There was a huge crowd at the Konoha stadium. It was filled with the shinobi of the village who were dressed in red. It was the color that they wore when one of their traitors was about to be executed. On the grounds, a chained Sasuke was on his knees. On either side of him, Tsunade and Jiraiya stood. They would be the executioners of the last Uchiha. Even the genin were allowed to see this death. They only ones who were not there was Shino, Tenten, Sakura and Chōji as they were still healing and Sakura was not allowed. Naruto sat next to Kakashi. His arm was in a sling and his back was still stinging.

It didn't take the jōnin long to return to Konoha with Naruto and Sasuke. He ran into two medics who didn't have much to do to either boy. Upon his arrival, Naruto was rushed to the hospital while Sasuke was sent to a prison medic ward. Tsunade placed him under tight security, two teams of ANBU and Ibiki's squad. Inoichi sucked whatever jutsu and secrets out of his head while he was being taken care of. Naruto was seen by Tsunade who immediately congratulated him on his mission's success. He asked about the other and she informed him that they were all going to survive.

While she was doing that, Misumi attempted to get Sasuke free by going to the fire daimyō. Unlucky for her, Tsunade had already assumed that she would do that. She sent word to the fire daimyō. The man was applauded by Misumi's actions. She was quickly dismissed and told her that Sasuke would die within the week. When she returned, she was taken by the ANBU and brought before Tsunade. She was not happy and dismissed Misumi from the council. Misumi was also charged for undermining the Hokage and had most of her assets taken away.

Tsunade managed to get everything set up for the execution within the week. She had her ANBU guard the stadium in case someone tried to save him. It was unlikely but she was not going to take that chance.

"Shinobi of the Leaf Village, we are here to witness the death of a ninja who disrespected the 'Will of Fire'. He spat on our ways and deemed us weak. He has seen that we are not weak and we are even more united. This traitor will now pay the price and it will be a message to any who do not respect the 'Will of Fire' that our ancestors built this village upon." Tsunade said loudly to everyone. She looked at Jiraiya who nodded. They both bit into their hands and smeared a little blood on their palms.

"Summoning Jutsu!" they shouted. From out of the smoke, Gamabunta and Katsuyu appeared. Sasuke looked at the two summonses that towered over him. They looked down at him and for the first time in a week, Sasuke actually felt fear. When he woke up, he was in chains. He looked up to see that he was in a cell, guarded by ANBU, Konoha ANBU. He realized the he had lost to Naruto and was now going to be placed back in prison. He was already thinking of ways to escape when Tsunade entered his cell. She didn't say anything and just held a piece of paper in his face. It was and execution order, his execution order, with the seal of the fire daimyō. Tsunade just smiled at him and left him in the cell as he raged about avenging his clan.

Now looking at the two beasts, he realized that it was at an end. He would not kill his brother; he would not avenge his clan. He was going to die and he was scared. Tsunade looked at Jiraiya.

"Let the execution begin!" Tsunade exclaimed. Jiraiya did some seal and Gamabunta's cheeks puffed up.

"Fire Style: Toad Flame Bomb!" Jiraiya called out. There was a small scream that came from the fire but it was quickly gone. The genin in the crowd winced a bit as it was a brutal way to die. After a while, the fire died down and there was nothing more than bones. That was until Katsuyu spat a glob of acid onto the ashes and the bones. It quickly melted the skeleton and destroyed any DNA of Sasuke. It was truly the end for Sasuke Uchiha. With the deed done, everyone filed out of the stadium to go home and reflect on what they had just witnessed.

Hiding in the shadows, an old man watched with narrowed eyes. While he thought that the boy deserved his faith, he cursed at the chance to put him under his control. He would have made sure that the boy would have been loyal to the village. Still, he could not get to him with all the security and Tsunade probably would have recognized a switch. It was a waste of talent. He turned to leave, feeling kind of bad for another Uchiha. He had chosen wrong in his plan to bring honor back to the Uchiha.


Itachi sat alone, overlooking the water. He had just gotten word of his brother's demise. He sighed and shed a single tear for his failure of a brother. He was supposed to bring the clan back from their corruption. It seems that he had miscalculated just how much Sasuke would have fallen. He mourned his brother's death in silence and prayed that he would be with their mother and father.


It was a week since the death of Sasuke and everyone was getting back to normal. At the gates, a young pink haired girl had just exited the village of Leaf Village. Her eyes were red, her hair disheveled and her face a mess. Sakura attempted to get into the stadium to see the execution and stop it. However, because of her second time in jail and dismissal from the academy, she had no business being there. She tried to force her way in and was sent back in jail. She cried and cried until she could no longer.

She was later bailed out by her parents but she did not thank them or hug them. She didn't even care about the fact that they were having another child. Her love was dead and it was this entire village's fault. She refused to stay in the village that killed her only one true love. She filled out the paperwork and had all of her skills as a ninja removed. She grabbed what little money she had, packed her things and left the village.

As she walked away from the village, thoughts grew in her head. Her thoughts were not friendly. She was plotting her revenge for Sasuke. She was going to get everyone that had a hand in his death. Itachi, the Leaf Village, Naruto, Ino, she was going to get them all. It might take months, it might take years but she was going to do it. She would kill them all, all to appease Sasuke in the afterlife.

Yes, Sakura Haruno will see them all pay. She was now an avenger and she will not stop until it is over.


Naruto was packing his stuff. He stopped for a while and looked around his apartment. He wouldn't be seeing it for three years. Apparently the Akatsuki decided to take a break and went underground. Jiraiya told him that they would be using the time to train and grow stronger. It was a great opportunity but he was sad that he would not be seeing any of his friends for that long. It was a difficult decision but he needed to be strong enough to fight these guys. He finished his packing and shouldered his pack. He gave his apartment one more look before exiting.

He arrived at the front gates and was surprised to see all his friends and teachers. He walked up to the group with a shocked look on his face.

"What are you guys doing here?" Naruto asked.

"We came to send you off. I know that you will do great under Jiraiya's tutelage." Iruka said.

"We also have some gifts for you." Kakashi said. Each team handed Naruto something that he could use on his training mission. He received hugs from the females and well wishes from the guys. After every one gave him some words, he and Jiraiya began their trek out into the world. Naruto got a few steps before turning back and looked at everyone.

"In three years, I'll be back and I'll be Hokage before you know it!" Naruto shouted and gave everyone a thumbs up. They all cheered at Naruto who just grinned. He made his way back to Jiraiya, his new journey about to begin.


Authors' Notes: Well, I finished it. The story is over. As you can read, I killed Sasuke. When I thought back to my original plan, I realized that many of my reviewers were right. I was being unreasonable when it came to keeping Sasuke alive. If I had stuck to the original plot, it would have sounded wrong. Also, I realized that Sasuke does not have any plot in the sequel, so why keep him alive? Anyway, I hope that you like the execution and the result.

Onto Sakura, yes, I let her leave the village but there is a reason. I got this idea of making Sakura into an antagonist in the sequel. I think a lot of writer's underestimate Sakura's intelligence. Among the rookies, she was like the third smartest, behind Shikamaru and Shino. I want to use that to make her a villain. I want you guys when I start the sequel next year to see a very evil Sakura. I want you to be horrified at the person that she turns into. I want you to wonder what the hell is wrong with Dragon6 when he created this Sakura. I have not read such an evil Sakura in all my years reading on the site. I might as well be the standard.

Either way, thank you for reading and reviewed. See you in 2014.