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Deans P.O.V

Sam and I walk into the bar. It's been a long day and I could use a drink. The expression on Sam's face says he could, too.

He sighed, "Two beers."

The bartender nodded and went to get them.

"God, today felt good," I said and Sam laughed.

"We nearly got our asses killed back there, and you enjoyed yourself?" He asked in disbelief.

I smiled, "I don't know, man. Getting back to normal.." I rephrased, "our normal, not worrying about the world ending from one disaster after another, saving people, and dealing with the things we know how to kill.." I laughed. "You forget how much you miss it."

Sam shook his head, grinning," In some sick, twisted way, I know what you mean."

As the beers got to us we enjoyed our drinks in silence. Sam did great out there tonight. With everything that's happened in the past few years and, things haven't been easy. I've been able to regain a lot of my trust in him, but I'm the big brother, I can't help but worry. He doesn't tell me anything anymore, what he's going through. Normally I wouldn't mind, I don't need the doctor Phil moments, but I know he's going through a lot and we're all each other's got. But he's not a kid anymore, and I've gotten to loosen that big brother leash I've had on him for so long.

"Dean Winchester." I hear, breaking my train of thought. Sam and I both look to the side where the familiar voice comes from. And there she was, hands on hips, head cocked to the side with a smile spreading across her face. Her eyes were squinted from the smile that she couldn't contain. It's been ten years since I last saw her. We hadn't ended on the best note, but damn I loved this girl. Her hazel eyes sparkled, even in the dim lighting, and her long, wavy, light brown hair was messily put into a braid going across her left shoulder, bangs slightly covering her face.

"Haley," I say as Sam and I stand up. She walks up and gives me a hug. More like an embrace. Her hugs are always so much more. Her arms hold me to her, burying her face in my neck. I miss this. She pulls away and I reluctantly do the same, and she makes her way to Sam.

"Oh Sammy!" She exclaims. They used to be so close. I remember when we met her in high school, Sam had told me she was the only thing to make me happy. The kid was twelve at the time, but I swear the geek has never said anything more accurate. He's always seen her like a big sister, and the goofy look on his face proves that nothing has changed. "You are so big!" She said, muffled as he had her entangled in a bear hug.

Sam laughs, letting her go. "Yeah, I guess I just shot up. Man I've missed you." I haven't seen Sam smile like that in years. It's no surprise that Haley's the one to make him; she has the effect on people.

"I've missed you too. I can't believe how long it's been." She said, smiling; glowing. "What are you guys doing in town? Got a case?" Se knew about us hunting. Her dad was a hunter, too. In fact that's how we met in high school. Our dads worked a few jobs together and we were stuck in that hell hole of a school for a month. Luckily Haley was there.

"No, not here, just passing through from a job a few towns south of here." Sam answered as I was too caught up to pay attention.

Haley's smile never faded. "Well, you guys are staying with me tonight." She shushed us as we began to protest. "I insist. It's been too long and I've missed your beautiful faces." She said squeezing our cheeks. "But, I'm in the middle of a girl's night, so I have to go really quick. If you try and leave, I'll hunt you down." She giggled, winked, and walked away. Sam and I sat down and titled our beers in a toast to each other.

Haley's P.O.V

Walking away from them, I felt my cheeks flush and my heart race. Dean looked GOOD. And Sammy. Oh, my Sammy, so big. He's a man now, not like the last time I saw him. My boys. I love them. Sam's always been like a little brother to me. And Dean, God, I did not want to let him go. In his arms I feel safe and at home. It's perfect. Ten years later, and my heart still melts at the sound of his voice. When I met him though, I couldn't stand him. He was so arrogant, but after a few days he grew on me and I was hooked. He was my first boyfriend. One month was all we had until our dads decided to stop working together, and that was it until I saw him about four years later. I saw him, but not Sam. We had a thing for a few weeks but it ended. Pretty badly, actually. I didn't think I'd see him again, but now that he's here I'm taking advantage of it.

I finally reach the girls, Brooke and Peyton were at the table laughing. They saw my blushing cheeks.

"What happened?" Brooke said slyly, waiting for a story to unfold.

"Oh, uh. I just saw…" What on Earth do I call him? "…an old friend. A couple of them, actually." I couldn't keep the smile off of my face, and they noticed right away.

"Well, are we going to meet them?" Brooke pressed when I didn't continue.

I shook my heads and the girls whined. Peyton spoke up, "Hayls, c'mon. With that smile, you can't just keep them from us. At least show us who they are?"

"Fine, okay. But just a peek across the bar, okay?" The all agreed. I pointed across the bar to the table they were at. God, Dean looked good.

"Them? You know them?" The girls exclaimed.

"Mhmm, and I'm sorry but it's been a really long time since I've seen them, and I want to catch up. Do you guys mind?"

