The Blot had been weakened greatly. It let go of Mickey's heart, and in anticipation, Mickey hurried to get it. But instead of getting it, Oswald already had it in his hand. Oswald looked at Mickey's heart then at Mickey.

"Oswald!" Mickey said, jumping down from a platform to where Oswald was. Oswald looked up at him, he knew what Mickey was thinking.

"Please..." Mickey pleaded. Oswald looked at Mickey's heart again, then back at Mickey.

"No." Oswald softly said, hiding Mickey's heart away from him. Mickey's face was desperate and growing upset.

"Please Oswald... think of Ortensia." Mickey pleaded once again. Oswald's face softened when he thought about it, but then it turned nasty quickly.

"No." Oswald said in a way that gave Mickey chills. "I'm not."

"What? Why?" Mickey asked.

"You don't understand." Oswald told him, slowly shaking his head. "I waited for the day you would be forgotten like I was, to be dragged into Wasteland because some... some kid stopped watching your movies in the theater. Then, oh yes then, when you finally came, come to find out YOU'RE the one that started the Blot War. YOU'RE the one why my Ortensia can't see her children grow up. YOU'RE the reason why my life is screwed up!"

Oswald took in several deep breaths before shouting over top of tears,


Mickey was silent for a few moments. Then Oswald did the drastic, he set the heart of the ground, raised his foot, and smashed it with all his might. Mickey nearly fell over in shock.

"Oswald!" he said, being surprised as much as he was outraged. "Do you know what you've just done?"

"You're going to be here for a long time Mouse." Oswald chuckled. Suddenly, the Blot chuckled and Mickey and Oswald were instantly lifted up into the air and chucked out of the Blot. The Blot looked at them like prey.

I looked away, not wanting to see anymore. The intruder was trapped in Wasteland, but it could have been a fitting end. I held my hand over the world I created, and the brush came back out at my command. If this was how the intruder would spend his punishment all his days, then this is how it must be done. The only thing that could have saved him, wasn't something he could produce. Only the rabbit had the power to let the intruder come back, or face the consequences. Now the punishment has been chosen, and there is nothing more to say about the world they call Wasteland or of the mouse named Mickey.