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Another (sort of) TurtleToddler fic :-) Maybe I'll try and do one for each?

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Master Splinter adjusted the strap of the warn messenger bag at his hip, fitting it more comfortably over his shoulder. "Are you all ready, my sons?" He asked, glancing down at the four young turtles peering up at him with wide, eager eyes.

At his question, the siblings turned to each other to confirm with one another that they had everything they needed. Already they were sporting their soft wooden practice weapons s with pride. They had yet to acquire the respect all ninja should have for their chosen weapon.

Still, Splinter appreciated their innocence and strove to prolong it for as long as he was able.

Four sets of eyes returned to him, nodded their affirmation and he returned the nod. "Then we may proceed. Stay close to me and do not wander off."

Seconds before they left the lair a voice piped up.

"Oh! Oh! Sensei wait!"

Master Splinter turned in time to see Michelangelo's retreating shell.

Donatello blinked curiously after him, Raphael crossed his arms with an impatient pout, and Leonardo called after him. "Don't be a slowpoke Mikey!"

Splinter's ears twitched, following Michelangelo's movements as he sifted through things in another room.

When he returned, his eyes bright, looking proud, and grinning, Master Splinter couldn't help but return the smile with one of his own. "Are you prepared to leave now, Michelangelo?"

"I gots me a bandaid and a lollipop!" The turtle brandished both in the air for him to see. "I'm good."

"So I see," he said, brushing an affectionate hand over his son's head.