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A/N: Why did I write this? I don't know! I think this may be the most random idea I have ever done! I've written a lot of strange fics and couples before but this is a fine line between Trolling and Failed humor! I'm willing to be I'm the only one who will be amused by this.

Season 4 had ended and everyone was now relaxing and doing whatever the hell they wanted to do before they got scammed into doing season 5, This meant that everyone from Seasons 1-4 were all now hanging out at Playa Des Loser or whatever it's called.

It was day 4 of boredom and Lightning couldn't take it anymore so he asked Sam to borrow one of his hand held game systems. Since Sam was so busy sucking face with Dakota he tossed it at Lightning. It was a Pokémon game and lightning had never heard of this before so he decided to start a new game and try it out!

After all these ramblings Lightning finally got to meet professor oak!

Professor Oak: Greetings and welcome to the wonderful world of Pokémon! Let's get right to the basics! What is your name?

Lightning then typed in his name into the box below, he was really sure he was going to like this.

Professor Oak: Nice to meet you LIGHTNING!

"Nice to meet you too professor Oak!" Lightning answered

Professor Oak: Are you a boy or a girl?

"I'm a dude!" Lightning answered again and clicked the choice of "Boy"

Next another person appeared on screen and they showed Lightning the picture.

Professor Oak: This is my GRANDSON and you two have been rivals since you were babies! What's his name again?

Lightning stared at the picture of his "Rival" for a few minutes and he could not figure out what to name the rival. The Rival had on a hat and the rival had a backpack but still lightning didn't know what the hell he should name the Rival.

"I can't play this game" Lightning sighed in defeat

Suddenly Duncan came over to him because he was also bored.

"Dude, what's your deal?" Duncan asked him "Can't be the game?"

"I can't even start the game!" Lightning yelled "Look at this!"

"It just wants to know your rivals name" Duncan laughed "Pick something like Steve"

"I can't!" Lightning told him "I don't know if it's a boy or girl!"

"Dude….It says that's his grandson" Duncan told him

"That's not helping!" Lightning sighed

"Grand….SON" Duncan slowly told him

"So….Is my rival a boy or a girl?" Lightning asked

"It's a boy" Duncan sighed "Just select a default name and move on"

"Thanks! Man…uh…mam?" Lightning told Duncan "Sorry, are you a boy or a girl?"

"What do you think?" Duncan glared at him

"You have piercings and eyeliner on….." Lightning thought for a minute "YOU'RE A GIRL!"

Duncan proceeded to push Lightning in the pull and walk away. When Lightning climbed out he didn't get it at all.

"What's that chicks deal?" Lightning asked himself.