"Bella.." Mary Alice whispers brokenly to the seemingly lifeless brunette whose head was currently nestled into her lap. She holds back the tears that threaten to fall as she recalls the last night she saw this girls beautiful face. Though the thought pains her, she knows that they can never see each

other again, much less be together as they once were. She knew that she would have to move on, pretending that she didn't love the the brown eyed brunette, while knowing all the while that she was the one.

Because now, she did know that Bella was the one and only. If only she'd realized that sooner they could have been together the past three years instead of apart and Bella growing to hate her guts. Mary Alice knew that she must avoid her at all costs.

After everything I did.. Everything I said, how could she not? She told me she loved me, and I betrayed her. Those thoughts weighted heavy on Mary Alice's heart then, just as they had since that day three years ago when she broke this girls heart. I wish I could take it all back.


Mary Alice watched as Bella slowly awoke from the cover of the trees. She had been in time to get the taller girl to the small boats before they were left behind. The fierce winds had tipped many a life raft, sending countless passengers into the unforgiving black sea. By a stroke of pure luck, Mary Alice's raft made it to the shore of a single, deserted island without further incident and with the help of one of the crew members from the ship, got Bella safely onto the sand and to the center of the small clearing the others had deemed their temporary camp.

And keeping her promise to stay as far away from the girl as possible, she watched from a distance as Bella finally began to move about. Mary Alice had been worried, seeing as she hadn't moved in the slightest in the last seven hours. Any longer and she would have shaken the girl until she finally came to. She almost had too, if it wasn't for the burly captain, Jake, who convinced her that it would do Bella more harm than good.

Mary Alice sighed, but was relieved. Bella was alive and well, and that's all that mattered.

That night Mary Alice couldn't sleep knowing that the love of her young life lay not a few paces away at the other side of camp. She wasn't sure if Bella had noticed her or not. She'd tried her best to ignore and avoid her but she could still sometimes feel that heated gaze following her where ever she went.


That couldn't be.. It couldn't be her. Not after all these years. What are the odd of her being on the same cruise as me, and getting trapped on the same island together? It's going to be hell trying to ignore her and pretending nothing ever happened between us.

Short but yeah, so was the last one.