As of late, Danny found himself scarcely able to manage biting back his own scathing comments while on school campus. Bitter laughter threatened to bubble up his throat, each and every time he overheard a classmate whine about their parents, then gloat the next second about whatever bad decision they'd been able to "get away with," over the weekend.

They called their families abusive, too restrictive, uncaring and stupid. Perhaps, some of them were. But Danny knew... most of them just were looking to add unnecessary drama to their little lives. Lives he fought daily to preserve. It put them under the delusion that they knew a single thing about pain, about trauma and the sorrows of life, or how the world worked.

Danny tripped these kids in the hallways, if he could.

A/N: When a fourteen-year-old boy puts himself into mortal danger daily, he begins to notice things in the world surrounding him that he never quite thought of, before. Some of these things prove... infuriating.