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Chapter 66: Prank War 3:

... Day 5. . .

"Dean," Castiel called, his voice like a whisper and raspier than usual.

Dean groaned as he lifted his head up from the place on his arm over the table. He felt exhausted and hadn't slept right for the past five days. Who knew three sick angels could cause so many problems. All they did was puke, bicker and make messes. Dean swore he never wanted to see another feather again.

After a moment, Castiel called again and Dean blinked a few times, trying to adjust to waking up; he groggily stood up from the chair in the kitchen. He walked over to the fridge and pulled out a beer before walking into the living room.

He glanced over to one couch where Sam and Gabriel were fast asleep, Gabriel curled against Sam, his wings tattered and hanging onto the floor on top of Michael, who was sleeping in his own pile of feathers.

Castiel was on the love seat, sitting up with his hands over his face. Dean winced at the look of his wings, missing almost all of their feathers. Dean had tried to sit with his angel earlier but Castiel was grumpier than usual and irritated Dean so he just left.

"I'm sorry," Castiel whispered, keeping his voice low as to not wake up Michael and Gabriel. It took forever for them to fall asleep in the first place.

Dean sighed and took a seat beside Castiel. He took a swig of the beer then turned to stare into the wide blue eyes. He smiled "It's alright," he said.

Castiel gave a weak smile. He wanted to smile fully but he was just too tired and his entire body hurt "I love you," he said.

"Love you too," Dean said, placing his beer down onto the coffee table. He leaned against the opposite side of the couch and held out a welcoming arm. Castiel smiled as he slowly crept over, climbing on top of Dean so gently it was surprising. After a moment, they were both situated comfortably, Dean on his back with Castiel on top of him, his head on his chest.

Dean sighed with a smile as he ran his hand through the rest of the rough feathers that were left. He grinned to see the texture smoothing out and a few feathers starting to push out where he was touching. Castiel moaned softly and snuggled closer, nuzzling his face into the crook of Dean's neck.

For a few minutes, they lay in silence, listening to the sounds of breathing across the room. Dean would deny how much he was enjoying this as much as he was. Truthfully, just cuddling like this was fine with him. It made him feel so warm and loved…more than anything else. He wrapped his arms tighter around Castiel and closed his eyes.

. . .

Dean winced from the sunlight pouring through the window. He hadn't remembered falling asleep and he had no idea why he just woke up so abruptly. He had a strange feeling in his gut that he was being watched.

He tried to sit up but realized there was a weight on him. He smiled when he remembered and he turned his eyes to see Castiel still in a deep sleep on top of him. His wings were surprisingly almost fully healed, the deep ebony feathers glistening in the sunlight. Dean took a deep breath and pushed his fingers into the feathers, causing a soft breath to come from his angel. Castiel stirred for a moment, his feathers twitching but he didn't wake up. Dean didn't want to wake him but he had to use the bathroom badly.

"He hasn't moved, has he?" Michael's voice questioned.

"Dammit," Dean hissed, jumping slightly. His heart practically leapt into his throat "What is up with you angels doing that?" he asked, darting his eyes to where Michael was sitting on the floor by the other couch.

"I apologize. I didn't mean to startle you," Michael said, looking away when he remembered how much Dean hated staring.

"It's fine…where are Sam and Gabe?" Dean asked, noticing the empty couch.

"I believe they went to the store," Michael said.

"Why are you on the floor when there is a couch right there?" Dean asked, moving his hands into Castiel's feathers again. He just loved the feeling of them now that they were healing.

"I don't know," Michael said, lifting a glass of water. He took a sip and made a face before pushing it away. He turned his eyes to Castiel's body "I see his wings are doing well."

Dean nodded, making sure to keep as quiet as possible. It was rare that he was able to hold a sleeping Castiel. He was going to take advantage of it as much as possible.

