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. . .

"It's been raining since you left me

Now I'm drowning in the flood

You see I've always been a fighter

But without you I give up" – Bon Jovi: Always

. . .

Chapter 60: The Break-Up Part 1:

Dean smiled warmly at the waitress as she handed over the plate of food. The scent of the rare cooked hamburger and bacon reached his nose, making his mouth salivate. The waitress – Beth – made it obvious she wanted him. She pressed out her chest, revealing quite a bit of cleavage for just a diner girl. He couldn't help but stare at the voluptuous breasts in front of his eyes. When she pulled away, he beamed up at her "Thank you so much, sweetheart," he said.

Her cheeks flushed red over her tanned skin and her dark brown wavy locks hung around her face. Her large, hazel eyes were gleaming in the sunlight shining through the window beside them. "If you need anything else, just let me know," Beth said as he brushed her hand over his shoulder. Dean grinned once she walked away. He smiled as he stared at the giant bacon cheeseburger sitting in front of him. He lifted it, pleased with the weight, before taking a large bite. It was crunchy with bacon, soft with the bun and sweet with the ketchup all at the same time. All in all, it was a perfect burger. He let out a moan of delight. As he chewed, he turned his eyes to the angel that was sitting across from him.

Castiel's wings were darker than usual with the feathers pointed and twitched in irritation. His lips were formed into a firm line and usually bright, sapphire eyes were stormy blue. His arms were crossed over his chest.

"Wha?" Dean asked through his mouthful of food.

"Don't be distasteful, Dean. Do not speak to me with your mouth full of that disgusting food," Castiel said bitterly.

Dean lifted his eyebrows and swallowed down the mouthful – probably a bit too soon since it felt like it was stuck in his chest – and narrowed his eyes at his angel "What crawled up your ass?" he asked, his mood starting to dwindle.

"You are being sloppy," Castiel said, his eyes turning in the opposite direction.

Dean felt irritation bubble into him "Seriously? And I thought you loved cheeseburgers."

Castiel turned those steel eyes to him "I'm an angel of the Lord. I do not eat cheeseburgers," he said.

Dean scoffed "Yeah that's why you ate hundreds of them."

"That was because of famine and I was not entirely angel then…definitely not archangel," Castiel said in a clipped tone.

Dean was about to speak but Beth walked back over. She placed a hand on his shoulder "How is your burger?" she asked.

"How about you get your hands off of my man," Castiel snapped, his wings flaring wide and knocking off salt shakers and ketchup bottles.

Beth pulled her hand back quickly, her eyes wide and doe-like "I – I'm sorry, I didn't realize," she said.

"Of course you didn't. You humans never think about your actions nor do you care about how your actions will make others feel," Castiel said, his voice lethal like venom.

Beth's eyes were wide and she shook slightly as she tried to comprehend why he was referring to them as humans. There was something about this man…She nodded and quickly scrambled the other way.

"Cas! What the hell!" Dean growled angrily, pushing away the plate that now contained a burger covered in feathers from his angel's outburst. He stood up and slammed a 20 onto the table. He stormed out of the diner and straight over to the Impala.

Castiel followed, keeping a sharp eye on Beth as he walked out. Her face paled as she ran into another room. Castiel then walked out the door to see Dean already speeding off in the Impala. He felt more anger rush through him as he lashed his wings.

Dean didn't even jump when Castiel appeared in the passenger's seat beside him.

"Slow down, Dean. You are going to get yourself hurt," Castiel ordered, his tone flat.

Dean pointedly ignored him and stepped on the pedal harder. The Impala roared with power as her tires sped along the pavement.

"Fine," Castiel said "If you ruin your 'baby', don't come crying to me."

Dean listened to the sound of Castiel's wings as he fled the vehicle. He ground his teeth and blasted the radio as loud as it could go.

It only took about ten minutes before he was pulling into the parking lot at Bobby's place. He skidded to a stop and cut the engine. He sat in there for a moment, trying to cool himself down before stepping out of the vehicle.

