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. . .

Chapter 64: Prank War 1:

Gabriel grinned stupidly as he gazed at himself in the mirror. He had to make this good…believable. He closed his eyes and felt his body forming into another. When he opened his eyes, he was staring into the large, dark eyes of 'Lillael', his alter angel he created. He had practiced this form for months now, perfecting in the ability to fool every angel and archangel – Lucifer included. He was ready to screw with some angels.

He smiled at the graceful beauty of this form he created. Lillael was tall and thin with the perfect curves. Her breasts were a round and perky large 'C' and she had a nicely rounded bottom. Her skin was tan, olive toned, seeming to glow beneath the lights. Her eyes were large, doe-like and deep, dark brown. Gabriel had practiced a lot to turn his eye color because in every form, the golden color liked to seep through but he had it down. Lillael's hair was long, deep dark auburn and wavy down her back. Her teeth were pearly white and straight and her features were that of perfection.

The wings of Lillael were shaped the same as all the other angels. They were bright, sparkling white with hints of blood red streaking through the creases with ebony tips. They looked amazing attached to the body.

All in all, Gabriel's alter angel was an example of perfection to male eyes. He had on a deep, dark crimson red silky dress that opened to reveal the cleavage and hugged the curves of the body, reaching to the upper thighs. He also wore stilettos that took much practice to walk in as well.

With one last glance in the mirror, he straightened out the expression and turned for the door.

. . .

Once outside the bathroom door, he gazed around the room for the culprit and smirked to see Lucifer sitting at the bar. All six of his deep dark wings were sprawled out around him and the floor. He had his head pressed into his arm which was flat against the bar. He looked stressed out and that was believable considering the long day they were having.

Gabriel smirked and snapped his fingers to start the next song which he wanted for his entrance. He composed his smile as he began to walk forward, swinging his hips in the process.

'Your love is like bad medicine…bad medicine is what I need…' played from the speakers as he walked towards the bar.

He could hear whistling as human men stared at 'Lillael'. Gabriel smirked to see Lucifer lift his head to see what the commotion was about and his pale blue eyes landed on Lillael. This was the moment, Gabriel decided. He hoped Lucifer would fall for it; he worked his ass off to fool this specific angel.

Gabriel wanted to smirk proudly when Lucifer's lips quirked up into a warm, dazzling smile which he most likely used on all of the woman he tried to get with. Lucifer's feathers twitched in interest as Gabriel took the seat beside him.

"Can I get a Guinness," Gabriel said, the voice of the body he was in was sweet and silky, alluring in every sense.

The male bartender's eyes lit up as they landed on Gabriel "Sure thing sweetheart," he said.

"Do I know you?" Lucifer asked, his wings lifting up as he inspected the angel beside him.

Gabriel turned to him and held back a smirk threatening to curl at the desire in Lucifer's eyes. Instead, Gabriel gave a warm smile "I don't believe you have," he said "Though I know you."

Lucifer frowned slightly and his wings slouched as he turned. No he wanted ever wanted anything to do with him because of the whole being the devil thing.

"My name is Lillael," Gabriel said, allowing his wings to slowly fold into his back. If Lucifer touched those wings, he would definitely notice it was an archangel. Gabriel could only do so much to cloak his real power.

"Lucifer," Lucifer said, extending a wing to entwine feathers with.

Gabriel took a deep breath and nodded "I know you are…I'm an angel, after all. Who doesn't know of the Morningstar?"

Lucifer gave a small smile at the mention of Morningstar. He liked to be called that. Most angels would just refer to him as the devil. He pulled and folded his wings behind himself when he realized 'Lillael' wasn't going to bond. He could understand, though. Angels were so pure and feeling Lucifer's grace on theirs could be a shock.

Gabriel smiled as he sipped at the beer. After a moment, he placed the bottle at his lips and chugged the entire drink.

"Your beautiful…why haven't I seen you before?" Lucifer asked, leaning against the bar now and facing Gabriel.

Gabriel smiled "I just got this vessel…other than that, I've been working with the Holy Hounds," he said.

Lucifer tilted his head slightly "Holy Hounds?" he asked "I've never heard of them."

"Of course you haven't…I'm sure you're much too busy. I'll just say they are like Hellhounds…only much nicer," Gabriel said, making sure to make Lucifer flinch. He did at the mention of Hellhounds but he masked it when the bartender walked back over.

"Another scotch for me and get this lovely lady another beer," Lucifer said.

