Chapter 28

Naruto was walking around in thought. While he was going to mess up Neji, he needed to train for it. Naruto admitted that Neji was really strong. He had sparred with Hinata before and he knew that the Juken hurt. Sure his could use his new jutsu that Anko taught him but the Byakugan would help him avoid it. A lot of his tricks would not work against him. So, he had to come up with a plan of attack.

He was near the bath houses when he saw a man on a frog. The man was clearly a pervert as he looked through a peep hole. If there was one thing that Naruto did not like, it was perverts. He was a little hypocritical due to his own perverted jutsu but he ignored it due to the fact that he was only interested in one girl. Well, it was time to do what he did best, ruin someone day.

"Pervert alert! Pervert alert! Pervert around the bathhouse! Pervert around the bathhouse! Run! Flee! Escape!" Naruto shouted. The man looked around to see where the voice was coming from but the alert sent the girls running. The man looked back to see them fleeing. He turned to the smiling blond and was not happy.

"What the hell kid? Why would you do that? That was some good research material!" he shouted.

"Research material? What, you can't get it up so you spy on young women to get off?" Naruto asked. The man looked at Naruto with surprise before looking at him with rage.

"How dare you?! Do you know who I am?!" he roared.

"Should I care?" Naruto asked. That's when the man did a ridiculous dance with the frog.

"I am the greatest man among men! I am worshiped all around the world! Women flock to me in droves due to my manliness. I am the great Gama Sennin (Toad Hermit), the Gallant Jiraiya!" he shouted out. The frog blew out fire to end the routine. Naruto stared at the man before pulling out a big card that said three. "Oh, screw you!"

"Anyway, I guess I should report you. I think peeping is wrong and so is doing drugs." Naruto said and turned to leave. He was suddenly grabbed and turned to face the angry man.

"Hey kid, you just ruined my research and you need to make it up to me now." Jiraiya said.

"Excuse me?" Naruto said with a raised eyebrow.

"You heard me brat. Now, what are you going to do to make it up to me?" Jiraiya demanded. Naruto looked at Jiraiya before giving him a huge smile.


Jiraiya made his way to the spot that Naruto told him about, a secret spring where only the hottest of females go. It was too good to be true but Jiraiya was a very huge pervert. He made his way there and was not disappointed. They were hot, very hot. Jiraiya could only giggle and pull out his telescope to view the lovelies in the water. He even took out a pad and began to scribble. He was getting a few good ideas until he was hoisted in the air. He then felt the air leave him as someone hit him hard in the gut. When he looked up, he was surrounded by some pretty women in towels. They did not look happy to see him.

"Hello ladies, how are you all this evening?" Jiraiya asked nervously.

"You know, I thought the last warning we gave you perverts would have taught you something. This is a private spring used by the kunoichi of this village and we will not be peeped on." Was the woman's growl. Jiraiya was shocked to hear this and knew that he had been had. He didn't have any time to curse as a bunch of fists descended onto him.


Hiruzen couldn't keep the mirth off his face. If anyone would tell him that he would find one of his student, tied up, beaten and bare naked with the words pervert painted on him, he would not have believed it. However, this was Jiraiya and he tended to get into situations like that.

"So, you must have had a fun night yesterday. While I know the civilian women to be a little violent, I know a kunoichi beating when I see it. I've warned our shinobi not to spy on the kunoichi and now I'm telling you." Hiruzen said with some amusement.

"Oh ha, ha, very funny sensei. When I get my hands on that little brat, I'll ring his neck." Jiraiya threaten. Hiruzen raised an eyebrow before laughing.

"So, you fell for one of Naruto's tricks. That boy is always doing something amusing." He choked out between laughs. Jiraiya growled until he recognized the name.

"Wait, are you talking about Uzumaki Naruto? That was Minato's brat?" Jiraiya said.

"Yes. He has grown up in a very 'interesting' way. I've come to regret it but the two of them do make each other happy." Hiruzen said.

"What does that mean?" Jiraiya asked.

"Well, Naruto has taken a surrogate sister. You might know her as Mitarashi Anko." Jiraiya looked at Hiruzen like he was kidding. He just sighed at his expression. "Yes, that Anko. While Naruto has developed a few of her 'traits', they do make the other happy. Naruto can be more open and he does not hide behind that fake smile of his. Anko has become more 'parental' since taking care of him. I believe that they need each other due to their similar lives." Hiruzen said.

"Is that so? Tell me more about this sensei." Jiraiya said. Hiruzen and his old student would be talking for quite a while.


When Hinata awoke from her slumber, she was greeted by Kurenai and her caretaker, Kō. Kō was ordered to watch over her by her father. He would not explain why but he did tell her that her father was pleased with her performance. Hinata was surprised by this but she was reminded that several of the elders were not too happy with her version of the Juken. She asked if there would be consequences but Kō did not believe that there would be. Kurenai offered her a place to stay should things get unbearable at home.

Hinata asked about the finals and she was very concerned when she learned that Naruto would be facing Neji. Kurenai had told her about Naruto's attempt to kill her cousin. Naruto knew a lot about her life at the Hyūga compound and he was not happy. She even remembered when Naruto viciously pranked several elders for something that they did to her. To hear that her crush went after her cousin with a kunai worried her greatly. Naruto would do anything to make someone pay for hurting his friends. She wished that she could talk to him.

