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Set After:

God has returned and put the Leviathans back where they belong.

He has also brought back the archangels to keep order (except Lucifer)

And of course Balthazar is back…because he is awesome.

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*Summary:* Dean and Sam parted ways when everything seemed as though it was back to normal. A year later, Dean is out hunting again and is killed but then brought back to life with the new ability to touch and see the wings of all angels. Castiel is brought back with Dean, still as an Angel of the Lord. What happens when Dean finds the angel's wings?

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AUTHORS NOTE: This is my first time writing in 3rd person POV so plz take it easy on me but still I would love suggestions on how to make it better. It is time for me to learn.

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Dean took a long deep breath and clasped onto the handle of his machete tightly. He pushed open the creaky door of the 'abandoned' mill. He knew it was a stupid idea to do this hunt alone but he tried to live a normal cookie-cutter lifestyle twice now and decided it was just not his thing.

Almost a year ago, he and Sam decided to go separate ways in means to try and have an ordinary life. They had heard a message from Balthazar that God had returned and sent all of the Leviathans back to Purgatory. That was all that was spoken though. When Dean had asked about Castiel, Balthazar had simply shook his head and vanished just like all the angels did.

For months, Dean still prayed to Castiel, both silent and aloud but the angel never showed, never even gave sign that he was alive. A pang shot into Dean's chest as he remembered the tan trench coat floating in the water. He would never say out loud just how much of a wreck he was on the inside. Castiel did not leave on best terms but Dean still considered him one of the closest people in his life. Losing him hurt more than he would like to admit.

He even held onto the trench coat, leaving a hidden space in his trunk for it to sit until, by some miracle, Castiel would return to claim it.

He suddenly was ripped out of his thoughts as he slammed into a wall. He winced when he felt the crack of his ribs. He was definitely not expecting that; a year without hunting made him quite rusty and he was after none other than vampires. He was not sure exactly how many were here, though, and that is what made this more dangerous.

It was the reckless behavior that seemed to snap him into reality, to know that this was not some sort of vivid dream.

He gasped and tried to stand as the tall, blonde vampire man stood before him. The vampire dove at him and as he did, Dean lifted the machete and swung it to perfectly slide across the neck. There was a sickening thud as the vampire's head rolled onto the floor, followed by the body.

Dean shook his head quickly as he leapt to his feet, ignoring the pain that ripped through his body. He darted his eyes across the darkness in hopes of catching a glimpse of eyes or teeth or anything to indicate a vampire. He knew for a fact that it was not just one causing all of the deaths in the area and he wondered if this was the nest.

He slowly snaked through the obstacles of machinery, the machete tight in his hand. His eyes darted to his left when he heard the movement of footsteps. Before he could comprehend what was happening, he was thrown into another wall, the sound of steel sliding across the concrete. He tried to scramble to grab it but was pulled back by two sets of hands grabbing his arms, holding him upright.

His heart pounded rapidly in his chest to see two vampires holding him and another walking towards him. He recognized this vampire as Danny Demur, one of the supposed witnesses he interviewed. Damn he was rusty to let this one slip by him. This was all a terrible idea and now it was too late. Danny stalked closer with a shit-eating grin "Oh Dean Winchester…how long I have waited for this moment," the vampire said, his eyes gleaming.

Dean tried to push off the vampires holding him but it was useless and he could feel blood pooling inside of him from what he expected to be a punctured lung. His breath was raspy "I admit, you really conned me; congratulations."

"I confess I was surprised to see that the Winchesters were back in business…but where is your little giant of a brother?" Danny asked, his hazel eyes scanning as though Sam would pop out at any moment.

"I'm alone," Dean said, facing the reality that he was going to die tonight. Somehow, he wasn't fearful.

"Pity, I was hoping for a little family reunion," Danny said, running his hand through his shaggy brown hair "But I guess you will do."

"Go to hell," Dean spat, glaring at the vampire before him.

Danny let out a booming laugh "No Dean, you have it all wrong…I believe it will be you going to hell tonight. I'm sure you know all about it."

