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Donatello walked into the dojo and it took everything in his willpower not to turn around and walk back out. Instead, he rolled his eyes and sunk to his knees beside his brother, joining him as they both watched, completely unimpressed mind you, as their other brothers battled their way across the dojo.

"What triggered it this time," Donny sighed, sounding very much like he wanted to scrub a tired hand across his face.

Mikey rose and dropped a shoulder in a nonchalant shrug. "Dunno. Wasn't here for that part."

"Dare I ask how long they've been at it?" Don wove his hand dismissively in the direction of his brawling siblings.

Mikey shrugged again. "No idea."

"That long huh?" With another sigh, Don hoisted himself up onto his feet. "I suppose I should settle this dispute before it escalates too far."

"Hold on bro," Mikey caught his wrist. "I've got an idea."

"In my experience Mikey, every time I hear you utter those words I usually end up in some sort of trouble, injured, or looking like a fool. Forgive me if not all that keen on finding out what this idea of yours is…"

"Yeah yeah," Mikey dismissed, "you gonna help me or what?"

"Do I have a choice?"

Mikey grinned. "To the kitchen!"

"The what?" But Mikey was too busy toting him after to answer or clarify.

Not five minutes later Mikey managed to wriggle his way between his feuding brothers, a few select items from the kitchen cradled in his arm.

Donny stood nearby in case he had to intervene. Raphael's temper was sometimes unpredictable.

"Raph, Leo, hold up!" Mikey declared, placing a hand against Raph's plastron to nudge him back and get his attention.

"Outta the way Mikey!" Raph hissed, "I ain't done teachin' Fearless a lesson."

"Oh is that what you call it?" Leo taunted back, "You have to be a student before you can be a teacher, Raph."

Snarling, Raph lunged, but the broccoli suddenly appearing in his face caused him pause.

"The broccoli says 'I look like a tree'!" Mikey said. Then he exchanged the vegetable for a mushroom. "And the mushroom says 'I look like an umbrella'!"

By now Leo and Raph were watching their little brother with mirrored expressions of absolute bemusement and similar concerns for Mikey's sanity. They looked to Donny for answers, but Donatello simply hid his eyes behind his hand and just barely refrained from pinching the space between them.

"The walnut says 'I look like a brain'!" Mikey continued, either ignoring or completely oblivious to the looks he was receiving. "And finally the banana says—"

At that moment Don leapt forward, covering Mikey's banana occupied hand with his and shoving it down. "Can we please change the subject?"