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Oh yeah, and I'm definitely going to have her, when she's older, fight with evil Jellal. Man are those two gonna go at it and Morgiana will win that fight.

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And while were on the topic, did anyone see episode 1 of the new Magi season?


Had me hooked the first minute. Aladdin is a beast. I'm for sure gonna write a scene like that later on in this fic.

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I would like to announce to all those Haruto and Saki fans (I'm looking at you Caramellatte560, Larsmen, and Xzaftkiel) that I actually started a fic about those two.

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Setsuna x Mariana, fuck Feldt, and Jaune x Pyrrha.

The first pairing for those who don't know, is from Gundam 00.

Now, I'm not really a mecha fan (only watched like 4 of them) but Gundam 00 was great. I suggest even if you don't like mecha to give it a try. I love Setsuna's back story and what he became. I mean from a brainwashed child guerrilla soldier who killed his parents to an innovator then innovator/ ELS hybrid.

I just I love it.

I love the fact that someone with his background was the first person to reform and take that next step in mankind's advancement. And I thought his relationship with Marina was really...deep.

From the very beginning they both wanted the same thing but went about it two opposite ways. And the ending of the movie would've been way better if they followed the manga ending.

Speaking about the movie, it is, in my opinion, the best anime movie I've seen. I think it's because season 2 pretty much set things up so the movie could just hit the ground running. It didn't need a whole lot of time to set things up like most movies.

But that's just my opinion.

About Jaune x Pyrrha well if you hadn't heard about them I'll say they're from RWBY. It's a webtoon you can find my googling RWBY. The bad thing about it is the episodes a freaking short. The longest I think was like 16 minutes but the fight scenes are good especially the ones on youtube.

Nora's great to.

We'll break his legs!

The look in her eyes when she said that was great.

Time to start wrapping this up.

And I'll finish with what I think is an underrated franchise.

That is of course, To aru majutsu no index or a certain magical index for english.

I finally seen the movie.

I totally ship Touma x Shutaura.

When she came out of that racer like magic for the first time I was like hot damn! That suit she wears is really tight. That being said I actually started writing a series of one shots about the pairing. I only put one chapter though, so yeah.

Continuing with the Tou-Man, did anyone read volume 8? Whoa! The world ended! How's the Tou-Man gonna break that illusion? Also Lessar finally made an appearance. I love her I swear. Out of all of the girls in Touma's harem she's the funnest. Like when she forced Touma to choose her swimsuit and if he didn't she would strip both of them which would get him in trouble.

Oh yeah and when she wanted to go shopping at 50% Less Skin Covered. Then Touma tried to get her to go to another more appropriate store and her response.

That's for hicks.

Gotta love Lessar.

Also, the Railgun S remake of the SISTER arc was amazing! That being said, I only really watched the episodes where Kami-yan made an appearance but those episodes were great! The bridge scene was so freaking emotional and Misaka crying was adorable.

I won't lie, I love it when strong, tough girls cry. It's just so cute. I also loved how the ending of episode 14. How Misaka was thinking that there was no hero out there that would save her and what does Touma do? Promises to save one of the sisters and bring her back.

That's how the Tou-man gets his harem in the thousands.

I can see why Misaka fell for him, hell even though I don't ship the two, I came pretty damn close.

Episode 15 was the best though, even the title was perfect.

Kamijou Touma

That was it.

But it was enough, just by that you already knew that someone was getting saved, an illusion was getting broken, and someone was getting their face punched in. And what a punch. The first one they showed and the second one overall was fucking epic and the way continued the punch and threw Accelerator into the ground made it even better.

Also the plasma scene was on another level from the original. When I say Touma get caught up in that tornado, I was like that's real misfortune right there.

Although I am curious to the part before he hit him with that major uppercut Touma was gliding just above the ground and I'm wondering how did that happen.


Touma vs Accelerator [Railgun S] - Falling Inside The Black

That is the title of a great amv about the fight I suggest you watch it.

Touma is really one of the most underrated characters out there. Just a regular high school student who's willing to help anyone who needs help and he doesn't need a reason.

That is the Tou-Man.

He also has bad luck except with the ladies. They always fall for the Kami-yan disease.

Time to wrap this up.

Monogatari Series Second Season is amazing!

The head tilts are back!

No one does it better than Senjougahara. Kinda sucks she cut her hair, she can pull of short hair, but I think she looked way better with her hair long.

I almost went insane with how long it took for Araragi to make an appearance but what an appearance! He looked pretty badass. And when he petted Hanekawa, adorable. Also, the fire sisters response when Hanekawa asked what their boyfriends were like was the best.

Just like big brother!

Complex much.

Araragi's relationship with Shinobu really grown since the beginning. Did you see her when she saw little Araragi?

And wow did Hachikuji grow up, just wow!

But I think the best arc so far was the Sengoku arc. She went Medusa yandere! What was even better was when she flipped out on her teacher and students. I was like oh shit she's going nuts.

Hell yeah!

I can't wait until the Senjougahara arc though. That will be the best.

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"Shit, that hurt." Natsu groaned as he sat himself up and rubbed the back of his head. "Stupid, Explosive Lacrima. I used to like those things to." he slowly stood up and took in the burning building he was blasted out of just seconds earlier.

Probably a good idea to not let the firing continue growing.

He'd feel bad if other people's houses got burned down.

Taking a deep breath, the fire drifted away from the house and into his mouth, stopping any threat of the fire growing. As he let out a content sigh and patted his belly, a war hammer (it looked awfully like an oversized sledgehammer) slammed right into the side of his face. The blow packed enough power to send him flying down the street and into someones home.

"Owww." Natsu groaned from his place on the floor as he clutched the side of his face. "What the hell was that?" he questioned to himself out loud as he sat up and brushed some debris off him.

The blurry vision he received from the attacked was accompanied by a splitting headache which was made worse by the ringing in his head. Natsu was not pleased, not pleased at all.

'I swear,' Natsu began as he stood up and made his way towards the hole he made, 'when I find the bastard tha-' he was cut off when the same war hammer he was hit with earlier was thrown directly into his stomach.

Just like before, the hammer had an unbelievable amount of force behind it which resulted in Natsu being thrown through the rest of the house and into another one.

He couldn't breath.

The air was knocked completely out of his lungs.

He could do nothing more but rock back and forth on the floor as he clutched his stomach.

Eventually, the air returned to his lungs, allowing him to let out a whimper. The two hits felt like an all out punch from Erza.

In short, they hurt like hell.

"You ain't so tough." Natsu finally got a look at his attacker as he stood over him and gave him disappointed look.

He was big, not as big as Elfman or Laxus, but big nonetheless. He wore leather straps on his shirtless chest that crossed over each other to form an "x". His pants looked like they were made from animal fur and his boots seemed to be made for hunting.

He sort of looked like a viking just without the helmet and hairiness.

"Shut the fuck up." Natsu groaned. The "viking" raised an eyebrow at Natsu. His response was pretty late but he did smack him around like a rag doll so he didn't pay it any mind.

"It doesn't really matter in the end." the "viking" said as he lifted his hammer. A magic circle appeared in front of the hammer causing Natsu to wonder what his magic was. That thought process was brought to an end when the "viking" brought down his hammer forcing Natsu to block it by catching it with his hands.

He regretted that reaction because just like the times before, the force behind the hammer was incredible. When Natsu caught the hammer he felt his arms explode with pain while his back was forced into the floor causing a small crater to appear.

Natsu gritted his teeth as the "viking" continued to push down on his hammer but Natsu wouldn't give. As they continued their struggle Natsu slowly began to push back the hammer, but unfortunately a magic circle appeared on the tip of the man's foot causing Natsu's eyes to widened.

'You gotta be fucking-' he never got a chance to finish his thoughts as the foot reeled back and was slammed right into his side. He was, once again, sent flying through the house and even a few more before he found himself skidding and bouncing off the streets of Sapporo.

A gasp of pain escaped his lips as he stopped rolling, allowing him to try to catch his breath.

Fuck, he was getting his ass handed to him.

And the fight barely even started.

But, there was no way in hell he wasn't going to pay that bastard back.

Punching the ground, Natsu forced his pain filled body to stand up and glared at the "viking". Said "viking" was walking out of the house with the same damn disappointed look on his face.

The bastard was taking him lightly.

"You!" Natsu growled as flames began to form around him. "Are you a member of Laughing Coffin?!"

"I have no reason to answer a question from such an inferior wizard."



"Fire Dragon's Roar!" ignoring the pain, Natsu unleashed his signature attack before he fell to his knees. Natsu watched his fireball travel down the street as one arm was wrapped around his side and a hand clutching his head.

A growl escaped his lips he watched the fireball disperse.

Having his attack overpowered by a simple hammer just served to piss Natsu off even more.

Using fire at his feet for a boost, Natsu rocketed towards his opponent with a flame coated fist.

"Fire Dragon's Iron Fist!" his fist met the "vikings" hammer causing a small shock wave to go through the streets.

Pissed that the man could hold off his fist, Natsu quickly overpowered the "viking" by shooting fire at the end of his elbow. The "viking" was sent flying through the streets and into a house causing Natsu to smirk.

"Doesn't feel to good being tossed around does it?"

"Don't get so cocky, kid." the "viking" responded as he came walking out of the dust cloud he created from his impact. "That barely even hurt."

"Then why don't you come here and let me hurt you." Natsu cracked his knuckles as he angrily walked towards the man.

No more words were exchanged as the two charged towards each other.

The "viking" swung his hammer horizontally in an attempt to take off Natsu's head but it didn't hit. Natsu quickly ducked under the blow before retaliating with a flaming punch to the man's side before following up with an uppercut.

Before Natsu could attack further, the "viking" stomped on Natsu's foot, giving him time to land an elbow on the top of his head. Both blows held an incredible amount of force which resulted in Natsu being slammed face first into the ground. The "viking" then brought up his hammer and swung it towards the downed Natsu, only for his target to roll out of the way.

Jumping to his feet, Natsu landed a punch to the side of the "viking's" face and received an elbow to his gut, but this time Natsu refused to be sent flying. So when the elbow hit, Natsu grabbed the arm, surprising the "viking". Natsu gave him a toothy smirk before spinning on his heel and tossing him into a wall.

"Fire Dragon's Sword Horn!" Natsu rammed his head into the "viking" sending them flying through another house.

Their battle was just getting started.

"So, which two do you want to take, Scarlet?" Knightwalker questioned as she and her counterpart stared down the three men and woman in front of them.

"I'll take those two." Scarlet pointed towards a pair of bald twins.

"Then that leaves me the 'dimwit' and 'manly bitch'." Knightwalker casually insulted earning angry replies that she ignored.

The "manly bitch" had short blonde hair and honestly was mistaken as a man when both Erza's set eyes on her. She was a little over six feet tall and was muscular to say the least. The fact that she was wearing overalls didn't help.

The "dimwit" looked like, well, a dimwit. Although, that didn't mean Knightwalker would underestimate him.

"Before we proceed to beat you into the ground," Scarlet began with a voice that promised pain, "I need to know if any of you are a member of Laughing Coffin. If you're not, I suggest you say so, it will save you a world of pain."

"I suggest you listen to her." Knightwalker advised. "She has quite the temper when her friends are involved."

