Simply Irresistible

Summary-With teen icon, Dak Zevon, this term was used a lot to describe him. And for Dak, there was only one girl he found irresistible; Rhuben Jackson. But, she hated him. There's a very fine line between love and hate. Usually when you think you hate someone, its misplaced attraction. Dak/OC


"I thought you were hanging out with your girlfriend, tonight."

Dak Zevon made a face before turning up the volume of the TV to drown out his sister, Lizzie Zevon's, voice. He didn't have to look over at her to know that she was smiling smugly at him.

"A: she's not my girlfriend, not officially anyway, and B: wipe that look off your face before I do it for you," he muttered.

"Touchy, touchy," Lizzie commented. Dak made a noise of protest when she grabbed the remote, muting the TV. "What's the matter, bro? I've never seen you this mad before."

"Nothing," Dak replied, reaching for the remote. Lizzie pulled it out of his reach, quirking an eyebrow. "Don't worry about it."

Lizzie let out a huff of annoyance. "I know you and Rhubes got into a fight," she commented and Dak's eyes narrowed. "Katie told me."

"Figures," Dak all but snapped. "Which means, Rhuben told her siblings, and one of them told Katie. None of you can keep a secret." He let out a heavy sigh, running his fingers through his hair.

"What did you guys fight about?" Lizzie asked, moving to sit on the couch next to him.

"I don't even know," Dak replied with a shake of his head. "One minute, we were having a good time, and the next, I was surrounded by fans. And then we just started yelling at each other." He swallowed thickly, making a face at the taste in his mouth. "She said she had to tell me something. I think it was important."

Lizzie suddenly looked away from him, chewing on her bottom lip. Dak turned off the TV and peered at her. "What is it?" Lizzie didn't reply, she just started to twist her hair around her finger. "Elizabeth Zevon; you tell me what's bothering you right now."

"You can't tell Kendall or James or any of them. Only Logan, Katie, and I know," Lizzie said in a warning tone. She had lowered his voice and leaned forward, giving Dak a look that meant she was serious. Dak frowned, sitting up in his seat, crossing his legs underneath him. "You can't tell Mrs. Knight, or mom or dad, and especially not Ronan."

"Ok," Dak replied, nodding slowly.

"I mean it, Dak, it's really important," Lizzie reiterated. "Swear to me."

"Oh my god, Liz," Dak commented. "Is it about you? Are you ok?"

"I'm fine, but no, it's not about me," Lizzie replied slowly.

"The…the McGuires?" Dal slowly asked. Lizzie nodded looking torn between whether or not she really was going to tell her brother what was wrong. "What is it?"

"They've been seeing Robert while he's been in rehab," Lizzie slowly replied, practically spitting out the words through clenched teeth. She watched her brother's face slowly turn from a blank look to a shock, fear, anger, and then worry. "I know."

"But…they can't!" Dak stammered, jumping to his feet, starting to pace. "He could do something. He could hurt them. Why are they doing it?" He paused for a moment, clenching his hands into fists before he let out a breath of air, his shoulders dropping. "Damn it, why didn't she tell me?"

"They want answers," Lizzie replied simply. "They want to know why he did that to them."

"That's stupid!" Dak cried. "That bastard didn't even give an explanation in court."

"Look, Dak, it may be stupid to us, but I really don't think they're actually going to get any form of closure on that part of their life until they actually get the answers they want," Lizzie replied, suddenly looking tired.

Dak glanced at her and suddenly realized how much she had to have grown up throughout the whole ordeal with Robert Jackson. He always took the time to protect her, to look out for her when his parents weren't around. He never actually realized that she wasn't a kid anymore, no matter how much he wanted to protect her.

He let out a breath of air when Lizzie added, "I've been wanting to tell you that for a while. It's why they've been acting so weird lately."

"That must be where they were when Ronan called looking for them," Dak replied, snapping his fingers. "When they said that they went to the mall to look for his birthday present." He ran his hands over his face. "Why didn't I notice something was wrong?"

"Because you love Rhubes, but everyone knows that," Lizzie replied, waving her hand in the air. Dak rolled his eyes. "You don't want anything bad to happen to her. That explains why you've been so out of it lately. Do you drink to cope with your frustrations over her?" Dak shifted n his seat when she gave him a knowing look.

"I just…what if he does something?" Dak asked in a quiet voice.

"They say that he's changed," Lizzie replied, barely believing the words that came out of her mouth. "They say he's nicer now and he's apologized for what he's done." She started twisting her hair around her finger again. "I'm just scared that he wants back in their life."

