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Sting slowly opened his eyes, he could feel the pain of a hangover breaking his head and could smell the reek of alcohol from his system. He had never drunk so much in his life that he had ended up this wasted. He didn't even know how he got back to his room.

The white dragon slayer was lying on his stomach halfway off his bed, his hair running wild in every direction. He was the definition of a hot mess. He wasn't wearing anything but his pants and one shoe. He shook the shoe off his foot as he stirred slightly so he could lie on his back, but unfortunately for him, he fell off the bed instead. "Ah. Shit!" he hissed, stroking his head and trying to recall what happened last night.

Yesterday, the Grand Magic Games Organizers had set up a banquet for all the guilds that had participated this year. As expected, Sabertooth had placed first yet again on the over-all rankings, but having Fairy Tail to place as the second and the fourth this year was an unforeseen event, much to everyone's dismay.

The blonde groaned, "That Natsu…" he was so pissed that he didn't get the chance to battle the infamous fire dragon slayer, but as his guild mates said, there were still a lot of opportunities to fight, especially when Natsu was as eager to fight him as well.

He stroked his throat. It felt way too dry, so he stood up and made his way out of the room he now realized as the Sabertooth guild's base. As soon as he stepped out, he noticed that all of his guild mates were all dried out. Rogue, his partner, was sitting at the table alone with an ice pack glued against his head. There was an empty bottle of aspirin next to him on the table and he was sipping his coffee carefully. Strange. Rogue never liked drinking coffee. He was tough as concrete. He'd rather drink poisonous mercury. It was apparent that his partner was dealing with the same hangover from hell.

"Sting-kun! You're up?" Lector shouted, as soon as he noticed the blonde. He then ordered Frosch to prepare an ice pack for the white dragon slayer.

"Yeah," he mumbled, walking towards the refrigerator, opening it and grabbing a pitcher of water, "Hangover sucks." he then drank straight from it in one shot.

The girl with white hair gave him a smug smile, "I didn't know you were that determined to get a girlfriend, Sting-kun?"

Sting froze, "What the hell are you talking about?" he spat, turning to look at the girl. "…and don't fucking call me Sting-kun! I don't want to hear that from a girl!"

"Well, you've been acting all fired up last night, you even dragged us into that crazy drinking contest of yours… You were the one who said it last night… You said you wanted to be called 'Sting-kun'… or does that only apply to that blonde crybaby?" she said, cocking her head in genuine curiosity.

The blonde dragon slayer was about to answer back when the masquerade man, Rufus, raised his hand. His usual poise was still intact, but his hair was messy, "My memory tells me that was true, so don't bother denying it, Sting-kun?" Rufus mocked, emphasizing the last word.

"Fuck you, Rufus!" Sting cursed. He loved making fun of people but he hated being made fun of. He looked at the girl angrily, "What the fuck are you saying? The hell I'd do that!" he screamed, he was now flustered out of embarrassment. Just what the hell did he exactly do last night?

"Allow me to do the honor to remind you, Sting, you idiot!" Rouge said coldly, not even bothering to look at them, still focused on the cup of coffee he was sipping. Frosch handed Sting an ice pack. Sting grabbed it from the exceed and rubbed it on his head. "You had joined the drinking contests of the guild masters present last night at the party, too eager to defeat Natsu and the rest of the Fairy Tail since you didn't have the chance to battle him in the tournament."

Sting took a second to see if he could remember anything – anything would do – from the previous night in his hangover daze. "Oh," he grinned, "Now I remember… Tch~ I won! I kicked that Natsu's ass, and yours too, ha! And the other guilds as well, yeah." now he was laughing evilly, his sharp canine teeth showing.

Everyone in the room gave the leader a bizarre look, even Lector who'd usually praise him and such. Sting laughed out more at their reactions.

"Yeah, that's the thing… When the salamander had already passed out, you still competed against the other contenders and insisted on claiming the prize." The shadow dragon slayer exclaimed, his voice still void of emotions. "I don't get it. Do you really like that girl?" Rogue tilted his head and slightly glanced at Sting.

"What girl? And what was the prize?" Now that got him really perplexed, he heard the rest of the guild members inside the room let out awkward giggles. That's when he knew, they know something he doesn't. "Talk."

