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Chapter 3

Dean woke to sunlight cutting a vicious swath across his eyes and a knock at the cabin door. He rolled off the bed, sparing a quick second to see Sam was still out, before he pulled the Colt from its hiding place and went to the door. He looked out the window beside it from a gap in the side of the curtain without touching the filmy material.

He threw open the door, raising the gun on principle. "Thought I wasn't gonna see you again?" He said.

Jen stood on the threshold. She smirked at him. "You really know how to greet someone who saved your ass."

"Don't like vampires invading my personal space."

She looked passed him to the bed. "How's he doing?"

"Is vampire saliva an anticoagulant?" He asked in response.

"Um, yeah." He let her in, but stayed between Sam and the vampire. "Keeps the wound from beginning to heal. Makes it easier for them to feed." She still referred to them as something different from herself.

"You really don't feed?"


"Yeah, we met someone like that once."

"And what did you do to her?"

"She asked us to kill her." Dean deadpanned.

"Good. Then you should be a pro."

"Come again?"

"I want you to kill me." Jen said. She nodded at the Colt Dean had lowered to the desk. "With that."


"Because I never want to feed." She blinked quickly. "Because I miss my sister. Take your pick." Jen's eyes flitted to Sam as he sat up on the bed.

"Dean." Sam said. "She saved us. We can cure her. We don't have to kill her."

"What?" Jen asked, focusing on Sam. "There's a cure?"

"Yes. Our grandfather told us." Sam said, easing his feet to the floor. "It worked on Dean."

"How does it work? Does it reverse the change?"


Dean stepped in. "We would need some stuff. The blood of the vamp who turned you."

"That's impossible to get." Jen said, shaking her short cropped head rapidly. "I killed him forty years ago. Burned him."

"Then there's no cure." Dean said softly.

"Will you do this, then?" She asked. Dean nodded.

"Sorry." Sam said, blinking moisture from his eyes.

"Don't be. I want to end this my way. I'm happy."

"When?" Dean asked her.

"Um…sunset was my sister's favorite time of day. I'd like that."

"Okay." She turned and melted from the room silently.

"So you're really gonna just do this?" Sam asked Dean after she had gone.

"You heard her. Just like you heard Lenore. She doesn't want to feed. I don't think-hell, she doesn't think- she'll be able to resist forever, and that's when some innocent kid gets killed 'cos he took a shortcut home from school. Can you live with that?"

"No." Sam stared at the floor.

"Look," Dean sighed, sitting wearily on the bed opposite Sam. "I'll meet her, and I'll make it painless. She won't have to live like this."

Sam remained quiet as Dean dropped his eyes, staring at the carpet between their feet.

The sun slipped closer to the horizon, bathing the sky in reds, oranges, and purples. Jen turned when she heard the rumble of the sleek black car. Dean killed the engine and stepped from the car, walking up to the vampire.

"Are you sure…"

"Yes. I can't keep living like this, risking every day that I might kill someone." She turned and walked up to the big willow tree that they stood under, leaning a shoulder against the bark. She watched the setting sun through the wispy branches for a few minutes. "I miss my sister, Dean. I just hope that something out there has enough forgiveness for me that I can see her again."

Dean didn't say anything, just walked up beside her, keeping only a couple feet between them. He watched the sun slink lower in the sky, watched the reds deepening to burgundy, the blues and purples beginning to turn inky. He finally spoke. "Thanks for helping me save m'brother."

"I'm glad he's going to be okay."

"Me too."

Jen was silent for another beat as the sun flared and disappeared beneath the horizon. "You have the gun?"

"Yeah." Dean said, the word coming from low in his throat. She turned to him, closing a little of the distance.

"Send me to be with my sister."

"There has to be something else…"

"No, Dean."

"But…" Jen cut him off with a growl and he whipped his eyes in her direction. Her eyes glinted in the setting sun, reflecting fire in the cat-like glow. Her lips parted and her teeth descended. She jumped at him, fingernails hooked into claws. Dean ripped the Colt from his waistband, not getting it raised before she took him to the ground. His head hit hard and he saw stars. Her snarl brought him back to reality.

"Kill me- before I kill you!" Her mouth got closer to his neck and Dean wedged the gun between them, firing.

"uhn!" She gasped. Fire flashed through her once as Dean rolled out from under her, catching her and lowering her to the ground. "Thank you." she whispered, lightening arcing beneath her skin again. Her eyes dulled and went closed, one last flash working through her before she stilled.

"Damnit." Dean whispered, blinking unexpected moisture away. He stood, brushing off his jeans. Dean walked to the trunk and popped the lid, reaching in for what he needed.

He returned to Jen and looked at their savior for a second. Then the shovel bit deep into the ground a few feet from her side. He dug a shallow hole, dropping the shovel to the ground when it was finished. He crouched and picked her up, placing her in the hole. He arranged her to look like she was sleeping, her hand covering the hole below her sternum where the bullet entered and careened into her heart.

"I hope you find your sister." Dean murmured. He bent down for the cans of accelerant and salt that sat next to the hole. He sprayed lighter fluid on her clothing. Dean sprinkled salt in the hole and over her body. Then he pulled the matches from his jacket pocket, striking one. He lit the pack and dropped it into the hole. As soon as the fire flared Dean turned away. He moved towards the tree and leaned where Jen had just moments ago. He crossed his ankles and watched as the reds finally faded from the sky, leaving purples and inky blue/black as stars began to wink in the sky.

The sky was decorated with stars, and a crescent moon was just peeking above the trees when he finally felt the heat behind him fade away. He turned and saw the flames were no longer glowing above the edge of the shallow grave. Dean picked up the shovel, not wasting any time in refilling the hole, refusing to look at the remains that were still smoldering. He slowed down as he got down to the last few shovels full, picking through to leave the sod lay. He put the shovel down and picked up the clumps of grass, placing them carefully on top of the ground, filling in the bare soil with grass. In a couple days no one but Dean would know of the shallow grave's existence.

He made sure there was no trace of his activities, before putting his implements back in the trunk. He brushed the dirt off his hands and slid behind the wheel. Firing the engine he glanced in the rear view. The grave site stuck out to him as if lit by neon signs. He pried his eyes away and fired the engine, pulling back onto the road and heading back to his brother.

"Thank you Jen." Dean pulled back into the motel lot a few minutes later and quickly went into their cabin.

Sam met him at the door, beers in hand, passing one of them to Dean. The brothers sat on their respective beds, silent for a moment.

"Ya alright?" Sam asked quietly, taking a pull on his beer.

"Yeah." Dean said, a smile playing briefly at his lips before dying on a sigh. "Get some sleep, Sam. Think we're gonna head west in the morning." Dean tipped the bottle to his lips and drank deeply. Sam sat his empty beer bottle on the end stand and laid back on the bed.

"You did what she wanted Dean. That's all. She wouldn't have wanted innocent blood on her hands. Hers isn't on yours either."

"Yeah." Dean breathed, pulling off his boots and laying back on the bed. His eyes fastened themselves to the window and the sliver of moon that was high in the sky now. "Not on my hands," he breathed more to himself than to Sam.

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