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. . .

Chapter 62: The Break-Up 3:

"Seriously, I'm about to go myself," Sam said as he stood up and headed towards the door. He didn't know what his brother was up to and he wasn't sure how drunk he was so driving would be a bad idea. He shouldn't have let him go in the first place. Dean was a good driver – perfect even – while sober or drunk but combine alcohol with his drastic emotion changes at the moment…that could be bad.

Castiel began to follow Sam and then froze mid-step as an icy chill washed through his grace and wings. It was the most dreadful and sickeningly frightening feeling he had only experienced once before. This time it was a million times stronger and he visibly shook. He could feel his wings shuddering and shaking against the feeling, stretching as wide as they could go without his say but he didn't care. Something bad was happening. The only other time he felt this sort of chill through his grace was when…his entire grace clenched itself…last time he felt this, Dean and Sam had been shot and killed.

Without a moment to register how odd it would look to the humans in the bar, he spread his wings and took off like a bolt of lightning crashing down from the sky.

Gabriel watched…he literally could see as the vibes shuddered through Castiel's wings and he could see the despair and fear on his brother's face at the feeling. It was the moment that Castiel froze…it was the look in his eyes that told Gabriel everything he needed to know and everything he didn't want to know. Once Castiel vanished, he turned his eyes to Sam, who now appeared bewildered at Castiel's sudden takeoff.

Gabriel quickly grabbed onto Sam's wrist and pulled them out of the bar. Once in the parking lot, he spread his wings, trying to catch a trace of where Castiel's grace was pulling.

"What's going on?" Sam asked, his heart giving a twist for some reason. He had an extremely bad feeling in his gut.

Gabriel bit down on his lip and turned to Sam, who was now alarmed at the worry in his angel's eyes.

"Gabe?" Sam asked, feeling more afraid now.

Gabriel took a deep breath as he sensed Castiel's now icy cold grace and he knew…he just knew something was wrong with Dean. With a look at Sam, he grabbed onto his wrist and fled to the scene.

. . .

Castiel could feel in his grace as Dean's presence vanished all together. He knew that it was bad and when he arrived to where he last felt the pull, his grace shivered at the sound of police and ambulance sirens blaring, heading in the direction of the small shop where the Impala was sitting at a gas pump. From inside, he could see a man wearing all black with his hands over his face and a discarded weapon on the floor.

Castiel tried to swallow the lump in his throat as he pressed open the door. His entire body shook at the sight. The man in all black was holding a ski mask in one hand as he held the other one over his face. His brown eyes were filled with fear as he stared down at an elderly man leaning over a form…a form that Castiel knew was Dean. The sickening scent of coppery blood filled the air.

Castiel glared darkly at the man wearing all black. The man began crying, his voice torn as he repeated 'I didn't mean to' over and over again. Castiel mentally marked him to deal with later. He then leaned down beside the elderly man who had a few tears streaming down his face as he tried to hold a rag against the wound on Dean's chest. Crimson red stained the cloth and was spilled on the floor around the body.

Castiel couldn't register what he was seeing. He felt his own grace well up as he moved a hand to Dean's skin. The temperature was already dropping and Castiel just knew he was dead. He just didn't want to believe it.

"He tried to stop the robber," the elderly man said, his voice filled with distress "I – I called the police…I don't know what to do."

Castiel closed his eyes for a moment and placed a hand over the man's. The hand was bloodied with the rag. Castiel then turned his eyes to meet gray "You have done well…this is not your fault," he said "You need to go and wait by the door for the police."

The man nodded, sensing something about the man in the trench coat. He quickly let go and stood up with shaky legs.

Castiel quickly turned his attention back to Dean's body. He leaned his face down as he pressed his hand deep into Dean, trying to feel for his soul. He was praying it hadn't left the body yet. His grace coiled when he felt the emptiness inside of his Dean. He pulled his hand back out, his body trying to have a melt down. He couldn't yet…he had to find Dean's soul…once again. If only he had left when Dean did, this never would have happened. He sucked in a breath as he backed up. He could hear the doors opening and closing as the police and ambulance arrived. Before they could see him, he fled up to Heaven.

. . .

