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Chapter 63: Revenge:

Andrew Meldier was a just a normal twenty four year old man when he walked into the gas station with a gun. He had never anticipated using it in any way other than to scare the man behind the counter to filling his bag with money. He had thought all was going well when the elderly man's eyes filled with fear as he moved to the register.

That was when the man with green eyes stepped up. A man with a name that Andrew still couldn't recall…well, it was more of the fact that he wouldn't remember it. He felt terrible for what happened but Andrew's mind told him that the man he shot ruined his life. He hated the man for it and would continue to hate him for each moment Andrew sat in the cell of prison.

When Andrew stared into those glossed over, drunken eyes, he had no worry in his mind that the man would be a problem. He never anticipated that the drunken man would be so correct. He had known Andrew had never shot a gun at someone…he had shot practice rounds at cans and targets a few other times but that was all. The man was right…Andrew was frightened of what was happening in the gas station…that was what scared Andrew so much.

Andrew had been ready for everything to go as planned and he even turned to the man behind the register. The elderly man was pale and holding a hand over his chest. Part of Andrew wanted to smile at the idea of him having a heart was a dark part of Andrew's mind that he tried to hide from himself but that dark side kept coming up.

Then the crash had sounded behind Andrew and on instinct to protect himself, he spun and shot the gun down at the green eyed man. He never thought he would ever shoot someone…if he did, he certainly didn't expect to aim perfectly at the heart of the person he shot. He had always been terrible at target practice.

It was then that the crack from the gun resounded through the shop and it was pure, deathly silent for a moment as Andrew stared into those emerald eyes as the light left them completely. Then there was a dark side of Andrew…it had a twisted delight in seeing the crimson that began to smear the shirt and puddle onto the floor.

That was the moment when Andrew had realized just how screwed he was. Not only did he try to rob a convenience store but he had just shot and killed a man and somewhat enjoyed staring at the mess he made. Andrew was terrified at what was growing inside of him…

The rest of the night was a blur with a few exceptions. He remembered piercing blue eyes that seemed to stare into his soul. They were horrifying in the strangest of ways. He also remembered having his face pounded by a tall man with eyes that were even more fierce. Andrew had stared at the face and known it was the brother to the man he had just killed. Then that dark part of him twisted in delight once more and Andrew just wanted to tear the evil out of him.

Now he sat in the prison cell…alone with his thoughts. He knew he killed someone and all he could now think about was because of the green-eyed-man, he was going to Hell. Andrew was not crazy into religion but he had his beliefs. He believed in God and Heaven and Hell. When his life began its down spiral, he had done a few things he knew would send him to Hell. He had tried for salvation a few times but once he lost control with that woman…how he just wanted her in every way and she shot him down. He knew after what he did to her, he was a lost cause.

"Andrew Meldier," a voice sounded. It was a voice he had never heard before and it startled him. He had not expected anything but this voice was directly beside the hard mattress he was lying on. Andrew jumped up, his eyes wide as he turned his eyes to the figure standing in front of him. He couldn't see much through the dim lighting but he could see this man was short and slim. The way he stood there…so still and confident had Andrew's heart racing. He didn't even hear this man open the cell.

"Who are you?" Andrew asked, his voice filling with reassurance. He could fight…that was one thing Andrew had going for him. Taking karate in High School had taught him a lot about self-defense. He was a black belt; he could take on almost anyone in the prison. Andrew was not standing, his hands curled into fists as he positioned himself "I can fight. I'm a black belt."

The figure let out a laugh, moving his hands to his stomach, "Alright Jackie Chan. Can we get down to business?"

Andrew's stomach turned when the figure walked closer. He could sense a power radiating from this man and he wasn't sure what it was from, "Who are you?" he asked again.

The man in front of him sighed "I am an Angel of the Lord," he said in a voice that sounded like he was mocking someone. Andrew didn't understand the joke.

Andrew scoffed "Yeah and I'm a saint."

"Actually," the figure said "I'm an Archangel…Gabriel to be exact."

Andrew rolled his eyes but something in him was cowering in fear. He didn't realize he was stepping back until his legs met with the bed. He straightened out "You aren't Archangel Gabriel," Andrew said with a laugh "I think you need some help, buddy."

