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As soon as Len and Piko got back to the house, Len ran to his sister and grabbed her by the arm, pulling her off to the side. "Rin I have to tell you something." He said quickly as though he was out of breath.

Rin cocked her eyebrow a bit and looked at him strangely. "What on earth could be so interesting that you-"

"Piko's pregnant." Len cut her off abruptly.

The female blonde's eyes widened as big as dinner plates. "WHAT!" She screeched as loud as a bat and grabbed Len's shoulders. "HOW. DID. THIS. HAPPEN?" She started to shake him roughly. "AND WHO'S IS IT? I BET IT'S SOME PERVERTED OLD MAN'S!"

Len sweatdropped and tried to jerk away from his sister. "It's mine, Rin!" After he shouted that Rin let go, her jaw hit the floor.

"LEN KAGAMINE! HOW COULD YOU?!" By that time, the whole house started to rush to the room to see what could possibly be the matter.

"Rin, Len?" Miku asked confused, and a bit scared. Meanwhile, Piko was curled up in the corner mumbling something about bacon and ice cream.

"I'M GOING TO BE AN AUNT? AHHHHH!" Rin screamed and ran to her room in a rush. Everyone else stood around, tilting their heads at the scene.

"Len, explain?" Kaito looked at the small Vocaloid.

"Well. Obviously Len knocked up Piko. Ehehehe." Meiko staggered around drunk, alcohol bottle in hand.

"What?" Kaito and Miku both said in unison. "Is this true?" They looked at the male blonde again, who sighed in reply.

". . .I'm afraid it is." He looked down at his white shoes and stayed quiet.

The two blue haired Vocaloids hugged Len tightly and patted his back. "That's wonderful Len! I'm so happy for you!" Miku squealed happy, then ran over to Piko and hugged him as well.

"Mustard sauce. .fudge. .pancake." Piko mumbled under his breath and completely ignored Miku.

At least now everyone knew. So step two, complete. . .what's next?