Sam didn't know exactly what was going on but when he and Gabriel landed at a gas station, his body filled with dread. Flashing lights of blue and red filled his vision as well as sounds of sirens and voices and radios. People in uniform were filling up the little mart as well as the parking lot but all Sam could register was the gleaming, sleek black Impala sitting by the pump. Dean was not in the vehicle.

His heart began to pick up in pace and he didn't give a moment before he was running towards the door. He was immediately pushed by a set of hands.

"Sir, this is a crime scene, you can't go in there," an officer Sam didn't bother trying to look at was saying.

"My brother," Sam choked out as he peered through the door above the short officer's head. He could see EMTs around a body, trying to bring it back.

Sam felt his stomach turn when he could see and smell the blood from the mart.

"You are under arrest…" he began to hear an officer's dark and authoritative tone.

He spun around, hoping Dean was being arrested and not the one lying dead on the floor but his heart sunk when he could see a man dressed in black being pressed against a vehicle as handcuffs were snapped around his wrist.

His body lit with fury at the realization that Dean was lying dead on that floor because of this man in front of him. With wide, fiery eyes and clenched fists, Sam felt like liquid hot rage was pumping through his veins. He swore his vision reddened at this man and he didn't remember moving. Next thing he realized, he had the man slammed onto the pavement and he was pounding his bloodied and broken face. Hands were pulling at his shoulders, trying to yank him away from the murderer.

He didn't snap out of it until he felt the soft, warm wing curl around his body and two firm arms wrap around him. He allowed Gabriel to pull him back as he registered he would kill this man when he got the chance.

He couldn't think straight…couldn't comprehend the officers speaking and shouting at him…he couldn't even register what Gabriel was saying. All he could do was stare as a black bag was being moved.

. . .

Dean groaned when he felt his body lying against something hard and cold. He blinked a few times, trying to rid of the blurriness as his eyes registered he was lying upon a wooden floor of some sort. Music was playing softly in the background…Kansas?

'Carry on my wayward son, there'll be peace when you are done…lay your weary head to rest…don't you cry no more'

He knit his eyebrows in confusion…the music was soft within the blur of voices…like he was in a bar of some sort. He still couldn't move…he closed his eyes, trying to remember what happened. Did he pass out somewhere?

"Dean?" a familiar voice asked, filled with honest confusion and worry "Is it really you?"

Dean opened his eyes and suddenly, he could move and see clearly. He was in a bar…not just any bar. He was in the Roadhouse. He bit down on his lip as he pulled himself to his feet to turn his eyes to the speaker.

Jo's eyes were widened with a mixture of worry, fear, sadness with a hint of happiness. Dean was confused. He couldn't figure out what was going on.

"I had a bad feeling when that song started playing," Jo said, her voice shaking as though she were trying to make a joke but couldn't bring herself to think of it that way.

Dean smiled at seeing Jo. She had been such a great friend and an amazing hunter until…his stomach dropped as he gazed around the bar that held a few other hunters he recognized. He turned back to Jo "Am I dead?" he asked.

Her eyes dropped and she chewed on her lower lip for a moment. Her gaze lifted back to Dean "I think you are…this…as far as I'm aware, this is Heaven."

Dean closed his eyes and ran a hand down his face as he remembered. He was shot by that stupid idiot in a ski mask. Of all things to be killed over, it was just some stupid guy in a stupid ski mask. He sighed as he realized this may be it…he no longer had an angel who cared enough to want to bring him back. He would be fine with that. He could be at the Roadhouse…happy and carefree.

All of those thoughts cut short when he realized Sammy wasn't with him. He would be so torn to know Dean was dead. He had to get back for his brother.

"Dean Winchester," another voice sounded, a firmer voice.

Dean turned his eyes to Ellen as she walked over, looking worried, glad and pissed all at once. She smacked a hand to the back of Dean's head.

"Ow," Dean said, not that it hurt but just that she did it. He rubbed the back of his head and backed away "What the hell?"

Ellen's eyes were harsh "How did you go and get yourself killed?" she crossed her arms.

"Mom," Jo said, with a groan.

Dean smiled…they were just as he remembered. He sighed "You wouldn't believe it if I told you."

"Vampire? Werewolf? Rugaru?" Ellen asked.