Brooke protested. "We never get girls night!"

"Hey, it's no ones fault that you're in a relationship and can't take the time out for a night with us. That's on you. Plus, it's still the two of us." Peyton argued back, then she turned to me. "Go on Haley. You can, and WILL explain this some other time. Mkay?" I nodded. Thank god I have her! I nod and hug them all before heading to the bathroom.

I look in the mirror. Wow, "I look like a mess." I say to myself. I knew I should have done my hair. Oh well, too late for that now. I freshen up my make-up and adjust my top so the girls look their best and head out.

As I was approaching the table, Dean noticed me first, Sam's back was turned towards me. The look in his eyes made me have to catch my breath. My heart was racing. My love for him hadn't faded one bit. Part of me feels like walking away and out of this bar right now, not spending the time with them tonight because watching them leave tomorrow or worse, waking up to them gone tomorrow would be just too much to bare. But seeing his eyes melt into mine is what kept me on my path to the table.

"Hello boys," I said resting my arm on Sam's shoulder, not yet breaking eye contact with Dean. My heart couldn't take it though, so I laughed and looked down at Sam. "You boys ready to get out of here?"

They nodded and stood up. I lead them out and they walked me to my car. "Okay, just follow me, I don't live too far away." I smiled and watched them walk to that gorgeous Impala Dean drives; his baby. I laugh to myself at how in love with that car he is. As I got in my car and started it up, I stopped to think for a moment. My head hit the wheel and the horn honked, drawing unnecessary attention to myself. Nice Hayls. I heard the Impala's engine coming up behind the car and I look out to see the boys waiting. I pull out and head out of the parking lot. I don't even turn the radio on. The thoughts running through my head were loud enough, particularly one: What the Hell was I thinking?

Sam's P.O.V

We're in the car following Haley to her house. I know her and Dean have history, so I'm not too sure what a great idea this is. I may have to bail if they start flirting with each other because that's just too awkward but, Dean looks so happy. He's been head over heels for this girl since he was sixteen. That same puppy dog look on his face comes back whenever he sees her. I always wanted them to end up together, they make each other happy, and they both deserve to have some happiness in their lives, especially Dean. He's been through so much and I'm the cause of a lot of it.

We pull into a parking spot outside of her building. She has a studio apartment that was renovated to have two rooms, it's really nice. After a while, I say "I'm tired, I'm going to hit the hay," because they're standing awkwardly staring at each other in silence.

"There's only one bed in there. Unless you two want to cuddle, someone is crashing on the couch. It pulls out to bed, uncomfortable, but a bed none the less." Haley informs us.

Before I could even respond Dean speaks up, "You can have the real bed."

I know why he did that. "You sure?" I ask as sincere as I can.

"Yeah, Sammy. You did a really good job today, I was proud of you. The least I can do is give you the comfy bed." He smiled.

I felt like a child again, hearing those words from Dean. I didn't think I'd ever make him proud again. The words tore at my heart, but now wasn't the time for a heart to heart. "Thanks man. Uh, well goodnight you guys. Thank you, Hayls. See you in the morning."

She walked up to me, clearing the large gap between us and wrapped her arms around me in a protective kind of way, and although I tower over her now, I felt like a little kid being protected by everything bad in the world. I don't know how this little woman does it, but she has always known how to make me feel safe. Blood or not, she is my family.

"Sweet dreams, hun." She whispered into my shoulder as she embraced me. "I'm so glad you're here, and tomorrow we'll catch up, mkay?" I nodded. "Love you, Sammy." She hugged tighter.

"I love you too, Hayls." I replied, squeezing tighter then pulling away. "Night."

And with that, I retreated to the bedroom. My head was spinning. 'A blast from the past'. I hadn't seen her since before I graduated high school. I heard about what happened between her and Dean about ten years ago. They had been going out for a while, but Dean's a hunter and he couldn't be there like either of them wanted him to be. It became too much for them and they ended it, but not before having an extremely heated screaming match. They hadn't run into or spoken to each other since. It nearly killed Dean. I've never seen him like he was after they ended it. Knowing Haley, it hurt her too. They love each other, but I don't know if it's going to work. The situation hasn't changed and neither have they, for the most part. All I know is that there is no one that suits either of them better than each other.

I toss and turn in this bed. It's comfy but I'm not tired in the least bit. I start thinking about the road so far. 'Damn, life has been crazy. We've lost so many people' I thought while Tears start forming in my eyes, but I try and fight them back. 'Not now, I'm supposed to be happy' I tried to cheer myself up, but It's too difficult and the tears escape. Losing all of those people was so hard. It haunts me just about every day and I know it's hard on Dean. All he wants in life is for his family to be happy but instead they just keep dying. He's stayed pretty strong though. He needs this. He needs her. He deserves to be happy. We all do.