"Lucy Heartfilia of Fairy Tail was the reward of that little game, you even contended against that monstrous drunkard girl from Fairy Tail. How could you act so embarrassing last night?" Rogue impatiently explained, making Sting drop his jaws in both shock and disbelief. "After winning, you carried her here by force. The girl was crying her heart out. She was in no position to struggle because her master was the one who agreed to make her the reward. She was sure that Fairy Tail would win the drinking contest but then you got in their way."

Sting couldn't believe what he was hearing, did he really do that? "EEEH? Then, where is she?" He looked around the room, wanting to pull his hair out. How could he do such an embarrassing thing?

"In your room, you idiot!" Rogue retorted, "You locked her inside the closet! As to why she didn't bother to free herself, we don't know. She must've felt that was the best. You kept saying she's your property so we had to keep away. You even attacked Orga."

The white dragon slayer wished a hole would appear beside him so that he could quickly hide. Even though these guys were his guild mates, he was too embarrassed to face them. Slowly, memories of yesterday's events came back to him. He placed the pitcher on the counter and went straight back to his room. He opened the closet and found the blonde celestial mage curled up inside. "Oi," he called, he didn't really know what else to say, the girl looked like she was in a deep sleep, as she didn't even move an inch. "Blondie!"

The girl opened her eyes, stiffly tilting her head to take a glance at the guy. She pushed herself against the ground and sat up, eyes fixed on the floor, "My name is Lucy, Sting-dono."

Sting's eyebrow twitched at the honorific the girl used. Sting-dono? "D-don't call me that!" he pointed a finger at the girl, "Stand up and fix yourself."

Lucy stood up, and she could feel her stiff muscles. Her eyes were all puffy and red. Her knees were trembling, and she was obviously scared. Sting stepped aside, making way for Lucy who was stepping out of the closet. She was a total mess. "P-please let me go back to Magnolia… Le-let me at least take some clothes w-with me…" the girl stammered, fear evident on her voice.

Sting couldn't believe this, what had he done to this girl last night for her to be this scared of him? "Fairy-san, here are your keys." Lector said as he and Rouge entered the room, handing the girl a set of keys.

The Fairy Tail mage ran towards the exceed, grabbing the keys and holding them close to her chest. "Thank you," mumbled Lucy, still looking down.

"Now, you understand what you've done, right?" Rogue glared daggers at his partner.

"I don't get it! If it's just a game, then why are you taking this seriously?" Sting prompted, looking at Lucy.

Lucy's shoulders stiffened, her face paled. "I-I'm not… B-but, it was a game meant to be won by Fairy Tail… Who knew you could drink more than Cana?" Lucy fidgeted, eyes still lowered on the floor.

"Sting-kun had questioned the honor of the Fairy Tail Master's words last night. As expected of Sting-kun, very strong indeed. Even alcohol loses to him…" Lector exclaimed proudly, while folding his paws across his furry chest.

How could he be that shameful? That didn't sound like him at all. Sting cupped his forehead with one hand, slightly covering one eye. He waved one hand, "I don't like it. You can go back to your trashy guild… and don't show yourself to me ever again!"

Lucy's eyes suddenly sparkled in delight, "R-really? Thank you~!" she cried out. Tears forming at the corner of her eyes, she never thought the monster could be nice. Not until…

"You marked her, are you sure you want her to go back to her guild with your mark and scent?" The shadow dragon slayer notified.

Sting's eyes widened in disbelief. Just WHAT had he done last night? "What?" he sputtered, storming towards the madly blushing Fairy Tail Mage. He grabbed the stiff blonde girl and examined her neck. Much to his irritation, his marks were indeed tarnished on her pale skin. Still, how could he be sure it was his mark, and not Natsu's or Gajeel's? She's their nakama after all. Unconvinced, he leaned closer to her and sniffed, inhaling her scent…strawberries? She smells like strawberries and… and… the white dragon slayer's scent! Damn! "What exactly did I do to you last night?"

Lucy couldn't restrain her tears any longer, her knees couldn't stop trembling, and the delight she felt just a moment ago was now subsumed by the memories of the things that had happened last night.