Title: Hanabi

Pairing: Kurosaki / Yoshikawa Tsurara

Genre: Fluff, , Angst

Rating: PG (?)

Disclaimer: They're not mine, if they were, I would lock them up in a room together xD

Notes: Inspired by the hanabi scene in episode 10. Cause this is one of my most favourite scenes and the only one, where you see Kurosaki's true character. You see his sadness in his eyes. Goddamn Yamapi's awesome as Kurosaki. He plays the character so well... Please listenn to Yubiwa while reading it ^_^

One slight moment.

Just the two of us.

Laughing together.

So much unspoken words between us. So much to say...

But don't daring to do so.
One gaze. Our eyes meet. We look away.
And everything's back to normal again.
My cold mask. Your hestitation.
The space between us becomes bigger again.
Your disapointed face. I wish I could fill it with happiness. But I can't.
You make me weak. You make me strong.
You won't let me sleep at night. But when I do I dream of you.
It's impossible and we both know it.

So we can just continue what we have.