The two newly engaged Vocaloids decided they would keep their news quiet from everyone else until they were sure they were ready to tell the rest of them. The only other person who knew was Rin, and unbeknownst to them, someone else. . .

An eerie shadow of a figure stood outside the home of the Vocaloids as he looked up into a window. He could not be seen due to it being 11 at night, but he could see perfectly the image of a petite young boy removing his shirt and slipping on a larger sized nightshirt. A grin spread across his face as a sinister chuckled rose up to his throat.

The man walked over to the side of the house, placing his icepick into his mouth and climbing up the side, all the way to the window he saw the boy in. The young Vocaloid's back was towards the window as he looked into the mirror, brushing his soft white hair.

He caught a glimpse of purple from the mirror and quickly dropped the object in his hand, turning around just in time to be showered in shards of broken glass. A hand reached out and grabbed his throat, squeezing down roughly. He gasped for breath as he tried to pry his hands off his neck.

"T. .Tai. .to. ." He coughed out, his heterochromatic eyes starting to roll to the back of his head, his breath becoming less and less accessible. "That's right, little Piko." The purple Vocaloid chuckled darkly as he squeezed down even tighter.

Piko was able to just barely dig his nails into Taito's hands before his vision went black. The Shion brother had the intent on finishing him off, but suddenly the door slammed open and a blonde male rushed in. Blue eyes widened as he saw what was happening.

"Hello Len, you're just in time to watch me kill your precious little bitch." He laughed loudly as he lifted Piko up slightly, grabbing his icepick with his other hand and rising it up.

"No!" Len shouted as he quickly jumped off his feet and throwing himself at Taito. He knocked Piko out of his hand, but in return Taito accidentally made contact with the wrong victim.

The icepick lodged itself into Len's forehead and shattered his manufactured skull. Immediately Len shut down and dropped to the floor.

Taito backed up a bit, feeling a bit confused and shocked. He knew with how much noise he was making someone was going to catch him, so out the window he went, grabbing his icepick and jumping down. "I'll come back for that brat later. . ."

In a matter of seconds, Piko was able to catch his breath again, and with oxygen being received to his heart, he was able to gain consciousness. His eyes focused slightly, and all he could see was red. Once he looked around more, his eyes caught onto what was making the substance. His eyes widened in horror as he grabbed Len's unmoving body. His eyes were still open and they stared off into nothing.

"Len!" Piko shouted, tears quickly surfacing around the corners of his eyes and flowing down his cheek. "Len please, say something!" He begged, pressing his face into Len's chest. "Please wake up, please!" But no matter how much he yelled and begged, Len wasn't waking up. . .