SCENE ONE- On the lacrosse field, at dawn, instead of the boys practicing there is a group of girls stretching.

Cassie: Are you people kidding me? Seriously point those toes. Abigail it is a round off not the tootsie roll! *She yelled and put her hands on her hips*

Gavin walked over to the field with his clipboard and a camera: Wow Hitler had nothing on you.

Cassie giggled slightly and rolled her eyes: Well tough wins the war? Right.

Gavin chuckled slightly and ran his fingers through his hair: Cass, the German's lost the war.

Cassie smiled: This is cheer, not the decathalon team. *Her red ponytail bounced and she clapped for the girls to continue* What are you doing here?

Gavin: Well, I'm working on the newspaper for the school. I'm getting to cover the front page story.

Cassie smiled: And their giving front page to little 'ol me. *She playfully twirled around*

Gavin: Yeah I guess you hit the big time.

Cassie: Please, all everyone can talk about is Carter's breakdown at her party.

Gavin: Well she did get her heart broken in front of thousands.

Cassie: Finally someone showed her she can't all ways be number one. *She rolled her eyes*

Gavin: I thought she was your friend

Cassie shrugged and looked at Gavin: She's my best friend. Doesn't mean she's not a huge bitch.

SCENE 2: Everyone is in 's class including Carter. She is looking down at her fingernails.

Matt walked into class and looked around. He paused for a moment and took his usual seat near

Carter: Hi.

Carter shrugged and didn't look up, biting her lip: Hi.

Matt: Here, I, uh, got this. It didn't travel well, but it made me think of you, so...

Carter looked up and rolled her arms: Why the hell did that remind you of me? because it's crushed?

Matt sighed and looked at her finally taking the seat: Are we gonna be okay?

Carter: We'll be okay whenever my heart is okay. Dramatic, but true.

Carter stands up and leaves the class a little before the bell actually rings.

Jackson: Why don't you watch where you're going, Andrews?

Matt scoffed and rolled his eyes: You need a hug, dude? Hey, it's gonna be okay. Everything's gonna be okay.

Jackson shrugged and crossed his harms before walking off.

Matt smirked and chuckled slightly walking in an opposite end of the hall from Jackson.

Fiona was standing by her locker and smiled as Matt almost walked past her: Hey!

Matt: Hey, uh, listen, I just want to say I'm sorry for all the stuff I put you through last week.

Fiona: It's okay.

Matt ran his fingers through his hair: Well, no, it's not, but anyway, um, how are you?

Fiona shrugged and grabbed her books: I'm good. They put me in the choir of the play. *She smiled

proudly* It's not a speaking part. But, it's also not paint duty

Matt: Another giant step towards broadway. Isn't that what you wanna do. Once you leave this place. *He began walking down the halls with her.*

Fiona nodded and walked: That, or death.

SCENE 3: In 's class

Ryan: All right, let's start with last night's reading. Uh, who wants to inturpert Julius Ceasar in modern time? *He looked over at Allison who's singing* Hey!

Allison looked up and rolled her blue eyes, looking at Carter giggling: , I don't know. Uhm, maybe a commercial for another salad at Micky D's. It's all I eat now.

Onyx looked at Allison and Carter and rolled her eyes: So, you eat now? *She looked over at

* Lets just say Carter is Ceaser. And her loyal followers, meaning Allison and the rest of the student body. Decide to off her. *She walked over to Carter, causing Cater to lean back* And send her pretty little head to the dungeons. *The bell rings*

Ryan: Interested now? *He looked at Carter and Allison as they walked out and smirked*

SCENE 4: High school cafeteria

Carter linked arms with Cassie and Allison walking straight over to Fiona: Well, did you enjoy my party?

Fiona: I know we shouldn't have crashed, but... Oh, cool tattoo.

Carter: Yeah. No, I don't blame you. I mean, it was a fabulous party. I just didn't expect to see you there, you know, with all your morals and everything.

Cassie looked at Fiona and rolled her eyes: Gawd and that dress? Amazing. Looked better on the SAKKs mannequin though.

Fiona: Oh! Carter, I'll give it back. I'll wash it and bring it to school tom-

Carter: Keep it.

Fiona: Seriously?

Carter: It's the only link to being one of us, you'll ever have. *She flipped her hair and the girls walked off*

Fiona's eyes began to water and she walked to the trash can where she saw a boy.

Jackson: Carter Harley, the only human being who is able to make you cry using only a smile. I'm Jackson

Fiona: Yeah, I know who you are. I'm Gavin's sister.

Jackson: Wow, the principal is real unique with names. He put a lot of thought into that one.

Fiona: On that que, I'm walking away now.

A gothic girl: I'm so sorry that happened to you. I don't know why people cheat.

Carter: Who are you and why are you speaking to me?