"It'd only be for money no doubt," Dak spat.

Lizzie shrugged and started to chew on her thumbnail. "I think they see him around the city." Dak clicked his tongue and knocked her hand away from her mouth. "I just…I have a bad feeling about it. I mean, they're clearly not over what happened. I don't think they truly will be." She gave him a curious look. "Is that what she wanted to talk to you about?"

"I don't know." Dak shook his head, suddenly looking angry again. "It's a stupid idea," he muttered, setting his jaw. "They don't get that they're just going to get hurt. They're not going to get the answers they want."

"Look, bro," Lizzie placed a hand on his knee. "I understand that you're worried. But, don't you think right now she needs someone that will listen to her even if she knows her idea is stupid?" She crossed her arms over her chest. "I mean, Patrick and Noah do dumb things all the time—well, mainly it's Patrick—but I don't go off on them unless I really need to."

"And you don't think I needed to?" Dak asked, his eyes narrowing. "That guy is dangerous, Liz. If he hurt them once, he can hurt them again." He let out a curse, shaking his head. "I should tell Ronan. I am going to tell Ronan."

"No, you're not," Lizzie replied, shaking her head. Dak scowled at her and reached for the phone lying on the table. But, Lizzie was faster and she scooped it up before he could lay his hands on it. "You're not telling him."

"Give me the phone, Liz," Dak said, reaching out his hand for the phone.

"Dak, if she's mad now, imagine how mad she'll be if she finds out you told Ronan," Lizzie said with an eye roll. "For someone so smart, you're really stupid sometimes. Rhubes—hell, all of them would flip their lid if they found out. You think Riley makes snarky comments about you now—save for the fact that they're jokes—she'd really rip into you. Rhubes wouldn't trust you, Patrick and Noah wouldn't talk to you, and well, you never know with Sydney." Dak chewed on his bottom lip. "Just trust them, D. Like Have faith that nothing bad will happen."

As soon as she said that, the doorbell rang. A feeling of dread suddenly washed over Dak as he exchanged glances with Lizzie. He pulled himself up off the couch and made his way into the foyer, Lizzie following right behind him. As the doorbell rang a second time, he twisted the door knob and pulled the door open, blinking when he saw Rhuben standing on the stairs.

"What are you doing here?" he asked, half out of shock and half out of anger.

"Uh," Rhuben glanced around the yard. "I don't really know, actually." She gave Lizzie a brief smile. Lizzie's eyes narrowed slightly as she looked the older girl over.

"Your cheek," she pointed out, noticing that the raven haired girl wasn't looking directly at them. Lizzie had spotted a bright pink mark on part of Rhuben's partially concealed face. Rhuben let out a heavy sigh, dropping her gaze to the floor before turning her head to the side. Dak's eyes widened and Lizzie let out an audible gasp when they saw how pink the skin was. There was also a slightly dark reddish, purple marking in the center of her cheek as well. The area around her left eye looked bright pink as well. "I'll get the first aid kit."

"What happened?" Dak asked in a low voice as soon as Lizzie hurried off. "Does Logan know?"

"I-I shouldn't have come," Rhuben stammered, stepping backwards. "Sorry to have disturbed you guys. I don't know why I'm here."

"Bella, stop," Dak hurried forward, grabbing her arm. She slowly turned back to face him and he swallowed thickly, reaching out a hand to lightly touch her hurt cheek. "Did he do this to you? Robert?" Rhuben slowly nodded, tears sliding down her cheeks. Dak's shoulders slumped. "Aw, Bells."

"It was stupid." Rhuben burst out into tears. "I don't know why I wanted to go so bad. I don't know what I was thinking."

And that's the "first chapter" to this fic. Lizzie is technically an OC of ours as well, and kinda not at the same time. Curt Hansen (who plays Dak Zevon) has a sister in real life, so we decided to have Dak have one so Katie could have a best girl friend her age (and to round out the Patrick, Katie, Noah, group as Sydney tends to float around everyone).

Anyway, this is actually also a scene you'll see later on in the story. I've been trying to write this story for a while, and I'm glad to finally be able to post it for you guys. BTR, DE, Jo, Camille, Stephanie, WayneWayne are in here for friendship purposes and they may have small romance plot lines as well. But, this is mainly a Della story. I'm thinking of doing a Della/Wiley (Dark/Rhuben and WayneWayne/Riley) story as well.

I hope you guys liked this.

PS: Adrenaline Rush will be updated again soon.