.. The two follow Mr. Sasaki inside this room where it has a blank screen)

Mr. Sasaki- I think this is about the time you two know your past lives.. If you touch that pad you'll know everything!

(Suddenly Megumi walks in…Mr. Sasaki? Yuka? Masato!?)

Mr. Sasaki- Ahh Yuka, Masato say hello to your other team mate Megumi

Masato- Megumi what are you doing here?

Megumi- You do remember?

Masato- Yeah you're the only girl I friends with since The Beginning of Junior

(Megumi sheds a tear)

Megumi- But your don't know what TeckaRed is?

Masato- TeckaRed

(Mr. Sasaki turns on a video that shows Masato, Yuka, Megumi, Hiro and Ryusuke)

Masato- Wait thats us what are we doing? Ryusuke?

Yuka- Hiro-San?

(The clip shows the team in the first episode with Professor Tsubaki as they morph transforming into Tekanoroji Sentai TeckaRanger!)

Masato- I'm a Super hero!?

Yuka- Thats me?

Mr. Sasaki- On April 27, 2012 you two are the red and pink members of this team!

Masato- Where do i?

(Masato and Yuka checks their wrist! No communicators Masato looks confused)

Megumi- Looking for this?

Masato- Um Yeah That is mines right?

Megumi- Whats my last name?

Masato- Suenaga

Mr. Sasaki- It's too soon to tell you guys should put your braces on and touch that screen with your hands

(Masato and Yuka put their braces on their left wrist as they approach a touch screen pad placing their hands on the screen)


Masato- Nani!? Oji-San you need to change this thing Asap! I'm no Baka! Old Geezer!

(Mr. Sasaki stares at Megumi as she goes and gives Yuka a big hug)

Yuka- My eyes are blurry I can't see out of these glasses? Megumi-Chan is that you? I can't move

(Megumi is crying as she lets go)

Megumi- I'm sorry Yuka here's your glasses

(Yuka puts her newly repaired glasses as she can see clear. Her vision is back to normal!)

(Megumi stares at Masato as she goes to give him a big hug)

Masato- Megumi? Why are you crying?

Megumi- Baaaa-kaa!

Masato- ( inner thought) (I never received a hug from a girl before aw Megumi you feel soo soft! But noo! Masato no dirty thoughts!)

(Megumi lets go as Mr. Sasaki pats her on the shoulder)

Masato- Oji-San where are we?

Mr. Sasaki- My Lab.

Yuka- Underground of I-Net?

Masato- Wait we're on Earth?

Mr. Sasaki- Yes

Masato- Oji-San you're always holding out on us!

Mr. Sasaki- I have reasons?

Yuka- Megumi- Where's Ryusuke and Hiro?

(Megumi mind just went blank!)

Megumi- Gaidoku!? We gotta go you two!

Masato- Wait what?

Megumi- Aw Mou Gaidoku is in the city we gotta go protect it!

Masato- I know that but nevermind! You're acting strange today Megumi!

Megumi- You're the one to talk Masato!

(The three students leave as Mr. Sasaki looks on the main screen and calls Ms. Haruka. Ms. Haruka appears as she still looks worried)

Mr. Sasaki- Everything is back to normal Haruka… assist the Students into battle!

(Ms. Haruka sheds a tear as she smiles)

Ms. Haruka- Yes Sir!

(The three students go into the tube as they proceed to morph!)

Megumi- You wanna do the morph!

Masato- Eh? Yuka I never heard Yuka lead a Morph before!

Yuka- I'm not really the…

Megumi- Do It Yuka! Please!

Masato- Yuka is kinda epic I must admit

Yuka- Masato…Megumi? I don't know

Masato- Give it a try!

Yuka- Oh ok

(Yuka is in the middle of the teleportation tube as they prepare to morph!)

Yuka- Are you two ready?

Megumi- Sokaaa!

Masato- Yup!

Voice- *Change Confirm*

Yuka- tecka-change.


(A Pink, Yellow and Red hologram appears as the three students turn into TeckaRangers.. The three teleport to the exact same location as the other two rangers)

TeckaBlue- Final Slash!