The gothic shows her laptop to Carter: a video for Onyx's blog is playing.

[On the video] Onyx: Welcome to my first installment of puppet revenge theater. This episode is entitled "we're fighting...again"

[On the video] Carter's puppet: How could you cheat on me? I think I'm so beautiful.

[On the video] Matt's puppet: I love lacrosse.

Carter's puppet: No, no, you're supposed to love me! 'Cause you're the only one stupid enough to actually think that I'm interesting.

Matt's puppet: I love lacrosse.

A girl's puppet: Hi, Matt. Can we go to you car and check out your lacrosse stick together?

Carter looks over at the girl: What's your name?

Gothic Girl: Ivy Nelson

Carter checked her outfit and looked over at Ivy, giving her a diamond brooch: Thanks for the help doll. *Carter closes the laptop and go find Matt.*

Carter stormed over to Matt and crossed her arms: EVERYONE KNOWS!

Matt: I know, I'm sorry.

Carter slaps Matt and his lacrosse friends whooo.

SCENE FIVE: Carter's backyard, near the pool

Carter: That slap's going to be legendary. Too bad that's not on Onyx's site.

Cassie looked over at Carter: Maybe you can reenact it.

Allison giggled and rolled her eyes: The harder the slap, the faster they run back.

Cassie laughed with Allison: You should so write a relationship blog Mm-hmm.

Carter: Wait until you see the next part of my plan.

SCENE SIX- They are in Gavin's room playing COD.

Onyx: Why do you want to do anything with those jock asses anyway?
They're just gonna end up selling tires or car insurance. Hooo! Killed ya! Buh-bye.

Gavin: Look, the fun part about being on a team is being part of the team, and you wouldn't know that because you were never on one. How do you keep doing that?

Onyx rolled her eyes: I was on a team in the sixth grade. I played soccer, but I kept scoring for the other team, so we respectfully parted ways.

Gavin: I hit you first!

Onyx: Then why are you dead?

Gavin: Your so not like any girl I've known since … ever.

Onyx: Is that a complement?

Gavin: I'm not sure yet.

Onyx: Well, would I get your attention if I wore tones of hairspray and bounced around like a bobble hair.

Gavin: Rodeo girls don't bounce. *He chuckled* They sway.

Onyx: Nope. They glide.

Fiona walked to Starbucks and shrugged about to order.

Fiona: You again?

Jackson: Hey sweetheart, you stepped into my domain. *He adjusted his Starbucks employee i.d*

Fiona's eyes widened: Wait. You work here?

Jackson: No I like to serve coffee for fun.

Fiona: But aren't all East Rodeo kids like filthy rich, never worked in their lives?

Jackson: Hmm, are you?

Fiona: Fair enough

Jackson: If you must know. Thanks to your whiney brother, my parents made me get a job to appreciate everything I'm given.

Fiona: Sounds right. You California kids get everything. I'd die to have your life.

Jackson shrugged: I'd die to get out of it. Are you gonna order, Kansas?

Onyx walked to the back of Starbucks where she saw The Glamour Society

Onyx: Hey, Carter, I'm so sorry to hear about Matt rejecting you. You are such a good person. You really deserve to be happy.

Allison rolled her eyes: He didn't reject her, bitch lips. She slapped him.

Onyx: Yeah, his cheating was really an act of love. See you around, glamour girls. Nobody break a nail.

Carter rolled her eyes and stirred her latte: Right after I'm done with Matt, that bitch is going down.

Allison: Finally something to look forward too. I can't stand her.

Cassie rolled her eyes looking at Onyx who was now talking to Fiona: Don't they know that Hollister should remain a state not a skirt!

Carter looked over at Cassie and giggled: Hollister isn't a place.

Cassie looked at Carter: Or is it?

Carter: Uhm, no…

Cassie: Than it shouldn't be realivant.

Allison giggled: Uhm, what?

SCENE SEVEN-In a small movie set

A man: Okay, everybody, rehearsal in five minutes.

Gavin: So your dad's like a movie producer or something, right?

Gabe: Yeah. There they are.

Gavin: This is crazy.

Gabe: Hey, what time do you guys wrap?

A man: Uh, another couple of hours.

Gabe: All right, we'll be back soon. Hey,buddy,this , Lila, good to see you.

Gavin: What kind of movies does your dad produce?

Gabe: Ever heard of the Final Destination?

Gavin: No way! Seriously. I love those movies.

Gabe: Me too. But unfortunately my dad didn't do those. He did the Notebook.

Gavin: Chick Flicks?

Both: God Noo!

At an open carlot, Carter was sitting alone on a blanket waiting for Cassie.

Jackson: I seriously think we'd be really great together. With my beauty and your brains, there's nothing we couldn't do.

Carter: Is that right?

Jackson: You want to know something?

Carter began to look for Cassie alittle more frantically: No, not really.

