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The following day, Piko had some what tried to keep his distance from his love. He felt it would be too awkward to catch him, for he knew Len would want to talk more about the baby. And that was something he did not want to do.

All the while, Len was becoming more and more frustrated and upset at the fact that Piko was taking no interest at all in him or his child. So he thought. What could he do to see if Piko was serious about him or not? He could not come up with the answer on his own, so he turned to the wisest person he knew about love. . .

"Ya need ta buy him alcohol! Men. .m-men love alcohol." Okay not Meiko.

"Buy him a pony! A pink one! With ribbons and rainbows. . .and a leak!" Not Miku either.

"Ice cream is always the way to a man's heart.~" Deffinatally not Kaito.

"You should propose to him." Not Rin ei- actually. . .that isn't a bad idea.

Len tilted his head a bit, letting his blonde bangs sway. "Hmm. . Are you sure that is the best idea though? I mean we're pretty young." He asked his sibling. "Trust me Len. It's either now, or you may lose him forever. Don't worry, I will help you out okay?"

The blonde male folded his arms and thought it through a bit. "Hmm. Yes, you're right. . .Let's do this."

Rin dragged Len to a near by jewelry store, allowing him to search through the different engagement rings they had. Len scanned the cases with his deep blue eyes with such concentration. "Hmmmm. . ."

After much looking, he decided to pick out the one that had a pure white band with three small diamonds lined up deep inside the band on the top.

"Would you like something engraved in it as well?" The store keeper asked the young boy. The blonde gave it some thought, and then nodded. "Yes." He looked up at him and gave him his request.

Once they purchased the ring, Rin then dragged her brother to a tuxedo shop, picking him out the one she thought looked the most snazzy. And even though there was much resistance from the male, she eventually forced him into it.

"Alright, next you have to make him swoon with a romantic love letter." Rin told her brother as they headed back home. Len rolled his eyes. "I already know what I am going to say to him when I do it. So I don't need all that junk."

Rin groaned and folded her arms. "Fine whatever. Remember what I told you to do?" Len nodded a bit. "Good." She gave him a shove into the kitchen and then rushed to go watch the screen pan out from an unseen distance.

Piko was sitting at the table, cutely munching on a chocolate bar. Once he spotted Len, he tilted his head and blinked. "Why are you dressed up? Going some where?" He asked.

"Actually." Len said smoothly as he strolled over to his boyfriend. "WE'RE going some where. . .How about a restaurant?" He reached his hand out to Piko, who looked up at him like a curious child.

"Well. .Alright sure. But what is the occasion? We don't usually go out."

The blonde grabbed Piko's hand and made him stand to his feet. "I just want to treat my princess right." His comment made the white-haired male turn crimson in the face. "Well. .Alright. Just let me change." He said as he let Len's hand go and quickly rushed to Kaito's room.

"Kaito-nii. . ." He said as he looked up at the bluenette's face with sweet shota eyes. "Yes little Piko?" He asked back happily. "I need to borrow one of your dress shirts please. The smallest one you have. I'm going out to dinner."

"Of course~!" Kaito chimed and happily handed Piko a white dress shirt. The younger Vocaloid thanked him and went off to his room, searching through his drawers. Luckily for him Miku had bought him bigger pants he could fit into. He found a pair of black skinny jeans and put them on, then slipped on the shirt, which was still too big for him, so he tucked it into his jeans. He then found a blue vest and put that on, as well as a pair of white knee-high boots. He topped it off with a black high roller hat.

He looked at himself in the mirror and took a deep breath, hoping Len would like it. The vest hid his baby bump pretty well, which satisfied him. Once he fixed up his hair a bit more, he headed back downstairs to where Len was waiting.

Once the blonde caught a glimpse of Piko, he smiled lightly. "You look beautiful." His comment made the younger once again blush. "I have to say, you look stunning as well." He comment back at Len, then linked his arm with his as they looked at each other, smiling lovingly, walking out the door and into the car that would take them to their destination.

Once they arrived at the restaurant, Len took Piko's hand and lead him out of the car and to the door. Piko looked around excitedly as they headed inside. He had never been out to eat since he was created and he was looking forward to doing it for the first time.

They were both seated and given a menu to look over. Len sat across from Piko at a table made for only two. He smiled at him as he reached his hand over, placing it onto his lover's small, delicate one. "What are you two in the mood for?"

As the silverette looked over the menu, he hummed quietly. "I think we are hungry for some spaghetti."

"Very well. My two princesses will get what they want." Len chuckled and looked over his own menu. "As for me, prince charming will have a steak."

Once the waiter came over and took their orders, Len looked back at Piko, nervously chuckling. "What's wrong?" He tilted his head with a worried look upon his features.

"It's nothing my love. I just hope they don't overcook my steak." He lied and took his glass of water, putting it to his lips and taking a sip.

The food eventually arrived, and they both began to eat quietly, neither one of them talking throughout the meal. But on the inside Len was about to die, he was so nervous.

When they were done eating, Piko wiped his mouth and smiled to Len. "This was fun, and the food was delicious. Thanks for taking me out." The blonde took a deep breath and stood up quickly, making Piko cock an eyebrow curiously.

"Piko Utatane. . .I have something I need to say to you. . ."

"Y. .yeah?"

"Ever since I first met you, I felt something deep inside that would always tug at my heart whenever you smiled. Even if at first I was mean to you, I realize now it was only because I didn't understand the feeling I had for you. When I heard you sing for the first time, I felt myself melting into your voice. You are truly the most amazing person I know. Whenever I'm around you I feel like I have known you forever, and I'm not just making memories with you, I'm making my life with you. I had a nice life when I didn't know you, but now that I do know you, I couldn't imagine my life without you. I would just. . .shut down if you walked out on me. So. . ." He grabbed Piko's hand lightly and kneeled down on one knee, slipping a small black box out of his pocket.

Piko's eyes widened a bit. 'Oh my. . .This is the kind of thing I've seen in movies.' He thought to himself as he watched Len get down in front of him.

"Piko Utatane. . .Will you marry me?"

Heterochromatic eyes blinked a few times. Flabbergasted, he was confused beyond any logic thought. So the only answer he could give was. "Len. . .I. . .Yeah, I will." He smiled softly. The blonde grinned as he stood to his feet, capturing Piko in his arms tightly. "I'm happy to hear that." He kissed him on the cheek before slipping the ring out of the case. "Read what it says inside."

Piko was handed the ring, and he peered at the writing inside the band. "Our love is multiplied by three." The white-haired male smiled lovingly at Len and kissed his lip. "Yes. .it is." He placed his hand gently on his stomach and laid his head against Len's shoulder.

"I hope now we can be a family."