It was just a normal autumn evening; it wasn't intended to be anything special. In fact, that is exactly what it was too; nothing special. At least not to Kagamine Len: the perfect, cool, collected one of the Kagamine twins. He was nothing like his sister, Kagamine Rin. She was loud, obnoxious, and often rude.

Inside the house hold of a certain group of Vocaloid that traveled together on tour, everyone was gathered around the entrance of the huge building they were housed in to take part in listening to an important message a man with jet black hair and a tall stature had to deliver.

Obviously it had to be a very important message, because said man happened to be the "master" of all the Vocaloids, and also the second version of them, Vocaloid 2.

He stood at the door way, hands behind his back and a face that looked like professional and calm. "Good evening my fellow creations," he stated plainly as he let himself into the Vocaloid's home. The household contained the most popular/the original Vocaloids, Miku Hatsune, the Kagamine twins, Kaito Shion, and Meiko.

Luka Megurine was staying with them, but Master wanted her to gain more experience and talent by traveling to America and gaining recognition there.

No one else found it odd that there were three different group types, besides the only one of them that actually paid a bit of attention to how much they are really segregated. This was sadly one of the youngest Vocaloids: Len.

There was the first group paired up, the lowest ranks, which included: Kaai Yuki, Dell Honne, Lily, Ritsu Namine, Big Al, Miki, and so on. These weren't really terrible Vocaloids; if they were, they would have been scrapped. They are just more of the lesser known and less popular. They were mainly used in covers rather than original songs. And they only some times get to go on tour with the big leagues.

The second group was better and more popular than the first, but just didn't quite cut it to the first group. They were Vocaloids like: Teto Kasane, Gumi, Haku Honne, and Gakupo. They were used in a lot of music videos and often appeared on tour. But not as often as the first house.

Len thought it was ridiculous to judge the others and categorize them just because they weren't as well known. But it's not like he would really protest about it. He was one of the top most popular Vocaloid; he had no reason to complain. The others, though, didn't even seem to notice that they were being basically put down for their difference.

All five of them were confused on why Master would bother to show up right at their door step to send them a message instead of waiting until he seen them at a concert, or better yet just send it through email. It was puzzling, but they all welcomed him. Well, at least four welcomed him. Len wasn't about to show fake emotions when it came to that man. He despised him more than any one.

Miku of course was the one to kiss up the most. She bowed slightly, letting her overly long teal hair bounce up and down as she did so. She plastered a true smile on her face and shook his hand. "Hello Master! This is such a pleasant surprise!" and the kissing up comensed.

Len looked to his twin, who in turn gave him the same look he had. They both rolled their eyes at Miku's stupidness.

"Ah, yes well. There was just something I had to share with you all. Seeing as though you are my star Vocaloids. There is a new Vocaloid 2 that we have been working on for quite some time now, and it is almost finished." He smiled slightly, trying to at least fake some excitement. "It's the first line of the new "Pocaloid" version we are working on. Now they aren't any more advanced than you original Vocaloid. Just a few touch ups like a more human make up. These have working human hearts. Pretty interesting huh?" he gave a small chuckle before continuing.

"That's pretty much all we got going. But that heart is what keeps them functioning and alive. Unlike the original Vocaloid, which runs on certain programs that create your "human like" souls. Any way, what I really wanted to get out of this is, I was hoping you guys would be so kind as to show this new system how exactly everything works. Since these are more human, they start out with certain knowledge of certain things, but I wanted to experiment to see if, instead of installing the knowledge of how to perform, that it should be tested and learned through experts. Do you understand what I am saying?"

Of course everyone understood. When he says "if you be so kind" it meant "you're going to do this weather you liked it or not."

It was no surprise when Miku practically leaped out of her clothes in joy. She jumped around and squealed.

"Oh boy, this is exciting! I can't wait to see who gets created this time. They are always so much fun to get to know."

Everyone just nodded in agreement, hoping it would make it easier to get back to what they were originally doing before they were interrupted by Master.

The tall man smiled down at everyone and nodded. "Right. I will bring it here when it's ready, then I will see how good it is, and where I will put it." He nodded one last time, then headed off into a long, slick, black car.

After Meiko shut the door, everyone busted out in a chatter, questions filled the air and made it extremely loud in the house. Everyone was asking questions like "I wonder if it's female or male?" "How does it look?" "How will it sing?"

Of course, Len wasn't in any of the commotion; he was already making his way upstairs to rest. Why should he care about another Vocaloid? It just meant more competition and more drama. Two things he couldn't stand the most. That's why he pretty much stayed away from all the female Vocaloid's. They were such dramatic girls. Just like human girls.

The blonde Vocaloid flopped down on his bed and looked up at the ceiling, letting a low sigh escape his tender lips. He found his mind wondering and drifting off, thinking about this so called "Vocaloid 2".

He has meet some of the Vocaloid 2, and he wasn't impressed. He knew the original was better, and always will be. He honestly didn't know why they even tried to keep making these things. Weren't the original enough? Did they not get enough rating? Enough fans? Enough money?

Len scoffed. Of course they didn't. Enough was never enough when it came to that greedy man.

"Guess we will just have to wait and see how much this one fails when the time comes, huh?" Len whispered to himself, shifting onto his side to get into a more comfortable position and closing his eyes.