The four dark wizards couldn't deny the shiver that ran through their spines as they looked upon the cold glares the scarlet haired twins were giving them. But they wouldn't back down nor would they give any information away. They finally had an opportunity to prove themselves and they weren't going take it for granted.

That meant they would beat these two fairies.

That's right, the four dark wizards weren't members of Laughing Coffin. They were one of the many dark guilds under control of a member of Laughing Coffin, but if they could complete the assignment given to them, defeat the fairies, that would change.

They could become Laughing Coffin members.

So they stepped forward and readied their weapons.

They were members of Bloody Steel, a dark guild that specialized in a fighting style that combined steel based weapons along with their magic.

It was very deadly and effective.

"I see." Scarlet sighed before she requipped a sword before turning towards Knightwalker. "Do you want your Ten Commandments?"


No, she didn't.

That weapon was tainted with so much blood that she didn't want to even look at it.

If she touched that weapon again, she was afraid she would revert to what she used to be.

"That won't be necessary." Knightwalker shook her head. "Any weapon will do." Scarlet frowned at Knightwalker, something she noticed but paid it no mind. Knightwalker knew very well that Scarlet understood the reason she didn't want her Ten Commandments and she was sure Scarlet would call her out on it later when the time was appropriate.

Sighing, Scarlet summoned one of her own spears and handed it to Knightwalker, who spun the spear around with her fingers so she could get a feel for the weapon.

"Not bad." Knightwalker commented causing Scarlet to scoff. "'Dimwit', 'manly bitch', with me." Knightwalker commanded as she walked down the street to give some space for their fights. The "dimwit" and "manly bitch" seethed with anger but followed nonetheless, intent on killing Knightwalker even more for ordering them around like a pair of children.

After walking a few blocks she turned to face her two opponents. The "manly bitch" had her hands up in a boxing stance while wearing a pair of steel cestus on her hands, catching Knightwalker's attention.

'Hand to hand combat, huh. That explains the physique.' Knightwalker mused before she turned her head to the "dimwit", who reached for the weapon strapped to his back.

A boomerang?

Scratch that.

A razor-sharp boomerang.

Knightwalker's eyes widened when the "manly bitch" pushed off the ground and came flying at her with incredible speed. Out of pure reflex honed from years of combat, Knightwalker dove to the side, avoiding the punch that smashed into the ground creating a good size crater.

'Is that her magic, or just her physical ability?' she had to cut her thought process off and duck under the boomerang that nearly took her head off. The "manly bitch" didn't waste time before darting at Knightwalker once again and throwing another punch.

Flipping over the "manly bitch", Knightwalker landed behind her before once again ducking under the boomerang that came from the opposite direction than before.

So, boomerangs do come back.

Go figure.

But, she quickly learned that it was more than just simple design that brought the boomerang back. That was made obvious when she caught sight of the boomerang curve up before heading straight down towards her, forcing her to roll backwards. The second she came out of her roll, Knightwalker saw a the "manly bitch" throwing another straight punch; a punch she blocked by raising her spear that she strengthened with magic so it wouldn't break.

As the two pushed against each other, Knightwalker quickly shifted her spear allowing the "manly bitch" to lose her balance and spun on her heel before hitting the "manly bitch" in the back of the head with the spear before delivering a snap kick to the back. As the "manly bitch" slammed face first against the wall in front of her, Knightwalker darted towards the "dimwit" to take him out first.

As she closed the distance, Knightwalker raised an eyebrow when she saw the "dimwit" raise his hands forward as if he was controlling something. Listening to her instincts that were so eloquently telling her to "turn the fuck around", Knightwalker was just in time to smack away the "dimwit's" boomerang.

Magnetism Magic?

That was just great.

"Die!" Knightwalker once again had to dodge when the "manly bitch" came charging at her. Ducking under a straight punch, Knightwalker had to bring up her spear to block a follow up knee before she shifted the spear so it was positioned at the back of the knee. Knightwalker then pulled the spear towards herself in an upward motion causing the "manly bitch" to be flipped upside down in the air before Knightwalker grabbed her foot and threw her at the "dimwit".

"Is that it?" Knightwalker snorted as she watched the two untangle themselves from each other.

Once up, the "dimwit" pulled out another razor boomerang from the sheath on his back and threw it at Knightwalker before using his magic to send the first one at her as well. The boomerangs circled around Knightwalker, closing in and backing off before changing directions. She tried to knock the boomerangs away so they could become stuck in either the street or the buildings around them, but they diverted just enough so they could shirk off most of the force and continue annoying Knightwalker.

Spinning her spear, Knightwalker blocked a boomerang from the left before spinning on her heel to smacking the other away. Bending forward to dodge once again (her back completely straight and parallel to the ground), Knightwalker jumped from her position to keep herself from being beheaded. As she was in the air, a boomerang curved in the air and came at her from the side but missed as she twisted her body in the air.

The "manly bitch" dashed towards the spot Knightwalker would land and punched forward, forcing Knightwalker to bring her spear up to block the attack. Unfortunately, her feet had yet to touch the ground so she was sent flying down the street due to the force of the blow. Looking over her shoulder to see a building coming in at a speed that would send her through the wall (no doubt giving the "manly bitch" time to get her in a ground and pound position) Knightwalker pushed the spear against the ground in an attempt to slow herself down.

It worked, to an extent.

Instead of smashing though the wall she smashed into the wall.

Ignoring the air that was knocked out of her, Knightwalker swung her spear just in time to smack the "manly bitch" across the face before her punch could connect. Unfortunately, the "manly bitch" grabbed the spear and yanked Knightwalker towards her before she could let go.

"This is going to feel good!" the "manly bitch" roared before she slammed a punch right into Knightwalker gut. Gritting her teeth due to the pain, Knightwalker dug her feet into the ground to keep herself from being sent flying once again. Not getting time to recover from the blow, Knightwalker lifted up her left arm to block a right hook from the "manly bitch".

Pain surged through her arm as she forced magic into it to keep it from breaking. Shifting her body, Knightwalker brought her other arm across her body and upwards, hooking the "manly bitch's" arm, and then slamming her over her shoulder and into the ground.

Before she could deliver a stomp to the "manly bitch's" face, the boomerangs came swooping in from both sides at the head and torso level. Jumping back to avoid being cut into three pieces, Knightwalker was once again faced with the "manly bitch" coming at her with incredible speed. Once in range, the "manly bitch" let loose a series of quick punches that Knightwalker was hard pressed to dodge or block.

After a series of blocking and dodging, Knightwalker saw an opening. Diverting an uppercut, Knightwalker swung her spear while spinning it (giving it extra momentum) hitting the "manly bitch" across the face before following up with a knee to her stomach. Showing her resilience, the "manly bitch" grabbed her knee before she could pull it away, not letting Knightwalker move. Before Knightwalker could break free from the hold, the boomerangs came swooping from the sides once again.

Having no other way to dodge, Knightwalker pushed forward into the "manly bitch" with her free leg avoiding a fatal blow from the boomerangs. Of course, that didn't mean she came out unscathed. That was made clear when the boomerangs made deep gashes along her back causing her to let out a scream. Knightwalker was then head butted by the "manly bitch" before being punched in the face and sent soaring down the street.

Rolling to a stop, Knightwalker slowly pushed herself up to her hands and knees while clenching her teeth. The cuts along her back hurt like hell. Luckily, she avoided a fatal wound and could push through it. Unfortunately, she had such wounds before, and she knew that the slightest bit of movement would pull and stretch on the wounds on her back.

A real pain in the ass it was.

Once again she wasn't given any time to recover as the "manly bitch" launched a punch down towards Knightwalker exposed and bleeding back. Rolling forward to dodge the punch, (ignoring the stinging sensation she felt when her back touched the ground) Knightwalker jumped forward and pushed against a wall and flipped backwards, dodging a follow up punch from the "manly bitch".

While in the air, Knightwalker spun to gain momentum and landed a spinning kick to the side of the "manly bitch's" face. As the "manly bitch" was sent flying down the street, Knightwalker landed, pointed the blunt side of the spear forward, filled her feet with magic, and launched herself forward. Once in range, Knightwalker thrust her spear (blunt side of it, she was no longer a killer, lucky for the "manly bitch") right into her opponent's stomach.

The "manly bitch" gasped as the spear dug into her stomach, and unfortunately for her, Knightwalker wasn't done. As their momentum slowed down, Knightwalker once again pushed off the ground and slammed the "manly bitch" into the "dimwit" before thrusting her spear forward and the two through a wall.

Knightwalker stepped back a couple of paces to gain some room just in case one of the two came flying out of the hole in the wall they creating. Although, she doubted they would anytime soon, in her opinion, she threw them pretty damn hard.

That gave her time to carefully trace the fingers around the outline of her wounds. About seven inches long and half an inch wide.

She had worse.

"Didn't think we would have to use these." Knightwalker turned her attention away from her wound and to the two dark wizards that were making their way out of the hole they created.

Knightwalker raised an eyebrow at their beaten state.

Had she really done that much damage that quickly and easily?

Knightwalker couldn't help but be impressed by the power that flowed through her body, or more specifically, the magic that allowed for such power. She was never this physically powerful in Edolas. A part of her wondered if she could beat Scarlet since she fought her to a draw and that was without having magic internally. But, from what Knightwalker could sense at the time, Scarlet didn't have as much magic in Edolas as she does in Earthland.

So, it would probably end in a drawl.


Knightwalker was pulled out of her thoughts when she saw the two dark wizards pull out what seemed to be a small cube like metal box. They both opened the top of the metal box and pulled out something too small for Knightwalker to discern.

She came to believe it was a pill, seeing as the dark wizards tilted their heads up and dropped the content of the metal boxes into their mouths. Watching the muscles in their throats show the signs of swallowing, Knightwalker's suspicions were confirmed.

But, why did the "manly bitch" refer to those things as if they could turn the tide of their battle. Overall, the fight was going her way, they should know that, yet they held such confident grins on their face.

'Pain killers?' Knightwalker mused about the pills. 'No, only an amateur would think that lacking the ability to feel pain would change the way this fight was going.'

Then what-

Knightwalker's eyes widened when she felt the magic of the two dark wizards shoot up almost immediately, much to her surprise. She could see the blood vessels under the dark wizards skin began to bulge through.

'Those pills, they did this?' she mentally smacked herself in the head for such a dumb question. It was obvious that those pills were responsible for their surge in magic energy. 'I wonder if it has any drawbacks. I'll need to speak to Scarlet later.' jumping back a few yards, Knightwalker readied her spear and waited to see the difference in power from the newly rejuvenated "dimwit" and "manly bitch".

She watched as the "manly bitch" stretched her limbs before throwing a few practice jabs. The difference was obvious when, even though she was on the other end of the street, Knightwalker could feel the pressure behind the punches. The pressure she felt wasn't anything painful, but it did speak to power she now held for her punches to be felt from the distance between them.

Her attention was taken away from the "manly bitch" and to the "dimwit" who raised his hands. The two boomerangs came floating out of the hole while spinning at a blurry pace.

So, it seemed he had better control of his weapons.

No big deal.

But things weren't going to be so simple.

Reaching behind his back, the "dimwit", one by one, pulled six more razor-sharp boomerangs from his back, before controlling them in the same manner as the other two.

How many of those things did that guy have back there?

And, where was he really pulling them from?

