Sigh when I started writing I told myself write one story at a time so I wouldn't get side tracked. Now I'm here on my 3rd story. Anybody who reads my other stories don't worry I haven't quit on them. I hate when people do that. But I had to do it. There's not enough Naza stories. Blood at the beginning just a warning.



There stood Natsu in the final round in the the Grand Magic Games . Facing off against someone from Raven Tail. He couldn't remember his name or what his magic was. All he could do is stare at his arm laying on the ground while blood squirted from his shoulder. Covering the ground and part of his body.

The guild watched in horror seeing Natsu's arm get cut off. Lucy hugged Wendy trying to comfort her. Cana looked away. Levy put her face in her hands. Elfman had his sisters hugged tight to him. All of them trying their best not to cry but failing. While the rest of the guys tried their hardest not to go down their and kill the guy. Makarov was having a tough time keeping Erza from going down there. Judging from the look in her eyes she would no doubt kill him. Mavis was trying her best to calm her down.

'He hurt Natsu! I'll kill him!.

There it is again. It's cold yet hot at the same time. He's been trying so hard to suppress it all these years but every fight made it harder and harder. He doesn't know why but Igneel made it clear that he was to never use that flame. The last thing Natsu remembers before the flame took over and everything went black was the man laughing.

Natsu stood there motionless his head slumped down until a small chuckle escaped his throat. The man backed away not believing what he heard. The crowd confused not understanding why he seemed scared. At least they were confused until.


Fairy Tail watched with wide eyes and shock. Natsu just got his arm cut off and lost a huge amount of blood. He should be dead or at least on the ground screaming in agony not laughing.

"M-makarov what is this?" asked a equally stunned Mavis.

"I have no idea."

"Natsu." Erza whispered to herself.

Natsu's laughing died dawn to a chuckle and his head slumped again his hair covering his eyes. The man backed away when Natsu took a step forward with a huge smile on his face.

"Hey where do you think your going. I finally get out and I wanna have some fun." the voice came from Natsu but it was much darker and colder.

The man started to panic losing his focus and falling on the ground. He frantically backed away scared out of his mind. The sight of a man with his arm cut off blood all over him while chuckling coming after you was to much to take.

Natsu snorted "What's wrong to scared to use your magic." Natsu stepped closer.

"M-m-m-m." stuttered the man.

"Say it. Say it!" the man backed until he hit the wall.

"Your a m-m-m-"

"That's right! HAHAHAHAHA." smiled Natsu. "I'm a monster!" when Natsu said this a dragon's head made of blue flame formed where his arm should be. It gave out a loud roar Natsu then brought down on him burning him into ash.

Everyone from Fairy Tail gasped.

"Did he just kill him?"

"That can't be Natsu."

"Will he be ok?"

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA" Natsu once again broke into a laugh and then whispered. "Oh yeah I'm gonna have lots of fun." Natsu then fell back and passed out.

Erza was the first one by his side. She he cradled his head in her lap. Trying her hardest not to break her promise to him that she wouldn't cry anymore. Wendy was there a second later trying her best to keep him alive until the medics arrived. Which they did almost immediately. They put him on a stretcher and took him away. Leaving a teary eyed Fairy Tail.

They sat in the waiting room waiting to be updated on Natsu's surgery. Until a shirtless Gray decided to bring up what was on everyone's mind.

"What the hell was that?"

"You've known him longer. I was hoping you knew." answered Lucy.

"I'm afraid nobody knows what that was." sighed Makarov.

"What do we do when he wakes up?" asked Cana.

"That all depends on if he remembers anything." stated Makarov.

"What makes you think that he won't remember anything." questioned Mira.

"After his arm was...removed." everyone cringed. "I felt a shift in his magic. It became heavy, cold, and twisted. Natsu's is warm, light, yet ferocious. Whatever it was it wasn't Natsu's."

"So if he doesn't remember what do we do?"

"We tell him nothing." Erza ordered in a voice that left no room for argument.

Makarov sighed. "Yes that seems wise. But make sure you keep an eye on him. And if anyone notices a change in his behavior let me know. When he's stable we'll have him transferred to Magnolia."

They all sat thinking of what they saw. Some scared, confused, and concerned.

Natsu slowly opened his eyes and noticed he was in the hospital. Judging by the familiar smell he was in Magnolia. He turned his head and saw Erza sleeping in a chair. As if feeling his eyes on her Erza's eyes shot open.

"Natsu! Your up. How are you feeling? Does your arm hurt?" Erza rushed to his side.

"Uh yeah I feel fine." Natsu leaned away slightly taken aback.

She sighed in relief then punched him in the head. "You idiot! You know how scared I was? I thought you were gonna die!"

"Sorry." Natsu sat up now fully awake. "Wait! What happened did I lose?"

"You mean you don't remember?" Erza asked hopefully.

"No. Last thing I remember was the guy laughing like crazy, then everything went black." Natsu put his hand on his chin doing a thinking pose. "So I lost?" he asked scared of the answer.

'He doesn't remember. Good. There's no way Natsu could live with himself if he found out he killed someone. No! That was not Natsu! It may have looked like him but it was not Natsu!"

"Erza?" Natsu called taking her out of her thoughts.

"Huh? Oh sorry." apologized a slightly blushing Erza. "No Natsu you didn't lose."

"I didn't but how?"

"Does it matter? You won. And now Fairy Tail is number one again." smiled Erza hoping we will drop the subject.

Natsu sat there for a few seconds "I guess your right." smiled Natsu. "Were number one!" yelled Natsu causing Erza to giggle and a nurse to shush him.

"You seem full of energy I guess sleeping for a week will do that to you." she checked a few machines and then left.

