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. . .

Chapter 67: Prank War 4:

"First off, how are we going to get him down here?" Dean asked as he began to pour the oil in a perfect circle.

Gabriel sighed and shook his head with a smirk "I know my brother very well. Leave it to me. I'll have him flying down here in a matter of seconds."

"So tell us again why you two start these prank wars?" Sam asked curiously.

Gabriel smiled lightly as he let his body flop onto the couch. He was overjoyed to be fully healed and capable of anything. His wings even felt more refreshed than they had before the sickness. Partially because he had shed all of his old feathers off and the ones attached to his wings now were brand new and soft and down feathers. He trailed his fingers through the feathers as he reminisced. Sam and Dean stared at him blankly, awaiting an explanation.

"It's just been a really long time since we've been able to," Gabriel said "Lucifer was the one who taught me ninety percent of what I know…so it's been a goal of mine to do something that can fool him."

"I assume it doesn't happen often," Dean said as he carefully connected a few wires.

Gabriel chuckled lightly and shook his head "Obviously not…I tried to fool him after saving your asses and got myself killed…he could see right past my double."

There was a moment of silence where Sam recalled that night and the DVD indicating Gabriel's death. He never admitted how much it actually tore him apart. At first, he thought it was just from a guilty conscious but he realized later on that he actually loved the angel.

"What ever happened to that Kali chick?" Dean questioned, glancing over to Gabriel, who was now sucking on a cherry lollipop.

Sam felt his stomach turn and heart clench with jealousy. He could feel Gabriel's eyes on him but Sam made no motion to notice and was suddenly extremely interested in lining up the trip wire.

Gabriel waited to see Sam's reaction before answering and he could see the hunter's shoulders stiffen but he didn't glance over. Gabriel sighed and shrugged "I have no idea where that skank is…"

"But didn't you love her?" Dean asked, instantly regretting those words when Sam's eyes darkened at him.

"Bitch tried to kill me!" Gabriel said, lifting his arms "I woulda let Luci have his fun with her but I wasn't thinking clearly at the moment."

It was quiet for another moment so Gabriel broke the ice "Where did little Cassie angel boy go?"

Dean arched an eyebrow at the nickname but grinned "He went to get more of that oil stuff."

"Ah," Gabriel said with a nod "Sammy get over here."

Sam turned to Gabriel and gave him a weak smile "I'm almost done over here."

"Why don't you just snap this stuff together?" Dean asked, huffing out in frustration when the wire zapped his fingertips.

"You kidding me? That stuff can hurt me," Gabriel said as he lounged back on the couch more, stretching his legs across the coffee table. After the mishap of the hole being blown into the wall of Bobby's living room and after a long lecture of shouting from the eldest hunter, Gabriel, Michael and Castiel fully restored the living room to perfect condition and even cleaned and dusted in the process. It now looked better than ever before. Though Bobby wasn't going to be too happy about what was going to happen next; they could always fix it back up though.

"Bobby is going to kill us, you know that right? Isn't there somewhere else we can do this?" Dean asked, not wanting another lecture.

"No…if we make him go somewhere else, he'll suspect something. If he thinks we're here, he doesn't believe we will try anything in this house…you know?" Gabriel explained.

"How do you know this thing is even going to work?" Dean asked as he slowly backed away from the set up.

Gabriel rolled his eyes dramatically "It will…trust me," he said.

"D-dammit Cas," Dean hissed out when the fluttering of wings indicated his angel right behind him so close he could feel his breath on his neck. Dean spun to stare into the wide, ocean blue eyes.

"I have more oil," Castiel said, holding up a glass bottle.

Dean gently took it from Castiel's hand to inspect the liquid inside the clear glass "A bottle, huh?"

Castiel nodded and pulled a dirty and torn rag from the deep pocket of his trench coat. Dean took the rag as well and placed the objects upon the counter. He smirked as he turned back to his angel "Better hope Michael doesn't see that…he might have PTSD."

Castiel knit his eyebrows and tilted his head in his usual way of confusion "PTSD?"

Dean shook his head "Never mind…human thing…so…Gabriel gets Lucifer here…"

"…then I get him to walk into the ring," Sam continued.