(TeckaBlue runs with the TeckaSword as his Screw Sabre lights up in Blue…. TeckaBlue runs at Renoi as Jeo gets in front of her with is own devastating attack.. TeckaBlue throws his Screw Sabre on the ground as TeckaGreen throws him his TeckaGun! TeckaBlue shoots and slashes at Jeo who seems to be having a hard time blocking that attack!)

Renoi- Whats wrong?

Jeo- His attack is different it's more powerful for some reason!

(Renoi jumps infront to shoot TeckaBlue as TeckaGreen with his TeckaAxe slashes at Renoi knocking her down)

Renoi- We didn't sign up for this!

….- Oh yeah we we don't like you!

Renoi- Nani!?

(TeckaPink with TeckaYellow and Red jumps down to the center as Renoi and Jeo are both in shocked to see TeckaPink and Red standing!)

Renoi- We took you two out!

TeckaRed- Sorry to disappoint you Grandma but we're still alive!


TeckaYellow- Well it looks like you're gonna hate Yellow more because I have a score to settle with you!

Renoi- Yellow eh?

Jeo- Renoi stop talking and let's kill them!

Tekunoroji Red===TeckaRed!

Tekunoroji Green===TeckaGreen!

Tekunoroji Yellow===TeckaYellow!

Tekunoroji Blue===TeckaBlue!

Tekunoroji Pink===TeckaPink!

TeckaYellow- When there is no hope there is advance justice in Sentai! TST Yellow

TeckaRed- Red

TeckaBlue- Blue

TeckaGreen- Green

TeckaPink- Pink

All 5- Tekunoroji Sentai…. TeckaRanger!

(Explosions erupt as Renoi looks pissed)

Renoi- What kind of Baka! Makes a role call!

TeckaRed- Someone's bitter!

Renoi- Elite Baikin! Baikin Soldiers Kill TeckaRed!

(Renoi shoots a blast as TeckaRed jumps)

TeckaRed- TeckaGun! SawGun! Lets Make This Awesome!

(TeckaRed is shooting rapid fires at the Baikin Soldiers as each of them fall down to the groups and he runs in and kicks them as he jumps shooting in the process explosions erupt as the Baikin Soldiers are down and out!)

TeckaBlue- Blue Finish!

(A Strong Blue Light strikes down destroying the Elite Baikin!)

(Jeo and Renoi are shocked as in how strong the Teckarangers are actually!)

(Ohjo stares at TeckaBlue as he vanishes in Star Trek fashion)

(TeckaBlue stares at the vanishing Ohjo as he confronts Jeo! TeckaGreen, Yellow and Pink are Back with Baikin Strong as Ms. Haruka contacts TeckaGreen on his brace)

Ms. Haruka- Green it's time!

TeckaRed- Ms. Haruka?

TeckaGreen- Red! Let's End This Bring Out Your Saw Gun Custom!

TeckaRed- Saw Gun…Custom? Ohhhhh when I used it against Saban because he powered up!

(TeckaRed hits the Saw Gun Custom key on his TeckaBrace as his TeckaGun and Saw Gun combines forming a much powerful and stronger weapon! TeckaGreen follows through and hits the TeckaAxe Custom on his TeckaBrace combining both the TeckaGun and Axe creating a much stronger and dominate weapon!)

TeckaRed- Whoaaaaa AWESOME!


TeckaRed- Right!

TeckaYellow- Pink we should do the same also!

(Pink and Yellow summon their Yellow and Pink Custom as they both aim it at Renoi!)

(Renoi is pissed as the girls fire at Renoi destroying her Armor and she drops down screaming in horror!)

Jeo- Renoi! DAMN TeckaBlue you won this fight! But there will be hell in the future!

(Jeo retreats as the scene jumps back to Baikin Strong with TeckaGreen and Red.. Red accelerates as he swiftly launches his attack from one direction as Green launches his attack from the opposite direction!)



(A Green and Red blast shoots at the Baikin Strong monster as it explodes into thin air!)

(The scene jumps to Ohjo at the Gaidoku Fleet ship)

Ohjo- Yuma fire the ray!

Yuma- I only answer to Master Henji Sama!

Ohjo- I don't give a damn fire the damn lasers!

