Len sat by Piko's bedside, stroking his hand lightly as he waited for him to wake up. A sigh escaped his lips as his eyes trailed from the white-haired boy's face to his abdomen. "A child is growing inside him. . .my child."

At his last thought he felt his body starting to tense up, and if he had a heart it would have caught in his throat. "I'm. . .going to be a dad." He couldn't help but feel his lips tug up into a slight smile. "The man I love more than any one is going to have my baby." He quickly shook away the thoughts. "No. .I'm too young to have a child. Besides, master said he was going to take it any way."

"Take what?" Len heard a soft voice underneath him. He looked down to see that Piko was finally opening his heterochromatic eyes. "Oh uhm. . ." Now his nonexistent heart was in his stomach. The blonde was feeling even more nervous. This was it, he had to tell him.

"Piko, listen to me." He looked at his seriously and gripped his hand tightly. The other Vocaloid tilted his head curiously, his eyes held concern for what was wrong with his boyfriend; he completely forgot all about passing out just a few hours ago and waking up in Master's work room.

"Okay. . ." He looked down, his face suddenly dropping as if he was sad. "How do I explain this. . ."

Piko patiently allowed for Len to think, even though he really wanted to know what was wrong. The blonde looked up at his lover and took a deep breath. "Master implanted a womb inside you and I fertilized one of your eggs and now you're pregnant and I'm really sorry I didn't know please don't kill me I know you're probably really hormonal right now and you're going to hit me aren't you." He let out his breath and quickly shielded his face.

". . ." Piko remained silent for awhile, which was Len's reaction when he first heard the news too.

"Wait. What does being pregnant mean?" The white-haired boy tilted his head again and looked at him with confusion.

". . .You mean you weren't programmed to know that and you didn't learn what it was at all in the past few months." The blonde face palmed and groaned. "Alright. Looks like I'll have to explain. . ."

~About half an hour of explaining where babies come from~

The Kagamine Vocaloid backed up into the corner as Piko practically attacked him with a dark aura around his body. Piko sat up from the bed and twitched; grabbing the nearest object next to him, which was a stool; and held it above his head. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN I AM GOING TO HAVE A BABY?!" His eyes shone with a demonic, killer intent.

"Oh dear god." Len looked at him frightened and almost pissed his pants. But suddenly his boyfriend busted into tears and dropped his weapon. "Len what is going on? I felt angry and I wanted to kill you and I didn't like it. Now I feel really sad!"

The blonde sighed deeply and stood up, walking over to the emotional boy and pulled him into a tight hug. "I know. There is a lot you need to learn about pregnancy. This is part of it. You will experience weird mood swings. But don't worry, okay? It'll be over before you know it! And I will be here with you the whole time. And Master said that we don't have to worry about taking care of an infant because he is going to take it when it's born." He looked down at the sobbing boy and smiled.

Piko looked up at him and nodded. "Alright. I trust you Len." He smiled back softly.

Len still couldn't help but feel something strange in his chest every time he thought about his child. Why was he feeling a bit hurt for wanting to get rid of it? There was no reason to feel that way. 'Just shake it away like always.' He told himself and continued to hold his lover in his arms.