Once he closed the door and turned, he was met by the harsh blue eyes of his angel. Dean glared at him "What is your issue?"

"You have to learn how to be more decent in public, Dean," Castiel said.

"Me! Are you kidding? Did you hear yourself! You practically smited that poor woman right where she stood!" Dean shouted, not caring if they heard him inside.

"She was touching you," Castiel said firmly.

Dean rolled his eyes "It happens. I'm just too sexy for them to handle."

"Get over yourself, Dean. You should know better than to try and sleep with women while you're with me," Castiel snapped, his wings shooting out stray feathers.

Dean shoved his angel and began to stomp over to Bobby's front door.

"Oh no you don't," Castiel growled. He grabbed Dean's arm, right over the scarred handprint.

Dean ground his teeth as he felt Castiel's powers push through him from the bond. He smacked his angel's hand off of him and whirled around, eyes lit with fury "I wasn't going to sleep with her, Castiel," he said "I'm allowed to flirt."

"I don't 'flirt', as you call it. I'm entirely committed to you and only you, Dean," Castiel said, his voice dark with anger.

"I'm sorry, Cas but I'm a man. It was just harmless flirting," Dean said.

"You are so out of line," Castiel said in a clipped voice.

"Screw you, Cas. You need to learn to calm yourself and not get so jealous," Dean snapped, turning to walk back to the house.

Castiel took a deep breath, trying to control his anger but he couldn't contain it all. He grabbed onto Dean's arm once more and yanked him. He shoved Dean against the Impala "You need to learn not to be such a needy little human."

Dean was furious as Castiel pinned his arms down. Those blue eyes were like hurricanes. He shot daggers through his eyes right back "Maybe that's what wrong. I'm just some pathetic human and you're an all-powerful angel who's too good for me."

"Maybe it is," Castiel's voice was low and flat, knowing he was now being very harsh but he couldn't stop himself.

"Fine then," Dean growled, shoving Castiel away "This human," he motioned to his body "Is going to go be with the other humans. You have a great eternity being an angel of the Lord."

"I will," Castiel said darkly before thrashing his wings and taking off, leaving Dean alone in the parking lot of Bobby's place.

. . .

Sam and Gabriel froze in the kitchen of Bobby's place when they heard the shouting start. They both were silent as Castiel and Dean fought outside.

"Should I go out there?" Sam asked, fearing that Dean was going to overreact and lose another person he cared about.

Gabriel shook his head "I know Castiel well…he is really, really angry…it wouldn't be smart to get involved."

They heard the last words spoken and Gabriel flinched when Castiel agreed with Dean calling himself a pathetic human; this was very bad.

After a few moments, the front door opened and slammed closed. Sam instantly walked into the sitting room where Dean was just standing in the middle, his hands clenched into fists and his eyes filled with so many different emotions that Sam wouldn't be able to figure out which one was the worst.

"Dean," Sam said slowly, making sure not to cause his brother to snap.

Dean could hear Sam call his name but he couldn't find it in him to respond. His blood was boiling beneath his skin and his eyes were stinging with the desire to tear up. He stopped them, though and took a deep breath to compose himself. He didn't need Castiel…no, he was perfectly fine without the perfect angel with those perfect eyes and perfect wings. His jaw tightened and he bit down on his lip. He wasn't going to let it get to him. He closed his eyes for a moment, collecting himself before throwing up his wall and composing his features. When he opened his eyes, his face was blank and eyes empty.

"Dean…is everything okay?" Sam asked slowly as though Dean was breakable.

Dean threw on a smile "Yeah Sammy, I'm just peachy."

Sam frowned and lowered his eyes "Dean…you can talk to me…"

"I said I'm fine, Sam," Dean snapped, his emerald eyes filling with anguish.

Sam didn't want to let it go but he knew Dean wasn't going to speak if he didn't want to. He was worried about losing the happy, lovesick Dean.

"What happened to your arms?" Sam asked, turning his attention to Dean's arms which were covered in deep, dark purplish blue bruises.