"Shot in the chest…by a person trying to rob a gas station," Dean said, feeling like an idiot for going out that way.

Jo's lips quirked just a bit but she remained passive.

"How on Earth did you do that?" Ellen asked.

"He came in with a gun…and…well, I was too drunk to disarm him in time," Dean admitted. When they both just stared at him, he added "He was going to give the man behind the counter a heart attack."

"Well, don't you still have that angel on your shoulder?" Ellen asked "I'm sure Castiel will be here to pick you up."

Dean tried not to give a reaction but both Ellen and Jo saw the flinch. He was instantly bombarded with questions.

. . .

"I can't find him!" Castiel shouted at Michael, who flinched by the sudden outburst. He tilted his head in confusion at the angel with blue eyes and black wings storming into the room.

"First, calm down before you cause Edmonton another earthquake," Michael said, standing up "And secondly, who can you not find?"

Castiel took a deep breath but he still couldn't feel anything through his and Dean's bond. It was gone…completely vanished. He couldn't speak without his voice rising.

"Dean?" Michael asked, knowing that specific man was the only being to make Castiel react in such a way.

Castiel nodded "H-he was killed…I can't find him. Why isn't he on the path?" he asked, voice rising again.

"He's been here before, correct?" Michael asked, trying to calm his younger brother down "When he went to the Garden to speak with Joshua."

Castiel nodded, trying to push his grace through the Heavens but without his bond with Dean, it was impossible to find him. It could take years.

"Then he already had his path. He is probably in a set Heaven already," Michael said, wanting to sigh. Those Winchester's got themselves killed more than anyone he knew. A time was going to come when they weren't going to be allowed back to Earth. He silently wondered if this was it for Dean.

"No don't you dare think that," Castiel said. Of course he couldn't read Michael's mind but he knew the look. He had been thinking the same that Dean might be lost to Heaven forever. He would be okay with that. He would be able to be with him for eternity once he found him. But he knew Dean wouldn't be happy without his brother.

"You just need to take a deep breath and calm down for a moment. Now where do you think Dean would go for a Heaven? Anyone he would want to see that you can think of?" Michael asked.

Castiel knit his eyebrows. There were so many people Dean would want to see. Mostly, though, he would want to see his parents once more but they were also lost. Castiel wasn't even sure if they were in Heaven.

"I would say Mary and John Winchester but I don't believe they are around," Castiel said "Unless he managed to find them."

"How is your link with Dean?" Michael asked, knowing about the break up. Almost all of the angels heard about it. For some reason, it was a big deal.

Castiel's face filled with pain "It's gone," he said.

Michael nodded "That can happen when the human passes over," he said "Do you recall any heaven he went to last time he was here?"

Castiel thought about it. At that time, he was more focused on getting them to the Garden. He didn't pay any attention to where they went before that. It was foolish and he regretted not caring as much then. He felt ashamed for not knowing.

"Did you find Dean yet?" Gabriel's voice asked as he popped into the room. He stared back and forth from Michael to Castiel and knew his answer. This wasn't good. He knew there had to be an unasked question and he was going to hate being the one to ask.

"Are you sure he came here?" Gabriel asked, earning a death glare from the young angel. He held up his hands "I'm just thinking of all options here."

"Where else would he go, Gabriel? He isn't supernatural and he has done nothing to earn being sent to Hell," Castiel said bitterly.

"You sure he is purely human?" Gabriel asked "I mean, no other human can touch our wings or see them."

"Father wouldn't put a burden on him like that," Castiel said flatly.

Gabriel nodded. That made a good point. He just had to think of all options. So Deano was lost to Heaven once more. He really needed to get a beeper on that man.

"Sam is a wreck," Gabriel said "So we need to get him his brother back before he does something entirely stupid."

There was a moment of silence and it pained Castiel to ask "Michael…can you still…your vessel bond with him…can you…?" he hated the fact that another angel may be able to find Dean other than himself.

Michael took a deep breath. Of course he could still feel somewhat of a link to his vessel but he didn't want to bring it up. But the young angel just brought it up and he wasn't going to lie. He nodded slightly as he felt Dean. He was in Heaven but he seemed peaceful and a little happy. Heaven would do that to you though.

"Well…can you tell where he is?" Castiel asked.