"Then I get to have fun," Gabriel said cheerily.

"What about this?" Dean asked, motioning to the small set up with the wire stretched across the floor. He realized it was probably really dangerous for any of them to be in the room.

"He will probably trip over that when he 'thinks' he is escaping the ring of holy fire," Gabriel said "We got him good."

"Don't you think this is going a little overboard? This can really hurt him," Sam pointed out. Yeah, Lucifer did a ton of things that should have Sam wanting him dead but Sam still had a heart and what they were going to do seemed a little too brutal.

"Don't be a saint, Sammy…he got all of us sick…that was brutal," Gabriel said as he brushed his new feathers.

"Technically, he was just trying to get you sick and for a good reason…it was messed up…what you did," Sam said as he walked over to sit beside his angel.

"Why are you sticking up for him?" Gabriel asked, wrapping a wing around Sam to pull him closer.

"I'm just trying to be reasonable…what would your Father think of this?" Sam wondered.

Castiel turned to them "We got permission…it is either this or the cage for a little while," he said.

"Exactly…so we're doing Luci a favor," Gabriel said with a grin.

"Why in Bobby's house, though…he is gonna be so pissed," Dean said, afraid of Bobby's anger.

"We'll have it all cleaned up by the time he gets back from his hunt," Gabriel said simply.

"Where did Michael go?" Castiel asked, darting his eyes around the room for the missing archangel.

"No clue," Gabriel said, lifting his wings as he stood up and stretched "Well…I'm going to go and get Luci…you guys just go and get ready."

"I still don't think this is a good idea," Sam admitted but reluctantly stood up to make sure the oil was in a full ring.

. . .

Lucifer rolled his eyes as he watched his brother walk in, eyes narrow and serious "What do you want, Michael?" he asked.

"I know you didn't mean to make us all sick…" Michael started "You meant it to just be Gabriel, correct?"

Lucifer arched an eyebrow as he lounged on the loveseat, stretching his wings across the span of it "Well, yeah at first. But you and Castiel getting sick just made it so much more fun."

Michael stared at him, debating on whether or not to warn him about what Gabriel was planning for revenge. He thought his brother was going too far but from the smug look on Lucifer's face, Michael wanted to hit him right then and there.

"So I know Gabriel is planning something to get back at me," Lucifer said, sitting up "Ah, speak of the devil."

Gabriel walked into the room and his wings stiffened when he saw Michael standing there. No doubt Michael would say something…damn angel didn't know how to have any fun.

"Your forgetting who the devil is," Gabriel countered with a smirk. He gave a snap of fingers then vanished from the room along with Michael.

Lucifer ground his teeth in frustration. He knew Gabriel was just luring him down for some kind of trap but he wanted to prove his brother wrong. Nobody could prank Lucifer…he would just have to ruin their plans. With that, he took flight to the old hunter's house; he didn't even notice the extra appendage flailing in the wind behind him.

. . .

Sam lifted his head when Gabriel showed up in the room with a very pleased look on his face. His wings were perked up and almost seemed to bounce as he sauntered into the kitchen where Sam and Dean were sitting on the counter, staring at the doorway to the livingroom.

"He will be here momentarily…" Gabriel said as he pushed Dean off of the counter and hopped up beside Sam.

Dean glared at the archangel for a moment before rolling his eyes and walking over to where Castiel was standing stiffly beside the fridge. He placed a hand over the silky smooth ebony wings "You alright?" he asked.

"I don't want to do this…it seems a little bit too much…" Castiel admitted, his hands curling together by his stomach.

"Well, just think about what he did to you guys…what he did to me and Sam during the whole apocalypse deal," Dean mentioned as he caressed Castiel's wings softly.

Castiel opened his mouth to speak but there was a loud crack and snap that seemed to echo through the room, followed by a wail of agony. Instantly, Gabriel and Castiel were in the living room at a speed Sam and Dean couldn't keep up with.