Jackson: When we were in 8th grade, I loved sitting behind you in history because your hair smelled like


Carter raised her eyebrow: Why are you so weird?

Jackson: I'm just saying what I'm thinking.

Carter: Oh, well, you wanna know what I think, that's scary. Very, very, scary, actually.

Jackson: Carter, what makes me scary. My leather jacket? My gelled hair?

Carter rolled her eyes again: How you seemed to have stepped out of a Grease still.

Jackson: From what I recall, you love Grease.

Carter looked over at him.

Jackson: Weren't you inlove with Mick Nicky back in the 7th grade? *He chuckled*

Carter: Kinicky ….

Jackson: I know. I watched it so I could impress you with my skills.

Carter: What changed?

Jackson: Matt. He was my friend and he had you. So.

Carter: Not anymore. And he's not around.*She played with her hair as it blew in the wind.*

Jackson smiled slightly and leaned in, kissing her.

SCENE EIGHT: Near the pool. All of Gavin's lacrosse friends are over

Matt: Are we friends? [Fiona's silent] Hey, remember that four of July at the pier? That was fun.

Fiona: Oh yeah! Yeah! I'm still mad at you about that, by the way- you were supposed to send me those

pictures of the octopus...

Matt: Oh, the penta-pus- it only had five tentacles.

Fiona: Yes, yes, the penta-pus. Yes. Of course. The penta-pus that I won.

Matt: That I won!

Fiona: E-excuse me- who was the one who threw the ball that knocked over the last milk bottle?

Matt: Aw, it was wobbling already. It was already falling down. You just grabbed the ball and threw it as it

was going down- that doesn't...

Fiona: And knocked it over- which is why I won the penta-pus, thank you very much. God, that was the ugliest thing I've ever seen.

Matt: It was.I-I bet you it was stuffed with asbestos or something. I got a rash for a week after holding that thing. It was not good.

Fiona: Whatever happened to that thing?

Matt: I don't know. Probably just...dissolved.

Fiona: are things with you and Carter?

Matt: Not good.

Fiona: I'm sorry.

Matt: Yeah, I am, too. About a lot of things.

SCENE NINE- The next day in the halls

Carter: Still running lines?

Allison: Yeah, I'm almost off script.

Carter: You ready for your audition?

Allison: My mom thinks I am.

Carter: What about you?

Allison: Yeah. That's what I meant. I'm ready. I'm on it. You know, it's all over school, about you and Jackson.

Carter gasped: From who?

Cassie walked over and giggled: Not me, I swear! Has Matt heard?

Carter: He wants to meet up tonight. Told you it would work.

Cassie: Hun, you're a genius.

Allison: Okay, what am I missing?

Cassie: Don't you have a purse to steal?

Carter and Cassie walk off.

Fiona and Onyx walked to class.

Onyx: So what did you and your Lacrosse lover talk about?

Fiona: Nothing much.

Onyx: Nothing much? Girl you were practically on his lap.

Fiona giggled and rolled her eyes noticing Onyx's tattoo: Hey, uh, cool tattoo. What does it mean?

Onyx: Uh, it's French for friendship,' cause, you know, friends are cool.

Fiona: Carter has the same one. In the same place

Onyx: Long story short. I had something. Something I didn't want anyone to know so I told my best friend, Carter. She said she wouldn't tell anyone. So she told everyone. That bitch!

Fiona: Why-why would she do that?

Onyx: Because she needs to know more than anyone else. Because it gives her power to tear people down. So in return, I will make her pay for the torture I'm still endouring.

Fiona: Gosh, what is it?

Onyx: Sorry I'm not into friends and secrets anymore.


Matt: Jackson? Of all the guys, why front of everyone?

Carter: Well, I guess I just did to you what you did to me.

Matt: What I did to you was terrible. I feel horrible. But, I mean, I hurt you, you hurt me. Is that how it works with us? I wouldn't do that to a friend, and we're supposed to be more than friends.

Carter: But we are more than that. We're more than friends, Matty. And we've fought before. We always work it out.

Matt: You know, you asked me why I did it. I said I didn't know. I think I do now. I wanted out.

Carter: Are you breaking up with me?

Matt: I'm breaking up with us.

In the hallways

Allison: How long has she known?

Cassie: Please Alli. You know she has a tracker on her phone. We we're just waiting for you to come clean.

Allison: We? How does this concern you?

Cassie: Because I'm the one that left out a certain piece of information while telling Carter that you stole her MuiMui.

Allison: Information like?

Cassie: Like there is more going up your nipped nose than your diamond accessory.

Allison gasped: Cass, you can't tell her.

Cassie: Why not? What's in it for me?

Allison: Whatever it is under the sun that your cold heart desires. Please if this gets out—

Cassie: Follow my rules, and it wont