Gabriel was having a really hard time staying in character now. So he decided to step it up. He turned to Lucifer "Just wanted to let you know…I've always had a thing for the rebels."

Lucifer's wings jerked slightly, the feathers angling as a huge smile spread across his face "Is that so?" he asked.

Gabriel nodded and leaned close so his breath brushed against Lucifer's ear "I've heard of the things humans can do in these bodies…though I have yet to experience it."

He pulled back to see the reaction and it was perfect. Lucifer's cheeks flushed up in desire, his feathers twitching with anticipation. He licked his lips and took a deep breath "I can show you a thing or two…I have years of experience."

Gabriel smiled and ran his fingers along Lucifer's thigh "Got somewhere we can go?" he asked, arching an eyebrow.

Lucifer nodded and stood up, the blood rushing in his vessel. It had been so long since he was able to do anything with another angel.

Gabriel took note and followed Lucifer out of the building. Once they were outside, Lucifer spread his wings to take flight and Gabriel followed. He was only going to stay at the bar but this was so much more fun.

When they landed, Gabriel found himself in what looked like a bachelor's studio apartment. It was actually nice on the top of a city and filled with mostly windows to reveal the dark sky and brilliant city. There was a large kitchen on one side and a living room with a large TV and tons of movies and games. In the back, beside the balcony was a large, California King size bed with black silk sheets and a down comforter and pillows. The room was surprisingly perfect…no dust anywhere in the place. Lucifer was very clean and OCD…more than Gabriel imagined. The walls were white but covered in pictures of angels. Above the bed was the actual painting of Michael fighting the dragon. Gabriel suddenly felt bad when Lucifer's eyes landed on it for a split second.

Gabriel gasped when he felt his body shoved into one of the wall. He had not been expecting that. His stomach turned when he felt hands grasp his wrists and pin them to the wall as Lucifer dipped down for his lips.

Gabriel quickly moved his head just barely in time and then smirked as he reversed them, shoving Lucifer against the wall and pinning his wrist. Lucifer's pupils were lust blown, "Ooh, I like it rough…" Lucifer purred.

Gabriel tried to hold back from laughing but his grace coiled when he felt Lucifer's feathers wrap around his before he could stop it. He tried everything to hold back his true self but Lucifer's wasn't that stupid.

Lucifer suddenly pulled back, his head tilted slightly and his eyes narrowed. Gabriel took that moment to turn back to himself. He was no longer the beautiful woman in the skimpy dress. He was now wearing a plaid shirt and jeans with a huge grin on his face.

"Hey Luci," Gabriel said, letting all of his wings release.

Lucifer's lust blown pupils shank into small slits as his eyes darkened into cold fury. His wings shot out "You…" he stared, his teeth clenched as he tried to think of something to say.

Gabriel let out a loud laugh as he pointed "You should have seen your face!"

Lucifer ground his teeth and his cheeks reddened in embarrassment. He had no idea how he could fall for that one. He couldn't even begin to explain how furious he was at the moment.

Gabriel laughed for another second before vanishing when he saw Lucifer raise his hand to build up some energy.

. . .

"I hate him!" Lucifer snarled as he flew up to the throne room. Michael jumped up from his spot when he felt the icy chill of Lucifer's anger. He turned his eyes to his brother. Lucifer's wings were pointed like daggers with his mood and his grace had a darkness around it.

"Who?" Michael wondered out loud.

"Gabriel," Lucifer growled, beginning to pace "I'm going to kill him."

Michael slowly walked over, making sure not to get in the crossfire of that anger "What did he do?" he asked, trying to figure out what could have made Lucifer that upset.

Lucifer glared at Michael "Nothing," he said quickly "Just some stupid prank. I taught him everything he knows!"

Michael knew that so he was curious to how Lucifer was fooled by whatever Gabriel did. He was actually really curious about it and wanted to ask Gabriel.

"I'm going to kill him," Lucifer decided, moving to a chest to look for one of the angel killing blades.

"You aren't going to kill him, Lucifer," Michael said "You can't."

Lucifer huffed out in irritation at how true that was. So he was just going to have to get him back. He needed to come up with a good plan though. He paused mid step and smirked "Why didn't I think of that before?"

"What are you thinking, Lucifer?" Michael asked "What is going on? You and Gabriel have been at each other for weeks now."

"It's a guy thing…you wouldn't understand," Lucifer snapped, knowing it would irritate Michael but he was mad so he wanted everyone else to be upset.

