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Michelangelo's eyes were glued to the TV screen as he pulled the ringing phone from his belt.

"...'llo?" He answered distractedly.

"Mikey," came Don's voice from the other end. "Where's Leo?"

"What'dya call me for if you're lookin' for him?"

"Because I need him for a quick favor and he isn't answering his phone."

"What sort of favor? Maybe I can help."

"...it's boring."

Mikey pulled his phone down, pressing the mouth piece into his shoulder. "Leoooooo!"

"Why are you yelling inside, Mikey!?" Leo demanded from another room.

Mikey kindly refrained from pointing out that he had also yelled. "Donny's on the phoooooone!" He drawled instead.

There was a pause and he imagined Leo rolling his eyes at him before calling, "I'll be right there."

Mikey brought the receiver to his ear again. "Un momento por favor," he chirped to Don.

"Thank you."


A few seconds of silence ticked by before Don asked, "you're watching TV aren't you?"

"Yep," Mikey replied, leaning forward eagerly from his position on the couch. "And this dude is totally about to get his head lobbed off."

"Barbed wire?"


"Ah," Don hummed. "Classy."

"That was pleasant," another voice said from behind him just as the blood splattered on screen.

Mikey tilted his head back against the back of the couch to peer up at his brother. "You mean awesome."

Giving his sibling a dry look, Leo plucked the cell phone from Mikey's hand. "Everything okay Donny?"

Mikey listened with half an ear as his two brothers talked, the rest of his divided attention returned to the TV. He started when Leo tapped the phone on his head and with a pout, he reached up, snatching it from him. "Did he hang up already?" He asked, but Leo was already half way across the room.

"Still there Donny?" Mikey asked skeptically.

"I am. I was just about to hang up. Did you need something?"

"I do have a question."

"Ask away."

"This...thing you need doing," Mikey began almost accusingly, "it's not boring."

"Well that depends on your own personal definition of boring Mikey," Donatello replied, "because I happen to always be interested in things I need doing."

"You just said that to keep me away," Mikey told him.

"You're a lot more perceptive than you get credit for," Donatello agreed. A silence fell between them. "There were shiny buttons involved."

A smile tugged at the corner of Mikey's mouth. He did happen to cause a lot of trouble whenever there happened to be shiny buttons. "Touche."