Dean ground his teeth before coughing out a mouthful of blood. His vision danced before him as his head became light.

"Oh no, this cannot be. I will not let you die of internal bleeding. I want to do the honor of killing you," Danny said, closing the distance.

Dean growled and spit his mouthful of blood into the vampire's face.

Danny smirked before licking the blood from the side of his mouth. He closed his eyes and smiled "You taste so delectable."

"Give me your best shot," Dean snarled.

"Boys, release him. I believe it is time to get revenge on the man who has killed our brothers and sisters," Danny said.

Dean elbowed off the two vampires who held him and crouched, ready to fight until his last breath. With the strength he had left, he bounded at Danny, sending him to the ground.

He laughed, barely touched by the movement and in a blur, Dean was pinned to the ground, the vampire straddling him "I will make this slow so I can savor the moment. Try not to fight it or it will just hurt more."

Dean growled and threw a punch that the vampire caught easily. Dean winced when all of the bones it his hand cracked and shattered into pieces. He yelped in agony when the vampire slammed it into the concrete floor. Dean tried to move but was immobilized by the strength and weight of the vampire on top of him.

So this was it…this was how he was going to die; by a pathetic, low life vampire in Atlanta. He closed his eyes, wanting it to all be over…the pain, the heart break; the loneliness would finally all be over. For once in his lifetime, Dean Winchester submitted, laying his head back and relaxing.

"Relaxing will make it smoother, Dean," the vampire said, running his cold fingers across Dean's face. Dean sighed and for once in a long time, he gave up completely. He winced when he felt the dagger-like teeth slam into his neck. It hurt for a moment but he succumbed to it and was surprised at how not unpleasant this was. He could feel his blood rushing out of his body as he let his mind drift away to everything. His mother, his father and Sam…he knew it would hurt Sam when he discovered but at least he was no longer in this life. He could go on with his new girlfriend…his four month pregnant girlfriend. He would get married and be a lawyer and live the life he should have had so many years before.

Then there was Castiel and Bobby…the pain of losing them, drifting away into this vampire. He could feel the numbness taking over and the pain disappearing. All he could see was Castiel…that stupid tan trench coat that he hated and loved all the same. He managed to let out a half smile before everything disappeared, blackness taking over; the agony and longing finally gone.

. . .

Dean opened his eyes slightly, everything around him in a blur. There was a figure standing over him, fuzzy and unfocused. He was speaking, his voice urgent "Dean?" the voice said…so familiar it was. Dean tuned into the soft voice "Dean, you in there?" it asked again.

Dean blinked, the vision beginning to clear. Those eyes before him…the eyes so inhumanly blue…so glowing turquoise, more soothing than the ocean; the eyes that could belong to nobody else but Castiel. Dean smiled at the warmth pouring through him from those glorious eyes "Cas?" he asked, trying to focus his eyes to relish the perfect angel before him. He could see a smile form on that flawless face and it made his heart melt.

"Dean," the angel whispered, running his warm fingers along Dean's cheek "Oh thank you Father."

Dean felt giddy as he reached up to touch the immaculate being before him. His skin was porcelain and smooth "Am I in Heaven?" he asked.

The smile on Castiel reached his eyes as he took Dean's hand in his own "No Dean…but I'm here."

Dean closed his eyes and let out a long breath before opening them again. Everything was now in focus and he managed to sit up. He glanced at the angel who wore black slacks and a black jacket over his slightly unbuttoned white collar shirt. The dark blue tie was loose around his neck.

"Dean, are you in there?" Castiel asked, his eyes grazing over the hunter, who seemed to be in a trance. He wondered what happened; the last thing the angel remembered was waking in heaven and Gabriel telling him to go to Dean. Then he was here, in this mill full of vampires. He killed them all, of course and found Dean lying on the floor in a lifeless lump. Somehow, he was coming around and Castiel could not be more thankful.

"Cas?" Dean asked again with a sense of excitement pumping through his now alive veins.