Dean knit his eyebrows at the bruises. He didn't even feel them…at least not till' Sam just mentioned them. He rolled his eyes and made his way towards the stairs.

He jumped and cursed when Gabriel appeared right in front of him. His amber-gold eyes were filled with despair as he grabbed Dean's arms to inspect the definite hand-shaped bruises. Dean pulled his arms back "Don't touch me. Why don't you go and prance around with the other perfect angels."

Gabriel ground his teeth but let that one go. He was more just confused that Castiel would even harm Dean in any way – except when Dean was going to say yes. Something had to be seriously wrong with Castiel's mentality at the moment.

"Move," Dean demanded as the short archangel stood in front of him.

Gabriel grabbed Dean's arm once more and lifted the sleeve to see the mark that made Dean and Castiel's bond. His eyes widened when he noticed the usually faded scar colored deep, dark red. It almost looked black. Now he knew something was severely wrong. He quickly let go of Dean's arm and spread his wings, taking flight up to Heaven.

Dean pulled his sleeve back down, his heart crushing at how the print looked more like a curse than something he had cherished.

"What happened, Dean?" Sam tried again, walking over to his brother.

Dean shook his head and just walked up the stairs, ignoring Sam. He was not going to talk like some chick whose boyfriend just dumped her.

. . .

"Castiel…what is wrong?" Gabriel asked as he wandered into the Heaven that Castiel enjoyed. He had thought Castiel would want to hide but apparently not…almost all of the angels knew where Castiel's safe place was. He was currently sitting upon a stone bench, staring up at the sky.

Gabriel watched as Castiel's deep ebony wings were twitching and slumped so low that they covered most of the grass by his feet. A darkness seemed to emanate around the angel, causing the weather in the heaven to change. Deep, dark clouds began to smear across the sky, colored in dark grey and almost purplish in some places. Thunder was rumbling lightly and a few streaks of lightning shot across the sky through the clouds.

Castiel just took a deep, shaken breath. He was still so angry with Dean. He loved the hunter so much and Dean never really showed any compassion back. All he did was flirt with pretty girls all the time and it was getting on his nerves. He just couldn't handle it anymore.

Gabriel took a seat beside Castiel and allowed his bright, golden wings slump with Castiel's. His feathers twisted with the black ones tightly and he could immediately feel that his brother wasn't doing well at all.

"Cas…what is wrong with you? You have been acting strange for the past week," Gabriel pointed out.

Castiel just ignored him and pulled his feathers away from Gabriel's. He didn't want comfort. He didn't need comfort.

"You hurt Dean, you know," Gabriel mentioned, hoping it would snap some sense into the idiot angel.

Castiel expression turned to pain before smoothing out into a blank mask "He was out of line."

Gabriel lifted his eyebrows "So you don't care that he is hurt?" he asked.

Castiel took a deep breath and swallowed before shaking his head "No. He deserved it." It was a lie and he knew it but he was just so angry.

Gabriel arched an eyebrow and stood up. He allowed his wings to spread "Well, since you think he deserved it then he must have done something to hurt you…and I will stick with my word to teach him a lesson."

Castiel's head perked up and his wings flared wide as he jumped up "You will not harm him," he snapped, getting ready to fight his brother if it was necessary.

Gabriel sighed and shook his head "I can see right through you, Cas. Just tell me what's going on," he said.

Castiel shook his head "I don't want to talk about it."

"Then I'll just get answers from Dean whether he likes it or not," Gabriel said simply.

"This is between Dean and I. Stay out of it," Castiel said flatly "I mean it, Gabriel."

Gabriel stared at his broken brother for a moment, then nodded. As much as he wanted to send Dean to a universe where he could be torn to shreds, he knew not to do that. Castiel was right…they needed to deal with their issues on their own. With a nod, he fled, leaving Castiel alone.

Castiel sat back down on the bench. He pressed his face into his hands, knowing he overreacted. He should never have said those words to Dean. He felt despair creeping through him; he just ruined the only good thing he ever had. As a tear streamed down his cheek, a raindrop fell from the clouds.

. . .

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