Her wish was granted when the window to her room opened and in entered Naruto. He had that grin on his face and was holding a box of her favorite treat, cinnamon buns.

"Hey, you are looking a little better. I brought you a treat." Naruto said. Hinata clapped and took the box from Naruto. She opened it and took one of the buns and began to eat it with gusto. Naruto just smirked at her. That's when Hinata realized something.

"Why did you come through the window?" Hinata asked.

"Oh that. Well, that guy that was guarding your door didn't look like the type to let me through due to my reputation. Plus, some of the doctors would have taken the box away from me." Naruto answered. Hinata accepted this before eating another cinnamon bun. After a brief silence, Hinata set the box to the side and looked at Naruto.

"I heard that you will be facing my cousin in the finals." Hinata said.

"Yeah," Naruto said a little somberly. He knew what Hinata wanted. "Look Hinata, I know what you want but that's not going to happen. This bastard deserves the beating that I'm going to give him. He should not get away with what he did."

"Even if you know why he is that way?" Hinata asked softly.

"That isn't the point! He tried to kill you! How can you just let that go! I'm sorry if you hate me for it but I'm going to lay waste to Neji." Naruto stated with conviction.

"He is my family Naruto. If you can't forgive your family, then you are very cold to the world. Haven't you forgiven everyone who has done things to you? Hasn't Anko done the same? Naruto, I am begging you, do not kill my cousin." Hinata begged with sadness. Naruto groaned and looked at Hinata's sad expression. He just couldn't resist her when she was like that. He never like to see her sad. He groaned and gave her a pout.

"Okay, I wasn't going to kill him. Mess him up really well but not kill. If it will make you happy, I will not cut him up. I reserve the right to main him though." Naruto said roughly. Hinata smiled and jumped out of her bed to hug Naruto. Naruto was surprised and took a step back. This proved to be a mistake as Hinata began to fall. Naruto attempted to catch her but he tripped over his feet. The two fell with Hinata landing on top of Naruto. Naruto groaned as he rubbed his head. When he looked up he was staring at two lavender eyes. Hinata was straddling him and the two were blushing really hard.

Unfortunately, the noise alerted the two people outside. One was Hinata's caretaker and the other was Hinata's sensei. Both looked at the scene and neither was happy about what they were seeing. Hinata sat up and was very red. Naruto was attempting to get up but he just couldn't with Hinata on top of him.

"S-sensei, K-Kō, this isn't w-what it looked like." Hinata quickly said with a stutter. Kurenai and Kō did not let up their glares. They wanted to set Naruto ablaze with the glares. However, a voice stopped them.

"Well now, you youngsters sure do move fast." Everyone turned to see Jiraiya by the window. The two jōnin were surprised by his arrival.

"Hey, you're that pervert from yesterday." Naruto said.

"I don't think that you have any room to judge me considering your position." That comment made the two blush. "Anyway, I know that you want to kill the boy, I know the feeling. However, I can't allow you to kill the kid that I'll be training during the month."

"Say what?" Naruto asked. Jiraiya did not answer him. He simply picked up Hinata and placed her in bed. He then grabbed Naruto by the scruff of his coat and vanished with him. The jōnin were very surprised and were left alone with a blushing Hinata.


Naruto was a little dizzy due to the vanishing act that Jiraiya pulled. It took him a while to get his footing back. When he did, he rounded on the old man.

"What's the big idea? What makes you think that I would train with you of all people?!" Naruto asked loudly.

"Well, I am the student of the Hokage and one of the strongest ninja around. Besides, I think that we got off on the wrong foot and I would like to change that. Also, with your chakra pool, I was planning to teach you a very powerful jutsu." Jiraiya stated. Naruto was a bit intrigued by this.

"Okay perv, you got my attention but there might be a problem with that. Ever since that guy did something to my gut, my chakra has been acting strange." Naruto explained. Jiraiya was concerned and lifted Naruto's shirt. That's when he saw the seal.

'So he faced off against Orochimaru. This is his work, crude and not professional. If he's going to learn the Kuchiyose no Jutsu (Summoning Technique), then I will need to deal with this.' He thought. As he gathered chakra, he got a wicked smile on his face. "Okay kid, get ready for this. Gogyō Kaiin! (Five Elements Unseal) Jiraiya slammed his palm into Naruto's gut. The blonde felt the air left his body as Jiraiya watched the seal disappear. Naruto got on his knees and took a few breaths. Jiraiya just had his grin on his face.

"So, how does your chakra feel kid?" Jiraiya asked.

"It feels okay, it feels okay. I can't say the same for you though." Naruto said through breaths.

"Oh, why's that?" he asked. Naruto launched himself at the man. Jiraiya just smirked at him.


Jiraiya entered Naruto's apartment and dropped the blond on his couch. He had to admit that the boy was very skilled. Anko had done a really good job training him. He thought that he would have to teach him how to fight the Hyūga that he was attempting to get revenge on but that would not be necessary. He would just focus on teaching him the Kuchiyose and giving him some advice. As he stood straight, he felt the tip of a kunai on his back.

"You have five seconds to tell me what you did to my otouto or I'm going to bleed you dry." Anko threatened.


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