Nah, she didn't want to know.

She had bigger problems to deal with.

Like the "manly bitch" charging towards her while the eight boomerangs flanked her from the sides.

"Time for round two." Knightwalker gripped her weapon before charging towards the enemy with full force.

Erza raised her sword to block a shower of small, but dangerous, spikes before quickly spinning around and blocking a downward swing of twin two's halberd. Just like the times before, when her sword made contact with the halberd she felt numbing vibrations travel through the halberd, to her sword, and then to her arm.

Jumping away from twin two, Erza clenched her fist in an effort to gain the feeling back. As she continued to try get the feeling back into her arm, Erza kept her eyes trained on her opponents.

Twin one held a flail in his hand that had three ball-shaped heads with spikes on them. The heads were attached to a chain and hung freely from the two foot long metal handle. The weapon itself wasn't hard to deal with, normally at least, but it seemed twin one's magic allowed him to launch spikes from the heads.

Twin two was far more dangerous though. Erza could easily tell he was an expert with the halberd and coupling that with some kind of vibrating magic that traveled through their weapons and numbed her weapon wielding limb, made him a dangerous foe.

But the two combined were even more dangerous.

'Fighting close range seems to being doing me more harm then good.' Erza thought as the feeling in her hand returned. 'Let's see how they handle this.' a light engulfed Erza before it died down and revealed her form clad in her Lightning Empress Armor.

Wasting no time, Erza launched a lighting beam from the tip of her spear forcing the twins to jump to opposite sides of the street. Spinning her spear between her fingers, Erza launched an arc of lighting at twin two. Having no time to dodge, twin two brought up his halberd to block the attack but ended up getting shocked anyway, due to the lightning attack being conducted through the halberd.

Seeing an opportunity, Erza dashed towards the electrified twin. Twin one saw Erza going after his brother and swung his flail, launching a shower of spikes to cut off Erza. Skidding to a stop, Erza slammed the blunt end of her spear on the ground and summoned an electric shield.

As they shower of spikes ended, Erza turned to the side and blocked twin two's halberd. Feeling the same sense of numbness crawl up her arms, Erza sent an electric shock in retaliation causing a stalemate. The stalemate would've continued if Erza wasn't forced to jump back to avoid twin one who had closed in and swung his flail.

Skidding to a stop, Erza responded quickly by launching another bolt of lightning at the twins. Twin one tried to counter her attack by swinging more spikes at the bolt of lightning but it did no good. Erza's attack went straight through the spikes and hit twin one, sending him flying into twin two and into what seemed to be a bakery.

She waited, spear at the ready, for the two twins to come bursting out of the bakery but they didn't. Slowly, she walked towards the bakery, prepared for a possible sneak attack. Erza knew she hit them hard but not enough to knock them out. As she stepped into the pitch black bakery, Erza's eyes thoroughly searched all around her.

She found no one.

Her muscles tensed, ready for anything.

The sound of her boots connecting with the wooden floor echoed throughout the bakery as she slowly searched the establishment. Erza quickly slid over the counter and landed in a crouch ready to respond to an attack. Once she realized they weren't hiding behind the counter, Erza stood up and once again slowly made her way from behind the counter.

Her eyes noted everything in the bakery. A few flowers and plants placed around the bakery, a number of figurines aligned on a shelf off to the side, and a few pictures; one with a man standing in front of a boat, and another with the same man with what seemed was his family.

Erza stopped dead in her tracks when she saw that picture. Everything she saw so far from the flowers to the pictures painted a homey atmosphere. That coupled with the fact that the bakery was located in a residential area led Erza to one conclusion.

The bakery was owned and ran by a family.

So, when she saw a door open that seemed to lead to upstairs, Erza froze. She couldn't find the two dark wizards, she was in a bakery that was ran by a family. The families tended to live in the same building.

Usually. . . . upstairs.

The sound of glass shattering and screams from upstairs forced Erza to dash up the steps. She cursed as she made her way upstairs before halting after she turned a corner into a hallway.

Blood trailed down her mouth due to her biting her lip in frustration. A family of four stood at the other end of the hallway. A husband, wife, son and daughter; both young, the boy eight and girl ten, she ventured. Behind them were the twins, their weapons looming above the head's of the parents.

"Let them go." Erza growled through gritted teeth.

"No. No. No." twin one wagged his finger with a childish, yet sick, grin on his face. "Now that wouldn't be smart would it, brother?"

"No. No. No. Not smart at all, brother." twin two agreed.

This was the first time Erza actually heard the two talk, and she already had the strongest urge to rip out their tongues.

"I swear," Erza took a threatening step forward, "if you don't let these people go I'll-" Erza stopped herself when the twins moved their weapons closer to their captives.

'Damn it!' Erza inwardly cursed before she stabbed her spear into the floor. "You're going to regret this." turning her anger filled eyes away from the twins, Erza looked down on the terrified children and gave them a reassuring smile.

"Don't worry, everything will be just fine. I promise on my pride as a Fairy Tail wizard!" that earned a spark of hope in the families eyes. If anyone could save them it was a Fairy Tail wizard.

"No. No. No. Don't write a check that your tush can't cash." twin one shook his head.

"Yes. Yes. Yes. What's stopping us from killing them here and now?" twin two questioned. Erza's anger nearly exploded when she saw fear grip the family. Taking a deep breath to calm herself, Erza leveled another glare at the two causing them to flinch.

"Because if you kill them then there's nothing protecting you two from me." she simply replied in a very cold tone, a tone only her enemies had the misfortune to receive. "There's a reason you chose to hide behind them instead of fighting, you cowards!"

She was right.

They were starting to get their asses handed to them when Erza requipped into her Lightning Empress Armor, so they decided to put themselves in the best position to win. Unfortunately, they now found themselves in a stalemate with a very pissed Titania.

Neither could make a move.

If the twins killed the hostages Erza's wrath would be unleashed. If Erza tried to attack the twins they would kill the hostages. Both parties needed to find a way to make the first move before the other could notice or react.

Erza needed to separate the family from the two dark wizards, and the twins needed to find a way to take her out quickly. Out of all five dark wizards on their team, the twins were the weakest. If they could take out the renowned Erza Scarlet than they could earn a spot in Laughing Coffin.

As the twins mind's whirled with selfish thoughts, Erza was busy controlling her unholy anger so she could think of a plan.

It wasn't easy to say the least.

Not only were these two either responsible or at least involved with the people who attacked Team Shadow Gear but they put innocent people in danger to protect their own worthless asses'. And if all that wasn't enough, every time she looked at the little girl she couldn't help but picture her own little girl, Hisako.

It was strange really.

The girl looked nothing like her adopted daughter and even their ages were different, yet Erza couldn't help but see a pair of terrified blue eyes instead of the black ones she was staring at.

'I guess this is another change brought up by being a mother.' Erza mused as she took a deep breath to calm herself. If she wanted to save the girl and her family Erza needed a calm and clear mind.

Her anger could be pushed to the side, not forgotten, but not prioritized.

It could wait.

But those twins would get theirs.

There was no doubt.

"Fire Dragon's Iron Fist!" a flaming fist collided with a a war hammer causing both combatants to be thrown across opposite sides of the street. The "viking" was, luckily, close enough to the ground to slam his hammer into it. The hammer tore apart the ground but did its job of slowing down the "viking" enough allowing him to land safely on his feet.

Unfortunately for him, the second he looked up he was met with a flaming fist to his face. After the punch connected Natsu grabbed the "viking" by his leather straps, pulled him in, and head butted him right in his nose. He planned to follow up with an uppercut but the "viking" slammed his foot onto Natsu's with an astonishing amount of force.

"Fuck!" Natsu screamed as he fell to a knee and clutched his foot. The strength of the "viking's" stomp broke a few of the tiny bones that made up the human foot making him kneel down from the pain. That position made his chin vulnerable to an upward swing of the "viking's" hammer.

So, seeing an opening, the "viking" took it.

Flying through the air from the attack, Natsu couldn't help but clutch his head in frustration and pain before he slammed into the edge of a roof and fell to the ground. Growling, Natsu forced himself to his feet before rocketing towards his opponent with his Fire Dragon's Sword Horn spell. Caught off guard by how fast the pink-haired wizard recovered, the "viking" was rammed right in his stomach causing him to cough up some blood.

Stumbling back from the blow, Natsu continued his assault by grabbing the "viking's" head and kneeing him in the face again. He then hit the "viking" with a roundhouse kick to the ribs that sent him flying through a wall of an antique shop. Unfortunately, Natsu was so caught up in the heat of the moment that he kicked with his broken foot. That resulted in a wave of pain to explode in his foot.

Natsu fell to the ground as he held his foot all the while blurting any curse that could come to mind.

'Damn it! That was stupid even for me!' Natsu raged as he punched the ground.

He doubted the "viking" would be down for long and that last kick made the pain in his foot unbearable. There was no way he could fight with his foot in its condition. He couldn't throw a kick or push off said foot.

Hell, he probably couldn't even stand on it.

Testing out that thought, Natsu used his hands and one good foot to support his weight before slowly placing his broken foot on the ground. A cringe made its way on his face despite the fact that he hadn't put any real weight in his foot. Taking a few deep breaths, Natsu tried his best to stand straight only to crumple under the pain.

"Damn it!" he couldn't believe he broke his foot!

Fuck that "viking" for stomping on it.

The bastard was either a member of Laughing Coffin or at least involved with them. He was NOT going to let the guy get away (and possible kill him) just because of a stupid broken foot.

The hell with that.

He'd fight on one foot if he had to.

With that in mind, Natsu hopped up and balanced himself on one foot while keeping the other a few inches off the ground. Then, suddenly and without warning, the "viking" came flying out of the antique shop with his hammer pointed forward like a battering ram. Natsu brought up both hands and catch the hammer which caused him to slide across the ground with his one foot.

As their slide slowed, the "viking" tried stomping on Natsu's only good foot but the Dragon Slayer luckily dodged by doing a small hop. Unfortunately, while his good foot was in the air the "viking" punched Natsu in the stomach sending him soaring down the street. The second his back hit the street Natsu let his body roll backwards before he launched a quick Fire Dragon's Roar at the charging "viking".

But much to Natsu's surprise, the "viking" came rushing out of the flames of his attack nothing more than a little singed.

'Shit! I didn't put enough power in that breath attack.' Natsu with no time to dodge (especially with only one good foot) brought up his arms to block a swing of the "viking's" hammer.

Natsu cringed as the hammer hit his forearms and sent him, once again, sailing down the street. He bounced and skidded across the street before slowing to a stop.

"Holy-!" rolling to the side, Natsu barely avoided having his face smashed in by the "viking" who jumped into the air to add more power to his blow. He then concentrated a burst of fire in his hand and used it to blast himself to a nearby roof, dodging his opponents downwards swing that left a crater in the ground.

After a not so pretty landing, Natsu struggled to a kneeling position before gathering fire into his hands. As the flames became stable Natsu slammed his hands together creating a giant fireball.

"Come on. Come on." Natsu mumbled as he held the fireball above his head waiting for the "viking".

(Sniff. Sniff.)

"You can't sneak up on me! Fire Dragon's Brilliant Flame!" turning around on his knee, Natsu launched his attack at the "viking" who circled around and was in the middle of landing on the roof.


