So sorry for the long update for this story! I was too busy with everything…so I couldn't write this. Anyway, this is a Collaboration Chapter with Ultima the Fox and it's about Sarecus facing the mysterious World Champion! Who's going to win? Let's find out!

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Xentus smiled as he bowed to the World Champion as Sarecus looked at the lady that interrupted his battle.

"Xentus? Who is this?" Sarecus asked.

Xentus glared at Sarecus as he walked over to him and held his head down.

"This is the World Champion-the most powerful Pokémon trainer in all six regions," Xentus growled.

Sarecus' eyes widen as he quickly bowed to the lady.

"I'm sorry, ma'am," Sarecus said.

"It's okay, young trainer," the World Champion smiled.

Sarecus lifted his head and smiled at her as Sasha walked over and bowed.

"It's nice to meet you, ma'am," Sasha said.

"Hmm…a wise Lucario…she has been raised well," the World Champion smiled.

"Well, thank you, ma'am," Sasha smiled.

"So, Mrs. Champion," Xentus said, "What are you doing in the Unova Region?"

The Champion smiled as she looked at Sarecus and flashed a Pokéball at him.

"I came to battle the trainer who battled Natural Harmonia and won," she said.

"If you're talking about N...that would be me, ma'am," Sarecus said.

"I see…well, then, Champion Xentus…do you mind if I battle your brother?" World Champion smiled.

"It would be my pleasure," Xentus smiled, "Sarecus, have fun."

Xentus then walked over and sat in his chair and looked at Sarecus.

I wonder how he's gonna try to win this time…

Sarecus looked at the World Champion and smiled, ready to battle.

"So…what kind of battle are we gonna have?" Sarecus asked.

"A simple one: One-on-One," she said.

"Okay…well, Sasha is my choice to battle," Sarecus said.

"I see…well, then-come on out!" The World Champion smiled.

She threw up a Pokéball and released a female Aron onto the field, who immediately hid behind her leg.

"It's okay, darling," she cooed.

The Aron looked up and made a small smile as she walked up and faced Sasha. As the Aron moved, Sarecus noticed that the Aron was wearing a necklace that had a seashell at the end, but didn't pay any mind to it.

"Um…are you sure?" Sarecus asked.

She smiled as she gestured her hand to him, asking him to make the first move.

"Ok…Sasha, use Aura Sphere…" Sarecus said awkwardly.

Sasha looked back at Sarecus with a questioning look and Sarecus gestured to the World Champion, saying 'Ask her'.

"Um…Mrs. Champion…are you sure about this?" Sasha asked.

"Sure I am," she replied, "Give me your best shot."

Sasha nodded as she created a weak Aura Sphere, just enough power to KO the Aron, and shot it at Aron. Aron braced herself as the sphere closed in on her position. When the attack hit, a small explosion surrounded Aron and hid it in the smoke.

"Is that it?" Sarecus asked.

"Hmm…Aron, use Endeavor!" The World Champion smiled.

When the smoke cleared, the Aron was surrounded by a golden glow as she charged at Sasha and slammed into her stomach. The attack sent Sasha flying into a pillar and smashed it to pieces.

"What the…?" Sarecus shouted, shocked.

Xentus was still in the chair and smiled at Sarecus' expression.

Hmm…Aron has Sturdy…and Endeavor returned the damage to Sasha.

"Hmm…that worked…you beloved Aron has Sturdy," The World Champion smiled.

Sarecus looked at Aron and then back to the World Champion before he realized her strategy.

Damn! That means the next attack decides it!

Sarecus then noticed that Aron was surrounded by a green aura that healed its injuries and he realized that the necklace was actually a Shell Bell.

"Oh, man…" Sarecus sighed, "This just got a LOT harder."

He then turned his attention to Sasha, who was now exiting the rubble, and noticed that she seemed different.

"Ok…use Hidden Power!" The World Champion said.

Aron nodded and shot five green spheres at the standing Lucario, who wasn't making any movements.

"Sasha!" Sarecus yelled.