Natsu blinked a few times. 'A week? Wait a minute.' Natsu turned to study Erza.

Her hair was tangled. Her eyes had bags under them. And her skin was slightly paler. But even with all of that she was the most stunning sight he has ever seen. But even so.

"Erza when's the last time you went home?" Natsu faced took on a stern look.

Erza surprised by the look tried to come up with a answer but couldn't.

"So you been here this whole time. You do know they might catch on."

"Sigh Natsu I couldn't care less about that right now." Erza laid in the bed next to Natsu.

"When can I get out of here? I hate these things." Natsu scratched at the tubes in his arms.

"I'll ask. Natsu if you be a good boy and stop scratching at those things I'll ask happy to stay at Lucy's tonight." Erza gave a seductive smile. "Deal?"

"Deal!" Natsu gives a huge smile.

Erza got up to leave but before she did so she leaned over and gave Natsu a long and passionate kiss.

"Am I interrupting?" Natsu and Erza broke apart wide eyed only to see Fairy Tail's first master Mavis.

They both struggled to make up an excuse but to avail. Mavis just giggled at the sight.

They both finally gave up. "Guess it's impossible to talk our way out of this since you seen us." sighed Erza.

"Oh I knew the first time I saw you two." smiled Mavis.

"What how is that possible?" asked a confused Erza.

"Your magic is connected. The connecting of two magics is a special bond not easily made. In fact it's nearly impossible. Only a hand full of couples have ever done it." Mavis explained.

"How do you do it?" Natsu finally found his voice.

"You must have unbreakable trust, faith, and love for each other. And with that your bond will be unbreakable." Erza reached out and grabbed Natsu's hand and he squeezed back.

"So does that mean we'll be able to do a super strong attack?" Mavis couldn't help but chuckle at Natsu's child like excitement.

"I've never heard of that happening before. But who knows. I'm sure you two could do a lot of things nobody has ever done before. But that's not what I came here to tell you."

"What was it then?" Erza asked.

"I'm not sure why but it seems you two are keeping your relationship a secret. I came to tell you Makarov along with other guild members were coming to visit. And judging by how long we've been talking they should be here in about 10 seconds." Mavis smiled.

The couple quickly separated making sure to get rid of all evidence of their previous activity. Mavis couldn't help but laugh at them.

Natsu opened the door to his home and let Erza in first like a gentlemen. A habit Erza beat into him.

When Erza stepped in she couldn't help but chuckle.

"Why do you laugh every time you come over?"

"It's just strange. When I think of your house I picture a mess. Not this." Erza pointed her head to the spotless house.

Natsu scratched the back of his head. "Yeah well Igneel always told me to always keep your den clean. Well more like beat it into me.

"Yes you seem to learn quicker that way." Erza clapped her hands together. "Alright you go lay down and I'll cook you some dinner." Erza requipped into a blouse, skirt, and apron.

Natsu had to act quickly. "No that's ok your the guest. And Igneel always said never let your guests cook for you."

'Or he would've if he taste your cooking.'

"That's rather polite for a dragon. And what about your arm?" Erza eyed him suspiciously

"Well what can I say Igneel was known for his hospitality." Natsu started pushing Erza away from the kitchen. " And my arms fine see." Natsu started punching the air.

Once the food was cooked they decided to eat on the roof where they could see the sun set over Magnolia.


"Yes Natsu?"

"Why are we hiding it again?" this caused Erza's eye to twitch.

"You forgot? How could you forget! Not once Natsu not once have I ever beaten you in any kind of gambling! This is my chance to finally win! And you better not cheat and tell someone!" Natsu sweat dropped at Erza's intensity.

He then recalled after they became a couple Erza challenged Natsu to a bet on who found out first and how long it would take.

"But we've been dating since the Tower of Heaven and still haven't figured it out yet." Natsu whined causing Erza to recall the moment they confessed their love for each other.


"I'm...alive? But how?" Erza was stunned and confused.

She looked around trying to figure where she was until she looked up and saw Natsu. His face was covered in blood. And tears were streaming down his face.

"N-natsu you...But how?" Natsu didn't answer he just fell to his knees.

"Never do that again." Natsu didn't look at her not wanting to show his tears.

"Natsu I-."

"Never!" more tears flowed. "It would hurt lose a friend Erza. But losing you would kill me." Natsu took a deep breath. "Because I love!" Natsu screamed as if telling the whole world.

Erza mouth hung slightly opened in shock not expecting the confession. But then took on a warm smile. She grabbed his chin and lifted his face so she could look him in the eye. She then leaned in and gave him a long tender kiss.

She then whispered. "I love you to Natsu."

Flashback End

Luckily for them their friends were to far away to see what they were doing that night.

"Yes your right. The way things are going they'll never figure it out."

"So should we tell them." Natsu suggested nervously.

"Of course not! We'll just have to start leaving hints."

"Hints? What kind of hints?"

"Something subtle like always showing up and leaving together." Erza explained. "I will beat you Natsu!" Erza competitiveness flared up again.

'She's more fired up then I've ever been.' Natsu sweat dropped.


Natsu quickly sat up gasping for air. 'What the hell was that.'

"Natsu what is it?" Erza asked tiredly trying to rub the sleep from her eyes.

"N-nothing just had a dream about Igneel." Natsu lied.

"Oh try not to think about to much. We'll find him one day. Go back to sleep." she curled up next to him.

Natsu couldn't help but smile. Growing up, Erza always told him he would find Igneel. But since they started going out it became "we'll find him". Natsu laid back down pushing the dream in the back of his mind then fell back asleep.

Erza looked up at the sleeping Natsu. 'That wasn't a dream about Igneel was it Natsu?'