The figure was silent for a moment then suddenly thunder roared outside the prison. Lightning flashed from the small, rectangular window near the ceiling of the cell. The small area lit with a yellow-white light and Andrew felt a lump in his throat and his heart skip a beat when he could see a shadow of wings cast onto the wall behind the man. He could see the face now…the man's eyes were glowing an amber-gold in the darkness. They were fierce and held so much power that Andrew wanted to run from it. From the shadows of the wings and the glowing eyes, he now believed this man – archangel – who stood before him. That was when Andrew realized that he really was screwed. He found himself cowering back onto the bed, his heart racing as the flashes stopped. He stared up fearfully at the Archangel in front of him.

Andrew bowed his head as he felt a sob escape his closed up throat "I – I'm so sorry," he cried.

Gabriel watched as the man became terrified. He liked that…he had always wanted to do the lightning shadow of the wings deal. A lot of the other angels used that method to get humans to believe him and now he realized how much it worked.

Gabriel sighed as the killer began to pray. He then snapped his fingers, changing the scenario. He smiled as he felt better in the new place. Gabriel wasn't a fan of small, dark cells. This was much better.

Andrew gasped and jumped when he opened his eyes to find himself someplace new. He was no longer in the darkened cell but a bright, large room filled with colorful furniture and piles of candy everywhere. Instantly, he felt like a hot iron dropped into his stomach. This place was terrifying. It reminded him of when he was younger. He was frightened of clowns and this seemed just like the place where one might show its face and he felt on edge.

"Afraid of clowns?" Gabriel asked as he grabbed a lollipop from a pile of candy that sat on one of the countertops.

Andrew stared with wide eyes. He had no idea what to expect. This man…this archangel…seemed peaceful…cheerful even as he asked Andrew a question like they were buddies having a conversation.

Gabriel grinned "I know someone who is afraid of clowns…amazing man. Kills monsters…saves lives every day…even fought Lucifer in his own head and won…but he is afraid of clowns."

Andrew just stared at the archangel sucking on a lollipop. His skin was crawling "L-Lucifer?" he asked, feeling more afraid of that name.

Gabriel nodded "Yup…his name is Sam Winchester," he turned to the killer "The brother of the man you murdered."

Andrew flinched and scanned the room for a way out. There were no windows and just one door stood in the back of the room. He took a deep breath as he contemplated ways to escape. He figured he would talk to the angel for a moment before running.

"You know…now that I think about it…the man you killed is actually a big deal. You remember his name?" Gabriel asked as he nonchalantly grabbed another lollipop and offered it to Andrew, who seemed in shock.

"You don't?" Gabriel asked with honest surprised "You don't know the name of the man you killed? Are you kidding me?"

Andrew felt a lump in his throat as the name bubbled back into his mind. He tried to push it back but it was like a blinking neon sign in pure darkness. Dean…that was his name.

"Why am I here?" Andrew asked "I – Is this Hell?"

Gabriel laughed and shook his head "Oh no…this is definitely not Hell…but you will be going to Hell shortly so I wouldn't get too relieved."

Andrew felt ice in his veins. He had always thought he would end up in Hell but hearing it from an angel just made it so much more believable now. He closed his eyes and let his body fall onto the floor. He leaned back against the wall, covering his face with his hands.

"You know Dean…the one you killed," Gabriel said, chucking the lollipop at the killer's head. It bounced off, landing on the floor. He picked up another candy and threw it as Andrew nodded.

"He and his brother saved the world," Gabriel said, throwing a fireball candy which hit Andrew in the center of the forehead as he glanced up.

"You've heard of Archangel Michael?" Gabriel asked, arching an eyebrow. He was having fun just messing with this guys head.

Andrew nodded…he didn't know anyone who did not know who Michael was.

"Well…Dean and Michael are…close, I guess you can say. And let me tell you, Michael is not a happy camper now that you killed Deano," Gabriel went on "You just wait…if he was here…" he shook his head "He wouldn't be as friendly as me." That was a lie…Gabriel was more creative in his torturing. Michael would straight up smite without a word.

Andrew felt his heart gripped with fear and he nodded. Gabriel held out another lollipop "Candy?" he asked.