When the spheres were inches from knocking Sasha out, a dark aura surrounded Sasha and cancelled out the Hidden Power from hitting its target.

"What's going on?" The World Champion asked.

"I…don't know…" Sarecus replied.

Xentus got up when the aura started swirling and stood next to Sarecus.

"Sarecus…return Sasha…now!" Xentus growled.

Sarecus nodded as he pulled out the capsule and aimed it at the dark aura-enveloped Sasha.

"Sasha, return!" Sarecus yelled.

The beam came out of the Pokéball and was about to grab Sasha but the aura stopped it and cancelled it out.

"Impossible," Sarecus said.

"Mrs. Champ…I suggest you return the Aron," Xentus said, "I don't know...but it'll be too dangerous."

She nodded and returned Aron to her Pokéball before looking at the erratic aura, which began to lash out wildly.

"What is this dark energy?" Sarecus cried.

"I'm free…Poor Sasha…"

Everyone turned to the aura and saw that it collapsed and swallowed into one point. When the aura disappeared, what stood was Sasha…but it wasn't Sasha. The Lucario had black fur where blue was, white paws where they were black and long snow white hair. In her left hand (paw), there was a black aura sword that seemed to envelop her hand. 'Sasha' opened her eyes and Sarecus saw that her ruby irises were replaced with gray one.

"Who are you and what have you done to Sasha?" Sarecus asked.

"I'm someone who you should fear," 'Sasha smiled, "As for Sasha…well…"

Sarecus' fists tightened as he looked at what had enveloped his Sasha and growled.

"You better give her back," Sarecus growled.

"Humph…a feeble human ordering me around…you should die," she smiled.

She raised her sword hand into the air and smiled at the three humans before her.

"SO DIE! Final Tensho!" she howled.

She brought the sword down and unleashed a powerful shockwave slash that shook the whole temple.

"Minx, use Light Screen!" Xentus yelled.

Minx nodded and put up her strongest barrier she could muster against the attack. The attack hit the Light Screen and exploded, sending everyone scattered. The Tensho continued and decimated the top of the temple's ceiling before it disappeared. Sarecus, Xentus and the Champion got up and looked at Sasha, who was laughing manically.

"I'll stop this…Nightmare, use Dark Void!" Xentus shouted.

He released Nightmare, who immediately shot a Dark Void sphere at the Dark Sasha.

"Not gonna work…Sasha's already asleep," 'Sasha' smiled.

She cut the dark sphere in half and dodged as it exploded.

"Impossible," Nightmare said.

Sarecus growled as he activated his Link Mode and rushed at Sasha, his arms glowing.

"What are you gonna do?" she snarled.

Sarecus didn't answer as two crackling blades of lightning appeared in his hand.

"This-Fallen God Spear!" Sarecus howled.

He leaped into the air and smashed the blades into Dark Sasha, causing a huge explosion in the temple.

"Whoa…" Xentus/World Champion whistled.

When the smoke cleared, there was a ragged Sarecus standing over an unconscious Sasha, who was back to normal.

"All right…Sarecus?" Xentus asked.

Sarecus turned to his brother and smiled before fainting, darkness swallowing his vision…


"Ugh…my head…ow!"

Sarecus opened his eyes and shielded them from the glare of the overhead lights. After his eyes adjusted, he sat up and noticed that he was in a hospital and that his hands were bandaged.

"What the…? What happened to me?!" Sarecus yelled.

"Yo, quit your crying…I can hear you down the hall."

Sarecus turned his head to see his brother next to him, smiling.

"Xentus…" Sarecus sighed.

"The doctor said you would pull through…but he didn't say it would take three days," Xentus said.

Sarecus continued to look at his brother when he registered the 'three days'.

"WHAT?! Ow, my head," Sarecus groaned.

"Oh, calm down…judging by your overacting attitude, it seems you made a full recovery…" Xentus said.

Sarecus smiled a little before he remembered something important.

"Xentus…where's Sasha?" Sarecus asked.

"Well…after her rampage, she went back to normal," Xentus said.

"Huh…but I wonder what that was?" Sarecus asked.