Castiel smiled at his charge "I'm here, Dean," he said, running a soothing hand through Dean's hair.

Dean couldn't help the feeling of inexplicable bliss that was shooting through his body. He knew he had to be in Heaven. Castiel was here, kneeling before him, comforting him. He knew he was killed but couldn't remember the details.

"Dean, you are not dead. You were brought back," Castiel said with the same rush of joy.

Dean began to remember everything. The vampires, the death…it was so surreal but here he was, alive, in the same room with the vampires all dead around him. Was he truly brought back? Was Castiel really here with him?

He turned his eyes up and was at loss for words at what he saw. Beyond those eyes, attached to Castiel, was the most entrancing thing Dean had ever seen. Long and brilliant wings spread around them, glowing in the darkness of the mill. They were emanating in a range of sparkling shades of blues and greens and yellows. He remembered seeing the shadows of those wings but never once had he seen them as they were. He stared at them, unable to look away from their beauty.

"Dean?" Castiel asked, curious to what had Dean's eyes in such a trance.

"Cas…your wings…" was all Dean could manage to say.

Castiel knit his eyebrows in confusion. What did Dean mean? He was sure that there was no sunlight to cast the shadow of his wings. He darted his eyes around to double check but there was no sign of any light in this room. "Dean? What are you talking about?"

Dean gulped deeply, finally returning a glance at Castiel "I can see your wings…like, I can really, truly see them."

Castiel tilted his head in wonder "You can see them?" he asked.

Dean nodded, his eyes back at the feathers that glimmered and before he could rethink it, he reached his hand out to run his fingers across the closest feather. He closed his eyes and let out a slow breath as a euphoric feeling ran from his fingertips and into his body from the feather that was softer than silk.

Castiel shuddered when Dean's fingers brushed his feather. The tingling, warm feeling rushed through his body, sending chills down his spine. It was a feeling he had never experienced before and it was by far the most pleasurable thing he could have imagined possible. A noise escaped his lips that he didn't know possible. It was like a purring that started in his chest and into his throat.

Dean's heart raced when he heard a purring sound escape through the angel's lips. It caused his body to heat in an uncomfortable way…mostly because of the only time he would feel it was with women. Never once had a man made a sound that made him feel eager to touch them more.

"Oh Dean," Castiel purred when Dean's hand brushed across more feathers. He had no words to say that could express the feeling he had at this moment.

"Well look at you two little love birds," came the happy-go-lucky voice that always seemed to annoy Dean to his core.

Dean unwillingly pulled his hand back and snapped out of his trance. Castiel sighed and turned to his elder brother "Hello Gabriel."

Gabriel grinned at the two of them so obviously love-sick for each other that it was a wonder they hadn't even noticed it themselves.

Dean couldn't help but gaze at the wings which sprawled on either side of Gabriel. They were larger than Castiel's in what Dean assumed was a sign of authority and they were positioned in a manner in which they could strike with a deadly touch at any moment. That did not hide their beauty, though, glimmering in such wonderful colors in the darkness. It was like seeing rainbows in the clouds.

"That is a really nice set of wings you have there," Dean complimented, grinning. He was stunned when Gabriel's cheeks reddened and he looked away almost bashfully.

Gabriel couldn't help the flush over his cheeks when Dean said those words to him. Complimenting an angel's wings was the highest praise one could get. It very rarely ever happened because it was usually only other angels that could see them and considering each angel had their own set, compliments were never spoken. He turned his eyes back to Dean "How on Heaven can you see them?"

Dean shrugged "I really do not know…I just woke up and could."

Gabriel stared up in wonder, trying to remember the message that Joshua had given them from their Father.

"What is happening?" Castiel asked, snapping back into reality. The strange feeling still settled in his body, though.

"Joshua told us that Father was insistent on bringing you and Dean back together," Gabriel explained, remembering something else "Though he did mention something about a gift but I had just assumed he meant the gift of life."

Dean knit his eyebrows "Are you saying that God brought me back and gave me the ability to see angel's wings?" he asked, not understanding.