(Yuma shoots the lasers down in the city as Baikin Strong grows)

TeckaRed- Ms. Haruka!

Ms. Haruka- Sending the megazords right now!

VOICE- Access Teckanoroji Zords! Teckanoroji Tank, Wing, Jet, Sub, Tanic


(The team hits the Transport button as they teleport inside the cockpit..the team places their TeckaBrace screen in the middle of the steering wheel)


(All mecha are activated as they move out)

TeckaRed- Let''s Gattai!

(TeckaRed hits the Gattai key on his TeckaBrace)


(The four mecha fall apart of the tecka tank as they begin to form the sub and tanic make the arms as the wing and jet makes the legs. Tecka Tank rotates in position to form a much larger vehicle.)


(The tank stops as it stands up taking form of a robot. Dai-Teka-Oh is born!)


(Baikin Strong jumps and attacks Dai-Teka-Oh without warning. He scratches the megazord as Dai-eka-Oh takes damage!)

TeckaYellow- How Annoying!

TeckaGreen- Lasers Shoo!

(Lasers shoots from Dai-Teka-Oh)

TeckaRed- Teckanoroji Sabre I CHOOSE YOU!


(TeckaRed calls for the Teckanoroji Sabre as Dai Teka-Oh hand)

TeckaRed- FINAL TECKANOROJI HISSATSU! Teckanoroji Strike!


(Dai-Teka-Oh glides straight through Baikin Strong as it explodes!)

TeckaRed- Scene Ends Here! TST

(The scene jumps back to I-Net as the team are in celebration!)

Masato- So wait? Yuka and I lost our memories?

Hiro- Yeah bad situation t first but whatever Mr. Sasaki did he saved you guys lives!

Masato- Nani!? I'm in debt to the OLD MAN! -_-

Ms. Haruka- I want to give you guys a great shown of respect you guys are improving and I'm proud to have such a fine group of students. You all will be graduating next year and the start of the New Term is tomorrow! So I advice you to get a good nights rest!

Masato- Sounds like A well rested needed for the team and I'm the one that does all the work anyway!

Megumi- Masato!

Masato- Just kidding Megumi-Chan!

(The team all laughs as Ryusuke walks over to Ms. Haruka and ask about Professor Tsubaki's whereabouts)

Ms. Haruka- All I know he's on a personal business meeting for Mr. Sasaki

(The scene cuts to Professor Sasaki walking in on a room which appears to be inside a prison. He walks around the corridor as he is assisted by a officer.)

Officer- You have 30 minutes

Professor Tsubaki- It's been a long time Shigeru…

Shigeru- Well if it isn't Old-Man Eiji's lapdog! What can I do for you or as I should say Yuusuke!

Professor Tsubaki- I didn't come here to talk about you and me… I just want to find out information?

Shigeru- Speak Lapdog!

Professor Tsubaki- In case you haven't noticed Gaidok….

Shigeru- Gaidoku…Gaidoku! You mean New Zangyack? Or just a bunch of somebodies looking to take over EARTH!

Professor Tsubaki- Don't play games! I need to know where's that suit!

Shigeru- Oh the suit I helped build? Well you see that suit is somewhere and last time I checked it was long and gone… You see Yuusuke once you crossed me there is no turning back! You had your chance and you blew it now why much you blame everything on my all because I manipulated the game that doesn't mean anything but know this! In time you will feel the pain and your so called Students yeah I heard sooo much I got the inside scoop. Your students is either going to die by Gaidoku or the Name of the God of War will rise and takeover Earth and Destroy Gaidoku!

Professor Tsubaki- I knew I shouldn't have come here! You and your damn delusions!

Shigeru- Delusions!? Delusions!? Yuusuke you know better they were once visions you and I believed in but watch because in the future the suit will be back in action wither it's me using it or you using it!

Professor Tsubaki- You cannot escape this prison!

Shigeru- Oh I can't but TECKA-KILLER CAN! =)

Professor Tsubaki- Goodbye

(Tsubaki walks away as Shingeru smirks)

Shigeru- Thats right continue to walks away you coward! You're day will come to a end Yuusuke! It will!

Scene 9 of…

Tekanoroji Sentai Teckaranger

Ends Here!