Hello everyone!

Yes this is finally it and I am so excited to have it finished, that's right this story is complete and will have daily updates….no waiting!

As some of you may know, my husband is currently deployed to the Middle East and this idea came about as I was standing in line at the UPS store to send him a Christmas package.

And as some of you know I also work for the Department of Defense, but I bet you can't guess what branch?

Anyway, this story isn't about war or the military, I just needed to have Edward doing something I knew a thing or two about.

This story is about finding love and holding on to it. It's about learning to trust yourself and believing that somewhere out there is your perfect someone.

I saw in another fiction that the Arthur, and I can't remember who it was or I would give them credit right now, did a page like this so that all the disclaimers would be done and over with.

I don't own Twilight, the Department of the Navy or any branch of Military service. Furthermore I changed several code of military justice to fit this fiction, so please don't yell at me and say, "That would never happen" I know this, I planned it.

Thanks you for reading and reviewing if the mood hits you.

A HUGE thank you to my beta who kept me grounded and told me to my face when something sucked. I cannot thank her enough!