"His grace seems to be fairly healed as well," Michael noted, frowning. He felt worse than he did the day before. He was trying to figure out why Castiel was feeling better before them. Perhaps it was because he was eating like a normal human would. Michael hated eating so he was doing worse than both Gabriel and Castiel combined. He sighed and leaned is head back on the cushion. He felt as though he was going to throw up more of his grace.

"Have you eaten anything?" Dean questioned, noticing how weak Michael looked.

Michael shook his head "No," he said, running a hand down his face "I'm still not very happy about that pepper."

"Trust me…not everything is like that. Sam was just messing with you," Dean said, grinning slightly at the memory. He had to give Sam credit for that…not everyone had the guts to screw with Archangel Michael like that.

Michael shrugged "I don't like anything I've tried."

"Eat some pie," Dean suggested "It's always good."

Michael smiled. He remembered eating pie from when Dean said yes for that one day. He had to admit, it was pretty good. He winced as he stood up, more feathers falling through the air around him. His grace coiled inside of him and he instantly became lightheaded. Before he could comprehend it, he hunched over as his grace spilled from him.

Dean closed his eyes and turned away. It wasn't that it looked nasty but just the sounds of people doing that made him queasy. He figured he should try and make Michael something to eat before he lost all of his damn grace. Or before Bobby flipped out.

He turned his attention to Castiel, who was still curled on top of him, feathers smothering their bodies. He really didn't want to leave Cas but he had to use the bathroom anyways. He took a deep breath as he tried to slide from beneath his angel. Castiel stirred slightly, feathers curling inwards as he closed his fist into Dean's shirt.

Dean smiled slightly before slowly unhooking his angel from his body. He was relieved when he was able to stand up with Castiel still asleep on the couch. With that, he went to work. Another long day of cleaning feathers .

. . .

"No. I want M&Ms!" Gabriel groaned as he walked behind Sam in the grocery store.

Sam rolled his eyes "You need to eat something healthy."

Gabriel wrinkled his nose in disgust "I hate healthy stuff…I'm not a rabbit, I'm an archangel," he paused to inspect the shelves full of chips and dip.

"You're dropping feathers everywhere," Sam noted at the stray golden feathers that were lying on the floor, a trail marking everywhere they had been. Gabriel shrugged as he lifted a bag of chocolate chex mix. He inspected the bag and grinned "There is grainy wheaty healthy stuff in this," he said, tossing the bag into the cart which was now full of semi-healthy things covered in chocolate.

Sam rolled his eyes "You know, the way you're eating is the reason why you or Michael aren't healing as fast as Cas."

"That's because Cas is a nerd. He likes rabbit food," Gabriel said as he scanned a bag of caramel chex mix. He smiled and tossed the bag into the cart.

"Well, you aren't going to feel any better eating like that. You make Dean look healthy," Sam pointed out as he grabbed a box of Nutri Grain bars. He held it up and Gabriel arched an eyebrow "You have seriously lost it if you think I'd ever eat that."

"It's actually really good, you should give it a chance," Sam said, dropping the box into the cart.

Gabriel rolled his eyes and when Sam turned around; he grabbed the box and threw it behind him. There was a clatter sound and a grunt which Gabriel pretended to ignore even when Sam turned to see what was happening.

"Oh, I see chocolate milk," Gabriel said, placing a hand on Sam's shoulder to push him in the opposite direction. Sam was confused but allowed Gabriel to lead him in a different direction.

Once they traveled a little ways through the store, Gabriel slipped away and ended up roaming through the candy aisle…the specific aisle in which Sam was trying to avoid.

Gabriel smirked as he began to roam down the aisle. He paused and his wings perked up the moment his eyes set on the giant wall full of candy. He had no idea a grocery store could have so many amazing things. He smiled wider when he saw peanut M&Ms. He grabbed the biggest bag he could find then began to grab an assortment of other candies.

He sighed and opened the bag of M&Ms. He grabbed a handful of them and stuffed as many into his mouth as he could. He chewed them, his mouth watering with the delicious sweetness of the chocolate. As soon as he swallowed, his eyes widened when he felt his stomach start to push it right back up.