"That is what it appears…never happened before," Gabriel said, staring up at the ceiling again "Oh Father, you never cease to amaze me."

Gabriel grazed his eyes over the two of them and could see that he interrupted something personal. He felt slight jealousy that Dean was all touchy of Castiel's wings. He wanted to know what it felt like but he would need a good excuse for doing so.

"Why are you here, Gabriel?" Castiel questioned, glancing at the floor which was still covered in heads separated from the bodies.

"I was sent here to assure that Dean was up to standards," Gabriel quickly made up "Now I understand." He closed the distance between him and Dean, ignoring the growl that seemed to escape Castiel.

Dean stared at the archangel, confused "What?" he questioned, uncomfortable by the close proximity.

Gabriel gave him a smile "I need to see how you are with wings, silly."

Dean glared at him but he couldn't resist the urge to feel the silky feathers. He nodded and reached his hand out.

Castiel watched, feeling something like anger bubbling inside of him. He did not like that Gabriel was getting so close to his charge. He clenched his fists to hold back from lashing out at the elder angel.

Dean couldn't help but smile when he touched the feathers. Something warm radiated through him and he could feel a sense of giddiness pumping through his body. He had to laugh…something about the personality of this angel made him want to carelessly giggle no matter who was watching.

Pleasure shot through Gabriel when Dean's fingers caressed his feathers. His body seemed to shudder and his wings curled closer to Dean, wanting more friction. It was intense and unexplainable and suddenly, Dean moved his hand to the center of his wings and Gabriel couldn't help the loud purr that escaped his lips. His knees buckled and he fell onto the floor, unable to move. Now he was getting uncomfortable. If Dean kept this up, he would have a very horny angel to look out for.

"Alright Dean you can stop," Gabriel said, almost breathless.

Dean grinned when he realized he just hit some sort of spot on the archangel that immobilized him. He had to take advantage. He took the 'sweet spot' feather and massaged it with his fingertips. The angel below him stirred either uncomfortably or too comfortably to even move "Dean…that's enough."

Castiel watched in amusement as Dean took Gabriel down with a simple touch when most angels couldn't even get him to fall with brute force. He felt a sort of anger…or something rush through him again at the idea of Dean touching another angel.

Gabriel couldn't move as Dean put pressure on that spot. He remained completely exposed, lying on his back. The feeling was so good and so teasing all at once "Dean, you better stop before you have a very very turned on angel on your back," he warned.

At once, Dean pulled his hand back, sensing Castiel's eyes on him. He felt strange…as though he were doing something wrong…like cheating on Cas. He laughed to himself; that was impossible. They weren't together so to speak and Dean had a whole new idea up his sleeve. He now knew how to get angels to submit.

Gabriel jumped to his feet and gulped deeply "I-uh, Yes, Dean is very well situated. I…I'm gonna' go now." He said, vanishing in a flush of feathers.

Dean turned his eyes to Castiel, who was staring at him blankly "What?" he asked, noticing Castiel's wings had a darkness to them that was not there before "You okay?"

"I am fine," Castiel lied, wondering why he suddenly felt angry with Dean for touching Gabriel.

"We should, uh…we should get out of here," Dean said, noting the heads scattered across the floor.

"Okay," Castiel said, feeling like he wanted to ignore the hunter for making him feel so mad. He walked forward past Dean, using one of his wings to hit Dean in the face on the way.

"Are you serious Cas?" Dean asked, astonished that Castiel just feather punched him in the face.

Castiel ignored him and walked outside into the sunlight.

Dean couldn't believe Castiel's behavior. He was acting like a jealous girlfriend. He stopped once they stepped outside and tilted his head in wonder "Cas, how are your wings out if you're wearing a shirt?"

Castiel stopped in front of the Impala "You think something as simple as clothing can stop the wings from an Angel of the Lord?" he said as though Dean was stupid for asking.

"No…it's just…I don't see any holes in the clothing or anything," Dean said, wondering why Cas was giving him such a cold shoulder.

