Rich, famous, talented and impossibly perfect Alice Brandon is hopeless when it comes to being on her own. Small town, independent, self sufficient and hard-headed Isabella Swan is on her own. Always has been when living with an over worked father and a distant mother. Their both taking a cruise but for very different reasons. Do opposites really attract?

"Miss Brandon, the ship will be leaving shortly." Esme spoke quietly. The girl in question shook her head.

"Now Esme, how many times have I told you to call me by my actual name? Stop with the formalities please." There was a pause.

"Yes Mary Alice." She sighed, knowing this was the best she would ever get from the woman that basically raised her. This was her real mother, not the woman who claimed to have given birth to her. Related or not Esme, Carlisle, and their children were her family. Always had been and always would be.

"Oh Mary Alice, I'm going to miss you." The older woman sniffled, pulling her adoptive daughter into a tight embrace which was returned.

"I'll miss you too Esme. I'll miss all of you." Mary Alice spoke, sadness laced her voice.

"Cheer up, Squirt. You get to tour the world! Be happy!" A giant bear of a man swooped up the smaller girl, much to her delight. He swung her around like a brother would his youngest sister, which is exactly how he thought of her.

"Emmett!" She squealed happily. Emmett sat her down gently and released her but not before running his hand all across her scalp, successfully putting her hair in more of a disarray than usual.

"Goodbye Short Stuff. I hope you have a good time." Mary Alice smiled.

"Bye Em, I'm going to miss your big self."

"Your better!" He shouted as she was engulfed in yet another pair of arms.

"You better have a good time Ali, for all of us." The blonde that had quickly become her best friend when she and Emmett started dating during their freshman year hugged the pixie like girl tightly before retreating to stand by her fiance.

"I will Rose." She could barely mumble before being swept up yet again by a head of gold and another of bronze.

"Al, we're going to miss you!" The latter spoke, followed by the former.

"Who's going to be our straight best friend and put up with our 'nonexistent sense of fashion?" Mary Alice chuckled lightly. She was going to miss her family so much, even if she was only going to be gone for a few months at the most it would feel like forever without her family.

"I love you guys." She whispered brokenly.

"And we love you too." Her one and only father figure stepped into view and cradled her softly in his arms. "Now get on that boat before it leaves you behind and you're forced to stay with us. Emmett get her luggage."

"Goodbye, I will miss you all so much." Meanwhile on the other side of the dock there was a very different kind of farewell going on.

"Mom, this is my graduation present to myself. Can't you be happy that my dream is coming true? I get to travel the world! What more could a girl want?" A brunette asked, her tone slightly weary, but also enthusiastic when speaking of seeing the world.

"A nice husband would be better than some trip around the world.. You two could go somewhere nice for your honeymoon, wouldn't that be travel enough?" The younger brunette that was so much like her mother in looks, but completely different in every other was shook her head.

"No mom, it wouldn't be enough. Besides there is no one I would even consider getting married to. I just turned eighteen, I'm not ready!" Throwing her hands up in exasperation she turned to her father for reassurance.

"Bella, you know Mike would be more than accepting of your hand in marriage. He comes from a good family and – "

"Mom." The girl deadpanned.

"Oh, let the girl go. She more than deserves it. She graduated top of her class for Pete's sake! Besides," He flashed his daughter a grin. The same grin that she sometimes wore and for that he was proud. "Newton's not good enough for my Baby Girl." Bella laughed in her own carefree way and went to embrace her father.

"Thank You, dad."


Mary Alice stood, leaning across the railing and waving frantically to those she left behind.

"You know, you're lucky you have a family that loves you and accepts you for who you are." She whipped around quickly, searching for whoever it was that spoke so softly into her ear.

There was no one to be found.

Hope you like it. I've been toying with this idea for a while now and just now got around to writing and posting it.