Sam groaned as he peeked down the aisles in search for Gabriel. That angel just disappeared on him and he knew Gabriel had to have found the candy aisle. He was worse than a child. Sam bee-lined to the middle of the store where the candy aisle stood; he paused at the end and glanced down to see Gabriel's form hunched over, grace spilling from his lips and feathers falling everywhere. Several bags of candy were dropped on the floor beside him as people backed away and turned away I disgust. Sam wondered what they thought of all of the feathers just appearing on the floor out of nowhere.

Without hesitation, Sam walked over and gently placed a hand on Gabriel's back. He dared a peek down at the pile of grace on the floor which was indeed mixed with chocolate. Though after just seconds, the grace cleaned the mess, leaving a clean spot on the tiles.

Gabriel groaned as he spit out the last of what was in the human vessel. He hated being sick and he hated the fact that he couldn't eat his candy. He straightened back up and his head spun as his knees almost buckled. He felt really weak and just wanted to lie back down.

Sam gently ran a hand through Gabriel's hair as the archangel leaned against the shelves behind. He then lifted the bags of candy and pushed them back onto the shelves. Gabriel didn't say a word but he pouted, knowing Sam was right. He hated to admit that.

The rest of the time at the store was fairly quiet and went by fast. Sam just wanted to get back to Gabriel could rest some more and hopefully eat something that would make him feel better. The workers at the store were also confused to find the 'clean up on aisle 5' just a pile of feathers beside a spotless floor.

. . .

Needless to say, Castiel slept through the entire day. Not once did he wake up or even move too much. Dean was worried at first but Michael and Gabriel reassured him that it was normal and something angels would do just before they were fully healed.

Gabriel and Michael only seemed to be getting slightly worse so they forced themselves to eat the disgusting food Sam was making them. Michael thought it tasted like nothing and Gabriel called it 'Crunchy water'.

Dean sighed as he perched himself on the floor, leaning his back against the couch beside Castiel. He lifted the remote and switched it onto the news to try and see if there was anything around town that needed to be taken care of.

"This is boring," Gabriel complained after a few minutes of reporters talking about a gas station robbery. Dean remembered back to when that man shot him in the gas station. He couldn't get over the fact that out of everything he had ever done, some idiot with a gun managed to kill him. He snorted with a laugh at the memory.

"Give me the remote," Gabriel's voice asked. Dean jumped, alarmed at how close it sounded. Gabriel was standing in front of him, just inches from his face with a hand stretched out.

"No way," Dean said, hugging the remote closer to his chest.

"Give it," Gabriel demanded, moving his hands down to try and pry it from Dean's hands. Dean held onto it like it was his life and grinned as he kicked his feet out to push away the annoying archangel. Gabriel got to his knees as he tried to fumble the remote from Dean. He grunted when the boot slammed into his stomach. He grinned as he leaned back down, using some of his grace to cheat. Instantly, he regretted it when that caused agony to rip through his gut. He huffed out in annoyance and surrender. Dean was so annoying.

Dean smirked when Gabriel gave up and sat on the floor beside him. Gabriel let his head fall back onto the cushion. He darted his eyes over to see Sam passed out on the couch, his arms wrapped around a now empty space.

"Can you at least put on something interesting?" Gabriel questioned, his voice almost whining.

Dean chuckled and clicked the volume up just a little louder. He grinned to see Gabriel huff out and start to tap his fingers against the floor.

Gabriel sighed as boredom seeped through him once more. Being sick sucked. He couldn't fly, do his tricks or even eat candy…now he couldn't even watch something interesting. He gasped and couldn't help the small purr that crept up his throat when he felt soothing waves seep into his wings.

Dean couldn't help himself. When he saw those wings, all tattered and rough, he just needed to make them better. He hated seeing wings like that. He knew from Castiel exactly where to touch to make them heal faster and from the way Gabriel was stirring, he knew he got the right spot. Long, shining and healthy golden feathers began to grow everywhere Dean's fingers brushed. Dean lifted his eyebrows when three of Gabriel's wings suddenly dropped onto his lap. Dean shook his head but began to work on them. He would have to show Sam where to touch to make them all better.

