Naruto walked the streets of Konohagakure no Sato in a dejected mood. His shoulders were slumped and his face had a frown on it. Why was he so down? He had just failed the genin exams again. It was because of that stupid Bunshin again that made him fail. Why did that jutsu always make him fail? He watched as families congratulated their children and it made him sad. It also did not help that everyone was making comments, glad that he failed again. It was just the usual things that he went through.

He never understood why everyone hated him. He admitted that his pranks were outrageous but they were just because people could not ignore him. It was fun that he got such attention despite that he was getting negative feedback. He didn't get it but he always kept that happy disposition of his. He knew that one day, he would get their acknowledgment without having to resort to his pranks. He was going to be Hokage after all.

As he walked, feeling a bit better, he came across a small crowd of women. He was curious and decided to see what was going on. He watched as they glared at another woman. Naruto looked at the person that they were glaring at and was amazed at what she was doing. She currently had a kunoichi in a painful wrist lock while munching on some dango. He listened in to the conversation.

"You bitch!" the kunoichi growled, wincing in pain.

"I don't understand why you're so angry? I didn't tell your boyfriend to cheat on you. If it is anything, he was really bad at it." the woman said. The kunoichi growled some more but was forced to give up. She released her and sat back eating her dango. The kunoichi just glared at her before leaving.

"I can't believe that bitch." One of the women said.

"How can the Sandaime allow her to be a ninja? She's the student of a traitor." Another woman said.

"She's just as dangerous as the 'demon' brat." Another woman said.

"Shh, she'll kill us if we talk about that." The woman left the area and Naruto was left to his thoughts. He wondered who this woman was. It looked like she was just as hated as he was. He decided to go and see the old man about it.


Authors' Notes: I would like to apologize to all my fans for my careless act. I deleted this story without good reason and I am very sorry. I have decided to rewrite this story and make it much better than before. There will be more detail in the chapters and much more story. I don't really have a good reason for why I took the story down but that means nothing. I only hope that my reviewers forgive my decision and continue reading. Again, I apologize for my stupid decision and I hope you enjoy the re-write of this story.