The attack hit dead on and sent the "viking" flying in a smoking heap off the roof leaving a trail of smoke behind him.

"Ha!" Natsu crawled to the edge of the roof with a tired smile on his face. "How you like me now, asshole!" smoke and dust filled a good amount of the street below making it impossible for Natsu see anything, but he could smell the "viking" down there.

Time seemed to crawl by as Natsu waited to get a good look at the "viking" so he could know if the fight was over or his opponent could still fight. But, as Natsu felt the "viking's" magic skyrocket like crazy he couldn't help but curse.

Sure he liked a good fight but his foot was broken and that hammer hurt like fucking hell. On top of that, that bastard's magic level was higher than it was when they started the fight.

How was that possible?

Whatever, it didn't matter.

What mattered was kicking this guy's ass.

Igniting a flame under his foot, Natsu let out a battle cry as he blasted himself down towards the dark wizard. He didn't even get half way there before the "viking" swung his hammer and sent Natsu flying back to the street behind the building he jumped from.

'What the hell?' Natsu thought as he flipped wildly through the air.

He couldn't believe how much stronger that bastard got. He didn't even get hit by the guy's hammer, it was just the force behind the man's swing that sent him flying.

How could he get such a boost in power just like that?

Besides that question, Natsu only had one other thought running through his mind as he neared the street below. 'I hope I don't land on my foot.'

He didn't.

He was "lucky" enough to land on the back of his head causing his vision to blur and head to become dizzy. That caused him to be unable to notice the hammer that flew through a house and into his face.

Natsu crashed into a wall from the force of the blow before falling on the floor. Too disoriented to register the pain that would no doubt cause him to scream out, Natsu laid on the ground cursing himself.

If he could've gone all out on this guy from the beginning, the fight would've been a whole lot different but he couldn't. And now he had a broken foot and a face that felt like it was ran over by a train.

Natsu, whose vision was clearing up, could see the bastard calmly walking towards him ready to end the fight, his hammer resting on his shoulder.

One thought ran through Natsu's mind.

Fuck him and his hammer.

Like a blur Knightwalker spun her spear between her fingers, knocking away the first six boomerangs that tried to cut her into pieces before ducking to dodge another than cartwheeling to the side to dodge the last.

"Nice try." Knightwalker said as she whirled around to block a punch from the "manly bitch". "You'll have to do better than that if you want to take me out, brat." that being said, Knightwalker had to send magic to her legs to keep herself from being pushed back from the blow.

"Fuck you!" the manly bitch screamed as she threw a right hook followed by a double ax hammer smash. But, much to her ire Knightwalker ducked under the first attack before rolling out of the way of the second strike.

The "manly bitch" was pissed.

Ooooo, she was pissed.

Even with their boost in power, they still couldn't get the edge on Knightwalker. At first they were able to catch her off guard and press her slightly but as the fight went on, Knightwalker seemed to adjust and was getting into a rhythm.

Her rhythm was simple, deflect or dodge the many deadly boomerangs before focusing her attention on the "manly bitch" who tried to use the boomerangs as distractions to move in to attack. Knightwalker would then either block and or counter the "manly bitch" within a few seconds before having to deal with the boomerangs again.

It was a tedious process, but it worked so she would have to deal with it.

Knightwalker couldn't hold back a hiss as the wound on her back made contact with the ground do to her rolling out of the "manly bitch's" attack. As she came out of the roll she had to knock a boomerang away before jumping to the side and twisting her body to dodge three more boomerangs. Readjusting her body in the air, Knightwalker planted her feet on the side of a building before pushing off of it sending her flying towards the "manly bitch"

Knocking away another boomerang as she flew through the air, Knightwalker flipped forward for momentum and swung her spear down. The "manly bitch" brought her arms up and blocked the strike only for Knightwalker to reach a hand out to grip her shoulder and pull herself so she flipped over her and landed behind her.

Landing back to back, Knightwalker wasted no time in swinging her spear to the side of her opponent's head, who brought up her arms to block the attack. Unfortunately for her, Knightwalker anticipated the block and stomped her foot on her calf, and judging by the force she put into it, she was trying snap the bone.

But, a split second before the stomp landed the "manly bitch" reinforced her leg with magic resulting in an extremely bruised calf muscle. It wasn't what Knightwalker was aiming for but it would at least hinder the dark wizard's movement.

Continuing her assault, Knightwalker pivoted and swung her elbow into the other side of the "manly bitch's" head before following with a knee to her side, sending her crashing into a wall.

The sound of metal cutting through the air forced Knightwalker to flip backwards to dodge a pair of boomerangs, but as she was close to landing she saw another one coming in to cut through her feet the moment she landed.

'Good timing.' Knightwalker mentally complimented as she curled her legs into herself to dodge the nicely timed boomerang before landing. Knocking away two more before that came from the side, Knightwalker then had to use her free hand to cart-wheel to the side to avoid another pair of boomerangs coming from behind and above.

Halfway through the cart-wheel (meaning she was upside down) Knightwalker seen yet another boomerang zooming in a few inches above the ground. It, like the one earlier, was timed to take out her feet when she finished her cart-wheel.

But, years of battle experience made split second reactions second nature to Knightwalker. So, halfway through her cart-wheel, Knightwalker sent magic to wrist and fingertips and pushed herself off the ground. As she soared through the air and towards a wall, Knightwalker performed a aileron roll in the air, avoiding a fatal cut from another boomerang.

Her feet made contact with the wall for a quick second, allowing her time to make a quick glance around her surroundings. The "manly bitch" was already picking herself off the ground and the "dimwit" was nowhere to be found.

Hiding like a coward.

She'd find him after she dealt with the "manly bitch".

Turning her attention back towards the only opponent in sight, Knightwalker launched herself off the wall and flew towards the "manly bitch". Seeing her coming, the "manly bitch" rolled under Knightwalker thrust before turning around and throwing a powerful right punch. Knightwalker herself ducked under the punch before delivering a kick to her gut.

"Fuck!" the "manly bitch" grunted as she was sent rolling and bouncing across the street before righting herself and skidding to a stop. Her hands flew up to boxing stance allowing her to bob and weave around Knightwalker's spear thrusts before launching a couple of powerful jabs in response.

Knightwalker diverted the first jab with her spear before sidestepping the second. The sound, once again, of metal cutting through the air came from behind Knightwalker causing her to throw a right roundhouse kick while she swung her spear with her left hand, knocking the two boomerangs from behind, away.

The "manly bitch" dodged the kick by stepping back, allowing Knightwalker to use the momentum of the kick to do a complete rotation before planting the kicking foot down and launching herself forward, dodging a nose diving boomerang.

She thrust her spear forward only for the "manly bitch" to squat under it before throwing a punch aimed at Knightwalker's knee. Before the punch could hit, Knightwalker pushed off the ground and flipped over her. As she landed, Knightwalker spun around and raised her spear to block a punch from her opponent.

There was a brief stalemate as the "manly bitch" pushed against the spear before throwing an uppercut to knock it away. Luckily, Knightwalker was able to keep the spear in her hands but the force of the uppercut sent her arms above her head and knocked her off balance.

A smirk made its way on the "manly bitches" face when she saw an opening due to Knightwalker's lack of balance. With that in mind, she took a step forward and threw what she hoped was a knock out punch.

Unfortunately for her, Knightwalker wasn't going down so easily. As the punch neared, Knightwalker leaned back just enough for it to barely graze her chin, but her problems weren't done yet. Immediately after dodging, Knightwalker (who was falling backwards towards the ground due to her dodge) saw a boomerang coming from behind and another from the right.

The "manly bitch" jumped back to avoid being hit by the boomerangs (if they hit they would cut clean through her and keep on going), giving Knightwalker enough room to swing her spear to knock away the one on the right. At the same time she went with the momentum that she had due to her falling backwards and performed a back flip. While in the middle of the back flip, Knightwalker kicked her leg out and managed to land the tip of her boot on the flat part of the boomerang, effectively diverting its course below her.

Like times before, when Knightwalker landed she had to bring up her spear to block a punch from the "manly bitch", but unlike the times before, the fist snapped the spear in half and continued on its path.

In the split second it took for the punch to reach Knightwalker, she managed to do quite a few things.

The first was to inwardly curse and question the quality of the spear Scarlet gave her. Piece of crap couldn't even take a few hits; her Ten Commandments wouldn't have even been chipped.

The second was to accept that she couldn't dodge the punch and do what she could to weaken the blow as much as possible. That entailed her tilting her head forward so her forehead was aligned with the punch and stepping back as much as possible to minimize the speed and force of the blow.

That being said, when the punch hit, it still held an amazing amount of power behind hit, resulting in Knightwalker getting sent flying through at least two buildings before landing in a heap of rubble.

"Fucking hell, that hurt." Knightwalker painfully groaned as she brought a hand to her forehead. The wound on her back from earlier was also causing her a significant amount of pain due to her being slammed through a few walls. "The bitch can pack a punch, I'll give her that." even though her comment was said in a lighthearted manner that didn't mean Knightwalker was oblivious to her situation.

Anyone with a brain could tell her fight just became a real pain in the ass. A concussion and a broken weapon (which she dropped when she got punched) tended to make life a little more difficult.

And she knew she had a concussion.

How did she know?

A skull splitting headache was her first clue.

Her second was that she was having a hard time remembering where she was and why she was there. To add the icing on top of the concussion symptom crap cake that she was standing in, she couldn't get herself off one knee without stumbling like a drunkard.

If that wasn't bad enough, now she had to fight a very manly bitch that was skilled in hand to hand combat with a magic that backed it up. Oh, and the very manly bitch had a coward for a partner who was controlling dangerously sharp boomerangs that spun at an incredible fast rate.

'More like buzz saws.' Knightwalker snorted as her balance became a little more steady, enabling her to stand up.

Well, despite all the setbacks, Knightwalker could still win the fight. It may not have been her preference but she was a more than adept at hand to hand combat. Although, the fact that she no longer had the spear to defend against the boomerangs was a little concerning, but she was swift enough to "dance" around them.

'Why do I feel like my life is just going to even more chaotic as time goes on?'

Hostage situations were not Erza's field of expertise.

It was understandable since she's never been in a hostage situation before, and if there was one thing Erza didn't like, it was being in unfamiliar situations.

Especially if life's were at stake.

But all that meant nothing, since she was in such a predicament at the moment.

She was, in all honesty, scared.

Scared that a decision or indecision of hers would get an innocent family killed. All because a pair of dark wizards chose the cowardly and despicable act of hiding behind them. Yes, it was a horrible and unthinkable act she would never think of doing herself, but that being said, no matter how horrible it was, it was a smart decision on their part.

No longer were they losing the fight.

Now, it was at a complete stalemate.

That was until someone made their move.

Luckily for her, they didn't push the advantage of having the family hostage further. If they told her to stand still while one of the twins beats her to death, she would.

Hopefully that thought wouldn't occur to them.

But it could.

She had to move first.

But what, what could she do?

She could summon her swords and a have them attack from behind.

But that would only work if they were actually unable to sense the sneak attack. Their inadequacy to sense the attack was an unknown factor that ruled the move out.

Then, the thought of requipping into her Flight Armor and using the speed it enabled her to close the distance occurred to Erza but it was quickly discarded as well. It took at least a couple of seconds for her to requip an armor, and in those few seconds the dark wizards would surely act.

