Charles idly rolled his king in circles on the board before tipping it over. "There's checkmate. Well done, Charles. Good game. Maybe next time Charles will win. And then after that you and Charles can change sides and then Charles will win again. And lose again. Because I talk to myself and this is absurd."

He got up his seat at the mirror and grabbed a book. If you were to ask him what he was reading, he wouldn't be able to say. Something…something was distracting him today. The mirror room was the only room that connected to the outside. Half the mansion was open, the other half was Charles's sanctuary, away from minds and thoughts that weren't his.

"Mr. Xavier?" There was a knock on the mirror and Charles panicked for a moment as the eyes stared in as if they could see through. He froze. Not moving and not speaking. "Mr. Xavier, you need to eat."

Charles stared through the mirror some more. He wasn't in the mirror room often, but when he was, this man was here. The man that he'd hired through the phone company. Maid company. Well not maid, a man not a maid. Butler. Why…why were his thoughts so frazzled today? Charles moved back to his seat by the mirror, ever so close to the man. He had a hard time calling him by name because first name was too informal and he couldn't pronounce the man's last name. "…Xavier?"

Charles scoffed. "E-excuse me. It is Mr. Xavier. Not just Xavier."

The man laughed and sat down. "Then call me Mr. Lehnsherr if we're so formal." Charles was silent as he eagerly tried to memorize the sounds but it left his mind so fast. Verbal contact wasn't his forte. He was much more used to the written word.

Charles decided to ignore the name. "Yes, I have eaten."

The man laughed again, a soft laughter that made Charles's stomach flip a little. But that's just because this is the only person he got to speak to, albeit not often, but the way verbal words vibrated through the air was something akin to magic. "Maybe you've had dinner, but I know for a fact you have not eaten Ms. Darkholme's cake. She left it here for you. Did you forget your own birthday?"

Charles stared out. Right. That's why today…his birthday…the day that…they day when… Charles tried to keep his voice as animate as it was before, but it came out rather monotone. "Tell her I don't want it. Today is not a day I celebrate."

Mr. Leh…sher? Lehsher… The man suddenly appeared worried and his eyes searched the glass as if trying to meet Charles's eyes. He did for a moment, not that he knew, and Charles froze yet again. "Excuse me if I'm out of line, but if this is because of some sort of shame of yourself, then just know I'll be celebrating your birthday with Ms. Darkholme whether you choose to or not. Life is meant to be celebrated and yours is no different."

Thoughts whirred through his mind, but none were self degrading. If the man wanted to make his own guesses at why Charles didn't celebrate, so be it. His guess was wrong but it would keep away further questions. "Yes…you are out of line."

The man's thin lips pressed together as he again stared through the mirror, eyebrows scrunched together and a look of…Charles couldn't place it. "I'm sorry, sir."

The man walked out the door and closed it silently behind him. Charles spent the rest of the day forgetting the conversation, forgetting the date, forgetting his past.