Michael glared as he mentally marked that one down. Without hesitation, he lashed out at Lucifer, who flung backwards into the concrete wall, cracking it with an indenture of his body. With that, he flew off, leaving Lucifer breathless on the floor.

"Ow," Lucifer said, grinning at Michael's outburst. Okay so don't piss Michael off. He chuckled slightly before standing back up and brushing off. He then took off to go to the angels in the healing room. There was bound to be a few angels with the sickness…

. . .

Gabriel smirked in delight when he made it to the motel room. Sam and Dean must have just left for the hunt. Sitting on Sam's bed were two large candy bars with a note. He opened a Snickers and took a bite out of it as he read the note.

'Gabe, Dean and I are at the warehouse. We don't need any help but I figured you could get started without me.' –Sam

Gabriel smiled. Oh he loved that guy. He knew exactly what Sam was talking about when his eyes landed on the candles, chocolate syrup and whipped cream. The candy bars were just a warm up for the fun.

He finished off the snickers and milky way and then began to set up the candles.

. . .

Sam sighed as he threw open the door to the motel room. It was dark except for a few candles that were lit on the night stand. He knit his eyebrows in confusion as he shrugged off his jacket and dropped it onto the floor. Dean and Castiel followed behind him. Dean turned the light on as he walked in.

Gabriel winced when the lights flickered on. The bright light made his head pound painfully. He groaned and turned onto his wide, hissing out in agony from the soreness of his wings.

"Gabe?" Sam asked, his voice filled with shock when his eyes landed on the angel lying on the motel bed with pale skin glistening in the lights. His wings weren't the normal shining and bright gold but a pale yellow, the feathers bent and crumpled beneath his body. Stray feathers were sprinkling the comforter and floor around his curled up body.

Sam quickly ran over and placed a hand over his angel's face. He quickly pulled his hand back from the unbelievable heat radiating from the angel's skin. Gabriel groaned and winced at the agonizing touch.

Dean turned to Castiel in confusion to see if the angel had any clue what was wrong with Gabriel. Castiel's blue eyes were narrowed for a moment as he walked closer to his brother.

"What's wrong with him?" Sam asked as he stood up to give Castiel space.

Castiel got down onto one of his knees as he leaned beside Gabriel. He slowly placed a hand onto Gabriel's wing and closed his eyes.

Gabriel hissed out as flinched away from the touch that sent waves of agony through him.

Castiel suddenly yanked his hand back and stood up. His eyes widened and his wings shuddered as he started to run out the door. Dean shouted and ran after him in confusion.

Sam stared at Gabriel then to the few candles lit. One of them was knocked over as well as the chocolate syrup and whipped cream. He knit his eyebrows as he lifted a note that was supposedly written by him. The handwriting was perfect but he didn't write it.

"Gabe?" Sam whispered "Where did you get this note?"

"Candy," Gabriel mumbled. He couldn't believe how horrible he felt.

"What candy?" Sam asked, wanting to comfort his angel but he didn't want to hurt him more.

Gabriel paused as he thought about it. He then heard Lucifer's laugh. He sucked in a breath and sat up, turning to the doorway where Lucifer was chuckling and pointing.

"I'll kill you," Gabriel growled, trying to stand up but he felt like he was going to explode and more feathers fell off of his wings, covering the floor.

Sam placed a hand on Gabriel's chest to push him back down.

"Wouldn't do that if I were you…he's really sick," Lucifer laughed.

"What did you do to him?" Sam snapped, standing up. He walked over, unafraid of the archangel.

Lucifer shrugged "Just gave him some candy…"

"You'll get sick just from being in this room with me," Gabriel pointed out to Lucifer.

Lucifer placed a hand on his chest "I'm immune you idiot. Remember all of the other angels had it and I was fine."

Gabriel frowned as he remembered. He knew what was wrong now and it sucked. There was no name for the sickness but it was something that affected angels badly. He winced as he let his body curl back onto the bed. He didn't want to move.

"Make sure no other angels come in here," Lucifer pointed out "Just being in the same vicinity will make them sick."

. . .

"Gabriel's sick," Castiel said as he ran over to Michael, whose eyes widened.

"What? What's wrong?" he asked, wondering what Lucifer did.

"I have no idea…I tried to touch his wings…their bad," Castiel said "Please check on him."

"I will," Michael said, spreading his wings. They took off to the motel room.

. . .

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