Andrew shook his head and regretted it when the pop cracked against his forehead. He blinked away the pain, astonished at how much it hurt. When he opened his eyes, his heart leapt into his throat when he found Gabriel's face just mere inches from his.

Andrew let out a squeal he would deny and jumped up, sliding the opposite direction. He couldn't take it. That was when he decided to run for the door.

Gabriel watched with a smirk as Andrew tried to run out of the room. He shook his head and snapped a recliner into existence. He let his body flop onto it as he picked at a bucket of caramel corn. Then he watched as Andrew flung the door open only to shriek and fall backwards as a large clown stepped out of the closet.

The clown let out shrilling laughter as he smiled a mouthful of razor-sharp teeth. Blood dripped down from the smeared red lips into the white paint on the chin. Its eyes were glowing a fierce crimson and its hair stood up like flames.

Andrew screamed until his lungs felt like they were going to burst from his chest as he tried to run the other direction away from the evil clown. Every which way he turned, the clown would show its face. Andrew swore his heart was going to explode from fear.

Gabriel laughed and snapped his fingers as he read through the man's mind. He was also afraid of ants and bees. This would be fun. In an instant, the floor around Andrew began flooded with small, red and black ants, skittering around and climbing up his legs. Andrew cried louder as he tried to stomp on them and shake them off while attempting to escape the clown.

Andrew just wanted to die…the way his heart pounded against his ribcage was literally agonizing. Just as he turned towards Gabriel, the clown jumped in front of him and laughed for a moment before opening his mouth widely. A buzzing sound filled Andrew's ears as a swarm of bees escaped the clown's mouth, flowing towards Andrew and covering his head like a bag. They filled his eyes and nose and mouth, stinging painfully.

Gabriel's expression darkened as he read through the man's past. He hit the discovery of what he did to the woman that night. Now Gabriel wanted this man to pay. Andrew was falling onto his knees, swatting at his face and legs. Gabriel then motioned for the clown to teach this human a lesson.

Andrew coughed a mouthful of bees and tried to squirm as the clown wrapped its arms around him. The clown crawled over him, unacknowledged by the bees and ants. The clown then slid his hands over the man's body.

"Hoy Sh-!" Sam's voice shouted. He appeared in the room with Castiel and turned his eyes to see the clown practically molesting the man. Sam felt his heart jump when the horrifying clown's eyes turned to him.

Gabriel immediately snapped out of it and clicked his fingers, making the clown disappear. He had no idea Sam was going to be part of this and he became slightly irritated with Castiel for not informing him. Gabriel didn't want to scare Sam away.

"Gabriel, what are you doing?" Castiel asked, turning his attention away from the mass on the floor, writhing in a coat of ants and bees.

"What is Sam doing here?" Gabriel asked slowly, standing up from the recliner. He walked over and pulled the large hunter into his arms.

Sam's heart was just beginning to relax when he noticed the clown was gone. He allowed Gabriel to hold him for a moment…just a moment, though. He pulled away to turn his attention to the mass he knew was the man who killed Dean.

"Sam would not take no for an answer," Castiel said simply.

Gabriel sighed, knowing how stubborn Sam could be if he wanted. So he snapped his fingers, causing the ants and bees to disappear.

Andrew gasped as he felt the suffocation of the bugs vanish. He sat up and winced from the stings from both creatures all over his body. He turned his attention to see two others in the room now. One he recognized as the man who beat his face in and the other…he recognized the cold fury in those ice blue eyes.

"Are you an angel?" Andrew asked the blue eyes.

Castiel glared at the man who was climbing to his feet. He was covered in red, swollen scabs.

"There is a demon inside of me!" Andrew shouted, knowing that evil part of him "I don't know how to stop it."

Gabriel laughed "Oh wow," he said "Trust me. I'd know if there was a demon inside of you."

Andrew stared with confusion "Please save me," he said.

Sam just glared at the man for a moment. All he could think about was that this man shot and killed his brother for no reason. He wanted to get back at him, he really did but there was a miniscule little part of him that actually felt bad for the man.