How could she not come up with one plan to save these people?

She made them a promise.

She was not going to break it.

'Ok, let's reassess the situation.' Erza calmly began a breakdown of her dilemma. 'Two enemies and four people being held hostage. My first priority is to get those dark wizards away from the family before I deal with them. But how do I do that?'

The only weapon she had that could allow her to launch an attack within a split second was her Spear of Lightning, but she was sure that the moment she reached for it they would hurt the family.

'There has to be something I'm missing!' Erza delved into her mind in the hope of finding something, a spell, an experience, anything that could help her. Even something seemingly useless like-

Suddenly, without warning, the picture she spotted downstairs with the man in front of the boat popped into her mind. It was a shot in the dark but it could work. Locking eyes with the man being held hostage, Erza began blinking.

-.-. .- -. / -.- - ..- / ..- -. -.. . .-. ... - .- -. -.. / - . ..-..

She couldn't help but hold her breath as she stared at the man's confused face.

Did he not know Morse code?

Erza had hoped that since he owned his own ship (something she assumed because of the picture) that he knew Morse code. But if he didn't-

-.- . ... .-.-.-

One thought ran through Erza's mind when she saw his response.

Thank God.

She couldn't believe it worked.

Now she found a way to end the stalemate.

.- ... . -. / - ... . / .-.. .. -. ... - ... / -. - / - ..- - -..- / -. . - / -.- - ..- / .- -. -.. / -.- - ..- .-. / ..-. .- - .. .-.. -.- / -.. - .- -. .-.-.-

She could see the trepidation in his face. He may not know exactly what she was planning but he knew she was planning something and that could end badly for him and his family.

But doing nothing wasn't an option either.

He would have to trust her.

Trust her with the life's of his family.

The only thing that was keeping him from having an anxiety attack was the fact that a Fairy Tail wizard was standing in front of him. He didn't know much of the magical world but it was hard not to know about Fairy Tail. He'd heard a lot of their destructive tendencies, but in his opinion, what did a little property destruction matter if lives were saved?

So, if he would trust anyone to save him and his family, it would be a Fairy Tail wizard.

- -.- .-.-.-

He responded and Erza took a deep breath to calm her nerves.

'Here goes nothing.' in a flash, Erza slid the tip of her boot so it touched her spear before sending a pulse of magic into the spear. In a flash, electrical currents came to life around the spear before surging throughout the house and into the lights, blowing them out and sending the house into darkness.

The father wasted no time in throwing a determined elbow to the twin behind him before grabbing his son in front of him and diving onto the rest of his family. Before he even hit the ground Erza was already armed with her spear and charging at the pair of dark wizards.

A pair of electric orbs appeared on the sides of the spearhead and were thrust into the chest's of the dark wizards,shocking sending them right out of the house.

"Is everyone ok?" Erza turned her attention towards the family.

"Yeah, I think so." she could hear the relief in the father's voice and she couldn't really blame him.

"Good. Do you have a basement?"


"Go there and hide." with that said Erza jumped out of the hole the twins made and landed in the street.

Lightning sparked from her spear and cackled around her.

That along with the look in her eyes did nothing more but promise pain for the two dark wizards.

"It's time to make good on my earlier statement."

'Well, this is fun.' Knightwalker was being more than sarcastic as she performed a backwards cart-wheel, allowing a boomerang to past inches from her face. She continued her gymnastic back flips, expertly dodging a series of boomerang attacks from all angles.

The moment she heard the whizzing sound the boomerangs made cease, she knew the "manly bitch" was coming in to strike. Skidding to a stop, Knightwalker ducked under a right hook before countering with an uppercut. It landed but before Knightwalker could continue she had to duck and roll to the side to dodge a boomerang.

Before she could stand back up, Knightwalker had to raise her arms to block a roundhouse kick aimed at her head; she was sent rolling across the street for a good few feet from the kick. Not giving her time to rest, the "manly bitch" jumped high in the air and fell towards Knightwalker with her fist cocked back.

"Crazy bitch." Knightwalker mumbled before rolling to the side just in the nick of time, dodging the punch that caused dust and rubble to explode in all directions.

This would work to her advantage.

With the dust clouding the streets the "dimwit" wouldn't be able to use his boomerangs to attack, unless he was willing to risk hurting his fellow dark wizard. She doubted he would do that. Even if he hadn't held a sense of camaraderie towards the "manly bitch", if he accidentally hurt her in his attack that would leave him all by his lonesome.

There was a reason he was hiding from her.

So, with the "dimwit" unable to attack, that left Knightwalker alone with the "manly bitch".

It was time to go to work.

Time to show Earthland what she could do.

Swift like a cat, Knightwalker bolted towards where the "manly bitch" landed. She might not have been able to see with her eyes but her "mind's eye" knew where her target was.

"Damn it!" the "manly bitch" cursed at her action that took away her ability to see her opponent.

How could she punch someone she couldn't see?

To put it simply, she couldn't.

Unfortunately for her, Knightwalker didn't have the same trouble with the dust as she did. A pain shot through her lower back when she felt a knee slam into it causing her to turn around and lash out with a back swing.

She hit nothing.

Seeing a shadow in the corner of her eye, the "manly bitch" pivoted and threw another punch.

Just like before, she hit nothing.

"Tch. Where the hell are you?! Stop hiding and fight me up front!" the response the "manly bitch" received was an elbow to the side of the head. Knightwalker's opinion of her opponent's intelligence dipped after she heard her words.

For what reason would Knightwalker show herself?

She had a big advantage while using the dust to cloak her presence. It would be idiotic to not stick with what she was doing.

After all, she had a saying.

"If your opponent can't stop what you're doing, then don't stop what you're doing. Instead, shove it down their throats."

In a fight there was a winner and a loser, simple as that.

And Knightwalker did not like to lose.

That's why she moved like a ghost.

Every time the "manly bitch" thought she saw Knightwalker's silhouette she would turn towards it to attack only be hit from another direction.

It felt like she was everywhere, and eventually, the surge of power she received from the pill she took earlier began to die down, bringing an enormous amount of fatigue. Before she knew it, she was laying on the ground barely hanging on to consciousness.

As everything slowly started to darken, the "manly bitch" gathered just enough strength to use her vocal cords.

"Kill the bitch!" three words were all she could manage but by the look on Knightwalker's face it was enough.

Those words had to be a signal for the "dimwit" to forget about the danger of hurting his fellow dark wizard and attack with his boomerangs. That was bad for Knightwalker to say the least.

The dust would now work against Knightwalker, blocking her vision, it would be near impossible for her to dodge. On top of that, the number of boomerangs made aiming unnecessary. All the "dimwit" had to do was have his boomerangs come in from multiple angles and he would more than likely hit.

It took less than a second for those thoughts to flash through Knightwalker's mind causing her body to tense in anticipating. She could practically feel the boomerangs move to attack . . . . just before the sound of them being knocked away rang through the air.

Knightwalker saw that as her chance to run out of the dust cloud. With the boomerangs knocked away (if her ears weren't deceiving her) she no longer had to worry about being shredded to pieces the moment she stepped out of the dust cloud.

With her vision being no longer clouded, Knightwalker could see the boomerangs were embedded in walls of the surrounding buildings. That would only happen if the "dimwit" cut off his magic along with his control over the boomerangs.

The only conclusion she could come to was that either Natsu or Scarlet dealt with their opponents and came to aid her. In all honesty, she had mixed feelings about that. On one hand, the fact that they worried enough about her safety to step in and help her was a little endearing, but on the other hand she wasn't some helpless little girl that needed saving.

She would've survived that last attack.

She always did.

"Damn, bastard got away." Knightwalker raised an eyebrow when she heard a voice that belonged to neither Natsu nor Scarlet.

If she recalled, it belonged to Bisca Connell, maiden name Bisca Mulan.

"We'll get him eventually, don't worry, honey." craning her neck upwards, Knightwalker saw Mulan's husband, Alzack Connell.

"I hope so." Mulan sighed before turning her attention towards Knightwalker. "You ok?"

"I'm not dying." Knightwalker shrugged turning her attention towards Mulan who sweatdropped at the response.

'Leave it to an Erza to answer with such a spartan like response.' Mulan thought as her husband jumped down to the street.

"We should- Damn, that guy got your back good!" Connell exclaimed with a wince when he saw the wounds on Knightwalker's back.

After those words left Connell's mouth, Mulan went into what Knightwalker would soon dub as her "mother hen" mode. In an instant she was inspecting and fretting over the large gashes on Knightwalker's back.

The blood that bled from the wound left droplet like streaks of dried blood down her back. The wound itself had small specks of wood and rock sprinkled in it, making the risk of infection increase.

Knightwalker knew all of that, so Mulan nagging about it was really unnecessary. It was also completely new to her. If she were her old self, she would've taken offense to such a caring act, taking it as an insult to her strength. But, now that she was changed, and still changing so, she was . . . . well she was caught off guard.

She didn't really know how to react to such concern. After all, she never had such treatment before in her life. When she was working her way up through Edolas' Royal Army rankings, she never got any form of concern when she was hurt.

"Don't stop! Ignore the pain!"

"Be a machine! Machines don't feel pain!"

"Be cold and emotionless! Do you think the enemy would show you any mercy just because you're hurt?! Of course not! Kill them before they kill you?"

Those were the words that were drilled into Knightwalker's head ever since she could remember. So, she really had no precedents for people, let alone people she barely knew, worrying about her.

Especially for none fatal wounds.

"Is this yours?" Connell asked as he picked up the broken halves of the spear she was using not too long ago.

"That piece of crap belongs to Scarlet." she simply stated causing the married couple to gulp.

No one, not even the master, insulted Erza's weapons.

She took great pride in all her weapons and armors, insulting them would seal ones fate. Knightwalker earned a lot of respect from the pair for not only insulting Erza's choice of weaponry but doing it so casually as well.

A truly impressive feat.

"You three freeze!" all three of the Fairy Tail wizard's heads snapped towards the direction of the voice that rang out through the night, only to see a group of people that they really didn't want to see.

"Damn, Rune Knights!" Connell shouted

"Run!" gripping Knightwalker's wrist, Mulan dashed in the opposite direction of the Rune Knights.

"Wait, what about her?" Knightwalker questioned as she directed her attention to the unconscious "manly bitch".

"No time! Look!" looking over her shoulder like she was told, Knightwalker witnessed a series of strange markings appear as if they were written on an invisible wall.

"What is that?" being new to Earthland, Knightwalker was unaware that what she was looking at was a Rune Spell (similar to Freed's Jutsu Shiki) that the Rune Knights used to contain wizards.

"Runes." Mulan quickly supplied. "If we had went back for that woman-"

"'Manly bitch'."

"What? W-Whatever, "manly bitch" than we would've been trapped in those runes and once you're trapped in them they're almost impossible to get out of." Mulan finished as she let go of Knightwalker when she fastened her pace to catch up with her.

"Fucking Rune Knights." Knightwalker cursed as the trio ran through the streets of Sapporo.


"You're an official Fairy Tail wizard now."

For Natsu, it's been a long time since he got his ass handed to him.

Really handed to him.