Michael frowned as he mentally tracked where Dean was. Dean seemed really relaxed for once though and he didn't want to ruin it for the human by yanking him back to Earth. He was also thinking it was about time those Winchester's stopped being brought back to life. It wasn't natural and they needed to know that fate couldn't be changed so much.

"Michael…don't spare any details here…I know that look," Gabriel said as he watched his brother "Doesn't matter what vessel your in."

"He is happy right now…and I'm not sure you're allowed to bring him back this time," Michael said slowly.

Castiel's wings flared wide with anger "You will tell me where he is, Michael."

Michael glared back "I do not have to do anything you tell me."

"Don't be a douchebag, Mikie," Gabriel said "Just give us the location."

"Why do you even care?" Michael asked Gabriel, who actually looked offended and somewhat hurt before masking his emotions. He just sighed.

"He's to the south of the Garden…at…a bar, I think," Michael said "But you know you need to get permission to bring him back."

Castiel frowned…he had forgotten that bit. He knew where Dean was though…The Roadhouse with Ellen and Jo. He should have thought of that sooner. With a nod, he thanked Michael then set off.

. . .

"I knew it," Jo said with a smile "I knew that angel was crazy about you."

Dean rolled his eyes "Apparently everyone thought so."

"But you two just broke up," Jo finalized.

Dean narrowed his eyes at her "You make it sound so chick-flicky."

Jo rolled her eyes "Did you try to make it up to him? I think you two would be cute together."

Dean just stared at her and lifted his eyebrows "Well…I haven't talked to him since."

"You're an idiot then," Ellen threw in.

"He didn't try either," Dean pointed out.

"But you still care about him, right?" Jo asked.

Dean nodded "Of course."

"So make it up to him," Jo said.

"It's a little late for that now, isn't it?" Dean asked, motioning to where they were.

"It's never too late…and we're in Heaven…this is, like, his home right?" Jo said.

"Last time I was here…he contacted me and Sam through radios and phones and stuff…" Dean said, turning his eyes to the jukebox that was playing a song he didn't know.

"Dean," Castiel's voice sounded. It was much louder than Dean expected and he jumped slightly as the gruff voice sent chills down his spine. He had missed it so much.

Castiel took a deep breath, his stomach doing a cartwheel as those emerald eyes turned to him. They were filled with a range of relief and joy. He quickly stood up from the stool.

Without hesitation, Castiel threw his arms around Dean. His soul was so warm in Heaven and he could feel it binding with his grace, twisting through like vines around an archway. He felt so secure and determined to make it right now that he had his righteous man in his arms…his one love. He let all six of his wings unfurl to securely hold Dean, who relaxed into the feel of them.

Dean didn't even care that the entire bar went silent with Castiel's arrival. He didn't care that all of these hunters and Ellen and Jo were watching this moment with the angel. He was just overwhelmed to hold Castiel again. He didn't realize just how much he missed him. He didn't even remember why they had that fight in the first place. He twisted his fingers into Castiel's feathers and clutched them as though he were afraid the angel would vanish. He didn't know if it was because they were in Heaven but he could literally feet Castiel's grace. He could feel it binding into him like…becoming part of him and he wondered if it was connecting with his soul…it obviously was because Dean was dead…so he was purely just a soul at the moment.

"I love you so much," Castiel whispered against Dean's neck.

Dean felt strange saying it when it had been so long but the words slipped out smoothly "I love you, too."

Castiel smiled and gently moved his hand to Dean's shoulder, where his bond was savaged. This was the last time he was allowed to rebuild Dean and bring him back to Earth. He took a deep breath, mentally telling Gabriel to make sure Dean's body was ready to bring the soul back to.

"I'm bringing you home now," Castiel whispered, pulling back slightly to stare into the emerald eyes on the brightest soul in the heaven. Dean nodded and took a deep breath.

"Just let me say bye to Ellen and Jo," he said, not sure how he felt about that.

Castiel reluctantly let go of Dean, who turned to the mother and daughter.

Jo was smiling widely at them, "Hi Castiel," she said.

Castiel gave her a nod, glad that she and Ellen could be together in Heaven. He always felt like their deaths were partially his fault.

Dean sighed "Good seeing you Jo," he said. He grunted slightly when he was pulled into a hug.