Sam jumped when he saw a burst of white light shoot in front of him, almost blinding him for a moment. There was a yelp and a thud and Sam noticed the man now lying on the floor, his muscles twitching with an after effect of the blast. He blinked for a moment when Castiel sauntered over to the man. He grabbed the collar of the man's shirt and lifted him until their faces were just a mere inch away. Castiel's deep, dark wings were erect to the sides, the feathers twitching with irritation.

Andrew whimpered as the man with blue eyes held him up like he was nothing but a rag doll. There was something in those eyes that Andrew was afraid of. He had no idea what Dean meant to this man but he knew it had to be something intense.

Castiel just stared at the man, reading into his soul…into everything he had done in the past. After a moment, he simply just dropped the man. Andrew landed on his side and stifled out a cry as he tried to curl into a small ball.

"You are going to Hell, Andrew," Castiel said smoothly, leaning down "It's not nice down there, I assure you. You will meet real demons."

Andrew cried some more, wishing he could just wake up from this nightmare. He just wanted them to kill him. Enough of the torture.

"He isn't worth killing," Castiel said as he stood back up. His eyes remained on Gabriel, who looked entirely not happy with the decision.

"Cas, he killed Dean…and he hurt that woman," Gabriel said, alarmed.

"He deserves to really live with what he's done," Castiel said "And I was thinking you could put that 'curse' on him."

Sam glanced from angel to angel, wondering what they were referring to. Gabriel's eyes lit and a smirk curled onto his features. He sighed "I suppose I could…would be more fun that way."

"What curse?" Sam asked, some part of him glad that the man wasn't going to be killed by the angels. He would rather monsters like Andrew be left in prison to rot and be beaten by other inmates before going to Hell.

"Just something I did once…all Andrew here will see are clowns," Gabriel said simply, lifting his eyebrows with a devious smirk at the horrified expression on Andrew's face.

Sam shivered as he remembered the clown he saw when he showed up. It was the freakiest one he had ever seen and if that was Gabriel's idea of lifelong torture, he supposed it would work. He turned to the man "You shouldn't have killed my brother," he said.

Andrew burst out again "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to! Please, you must listen. I-It was a demon! A demon was making me do it."

"Oh I'm sure you'll find some demons inside of you when you get to Hell," Gabriel said with a grin. He then began frowning at the idea of his fun being over. He needed a vacation from being an Archangel. He began to contemplate going back to being Trickster for a week or two.

"So it's settled?" Castiel asked, his eyes flat on Gabriel.

Gabriel sighed "Fine…but can I go back to him if I get bored?"

Castiel nodded then turned to Andrew "You will pay for what you've done…I'll make arrangements with the King of Hell to be sure your stay is not as pleasant as others have it."

Andrew felt his stomach drop and he didn't do anything but nod.

Castiel gave a cruel smile "Enjoy the remainder of your life on Earth…now I need to get back to Dean."

Andrew stared with wide eyes as Castiel vanished into thin air.

"Wow…never piss off the quiet angels," Gabriel said with a smile. He had never seen someone speak so properly while talking about something so horrific. He liked it.

"I – I thought Dean was dead," Andrew said, flinching when Sam walked over. He knew Sam was a human but he was still scary.

Sam just shook his head. He turned to Gabriel "Can I get a few punches in before you send him back?"

Gabriel beamed "Of course you can. Would you like some brass knuckles? Or perhaps spiked knuckles?"

Sam shook his head "No, I got this one on my own."

"Alright darling," Gabriel said, hopping up onto the counter and lifting a piece of candy. He popped it into his mouth and motioned for Sam to get going.

Sam stared back at the wretched brown eyes.

"You're not going to kill me?" Andrew asked, his voice sounding small.

Sam shook his head "No…that would be too easy," he said softly "I'm not like you. I don't kill humans."

Andrew let out a shaky breath. He was scared to death, he was but he couldn't even find the strength to move. He opened his eyes and let out a shriek to see the man swinging a fist at him turned into a horrendous clown.

Gabriel sighed with a smile as he watched Sam throw some really nice punches. If only Sam knew what he looked like to Andrew. Almost every person Andrew would see from that moment on would look like one of his worst fears. Sounded like good punishment. Now all Gabriel needed to know was if Castiel was going to stick with his word and talk to Crowley about it.

He chuckled to himself at the thought.

. . .

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