Not like the punishments Erza was known to give him, or like the times he fought dark wizards that he had no business beating. The last time Natsu remembered getting his ass kicked so hard was when he was a kid and broke Laxus' stupid headphones. If it wasn't for Erza stepping in and holding him off long enough for Levy to get master, well, he didn't really want to know how far Laxus would've gone.

In Natsu's opinion, he seriously overreacted.

That type of ass whopping was what he was getting from the "viking" at the very moment. It was all due to his foot being broken, killing almost all of his mobility; exhaustion, he had no fire to restore his magic; and the fucking crazy amount of power he had behind his blows.

And of course there was that distraction.

(Sniff. Sniff.)

'Oh great, he's never gonna shut up about this.' even with the "viking" looming over his beaten and battered form, Natsu couldn't help but feel a blow to his pride about what was about to happen.

The "viking" raised his war hammer, muttered a few words that Natsu couldn't hear, and-

"Iron Dragon's Roar!"

He was blasted away.

Blasted away by a storm of metal shrapnel from Fairy Tail's Iron Dragon Slayer.

"You look pathetic, Salamander."

"Screw you." Natsu replied as he struggled to sit up. "Damn, my face hurts."

"It damn well should by the look of it." if he wasn't so pissed over the fact that his mate was hurt, Gajeel would've been loving this. "Wait here, I'm going to kick that guy's ass."

At least that's what he intended.

When Gajeel made it to the dust cloud that the "viking's" crash caused he found no one.

'Tch. Running like a bitch.' whatever it didn't matter, he could track the bastard down with his nose.

Again, that's what he intended, but before he even took a step out of the dust cloud a small capsule exploded and took effect immediately. A small but annoying tingling sensation coursed through Gajeel's nose causing an irritated scowl to cross his face.

What the hell was that crap?

It was annoying beyond hell.

What the fuck was he doing getting distracted for, he needed to find the bastard and when he did he was gonna . . . .

"The hell? What's with my nose?" Gajeel sniffed and sniffed yet he couldn't pick anything up with his nose.

Not one thing.

Not even his own scent.

His sense of smell was gone.

But how?

It was the capsule that was responsible for his inability to smell. That proved that Bloody Steel came into the fight prepared. They may not be as capable as Laughing Coffin but they were being considered to join for a reason. Preparing an escape plan just in case things didn't go as planned showed foresight, something most dark guilds lacked.

"Damn it!" unable to control his growing anger, Gajeel gave a magic empowered punch into the ground.

"What happened? Where did the bastard go?" limping towards the pissed of Iron Dragon Slayer, Natsu scrunched his nose when a weird sensation ran through it. "What the hell? Why can't I smell anything?"

"You two, don't move!"

"Fucking Rune Knights!" one of the few things the two could agree on.

"We need to get the hell out of here." Gajeel growled as he threw Natsu's arm over his shoulder.

"We rented a hotel room, we can meet the other two there." extending a pair of Iron Dragon's Club from his feet, Gajeel jumped on top of a nearby building before taking off towards the direction Natsu pointed out for him.



"That guy really fucked you up."

"Shut up."

If Erza was pissed before, she was beyond pissed now.

She had never hated the Rune Knights more than she did at the moment.

They don't make one appearance during the fight or the hostage situation, then, when she finally finished beating the twins down, they appear out of nowhere before she could question them.

What were they hiding until the fight was over or something?

'Fucking Rune Knights.'

Shaking her head, Erza continued to make her way along the streets of Sapporo to the hotel room they rented earlier. It didn't take her too long to make it there due to the fact that she had plenty of energy and magic leftover from her fight.

"Don't touch it, idiot!" Erza let out a small sigh of relief when she heard Natsu's voice, loud and lively as ever.

Of course she had faith in him and his strength but she realized a long time ago that no matter how strong Natsu became there would always be a small part of her that worried the worst would happen.

That she would lose him.

The thought made her throat tighten.

'What are you getting so emotional about?' Erza mentally slapped herself for her emotional reaction to something that didn't happen.

"Will you stop crying?! Be a man!" apparently Knightwalker was ok as well.

Opening the door, Erza raised an eyebrow when she saw that Bisca, Alzack and Gajeel were there until she remembered the conversation she had with him earlier. There was no way he wouldn't want to get a shot at the one's who hurt his mate (it felt weird thinking of someone else beside herself and Natsu having a relationship that classified them as mates, honestly she would rather it just been her and Natsu and no one else), and even though the married couple didn't spend much time with him, that didn't mean they didn't have his back.

They were all a family after all.

That also meant Bisca and Alzack wanted a piece of the people who hurt Team Shadow Gear.

Turning her attention away from the three new arrivals, Erza saw Knightwalker laying on the only bed visible from her spot at the doorway.

"Took you long enough, Scarlet." Knightwalker was laying on her stomach giving Erza a good view of the wounds on her back, they weren't pretty. "You mind stitching me up?"

"I cleaned the wound," Bisca started, "but I'm not good with needles, sorry."

"Don't worry about it." Erza replied as she stepped into the room only to gasp when she saw the state Natsu was in.

In an instant, Erza Scarlet, the Titania, disappeared, and Erza, the woman in love with the pink haired Dragon Slayer, took her place.

"Natsu!" barreling through Gajeel, Erza rushed to Natsu's side in a flash.

"Hey." his attempt to sound casual did nothing to soothe Erza's worries; neither did his trademark smile that was hard to do since his face hurt so much.

"What happened?! Who did this to you?!" Gajeel almost answered with a "he got his ass handed to him, that's what happened" but the tone Titania used in her last question made it obvious that his remark would earn the woman's ire.

He was pissed not stupid.

"Some guy that looked like a viking." Natsu replied while struggling to sit up, prompting Erza to help him.

"I'm going to kill him." Erza growled venomously causing a shiver to run down everyone's spine expect Knightwalker.

"Hell no, that bastard's mine!" there was no way Natsu wasn't going to pay that guy back.

No way in hell.

". . . . . . Fine." as much as Erza wanted to wrap Natsu up in bubble wrap and keep him in their basement where nothing could hurt him, she knew that Natsu wouldn't take a lose without looking for a rematch.

"You're such a stubborn, boy." Erza sighed as she scanned the rest of his bruised and battered body. "What happened to your foot?" it was purple and swollen beyond belief leading her to believe it was broken.

"Ow! Don't touch it, it hurts!"

Definitely broken.

"I'm going to get you some ice." with that said, Erza dashed out of the room for some ice to stop the swelling.

"She forgot about me very quickly." Knightwalker commented after her counterpart left the room.

"Sorry about that." Natsu sheepishly apologized for his mate.

"Don't worry about it." Knightwalker sighed before she closed her eyes and hid her face in her arms in an attempt to hide the emotions that were bubbling up do to the sight of Scarlet taking care of Natsu.

It reminded her of the times she had to patch her Natsu up after a tough day of training. Of course, she wasn't as soft as Scarlet was. She was more like . . . . . a drill instructor.

If Knightwalker recalled correctly, a comic Hisako made her purchase a few day earlier called it, tsun-tsun.





Knightwalker didn't agree with that assessment of her, but the kid was very adamant about her being a tsun-tsun. She would not stoop down to the level of arguing with a child.

But, wasn't that exactly what she was doing when she argued with Natsu?

Arguing with a child.

"Erzaaaaaa! My foot hurts!"

A child.

A man-child.

And yet, as she watched Scarlet treat Natsu with such care and tenderness, she couldn't help but feel jealous.

"You're going to need to see Wendy about that foot if you want to continue searching for Laughing Coffin with us." Erza stated immediately getting a response from Natsu.

"It's not that bad." throwing his legs over the side of the bed, Natsu tried to stand only to buckle the second he felt weight on his broken foot. Erza caught him before he hit the floor and gently laid him on the bed.

"You need to get it fixed." she fixed him a stern look before he could complain. "You can't even stand let alone fight. These aren't people you can go against with such a handicap. Please." Erza was honestly concerned about how Natsu would retaliate towards his defeat.

She knew he didn't take being bested easily. In her opinion, a loss was a blow to his pride as a man as much as it was to his pride as a Dragon Slayer. So, it was very unlikely Natsu would willingly go back to Magnolia to receive treatment. But, as his soon-to-be-fiance, it was her duty to keep him from doing something foolish.

"Alright, I'll go to see Wendy." as much as Natsu wanted to pay that "viking" bastard back, he knew he couldn't, not when his foot was broken. On top off that, he could see the concern in Erza's eyes, he didn't want her to worry like that, it made him feel bad.


"Yeah, really."

"No complaining like a child?"

"I'm confused. Do you want me to complain?"

"Of course not, sweety." Erza beamed a smile at him, hoping he would stick with the mature decision he just made.

"Whatever." Natsu pouted.

"If you're done babying him, could you make it so my back isn't divided into three sections anymore?" Knightwalker spoke up earning Scarlet's attention.

"Right. Sorry about that." summoning a needle and Suture thread Erza began to stitch up Knightwalker's back. "So, I think it's time we fill each other in on what happened. Natsu, you go first. Did you learn anything?"

"No." Natsu growled. "I don't even know what kind of magic the bastard used. His hits hurt like hell though. It was almost like . . . ." Natsu trailed off not knowing the words he was looking for.

"Like his hits impacted harder than they should have." Knightwalker supplied.

"Yes!" Natsu pointed at her before his face scrunched up in confusion. "How'd you know?"

"I think the 'manly bitch' had the same magic as your guy."

" . . . . . 'Manly bitch'?" Scarlet questioned her counterpart.

"I named my guy 'viking'." Natsu stated earning a nod of approval from Knightwalker.

It seemed they both came to a silent agreement.

Fuck those dark wizards and their names.

"Moving on," Erza interrupted, "they didn't say anything that indicated they were Laughing Coffin members?"


"No." they both replied.

"What the hell are you talking about?!" Gajeel questioned. "Why else would they be here if they weren't members of Laughing Coffin?!"

"There's also the possibility that they're in a different dark guild and were hired by Laughing Coffin to attack us, or they could be a subordinate dark guild that works under Laughing Coffin."

"Like the ones Oración Seis had?" Natsu asked his mate.

"It's a possibility. If they are, than that means they might have information we could use."

"The only problem is that they either got away or were taken away by those damn Rune Knights." as Knightwalker uttered the words "Rune Knights", everyone in the hotel room muttered a few curses.

The Rune Knights were a pain in their ass.

"So, we did all that fighting for nothing?" Natsu questioned.

"No," Knightwalker began to correct Natsu's question, "we fought, you got beat down. Ow! You did that on purpose didn't you, Scarlet?!"

"Don't be ridiculous. I simply made a mistake." she lied.

No one mocked her man without . . . . getting pricked by a needle.

'Well, that was lame.' shaking her head, Erza got back on topic.

The next ten minutes were spent giving each other the information they learned about, or from, their opponent, which wasn't much. There was one piece of information that was valuable and a little disturbing.

"So, you're sure you saw them take a pill?" Knightwalker nodded her head to Scarlet's question as her counterpart wrapped bandages around her newly sowed up wound. "And after they took those pills they had a boost in magic?"

"Yes, I'm quite sure." Knightwalker sat up and stretched slowly, testing the movement she was able to do without tearing her stitches.

"What about you, Natsu? Did you see the 'viking'," she couldn't help but roll her eyes at the name, "take a pill as well?"

"Nah, to dusty. All I know is that the guy's magic shot up like crazy."