"Don't you go and break his heart now," Jo whispered in his ear.

Dean rolled his eyes as he let go. He was then pulled into a hug by Ellen.

"I hope I don't see you soon," Ellen said.

Dean laughed "Thanks…I think."

Once Dean was ready, Castiel took a deep breath. He stared into those eyes once more "I'm not sure how much of this you will remember…"

Dean nodded and closed his eyes when he felt Castiel's hand curl onto his shoulder, just over where the mark was before and he was curious if a new one would show up. He was a twinge of excitement at that thought. He gasped slightly when he felt a wave of electricity, warmth and euphoria pass through him from his shoulder. It was as though it were wafting through his entire being, into his soul and morphing into something so bright that through his closed eyelids, he could barely withstand it.

He then felt Castiel…he could feel the angel's grace in his soul, binding and loving and so peaceful like he was floating in a warm, feathery light. It was the most incredible sensation he had ever felt.

Castiel felt a smile form on his lips as he rebuild the bond between him and Dean. He could feel the hunter's soul in his grace, stronger than before. He wondered if it was because they both willingly wanted it this time. He then flew down to Bobby's house, where Dean's body was lying on the bed awaiting the arrival of his soul.

He gently placed the soul back intact and then sat beside the bed, waiting for Dean to wake.

. . .

Dean slowly came back from the high of being in that warm light that was Castiel. He knew he was back in his body…back on Earth. He knew he was at Bobby's house if the smell of old books and whiskey wasn't signs enough. He could hear Sam and Castiel's voices…they were discussing when Dean would wake up.

"What if he doesn't…" Sam was saying in a worried voice.

"He will, Sam," Castiel said flatly.

Dean smiled and it became silent. He opened his eyes to see Castiel's bright blue gaze just inches from his. He jumped slightly "Cas," he groaned "A little too soon."

Castiel smiled, his eyes becoming brighter "Personal space," he remembered and he leaned back into his seat.

Dean chuckled…yup, Castiel was exactly the same as he remembered. Though now he felt more connected with his angel than ever before. It was odd; he knew exactly how Castiel was feeling and how close he was. It was like a sixth sense had been developed. He mentally marked it as his Cas-sense.

"Thank God," Sam said as he yanked Dean up into a tight hug. Dean allowed the hug and returned it for a moment before pushing away his giant brother.

Dean sat up and stared from his angel to his brother. Sam had a goofy smile on his face but his eyes were just filled with so much relief that Dean felt bad because his brother must have been so stressed before.

Dean literally let out a yelping noise…not from pain but from shock as the most warm, tingling and pleasant rush passed through his body. He shivered and darted his eyes over to Castiel, who was quickly pulling his hand back, his blue eyes widened with the same shock.

Dean then turned to the mark left on his shoulder, which almost looked like it was glowing with a soft pinkish color. The glow seemed to fade slightly the further Castiel's hand moved.

"What was that?" Dean asked, his heart starting to slow back to a steady pace.

Castiel shook his head "I have no idea," he said but he smiled at how strong their bond was.

"So what happened to the dude who killed me?" Dean asked, trying to get his mind off of how amazing the bond was because that would just get him too excited and Sam was in the room.

Sam and Castiel's eyes both filled with anger "He is in jail at the moment," Castiel said.

"What do you mean, 'at the moment'," Dean asked "Are they going to let him go?"

Castiel just stared blankly and Sam was revenge-stricken. Both of them knew what the man had coming. Gabriel was going to…collect him for good ol' fashioned justice. Gabriel was allowed to be trickster for a few hours then Castiel was going to let out his archangel wrath.

"He will be taken care of," Castiel said slowly.

Dean just stared at them then shook his head "I should have figured."

Sam just gave a half-hearted smile "You want a drink?" he asked.

Dean nodded "Definitely," he said, now remembering the Roadhouse. He would have to tell Sam about it at some point. Not at the moment though…they were just going to relax.

Castiel stood up suddenly and stared ahead blankly "I will be right back," he said.

Dean was about to say something but a gust of wind and feathers and Castiel was gone. He sighed and shook his head. Before he could really think too hard, he heard…or rather felt Castiel's voice in his head 'I love you.'

. . .

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