Male Bonding

"How did it come to this?" Vegeta and Gohan take their daughters to a children's concert.

"How did it come to this, Vegeta?" Gohan lamented. On stage brightly colored bodies moved and gyrated oddly. "We're warriors. We've fought in battles to determine the fate of the universe. We've both died and been brought back to life. Is Fate laughing at us? Is this punishment for something we did in a past life?"

Below their field of vision, Pan tugged at Gohan's pant leg and demanded more snacks. Bra solemnly informed her father that she was going to marry Cabi-chan, the blue dog-faced one that was currently belting out some sappy melody about how much he loved carrots.

"Welcome to my world," Vegeta said not unkindly, placing a hand on Gohan's shoulder and telling Bra that she would marry Cabi-chan or any weakling on this mudball over his dead body, to which Bra responded by bursting into loud wails unaccompanied by any actual tears. "Welcome to my world."