A/N: Hey everyone! I'm baaaack. Sort of...I'm now in Monterey and awaiting the arrival of my laptop for more frequent updating. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for the 'Best New Author' nomination for the TMNT Fanfiction Competition! I'm like...amazed. Thanks so much!

Also, about this new "story"...this will be like Of Flowers and Things, only no word count restrictions. I'm just gonna write however much my muse dictates and try to get a chapter out every week at least. No promises though!

As always, please enjoy

Michelangelo had stopped paying attention to Donatello's rambli—explantion, maybe about ten minutes ago and as the more...intellectual of the four brothers went on and on about how he'd fixed the one dohickey to make the other thingamabob run smoother with a sixty-three percent increase in its operational rate, which sounded like it was a good thing if Don's proud expression was anything to go off of.

Mikey smothered a yawn by clenching his teeth together and giving his head a little shake to get rid of the drowsiness settling there. Perhaps he should stop nodding and humming is "interest" so he could finally answer the alluring call of his skateboard.

"and then..." Don trailed off, lifting an eyeridge in his little brother's direction, "Mikey? You haven't heard a word that I've said, have you..."

"Huh? Oh, yeah! Cool story bro, but it needs more dinosaurs!" And with a brilliant sunny smile, he saluted cheerfully on his way out of the room.