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Raphael could feel eyes on him like a hand on his shoulder.

Jaw stealing and fingers tightening around the spoon in his grip, Raph resigned himself to reluctantly meeting the eager, baby blue eyes staring unwaveringly at him from across the breakfast table.

"What d'you want Mikey," he said gruffly, "your face is making me lose my appetite."

Mikey regarded him with a wide grin. "I just wanted to let you know that it was great growing up with someone like you."

Alarm bells went off in the back of his mind and Raph watched him suspiciously. "What do you want."

"Can't I say something nice to a beloved brother without wanting something?" Mikey puckered his bottom lip in a ridiculous pout.

Raph scoffed. "No."

Miraculously, Mikey's pout became even more ridiculous. "But there is more I wanted to say!"

"Oh?" he draweled sarcastically before shoveling a mouthful of cereal into his mouth and swallowing, "please, do go on."

Michelangelo made a show of straightening in his chair and clearing his throat. "Like I said, it was great growing up with someone like you. Someone to lean on, someont to count on..."

Raphael quirked a brow at him.

"And finally...someone to tell on!"

That was as good as any delcaration of war Raph had ever heard.

"Mikey..." he said dangerously low, basking in the satisfaction that came with his brother's widening eyes. "I'm gonna kill you!" Slamming his spoon onto the table, he leapt to his feet (his chair falling backward in the process) and dove over the table top to tackle him to the ground.

He vaguly noticed that Leo and Don were coming in from the other room and as their two quarreling siblings came rolling past they simply parted ways mid-conversation to allow them to tumble past.

"No broken bones please," Don called after. "I'd rather not have to play doctor today."

"Don't break anything else either!" Leo added.

It really was great growing up with such brothers.