"Do not ask stupid questions, Dean," Castiel said, still wanting to be angry with Dean for that unknown reason.

"Cas, what is your problem?" Dean asked, feeling annoyed.

"I do not know, Dean. I am mad at you for touching Gabriel's wings," Castiel admitted, still curious to why.

Dean lifted his eyebrows in understanding "You're jealous?"

"What is jealous?" Castiel snapped at him.

"Calm the fuck down. Do you know why you are mad at me for doing that?" Dean asked curiously.

"I just don't want you to. You are my charge," Castiel said firmly "Gabriel needs to back off."

Dean pressed his lips together to stop from laughing "Cas, your jealous," he said.

"Is that what this is?" Castiel asked, his anger settling for misunderstanding.

Dean had to take a deep breath not to laugh "Yes, it is, Cas…it is perfectly normal," he said, not wanting to make the angel angry again.

"I don't like it," Castiel said, staring at the ground.

"Don't let it bother you then," Dean said, hoping to explain this but it was like trying to tell a teenage girl not to get jealous when her first boyfriend hugs someone else.

Dean's heart almost melted when he noticed Castiel had his lower lip pushed out as he stared down.

"Are you pouting?" Dean asked. Castiel was too innocent sometimes.

"No!" Castiel said quickly, trying to look mad again and failing miserably.

Dean smiled and stole a long glance at Castiel's wings in the sunlight. He was mesmerized at their glory "Cas, do you have any idea just how amazing your wings look in the light?"

As much as Castiel wanted to be mad at Dean, he couldn't help but smile. He didn't understand why he could not stay mad at him. Whenever he looked into those forest green eyes, he would forget everything that angered him.

Dean was giving him those eyes and Castiel couldn't be mad anymore. Castiel set his jaw and turned around. No, he would not give in so easily; Dean needed to know what he did was wrong.

Dean rolled his eyes at the angel who had his back turned to him and realized that something was off. He smiled when he remembered and walked over to the trunk of the Impala. He began to shuffle through some of his equipment.

Castiel withdrew his wings in means to hide them from Dean but he couldn't help but he curious to what the hunter was doing in the trunk. He lifted his head slightly, trying to get a look but couldn't get a good view.

When the trunk closed, he already had his eyes back on the ground.

Dean wanted to laugh endlessly at this behavior but knew that it would only make it worse. He was also slightly upset that Castiel's wings were hidden from him. He held the ugly trench coat behind his back "Castiel, I believe you are missing something," he said.

Castiel lifted his head to meet Dean's eyes and was doing a fairly good job at keeping a poker face "I am not missing anything," he said firmly.

Dean gave a low laugh and held out the trench coat. He watched as Castiel's eyes examined it.

Castiel stared at the trench coat and all at once, a range of emotions came pouring into him. He could not even stop the smile that curled onto his face as he took it into his hands and unfolded it. He had thought he would never see it again. He pressed his lips together as he slid the jacket on, feeling like he used to for once in a very long time.

He turned his eyes to Dean and tilted his head in wonder "You found it?" he asked.

Dean nodded "Of course I did," he said.

"And you kept it?" Castiel questioned, knowing Dean disliked the jacket.

"Well, you wouldn't be Cas without that ugly thing," Dean said, grinning when he realized the angel was acting like he used to.

Castiel remembered everything he had done to Dean…the lying, the stealing, the spying…how horrible he acted when he was on his power trip. He took a deep breath "Dean…I'm so-"

"-No Cas, don't apologize. Please don't. Let's just start fresh," Dean interrupted; not wanting to think about everything Castiel did before he died…though he mostly just didn't want to think about seeing the angel die.

Castiel nodded in understanding and was thankful. He hated to remember what he did to Dean. It pained him when he did so.

They silently slid into the car. Dean turned on his baby as Castiel sat in the passenger seat. Dean began his way over to the motel when Castiel spoke.

"Dean?" Castiel asked, finally noticing what exactly seemed off.

"What?" Dean questioned.

"Where is your brother?" Castiel inquired.

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