In Nuvema Town, a kid was sleeping until his alarm clock went off. His eyes shot open and a wide grin spread across his face.

"It's time! Alright, I can't wait!" shouted 15-year old Sarecus Ottomachi as he woke up from sleep. His messy silver-grey hair was frizzed out, but he didn't care. It was time to start his Pokémon journey in Unova. He couldn't wait, but he had to deal with someone first. His shouting woke up his best friend, Shade, who was thrown off the bed.

Ugh, couldn't you wait for ten more minutes before shouting?

Sarecus turned to a very annoyed Zorua looking at him. She was a shiny Zorua he befriended 2 years that time, they became best friends, and she decided to be his Pokémon. He nicknamed her Shade and their friendship bond was strengthened. However, he never could stand her telepathy.

"Hold on, Shade, you know I hate your telepathy, so let me put on my Xtransceiver V2," he replied. The Xtransceiver V2 (or XV2) was a new upgrade of the original Xtransceiver, now in a Bluetooth-like earring, which allowed people to understand Pokémon.

"Now you can speak," he said as he equipped the XV2. She shook her head as she said, "You know I can speak your language so I don't know why you insist on wearing that goofy earring."

"You know why, you want my parents to know I spend 20,000 yen to teach you how to talk?"

"Well, that's not my fault!"

"Yes it is, because your telepathy made me sick!"

The argument between them reached downstairs and his mom, who couldn't stand the argument, shouted, "YOU BETTER STOP ARGUING BEFORE I COME UP THERE!" They both shut up and decided to deal with each other later. He cleaned his room while Shade washed up. After a little cleaning up, Sarecus decided to get dressed. His outfit consists of a black shirt, red vest, pair of blue jeans, black and red sneakers, and topped off his head with his favorite cap with the Pokéball symbol on front. He retrieved his backpack off his bed head and packs his supplies. He was ready, except for one thing: keeping his promise to Shade to start their journey together.

"Well, are you ready to start our journey and get new friends, Shade?" he asked.

"I can't wait!" she explained. Before he walked out the door of his room, his mom gave him a box.

"What's in here?" he asked. She laughed and said,

"Just a few extra supplies." He opened it and was surprised to see his supplies: a pack of Full Restores, Revives, and Full Heals, an envelope, a pair of Running Shoes, and a little gift box.

"What's in the envelope and gift box?" he asked.

She said, "Don't think I don't know where that 20,000 yen went. She slipped once when you two argue last week. This is my little revenge." He gulped as he opened the envelope and found a debit card, with 20,000 yen on it, as well as a coupon for the PokéMart.

"Thanks!" He replied. He was about to open the gift box, but his mom stopped him. "Don't open it till Shade says so," she said while, unknowing to him, winked at Shade. Thanks, I owe you! Sarecus shrugged and put the box in his pack. He kissed his mom goodbye and ran out with Shade behind him. He was finally ready to start his journey!

His first destination was to his best friend/rival's house to wait on him. They promised each other to start their journey together. Soon, a 15-year old with red hair with a white streak throughout it burst through the front door.

*Huff* *Huff* "What's –huff-up?" he asked Sarecus. "Why are you out of breath, Souren?" Sarecus retorted.

"Don't-*huff*-ask. You know the dang reason," he said. Sarecus knew Souren had problems to stay on time, so his mom had to use different methods. Today's method was his mom's Lucario, Sasha, using Wake-Up Slap to wake him, which led to her rushing him out the house.

"Dang, I'm gonna fix Sasha for that!" Souren yelled.

"Forget about it, time to go to the Professor's lab," Sarecus said.

"—Fine. Let's go," Souren replied.

Soon, the two of them headed to Professor Juniper's lab. As they entered the lab, a female Oshawott was being chased by one of the Prof's aides. Soon, she jumped up and-Right into Sarecus' arms!

"N-no! I don't wanna!" the Oshawott cried.

"Well, isn't she enthusiastic?" Shade said. Sarecus saw the aide run up and asked,

"What's wrong with her?"

The aide replied, "Well, she…..she doesn't want to get in her Pokéball. We wan-oh, Prof. Juniper!" Juniper arrived and told the aide to not worry about it. Then, she addressed the two trainers.

"This Oshawott doesn't like to stay in enclosed spaces. I don't know why," Juniper said. Sarecus petted the Oshawott and she got out of her fetal position to look around. "It's ok. No one gonna hurt you," Sarecus said. She looked up at Sarecus and hugged him tightly.

Afterwards, Juniper gave her speech, and after giving them their new Pokédex, told them to pick their starter Pokémon-between Snivy, Tepig, or Oshawott.

"Hmm, I'll start with Tepig," Souren replied. So he grabbed Tepig's Pokéball and ran out of the lab. "Thanks, Professor Juniper. Sarecus, I'll meet up with you in Accumula Town. See ya then!" Souren left, leaving Sarecus with a still shaken up Oshawott. Juniper looked at the Oshawott, still holding on to Sarecus, and then smiled.

"Sarecus, why don't you take that Oshawott with you?" Sarecus looked at the Oshawott and asked her, "Do you want to join my team?" She looked up and considered it until she heard something. Please come with us, I need another female companion! She looked down and saw Shade and smiled. She nodded, and Juniper gave Sarecus her Pokéball.

"Take good care of her!" Juniper said. Sarecus thanked Juniper, and then left the lab. He then put down Oshawott and asked her, "Now, what would your name be?" Shade thought it over then asked the Oshawott, "How about Mystic?"

"I love it! Thank you!" Oshawott (Mystic) exclaimed.

"Now time to check your data," Sarecus replied. He pulled out his Pokédex and faced it forward. After it scans Mystic, it recorded its data:

Oshawott, the Sea Otter Pokémon.

(Black Data)-It fights using the scalchop on its stomach. In response to an attack, it retaliates immediately by slashing.-Unknown Data Received. Pokedex needs to be updated to view the data.

"What the-Aw forget it. Let's check your moves," Sarecus said, but in his mind: What is that unknown data?

Known Moves: Razor Shell, Ice Beam, Air Slash, Aqua Tail

"Wow, I didn't know you had powerful moves," Sarecus said "Well, this will be some fun, right Mystic?" Shade asked "Yep!" She yelled. "Time to move, team! We got some ground to cover." Sarecus said as his two Pokémon followed close by. I wonder what the Pokedex meant by unknown data. Well, if it happens again, I'll ask Prof. Juniper. Aw well...This is my beginning of the journey to come! Let's roll!

-Well, that's it for now. Ch. 2-Wounded friend and confession-is coming next! See ya soon! By the way, the Xtransceiver V2 is a modified Shadow Reader from Pokemon XD, so if anyone was wondering...