Gabriel froze at the scene and felt a wave of guilt pierce through him when he saw Michael curled up on the floor in what used to be a living room but now looked as though a tornado had ripped it apart. The walls were all crumbled to bits on the floor, dust still coating the air as well as a thick cloud of smoke that made Gabriel's lungs instantly clench tightly and burn. He held his breath as he pushed through the dark gray smoke to lift Michael up from the floor.

"You really thought you could trick me like that?" Lucifer's voice asked as he walked over to them, arms crossed over his chest. He shook his head and chuckled "I'm not that stupid…you know that, Gabriel."

Castiel ground his teeth with the urge to tear Lucifer's wings off of his back and make a blanket but he refrained from doing so and instead pulled the Zippo lighter from his pocket. He flicked it, the flame rising, almost glowing in the fogged, smoke-darkened room; he then let the lighter fall upon the holy oil that circled around Lucifer. The flames ignited and rose, following the path of oil until touching together. Lucifer's eyes darkened as the orange tint radiated upon his skin when he realized just what they were doing.

Dean walked into the room with Sam and choked back a laugh when he saw Lucifer in the ring of fire with fury in his eyes. What made it all the more hilarious was the two small horns that protruded from his forehead, curling back like a goat. Flailing behind him, below his wings, was a long and winding spaded tail that was tapping against the floor agitatedly. So the fire, along with the stereotypical devil look, he was quite the sight.

Sam didn't refrain from laughing at Lucifer, who still didn't realize he had a tail attached to his body. He glowered at Sam, wings flaring and shaking in rage "Put this fire out…now," he growled, and when smoke trailed from his nostrils, everyone in the room burst out in laughter.

Michael managed to let out a laugh despite the holy fire burns that were scattered across his skin. His grace was already healing the burns and cuts from shards of the metal used in angel killing blades. He hissed out in pain when Gabriel yanked a shard from his shoulder. He knew it was a bad idea to use something so dangerous. If he had been standing one inch to the left when the bomb went off, a shard would have pierced right through his heart and killed him.

"What is so damn funny?" Lucifer asked, his teeth bared as he paced around the ring of fire, searching for a way to escape. He let out a yelp when he felt something burn him in a place he was unfamiliar. He whirled around to see what happened and another wave of rage burned inside of him when his eyes scanned over a long, scarlet red spaded tail that now had holy fire lit on the tip. He spun back to Gabriel, who was smirking smugly as he helped Michael stand up.

Castiel bit down on his lower lips as he scanned the area for the Molotov he was supposed to throw at Lucifer. Though he deserved it, he didn't want to do that.

"What are you looking for?" Dean asked when he noticed the frantic look in his angel's eyes.

"I can't find the Molotov," he whispered, squinting as the smoke was flowing through what used to be a wall but was now an open hole leading outside "It was right there," he said, pointing over to where the coffee table used to sit.

"Hey Assbutt," a voice called from the side. Castiel instantly jerked his head to the left just in time to see the rag lit with yellow flames, connected to a clear glass bottle that Michael held.

Before anyone in the room could react, the bottle was thrown into the air. It almost seemed slow motion as Castiel shoved Dean to the side of him to avoid getting burned. Castiel flinched and braced himself as the bottle smashed into him, igniting his vessel in flames that licked up his body. He cried out in agony as he felt his grace pulling him back up to Heaven.

Dean didn't comprehend what happened but the next thing he realized, his shirt was on fire and he was standing inside the circle with Lucifer. His heart skipped a beat and a lump formed in his throat when he stared into the amused eyes. Lucifer smirked and wrapped his arms and wings around Dean, holding him immobile.

"Let him go you sonofabitch," Sam growled, stepping forward to jump through the flames to save his brother. Gabriel grabbed Sam and pulled him back.

"What was that all about, Michael?" Gabriel asked, trying to hold Sam still.

"Payback for what he did to me," Michael said simply, shaking the ash from his wings. He rubbed his hands together and turned to where Lucifer was now whispering into a very ticked off Dean's ear "Now Lucifer, just let go of him…I don't want to have to hurt you."

"Just let me out of this ring," Lucifer said simply, trying out the spaded tail that he was learning control of .He curled it around to the front and let the spaded part slide up Dean's pant leg.