"How are you so good at this?" Gabriel mumbled as his feathers twitched.

"No idea. I help Cas all the time…guess I just know the right places to touch," Dean said as he watched the feathers forming. He held one between his fingers and slid his hand all the way down, causing Gabriel to let out a soft moan. It wasn't anything sexual that they were doing. It was strictly just a platonic wing massage.

"Dean?" Castiel's voice whispered.

Dean's heart skipped a beat and he pulled his hand back so quickly, it made Gabriel hiss out in pain when he yanked a feather. Dean gave Gabriel an apologetic look before turning to his angel, who just barely had his eyes open.

"Yeah Cas?" Dean asked.

"What are you doing?" he questioned, letting a wing drape over on top of Dean's shoulders.

"Just watching TV," Dean said "How are you feeling?"

"M' tired," Castiel said "How long have I been asleep?"

"All day," Dean said, closing a hand around the deep ebony feathers.

"M'kay…I'm gonna' go back t'sleep," Castiel murmured slowly.

Dean smiled at how adorable Castiel was when he was sleepy. He wished he could see more of it.

"Got it!" Gabriel whispered excitedly as he held the remote up.

"You dick," Dean said, trying to grab the remote back but it was a useless attempt. He just chuckled and turned to the screen where Gabriel was now flipping through the channels.

After a few minutes, Gabriel stopped when the box at the bottom of the screen read the name 'Gabriel'.

"Press the info button," Dean said.

Gabriel did and read it with a smirk "It's about mwah!"

"Gabriel going to Purgatory," Dean said "What kind of Purgatory are they talking about here?"

"Probably the one with lost souls," Gabriel said, placing the remote down. He was interested in what this 'Gabriel' guy looked like. He stretched out on the floor beside Dean and let his wings all stretch out across the carpet as he stared up at the screen. He made sure to keep the remote beneath his wing closest to his body.

"He looks better than you," Dean pointed out when they showed 'Gabriel' with bright, piercing eyes that were almost glowing with long, dark hair and scruff over his very structured jawline. He was average height but very fit with a slight accent. Yeah, he was just a very handsome man.

Gabriel looked offended as he watched the movie "This is ridiculous. I am so much more sexy than that guy. I should play the role."

A bit more of the movie played with jokes and comments being made by both Dean and Gabriel…especially when 'Gabriel' screwed the angel who cut off her wings or when Gabriel went on a rampage and slaughtered a ton of people.

Gabriel suddenly burst out in laughter "Look at Micheal!" he laughed loudly. He couldn't control it.

Dean tried to stifle his laughter but some of it escaped anyways. The man playing Michael was horrendous looking…like an old guy with crazy hair and almost pure white eyes. The face was just plain unattractive.

"What's happening?" Michael's voice suddenly asked as he jumped up from the floor where he was asleep. He rubbed his forehead after it cracked against the coffee table.

"The guy who plays you in this movie is hilarious looking," Gabriel said with a smirk.

Michael arched an eyebrow as he stared at the screen to where 'Michael' was walking around with a weapon to try and kill Gabriel for not joining him "What are you watching?"

"Gabriel," Gabriel said cheerily "Please don't try to kill me for not turning evil with you."

Michael sighed and shook his head before going back to sleep.

"You're getting your ass kicked," Dean pointed out when 'Gabriel' was getting a good beating from 'Michael'.

"Aw come on…that's not nice, Michael," Gabriel said as he watched the actor slam a pole through the other.

"Oh wait," Dean laughed as 'Gabriel' pushed Michael through the pole as well so they were face to face with the pole through both of their stomachs.

"Looks like they are about to make out," Gabriel said with a smirk as the characters laid upon the ground beside each other, both dying.

