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Kappa's Mini Missions

By wonderlandisanillusion

Kappa disguised himself as a human and he was on an important mission...To buy himself a cucumber.

"Want to make some money?"

Kappa blinked his eyes, looked at the person speaking, and it was a human male. More money equals more cucumbers so Kappa nodded his head. The human touched Kappa's hips and hugged him. Kappa was confused by the man's action.

"Here you go." The man said to him and Kappa nodded his head.

'I can buy more cucumbers with this money.' Kappa thought happily, he smiled, and put it inside his pocket.

"I'll give you more if you kiss me on the lips." The man commented calmly as he looked Kappa up and down.

'Huh?' Kappa thought, he blinked his eyes, and shook his head.

"I'm going to buy cucumbers." Kappa informed him.

"I have a cucumber." The man said to him and he had a faint smirk on his lips. Kappa blinked his eyes and silently sniffed, but he couldn't smell any cucumbers in the area. "It's in my pants."

'That doesn't make any sense and I do not smell any cucumbers.' Kappa thought and he looked at the human.

"Why keep it there?" Kappa asked the human.

"Do you want a taste of it? Do you want it?" The man asked while grinning and staring at him. Kappa shook his head, he turned around, and about to leave when the human gave him some more money. "Here you go, cutie. Be careful of strangers."

Kappa nodded his head and walked away. That was a bit odd, but he got more money and will be able to buy more cucumbers. Kappa smiled happily, he picked out twenty cucumbers, and paid for them. He was in a good mood and couldn't wait to go back.

"Kappa, How did you get so many cucumbers? I thought the money I gave you was enough for one." Rikuo said to him and he hoped that Kappa didn't steal them.

"Well, Master..I let a human man touch and hug me. He gave me money." Kappa told him.

"What?" Rikuo managed to ask him and he stared at Kappa with wide eyes.

"It was a bit odd, but I got more money from him and I was able to buy twenty cucumbers. I love cucumbers."Kappa went on and he tilted his head to the left side.

"Kappa, Do not do that again." Rkuo stated firmly to him.


"Do not sell your body in order to have money for cucumbers...In fact do not sell your body at all, okay?"

",But Master...I didn't sell my body. I still have my body and I did not sell any body parts." Kappa told him. "No need to worry, Master. I have no plans of selling my body."

Rikuo nodded his head and Kappa cheerfully ate a cucumber.

"And that human said that he has a cucumber in his pants, but I didn't smell any in the area. Yet for some reason he said that he has one, asked me if I wanted to taste it, and if I want it." Kappa said and he titled his head to the right side. "Master, Why would anyone lie about having a cucumber?"

Rikuo tripped after hearing Kappa's question, but luckily he was caught by Kappa.

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