"Hmmmm." Erza supported her chin with her hand as she began to sort through her memories. "That actually reminds about that request we took."

"Which one?" Natsu asked.

"The one where we found Hisako, remember?"

"Of course I remember!"

How could he not?

That's the request they found their daughter on.

Best request they ever taken.

"Well, my vision was blurry at the time, but I'm fairly certain, now more than ever, that I saw Kira take a pill to boost his magic power."

"Judging by how you're speaking, I can only assume that these pills aren't common, correct?" Knightwalker was still new to Earthland so she couldn't tell the difference between what was the normal and what was not.

"You're right." Scarlet confirmed Knightwalker's inquiry. "These pills are a new development. But it's been months since that request, why are the pills just now resurfacing?"

Scarlet brought up a good point.

If the magic boosting pills were around at least for a couple of months than they should've been in use, especially, in the black market. Knightwalker found it hard to believe that Scarlet, or Fairy Tail for that matter, would be unaware of such an item.

That could only mean that the pills weren't in mass production.

That also meant that whoever was producing the pills weren't just selling them for a profit. If they were, than the pills would've been noticed. There was no way the pills could've been kept a secret if any other dark wizard could get their hands on it.

She could almost picture the dark wizards taunting and flaunting their newly found power that was granted to them by the pills. Although, in Knightwalker's opinion, the power that the pills provided their taker could never truly be called "theirs".

The pill was nothing more than a shortcut.

True strength could only be earned through blood, sweat, and tears.

'So, if they're not on the black market, than that could mean that these pills are being field tested.' that was the most likely scenario Knightwalker could think of.

The pill Scarlet saw being taken months prior, could've easily been it at its earlier stages. She couldn't help but wonder how the pills worked and what were its limit.

Furthermore, who was truly behind the creation of the pills?

Was it truly Laughing Coffin or was it created by a someone else further in the shadows?

There was also the possibility that the pills were created and used by the Kingdom of Fiore itself. She didn't know much of the kingdom she lived in nor of the way they went about their business but it was possible that they made and used the pills to strengthen their army.

That being said, power, even if it was fake, always came with a price.

Who knew what effects the magic boosting pills had on the wizard's body.

They spent the next hour discussing the what their next move should be before retiring for the night. Natsu would head back to Magnolia to get his foot looked at while Mulan and Connell escorted him.

Natsu was very adamant about not needing an, as he put it, "babysitter". But Scarlet, along with herself, were very "persuasive" on the matter. There was too much of a risk that Natsu would be attacked on his way back, and even though the boy wouldn't admit it, he couldn't protect himself.

So, they let him see it their way.

The only thing scarier than one Erza was two of them.

"Man, this sucks." Natsu pouted as he stood with Bisca and Alzack ready to depart to Magnolia. He was grumpier than he normally would've been due to Erza wanting him to get the first train back.

The sun was barely even rising.

Natsu was not a morning person.

"Look at this way," Erza began, "the sooner you get your foot healed the sooner you can meet back up with us." she explained with Gajeel and Knightwalker standing be her side.

"I guess." seeing her mate's mood not getting any better, Erza leaned into his ear and whispered something too quietly for anyone to hear.

Not that they were complaining.

Judging by the blush on Natsu's face and the coy smile on Erza's, not knowing was a very good thing.

"Alright, see yeah." with that said, Natsu began to limp down the street, before Alzack offered to help support him.

Of course, Natsu being Natsu, refused.

That resulted with Bisca unleashing a mother scolding on him.

In Natsu's opinion, the mother glare was the second scariest thing.

Right behind Erza, both of them.

"I have a feeling he's going to get in some kind of trouble." Erza sighed as she watched the group of three leave.

"You can bet on that." Gajeel snorted before letting out a yawn. "It's too early for this shit. I'm going back to bed."



"He'll be fine." Knightwalker stated trying to calm her counterpart's worries that were easily readable on her face.

For her at least.

"Yes, I'm sure you're right." Scarlet sighed before turning her attention towards Knightwalker. "What about you? Are you sure you're fine with that back wound?"

"Don't look down on me, Scarlet." Knightwalker huffed as she crossed her arms. "Would this injury keep you down?" Knightwalker's reply earned a smirk from Scarlet.

"Very well. We should get a few more hours of rest while we still can." when they made it to their hotel room, Scarlet summoned a Communication Lacrima.

"What are you doing?"

"Laughing Coffin isn't to be underestimated." the Communication Lacrima began to glow indicating that a connecting was trying to be established. "I'm calling a friend for help."


"Kagura Mikazuchi."

"Will you stop pouting?" Bisca sighed.

The moment they got on the train, Natsu sat himself on his seat, folded his arms, and leaned his face against the window.


Another sigh.

"I guess it can't be helped."


Almost like a dog hearing his dinner bell, Natsu's head snapped towards Bisca who gave a single pat to her thighs.


Bisca couldn't help but giggle as she watched Natsu cautiously stand up from his seat. He looked like a wild animal that was found and captured in the city before it was taken to the forest to be set free only to be beyond tentative when the cage was opened.


"Gah!" the most recent pat caused Natsu to sit in the spot next to Bisca which was occupied by her husband. Having a guy sitting on his lap of course caused Alzack to freak out and jump out of his seat.


Slowly, Natsu lowered his head to her lap before stopping halfway and giving Bisca a questioning look.


Finally his head made it to her lap causing a blissful expression to adorn Natsu's face. Bisca couldn't help but giggle once again at the Dragon Slayer while Alzack glared at him.

"Thanks." Natsu said before he drifted off to sleep; the combination of the fight and waking up early made for a sleepy Natsu.

"Don't worry about it." Bisca replied as she started running her hand through his hair. 'No wonder why Erza likes doing this.' his hair was surprisingly soft.

In fact, it was softer than hers.

That wasn't fair.

"It's weird isn't it?" pulling her eyes away from Natsu, Bisca looked at her husband as she questioned him.

"What is?"

"We used to be the same age and now they're so much younger than us. Almost a decade. I used to always think of Natsu as my loud and rambunctious brother."

"And he's not now?" Alzack asked with an amused look on his face.

"Well, now he's more like my loud and rambunctious little brother."

"In his defense, he has matured a little."

"Erza . . . . Hisako . . . ." hearing Natsu mumble the name of his mate and daughter, the couple couldn't help but smile.

"True. Who would've thought that Natsu would get together with Erza."

"And then have a daughter."

"I know right!" Bisca couldn't help but get excited about the topic. It was just so weird seeing Natsu and Erza starting a family.

"He's definitely grown."

". . . . . Go to hell Gray."

A little.

He's grown a little.

The nostalgic atmosphere was broken when a scream rang out from the front of the train.

"What the hell is going on?!" with a startle, Natsu jolted up from his nap and looked around with a grumpy look on his face.

Who dare wake up a sleeping dragon?

"Stay here," Alzack commanded with a mature and stern voice that Natsu knew he never had before the time skip.

Didn't mean Natsu wouldn't chase after the two when they ran to found out the cause of his nap getting interrupted. Of course, the moment he put weight on his broken foot he yelped and collapsed to the ground.

"Damn it! Stupid foot!" with a growl Natsu pulled himself onto one of the seats.


He needed to figure out what the hell was going on!

Thankfully, a few seconds later Bisca and Alzack came running back and the answer he received was not good.

"WHAT!? Are you serious!? The railroad tracks been destroyed?!" not wanting to believe their answer, Natsu opened a window and stuck his head out of it.

Looking around, Natsu slowly began to recognized their surroundings. They were pretty close to the canyon where Natsu fought what's his face, the guy with the wind magic and Lullaby.

But, if they were near there, that meant. . . . .

Natsu's eyes widened when he saw the section of the railroad track that made getting over one end of the canyon to the other possible, completely gone.

"Holy shit! Shouldn't someone be hitting the brakes or something?!"


"You gotta be kidding me!"

Like only possible during a dire situation, Natsu began to rack his brain like crazy for an idea. He had to think of something, unless there was another wizard on board the train Natsu was the only one that could do anything.

Not like Bisca and Alzack could shoot them out of their problem.

Useless those two.

Saving all the people on the train would be up to him.

Damn, Natsu hated it when things couldn't be solved with a pair of fists.

Fuck thinking.

But, as much as he hated it, his brain would have to get them out of danger.

But how?

The thought of flying them off by using his fire as jets came to him but he wouldn't be able to get everyone off in time.

He could. . . .

"Ah! Screw it!" Natsu grabbed his hair in frustration. "You two, go tell everyone on that side of the train to get their asses in their seats and hold onto something!"

"What are you going to do?"

"No clue." leaving the dumbfounded couple behind, Natsu began to make his way to the back of the train while shouting at people to get in their seats if they wanted to live.

Unfortunately for Natsu, moving along the train, while avoiding a crowd of freaking out people, was not easy because of his foot. He was forced to use the back of the train seats to support himself while he would push forward with his one good foot.

"Move! Sit down! Move, damn it! Get the hell out of the way!" this was why he liked having Erza with him.

If she were there, she would've gotten all the people to shut up and listen in an instance. It wouldn't be so hard to get to the end of the train.

And when did people stop understanding what, "get the hell out the way" meant?

Also, while he was making his way through the train he could've sworn he saw a girl that looked exactly like Hisako, but when he turned towards her to get a better look, the girl turned out to look nothing like her.

But that was enough.

All of a sudden, Natsu could feel his heartbeat quicken and a sense of anxiety fill his gut. By just "seeing" Hisako something click in Natsu's head. His daughter may not be on the train, but someone else's was.

Someone else's daughter.

Someone else's lover.

Someone else's family.

They may not be his, but the people on the train were someone's family.

He had to save them.

Picking up the pace, Natsu quickly found himself on the last car of the train. Too bad for him and everyone on board, the train car began tilting forward, indicating the train was already falling down the canyon.

As expected of any normal person would, the passengers all screamed.

'Fuck! Took too long.' igniting a flame under his foot, Natsu busted through the train's back door and into the air.

He needed to save them.

Sticking his arms out, Natsu shot two streams of condensed fire. One stream was aimed towards the edge of the canyon and the other was headed for the falling train. If he were to look back at it, Natsu would've braced himself more.


"AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!" Natsu's screams filled and echoed throughout the canyon as his shoulders were pulled from their sockets.

Pain he's never felt before exploded along his arms and shoulders. It felt like they were gonna be ripped away from his body. Erza would've scolded him for not taking into account the weight of the train.

But none of that mattered.

What's done was done.

The only thing that mattered was that the lives of a train full of innocent people were literally hanging in the balance. The only thing keeping them from the deaths were two strong streams of condensed fire along a pair of straining arms and dislocated shoulders.

"Fuck me."

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So, if you don't want to know anything, don't read.

As you seen in this chapter Natsu, Erza, and Knightwalker (guess you could call them the new Team Natsu) didn't get much done. They fought and got nothing about Laughing Coffin except about the magic boosting pills.

Like I said a while ago, I'm trying to make this arc more complicated and less there they are let's kick their ass.

Honestly though I didn't think this chapter would be basically nothing but fight scenes. I hope the fights were entertaining. I always try to make the fight scenes imaginable, something that you could picture in your head.

I hope that's how it's read.

That's why I try to put enough detail the moves and even the dodges or blocks. I read a lot of fight scenes where the writer will be like he dodged the attacks and I'm like, how?

