Guys this is the new sequel for The Diary. I should also tell you that if you have not read my other story, The Diary, that I recommend you not to read this until you finish The Diary, because this is a continuation of The Diary.

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I do not own Diary of a wimpy kid

"Well class, I will hand you your report card right now," the teacher announces.

Greg can't wait for school to end. School had been well for Greg this year. I cannot believe what happened this year. From Rodrick taking his diary to me getting a girlfriend in Holly Hills and getting Bryce as an enemy finding ways to break them up as a result for having Holly as his girlfriend to Bryce leaving the school. This has been the best year ever and to top it off, this is the last day of school…no, last minutes of school this year Greg thought.

"Greg Heffley, please get your report card," the teacher spoke interrupting Greg's thoughts.

Greg stands up going to his teacher to get his report card. He grabs it and goes back to his seat and does not attempt to look at the report card. He just looks at the clock. Just 2 minutes left as Greg thought looking at the clock excited of the thought of summer.

What Greg didn't know is that this summer will be different than his other summers.

If you have already read through this, you should know that this is a continuation of The Diary.