Dean tried to thrash and elbow his way free but he was held in a tight embrace. The tail trailed further up his leg, causing goosebumps to prickle across his body "Don't touch me you sick bastard," Dean spat at Lucifer's face.

Lucifer grinned and dipped his head down until his mouth was just inches from Dean's hear. His breath was chilly as he whispered "You like it, don't you? Can't get anything from Cassie? You want me…"

Dean ground his teeth and shoved his elbow back as hard as he could. He was surprised when the wings loosened up around him enough so he could pull free. He grabbed onto the feathers closest to Lucifer's shoulder blades and yanked on them, causing the archangel to hiss out and lean back to avoid more pain. Dean glared into his eyes "You are a sick, nasty-" he was cut off by a flutter of wings and all of the lights in the room flickering.

"You," Castiel snarled as he stepped toward Michael, who could feel the wrath radiating around the young archangel. All six of Castiel's wings were spread wide, causing a shadow to form around the room. The feathers were all burnt, smoke still trickling off of some of them.

"Calm down Castiel," Gabriel demanded, stepping in the middle to avoid a fight. He placed a hand on Castiel's chest "You did it to him once so it's only fair he did it back."

"I thought we were just supposed to be going after Lucifer," Castiel said, not taking his eyes off of Michael, who straightened up and puffed out in wings in defense.

Sam took the moment of Gabriel's distraction to throw the carpet beside him over the ring of fire, causing a space to form an escape.

Dean let go of Lucifer's feathers, making sure to yank at handful in the process before jumping from the open space where Sam was. Lucifer followed suit, hopping over both of the Winchester's and landing behind Michael. He grinned as he used the tail he had to sweep across his brother's legs, knocking both Michael and Gabriel onto their backs.

Castiel lifted a hand to build up energy while Michael and Gabriel both did the same.

"Stop this instant!" a voice boomed with a power that almost made the room shake.

Within a split second, all archangels in the room froze and it became deathly silent. Sam and Dean turned their eyes to where the elderly man who liked to call himself 'John' stood. His eyes were cold and hard as he scanned the archangels who were all ready to kill each other. The angels all stood up and straightened up, wings tucked against their backs and as they faced their father.

"I-I'm sorry, Father," Michael said quickly "Luci-"

"-I don't care who started it. You realize you just destroyed this home as well as placing two innocent humans in danger," God spoke, his voice firm and strong.

"I wouldn't call them innocent," Lucifer mumbled.

"Quiet," God demanded, causing Lucifer to shut his mouth and stare down.

"Now I want you to fix this mess you've made and then all four of you are going to your Heavens to calm yourselves," God went on, waving and arm to motion the disaster that used to be a living room.

"Yes Father," Castiel said.

"And If I don't see you up there in two minutes, you are not going to be allowed back to earth for a month," God continued, his lips forming a firm line.

The archangels nodded.

God then turned to Sam and Dean "It is nice to see you two again," he said, giving a warm smile that caused crinkled around his eyes.

Sam and Dean both nodded "Nice to see you too," Sam said, his voice shaken slightly. He was still astonished to be in the presence of Him.

"How long do we have to go to our Heavens?" Castiel questioned, wondering how long he would have to be away from Dean.

"Until I say so," was the answer received before He disappeared from the room, leaving four annoyed archangels and two amused humans.

Gabriel snapped his fingers with a bored look on his face and instantly, the entire room reformed into how it looked before everything happened.

With one glance at the humans, each angel left without another word. They knew better; when their Father was mad, they did exactly what they were ordered.

Sam and Dean stood in the middle of the perfect living room for a moment in silence.

"That was…" Sam started.

"Not something you see every day," Dean finished. He sighed at the idea of not seeing Castiel for a while. He had no idea how long 'time out' would be for an angel.

The door then opened and Bobby walked inside, mumbling obsceneties under his breath as he trailed into the kitchen with a shotgun. He paused and stared at Sam and Dean "Why are you idjits just standing there? Come help me hunt this damn pack of werewolves," he said "Don' know when they started formin' packs like a bunch of damn animals."

Dean grinned slightly at Sam before shaking his head. They walked into the study room where Bobby was sifting through books, unaware of the events that had just happened in his living room.

. . .

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