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Kappa's Mini Missions

By wonderlandisanillusion

Kappa was on the train, he was disguised as a human, and his eyes were partly closed. In his hands was a Sci-fi magazine, over his ears are High-end headphones, and he listened to the music from Western countries on his MP3 player.

'Three more stops and I'll be able to buy some more cucumbers.' Kappa thought and he turned the page on his magazine. 'Maybe I should try to make a cucumber garden? Of course I would have to ask Master. It would be nice to have a cucumber garden. The prices for cucumbers have gone up.'

Kappa closed his Sci-fi magzine and he put it underneath his arm. Suddenly he felt someone's hand on his bottom, Kappa frowned to himself, and swiftly grabbed the hand for no one will steal his money.

"Do not steal my money for cucumbers." Kappa commented calmly and the hand belonged a male hunab teen.

"I wasn't trying to steal your money..." The teen told him. "I was just feeling you up because you look like a girl and I figured you wouldn't report anything to the police since you are a boy."

"Buy me cucumbers or I'll report you to the police." Kappa informed the teen. He watched as the human teen turned pale and nodded his head in agreement. In the end the teen spent all of his money on cucumbers, gave them to Kappa, and ran off.

"Kappa, How did you get so many cucumbers?" Rikuo asked him after pouring water onto the kappa's head.

"In the train a human teen felt me up and-"

"What?" Rikuo asked loudly and he stared at Kappa for how can Kappa be so casual about something like that.

"In the end that boy bought me all of these cucumbers. I'm thinking about making a cucumber garden." Kappa informed him. "Don't worry, Master...That boy doesn't feel up girls."

"Kappa, What did he look like?" Rikuo asked calmly and Kappa told him all about what that teen looks like along with various other details.

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