"Now what am I doing?" Gabriel asked as the character 'Gabriel' let himself fall off the edge of the balcony.

"I have no idea," Dean admitted as the credits started rolling.

"Well that was stupid," Gabriel said with a pout.

"It's a movie about you, of course it's stupid," Dean teased, laughing lightly when a wing slammed into the side of his face.

The rest of the night was just like that. It was actually just relaxing and for once in…forever, Dean was actually enjoying Gabriel's company. The two of them thought a lot alike.

. . .Last Day. . .

Castiel was now fully healed, his wings even appearing almost as good as new. He wasn't sure why he felt better than his brothers but he wasn't complaining. Michael and Gabriel were starting to feel better but they were both throwing up more than usual. Castiel figured it was because they weren't eating enough human food so they were weaker from losing too much grace. So at the moment, he was making soup with Dean.

"I don't know why Gabriel doesn't just snap some into existence," Dean said, pouring a can of alphabet soup into a bowl. He shoved it in the microwave and turned it on.

"What is that?" Castiel asked, pointing to the microwave. His wings were starting to look better, the feathers growing drastically and the deep ebony color shining more.

Dean smiled and threw his arms around his angel and brushed his hands through the wings. Castiel moaned softly and let his head fall onto Dean's shoulder as the hunter worked his fingers into the deepest feathers.

Dean breathed in his angel's scent and smiled when he noticed his touch was causing the feathers to grow on contact faster than before. All he needed to do was give Castiel a wing massage and he would be ready to go.

"Hurry up with my soup!" Gabriel called from the living room.

Dean ground his teeth and ignored him. He gently lifted Castiel's face so he could stare into those blue abysses.

"I love you, Cas," he whispered the words softly before placing a chaste kiss on his angel's lips.

Castiel moaned into the kiss, opening his mouth to allow Dean access to taste him. They hadn't kissed like that in so long. He wrapped his wings tightly around Dean and moved his hands to his hips. He pulled the hunter as close as he could, earning a moan of surprise.

Castiel then pushed against Dean until a wall stopped them. Dean's back arched as he tried to get closer. He was honestly getting turned on by Castiel's dominance.

"I'm going to puke," Sam groaned as he quickly left the room to give Michael and Gabriel their soup.

Dean and Castiel ignored him and continued to kiss, becoming more passionate as the seconds ticked by. Dean was sure he would lose control and do more with Castiel than the angel would be comfortable with.

"I'm getting so turned on," another voice piped in, instantly ripping Castiel away from the kiss.

Dean glared darkly at Lucifer, who was sitting on the counter with his legs hanging and his hands clasped together on his lap. His wings were displayed around him, perfectly healthy and shining brilliantly.

"Oh do continue, I was just getting into it," Lucifer said, holding out his hands. He smirked and stuck out a forked tongue.

"Ugh," Dean groaned, rolling his eyes. He couldn't get five minutes alone with Cas and it was starting to irritate him.

"What are you doing here, Lucifer?" Castiel asked, his voice dripping like venom.

"So much hate from such a little angel," Lucifer said, shaking his head "You really are something."

"I will kill you," Castiel said.

Lucifer arched and eyebrow then smirked as he jumped down from the table "You have fun with that."

Castiel just glared as Lucifer walked towards the living room.

Michael sighed when Sam placed a bowl of alphabet soup in front of him. It smelled too salty for his liking.

Gabriel smirked as he sipped at his own soup. He kept an eye on Michael to see his reaction when he looked into the bowl. Sam eyed Gabriel curiously. Nothing good ever came out of that smirk.

Michael leaned over to inspect the bowl and instantly, irritation pierced through him when he saw words spelled out with the noodles. 'Hey Assbutt'. He shot his eyes over to the doorway where he assumed Castiel would be.

Gabriel burst out a laugh at the look on his brother's face. It was priceless.

"Hello brothers," Lucifer's chimed as he walked into the room. He smiled at the job well done when he noticed the tattered wings and feathers lying around everywhere. He grinned at Michael, who looked furious enough to even make Lucifer debate just flying away.