"It's Sasha's untapped energy. It only emerges when she is at her limit."

The two brothers turned and saw the World Champion walking into the room.

"So…that was Sasha's untapped energy?" Sarecus asked.

"Seems so…but I wonder what she meant when she said 'I'm free'?" she answered.

The trio continued to ponder about it before the World Champion got up and walked over to Sarecus.

"Um…yes?" Sarecus asked.

"Here…a present for you and Sasha," The World Champion smiled.

She then handed Sarecus a small box and then she began leaving.

"Sarecus…the next time we battle…I hope to draw out your full potential," she smiled.

After she left, Xentus looked at his brother and raised an eyebrow at him.

"So…are you gonna open it or are you going to gawk at it?" Xentus asked.

Sarecus nodded and opened the box, revealing a stone that swirled with energy.

"What is this?" Sarecus asked.

"Dunno…but just keep it with you," Xentus smiled.

Suddenly, a beep appeared on his XV2 and Xentus excused himself from the room. While he was alone, Sarecus thought about his journey and of all the friends and Pokémon he met and all of the battles he faced.

Well…I guess this journey has taught me more about myself than I thought…


Xentus was finishing talking to his superior on the XV2 and he began to smile.

"So…that new region is gonna have some new Gym Leaders…this is going to be interesting," Xentus smiled.

He then pulled out six letters that had the Pokémon League symbol encrusted on the flap.

"You guys…are going to surprise my brother…big time," Xentus laughed…

-Two weeks later-

Sarecus was sitting on the couch, relaxing as he watched the Pokémon World Tournaments on the television and saw how Xentus whipped a trainer in the final match. As Sarecus was watching the television, Tana brought him a bowl of ramen and sat down next to him.

"Thanks, Tana," Sarecus smiled.

"Not a problem…" Tana smiled.

Suddenly, Jewel ran into the room and hopped in her mother's lap, smiling with no care in the world.

"Hi, mommy!" Jewel smiled.

"Hello, sweetheart," Tana said, rubbing her daughter's head," How do you feel?"

"I'm happy, mommy!" Jewel chirped.

"Jewel…why are you so happy?" Sarecus asked.

Jewel smiled as she looked at her father and snuggled in her mother's arms. Soon, Shade burst through the room, smiling big while waving a white strip in her claw.

"Shade? What's up?" Sarecus asked.

"I'm…I'm pregnant!" Shade cheered.

Sarecus looked at Shade as if she had slapped him.

"What?" Sarecus asked.

"I'm pregnant! You're gonna be a father to another child!" Shade cheered.

The rest of the girls were giddy and cheered that Shade was giving birth. While they did so, Sarecus stared at them, his mouth hung opened. The only thought that ran through his mind:

Lucky me…

-Meanwhile…in the Plasma Frigate-

Ghestis was sitting in his seat, his hands folded as he watched some grunts move some machinery into the main center. As he sat in the chair, a door opened and one of Ghestis' top scientists entered the room.

"Master Ghestis, the machine is ready," he said, "Do you want us to proceed?"

"Yes…begin the procedure!" Ghestis smiled.

"As you wish," the scientist said.

When the scientist left, Ghestis got out of his seat and began laughing.

"Soon…both of those brats will feel my true power!" Ghestis cackled.

He suddenly covered his right eye as dark wisps came out of his eye-piece.

Grr…it won't be long before she breaks the seal…but I will hold back until I conquer the Unova Region!

As Ghestis continued with his plan, crying could be heard through the halls of the Frigate, but everyone ignores it. The crying came from a female Kyurem that was imprisoned in a large cylinder with tubes connected to it. The cylinder was drawing power and was being transferred to a large cannon that could freeze half the region. As the power drained from her body, Kyurem roared in agony, hoping someone rescued her.


And this is the final Chapter! So sorry that this took longer to do-since I had to perfect this to the final degree. Also, this is the longest story I've ever done-so I'm patting myself on the back. Thank you all for helping me get this far and I hope to do another long masterpiece! Again, this is the end of Sarecus' Pokémon Journey…So let's head to the sequel!

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