Did he dive out the way, or flip, or duck?


That being said, I think that putting more detail in every little move kills the flow of the fight and slows it down.

Oh well.

Now on to the actual chapter.

Starting with, Natsu getting his ass handed to him.

So the reason I did that was because of a few reasons.

1. I feel all mc's need to get their asses handed to them a few times, whether if it's to show they need more training or whatever.

2. Because Natsu's been distracted lately. I've tried to put small details that could be overlooked in the last chapter and this one about him being distracted. The signs will continue on from this arc, the one after that and the one after that one which will be the arc where his distraction reach its climax.

I'm sure some of you know what I mean by distractions.

Also I'll tell you about the next few arcs I have planned later below.

3. Last reason, Natsu simply went against someone he didn't match up with. Like in sports there are some teams that other teams just don't match up well against, the same can be said in this story. Some fighting styles and magics just don't match up well with others. That being said, Natsu faced someone who had a better magic that supported the brawling fighting style.

This will actual lead to something.

The brawling thing that is.

I want to change Natsu's fighting style into something more athletic and martial arts like. You know more flipping and kicking and dodging. Obviously I can't just flip a switch so I'll have to have him go through some training.

That's a few arcs from now though.

Moving on to Knightwalker's fight.

At first I wanted to give her a tougher time due to her kind of holding back because of her fear of reverting back to her old ways and because she wasn't using her Ten Commandments, but I thought even with those holding her back she's fucking Knightwalker.

Knightwalker had a few chances to end the fight but she attacked with everything but the spearhead, the most dangerous part. That was her holding back. I gotta think Knightwalker, along with Erza, are skilled enough to cut and stab someone without it being fatal.

But again due to her fear of reverting back into a killer, she held back. She will, eventually in this arc, get past that fear and take up her Ten Commandments again.

And when she does it's going to be straight badass. I'm talking, fighting like 4 maybe 5 high class maybe S wizards. That's after she got stabbed in the back.


She's going to be a machine (not a killer though), whatever pain she feels in a fight she completely ignores it.

I can't wait to get to that point.

Now with Erza's part.

Like Knightwalker, I wanted her fight to be more tougher for her but I wanted to move on with the story as soon as possible so I decided to screw it, and on top of that, the magic I gave the twins was pretty lame.

I couldn't see Erza having a problem with those guys, and she wasn't distracted or holding back like the other two. But at the same time I had to make it interesting, so I decided to throw in the hostage situation.

I figured why not?

One, it filled in the place that was left behind when I shortened the fight. Two, I wanted to add something you don't usually see in Naza fics.

I haven't read one hostage situation as far as I can remember.

I hope I made it angsty enough.

If I didn't please feel free to leave advice for the next one.

Whenever that is.

I also showed how Natsu and Erza changed a little now that they have Hisako, hope you liked it.

Ok, I think that's about it when it comes for this chapter.

For what's coming up, well to be quick...

It'll take a few days for Natsu's foot to get healed.

Natsu doing some research about his distraction.

Spending some time with Hisako.

Laxus and Rin talking about something.

Kagura meeting Knightwalker for the first time. She won't like her because she knows about Edolas and what she tried to do. So some tension.

And, the "manly bitch" getting broken out of jail.

That probably summarizes it.

Now time to get to the COC and the next couple of arcs I have planned out.

There's obviously this arc after that though come the arc about Kagura's past and how she met Natsu and Erza. As I said before, her past isn't canon, and that arc will have a lot of flashbacks throughout the arc.

The one after that one will have a few things.

Another Laughing Coffin team.

The first COC arc I'll go into detail about that in a minute.

Natsu loosing control and running away, which will lead to his training. I will go into detail about his training, it won't be a timeskip thing. While that is happening Erza and Knightwalker will be doing their own thing with the COC's.

This arc will lead into the Great Magic Games arc.

The Great Magic Games will be like the Grand Magic Games but more diverse and it'll be every 4 years, so this will be the 2nd one since it should be the 8th year after the S-class trials. A few changes is it'll be 2 maybe 3 weeks long, anybody in the guild can participate in an event if chosen by the master, and there'll be guild team ups for certain events.

That's just because I want Kagura to fight alongside Fairy Tail at least once, and I can't just have her switch guilds. Also Knightwalker will make like her official debut to like the magical world. Gotta think that stories about Knightwalker would get out before the start of the Great Magic games, and I would think that another wizard on Erza's level popping out of no where would be big news to the magic community. Add on to the fact that she's with Fairy Tail and the magic games are coming up I would think there would be a lot of talk about her.

So, in the upcoming games she'll be a big deal.

It would be intimidating for the other guilds.

Fairy Tail wins the games one year and the next they come back with another Erza class wizard.

And actually there will be another one.

The earlier mentioned COC will actually be 3 of them but one of them will be Erza class level.

But getting back to Knightwalker, I was considering having her first match be that monster challenge that Erza did. That being said, all events that happened during the canon magic games didn't happen except Erza vs 100 monsters and the Chariot race. I'm doing that because I want Knightwalker to be reminded of her old self when she watches Minerva beat Lucy senseless in that water bubble fight.

That of course will lead to Knightwalker vs Minerva.

Can't wait for that one.

Also, I want the last match to be like canon Natsu and Gajeel vs Sting and Rouge but before the fight Natsu's basically like screw the tournament every man for themselves, let's see who the top dragon slayer is.

Of course not counting Laxus, Cobra, and Wendy. The first two because to me they're fake dragon slayers, they basically just took super steriods. And Wendy because, well . . . . she would get beat down if she faced another dragon slayer.

So the fight will really be Natsu vs Gajeel vs Sting vs Rouge.

I know right.

And I'm going to give it a name.

I decided to make up something called a Dragons Duel. It'll be like a fight between dragons for like dominance, who's the top dragons you know. Also another dragon has to be like a witness and ref. Of course Wendy will be the ref since only the dragon slayers raised by dragons know what it means.

So yeah.

Also this should go without saying but in my fic Sabertooth doesn't go soft and still is a rivaled guild into only strength and shit. Oh yeah, Raven Tail isn't pathetic in this fic either. I mean my goodness when I watched that fight with Laxus vs Raven Tail I was the fuck?

It was horrible.

Sure Laxus looked like a badass but I thought Raven Tail would've been a real problem not well what they were. I thought his dad was going to be this seriously evil villain, he turned out so pitiful.

I think that's the main focus of that arc after that one is the arc where Hisako gets kidnapped by slave traders. That will also be the arc where Morgiana makes her debut.

Those are the arcs I have planned out, after them, well I'll worry about that when I get there. I will obviously throw in 1 or 2 fun, fluffy, humor, lemon filled chapters between each arc.

Honestly though, when I think about it, I wonder how long this story can go, because after all those arcs a finished this story could be be closing in on 300,000 words and all of that story till that point will be like a step in a mile.

That's how much I have planned for this story.

Sometimes I wonder. . . . . 1,000,000 words?

Can I do it?

Who knows?

Ok time to explain a little about the COC's.

Like I said earlier, I'm not gonna pull these COC's from different universes. They'll all live on Earthland but the worlds a big place, who's to say that magic is the only power out there. Like with the Naruto COC's. They'll use chakra not magic.

I wanna do me best to keep everything canon for the COC's in my fic, like pasts or believes and of course character.

So don't worry about me butchering characters, Ill do my best.

Now time to explain the COC's that will appear in the arc after the Kagura one.

And the COC's are from . . . . . . . Date A Live, let me explain.

Honestly the idea came from Kurumi just randomly popped into my mind which led me to try to read the light novel where the anime ended to get more Kurumi.

I think I might have a theory behind why Kurumi's doing what she's doing.

It's from something I read so spoiler alert.

So basically this "that thing" (that's what it's called) tells Kurumi about Shido having the power of 3 spirits inside of him. So she goes to see if it's true she finds out it does. So she wants his power, why?

Because if she has all that power she could use her 12th bullet on herself which will send her back in time. She wants to go back in time to kill the first spirit who is the origin of all the spirits.

Here's the text.

"Thirty years ago, the Spirit that first appeared in this world. The 'First Spirit' became the origin of all the Spirits—my intention, is to kill it."


"That thing" didn't reply. Not paying any heed, Kurumi continued.

"To erase from this world, the fact of "the Spirit appearing". To cause all the Spirits in this world, to "no longer exist". —That, is my compassion."

After a brief silence, "that thing" spoke.

"—You, are surprisingly gentle."


Kurumi frowned unhappily, aimed the handgun in her hand in front of her and pulled the trigger.

But before the bullet released from the muzzle could hit its target, "that thing" had already disappeared into the darkness.

I was like what?

Is she pulling an a Itachi and Lelouch, do evil for the greater good type of thing.

Think about it, if she kills the first spirit then all the other spirits, including herself, are never born or created. What would happen if she does that?

Everybody that she killed and died from other spirits never die because the spirits wouldn't exist to kill them. I think she's saving all those people and if she is, then she's one of my all time favorite characters.

I mean I liked her before because she was crazy and seductive as hell, but if under all that is a hidden deep and caring character. . . . . . . speechless.

So after that I was like screw it, if I feel like I can add COC's without it being forced into the story than I'm doing it.

The next thing was, how to add them while keeping them as canon as possible. That meant keeping the whole them being spirits thing and Shido being able to seal their power away.

Just to be sure, overall, I only plan for Shido, Tohka, Kurumi, Yoshino, and Kotori to be in this story. I don't really plan on anyone else from Date A Live to be added to this fic.

Ok, so again I'm trying to keep them as canon as possible and that means my theory about Kurumi.

So hears the origin of the spirits.

Zeref before he turned evil created the spirits. They're not celestial spirits but like a sister race, there is a difference though.

1. The spirits are on a whole other level of strength compared to the celestial spirit, but they can die. Unlike the celestial spirits they don't get to go back to their world when they die.

2. If they die they, over time, get reborn but they're not suppose to remember their past lives, but Kurumi will remember everything and Kotori will have dreams about her past life. I'm doing that for them because in canon they seem more knowledgeable about spirits than Tohka and Yoshino, who seem completely unaware.

So, it goes without saying that Kurumi will be an enemy at first because she's killing people to gather enough strength to go back in time and kill Zeref before he goes evil and kills people or creates things that kills people.

Unfortunately, it'll be a while before Kurumi makes an appearance. Again I'm going canon as possible and that include order of appearances.

First will be Shido, Kotori, and Tohka. They'll appear after the upcoming arc.

Then will be Yoshino and Kurumi after.

I will say Tohka will be one of the stronger characters in this fic even as time goes on. I'm talking Erza level of power. Kurumi will also be up there but that's less to do with raw magical power and more about the abilities of her bullets, but still she'll be formidable, she'll be able to use space quakes.

Just so you all know, Shido and Kotori are oblivious to spirits and everything in this fic.

Shido will start out as a regular kid and Kotori isn't working with some secret organization.

Ok, I'm gonna wrap this up.

I was planning on going into more detail about the upcoming COC arc, but I ranted for WAY to long (I appreciate anyone that's still with me) so I'll go over that and other COC business in future chapters.

Hopefully I'll update soon. I'm going to work on the 2nd chapter of my Valvrave fic before moving on to the next chapter of this fic.