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I've watched my little brother grow.

I never thought that he'd grow up and turn out the way he did though, but to be honest, I'm glad he did.

He turned out better than I would have ever expected.

Better than I would have turned out if I were put in his position, that's for sure. In fact, I'd probably need the same psychiatrist I'm training to be- if the Guys in White didn't get to me first because of my ghost powers…

Ghost powers.

Yeah, my little brother Danny Fenton- or rather, Danny Phantom has them alright. Everyone the world over knows about it now ever since the Disasteroid came. Believe me; I was just as shocked as you were when I found out.

I mean, how would you feel if you found out your little brother was half ghost?

And another thing- how is it even possible to be half ghost in the first place? Wouldn't that mean that you're half dead? I suppose mom and dad will figure something out, eventually. They've been trying to for years…

And to think it all happened because they thought one of their crackpot old inventions didn't work.

And work it did, just not in the way they expected….

He's become quite the hero because of it all. He's had so many adventures, so many battles with foes both human and otherwise and has always come out the better for it.

His personality has changed. No longer is he the little annoying brother I used to have, but a mature, intelligent young man.

Sam is lucky to have him.

As I watch him and his long-time girlfriend Samantha "Sam" Manson take their vows in front of family, friends (and the media!) I can't help but feel happy that despite all the struggles he's been through, he came out okay.

Danny Fenton the brother, Danny Phantom the hero, Danny Fenton the uncle (Dash and I had our daughter Susan only three months ago) and now Danny Fenton the husband.

Standing up to applaud after they were officially announced as the next Mr and Mrs Fenton, I couldn't help but think:

Either way, I'm proud of him.


Everyone turned around to look as the Box Ghost decided to announce his arrival.

Dash and I watched in amusement as the couple bolted down the aisle chasing after the rampaging ghost, all the other guests cheering them on.

He's going to have an interesting married life that's for sure...