Michael grabbed the bowl of steaming soup in front of him and whipped it in Lucifer's direction. Lucifer hissed out as the hot soup simmered over his body. He bared his teeth with a warning growl but Michael and Gabriel were both already standing up. Lucifer laughed when he noticed both of them waver from the lack of strength.

"I know you're not stupid enough to try and fight me in that condition…well, maybe you are," he said to Gabriel.

Gabriel stared at him then smiled as he let his body form into the beautiful angel from before. It hurt his grace to use that much but he just wanted to irritate the archangel. He smiled warmly "Hello again, Lucifer."

Lucifer's eyes darkened and his wings flared wide as the temperature in the room dropped a few degrees.

"Damn Gabe…you look hot," Sam said as he stared at the angel Gabriel turned into.

Dean quickly glanced in the room and lifted his eyebrows "Alright…even I have to give you credit with that one," he said.

Lucifer ground his teeth in anger when Gabriel blew a kiss and winked. Before anyone could react, Lucifer clenched his hand into a fist then threw it forward. A burst of white hot energy shot through the room, cracking right into Gabriel, who was sent tumbling back into the wall. Drywall and sheetrock smashed, sending shards of it through the air in a cloud of white dust.

It only took a split second for it to occur but in that moment, Michael had seen it coming and he was grateful to move what was left of his wings on top of Sam to prevent his death. Lucifer should have known better not to do that near humans.

Once the light faded, Gabriel wobbled up to his feet from where he was lying a foot deep into the wall. He blinked a few times and shook the dust from his hair as he turned to find Lucifer.

"Where did he go?" Gabriel questioned, the words dripping from his lips like venom. He was back to himself but he had a darkness around him that only meant a really ticked off, ready to smite the next thing that moves archangel.

Sam groaned and gently pushed at Michael's wings that lay over him. They were now covered in small singe marks and dust. Michael lifted his wings and curled them onto his lap, running his fingers over the sore spots.

"Sam, you okay?" Gabriel asked, immediately leaning down to push the powder out of the hunter's hair.

Sam nodded and laughed "I'm fine…what was up with the chick look? Lucifer was really upset about it."

"He's gone, you can unwrap me now," Dean's annoyed voice broke through, muffled from the feathers that were curled around him from head to toe.

Castiel unfurled his wings, revealing a disheveled Dean. A look of annoyance crossed his features for a moment before being replaced by a huge smirk at Gabriel "So I have to ask…what the hell was that? Lucifer was not happy about your chick form."

Gabriel smirked, looking more trickster than he had in a while "I kinda used that form to seduce him and right when he was getting all 'hot and bothered', I changed back and laughed at him."

"Dude, that is so messed up," Dean said though he did find it hilarious.

"I would probably punch you too," Sam said with a laugh.

"Your brother has some serious anger issues," Dean pointed out as he walked over to the couch "Ever consider enrolling him in some anger management?"

"That'd be quite a meeting," Sam joked, wincing when Gabriel touched his arm. There was definitely a broken bone in there and he wasn't sure when or how that happened.

"I'm going to kill him," Gabriel said, trying to soothe the broken bone "Can we please put him back in the cage? I think he needs some time out."

"Wish I could throw him in there for a few months," Michael muttered, feeling exhausted from the surge of grace he let flow out while trying to threaten Lucifer. He felt drained.

"So I think we should figure out a way to get back at Lucifer," Castiel said as he walked into the room. He took a seat beside Dean and inspected the others.

"Yeah…we need a plan," Gabriel said "I have a few tricks up my sleeve…but I'll need some help."

Everyone in the room became silent as they heard footsteps tromping down the hall towards them. All at once, they turned to see Bobby standing by the doorway with wide, furious eyes.

"What the hell did you idiotic featherbrains do to my living room!" he growled, eyes scanning over the debris from an entire shattered wall.

. . .

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