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The Potter party appeared in the middle of Diagon Alley, wands drawn. All around them, shoppers were running as a troop of Death Eaters made their way down the Alley. A line of Ministry Aurors were trying to hold back the Death Eaters, but the non-lethal spells of the Aurors were doing nothing to impede the approaching Death Eaters.

"Are they really only using Stunners?" Harry cried as he led the others toward the Ministry line.

"Because they're sheeple!" Hermione quipped.

"Reductors on three," Harry growled. "One, two, THREE!"

"REDUCTO!" six voices cried out. Six bolts of magic shot over the Ministry Aurors' heads. The salvo caught the Death Eaters by surprise and tore through the weak shields that most Death Eaters were barely capable of conjuring. Four Death Eaters fell to the cobblestone with smoking holes in their chests, another was missing an arm, and another was missing a leg. Harry ducked under an Avada Kedavra before pulling out his handgun and snapping off four shots. Four more Death Eaters fell with holes in their arms or legs.

"Stay her, don't fire until you see the smoke. Use Stunners and Body-Binds, we need some information from them," Harry said.

"What?" Hermione and Lily said.

Harry flashed the two women a Potter-patented smirk before vanishing in a flash of green light. He reappeared behind the Death Eaters and quickly formed a half-completed Rasengan, which he slammed into the stone street. The condensed ball of chakra exploded on contact, Harry directed the force forward and down, sending a shockwave of rubble speeding toward the Death Eaters. The shockwave caught the Death Eaters unaware, as they felt the street beneath their feet surge and rise. Surprised cries filled the air, as the Death Eaters were thrown into the air. A volley of Stunners and Body-Binds picked off the flying Death Eaters.

"Hold you fire, that's all of them," Harry cried as the smoke settled and cleared.

"Oh Harry, thank goodness," Lily cried as she, James, and the others raced up the Alley.

"I'm fine mum, just a few cuts and scrapes," Harry said. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a wad of note card-sized slips of paper with a strange symbol on it. Harry made his way around to every surviving Death Eater and slapped a piece of paper onto their forehead. "These are chakra-repressing and paralyzing seals. They can't use magic or move when one is attached to them, and they can only be removed by me."

"Wow, I'm guessing that you learned that in Japan?" James asked. Harry nodded.

"Those would be perfect for the Aurors, just stun someone them, slap a seal on the prisoner and you won't have to worry about the prisoner being revived and getting away," Sirius said, squatting down and examining the seal on a Death Eater's forehead.

"Speaking of Aurors," Harry muttered as a series of sharp CRACKS filed the air. "Looks like reinforcements have finally arrived."

"Ministry of Magic Aurors! Nobody move!" a voice boomed out.

"You're late," Harry cried "As usual," he muttered.

"What the HELL took you all so long!" Lily screamed. The Ministry's elite cringed, as even seasoned Aurors knew not to get on Lily Potter's bad side, her temper was legendary. "How is it that you show up after the battle? The Ministry can't even protect Diagon Alley?"

"Whatever happened to the rapid-response Auror program that was set up during the last war?" James asked.

"Budget cuts," Shacklebolt snarled. "That imbecile Fudge had his lackey pretty much strip down the Auror and DMLE department before he was ousted. And they did it legally with some tricky paperwork, something about making sure the Department didn't get too big to control."

"WHAT!" Sirius and James roared.

"Of course, let me guess that Lucius Malfoy was behind the legislation?" Harry asked.

"Yes, he and Parkinson control enough of the votes to shoot down any attempt to overturn the bill," Kingsley said mournfully.

"Well, I wonder if we'll find any information with these new guests of the Ministry's holding cells," Harry said. "And I must say that I'm surprised that there was an attack so soon after Evan's death."

"What do you mean?" Hermione asked. "I would have thought that now would be the perfect time to attack."

"If I was Voldemort, I would have let Evan's death stew in the minds. Let the despair of having their savoir defeated sink in, make it seem like there is no hope. So I'm guessing that this attack was just some Death Eaters who got drunk or what not and decided to stir up some trouble," Harry reasoned. "They probably thought that with Evan's death, they would have free reign."

"What's this on their foreheads?" an Auror asked as he slapped cuffs onto one of the Death Eaters.

Everyone looked at Harry, who bit his lip in thought. "They're magic repressing and paralyzing tags that I based off the magic suppressing cuffs that Aurors use, but they can only be removed by me," he said.

"What do you mean, 'they can only be removed by me'," an Auror snapped, staring Harry down.

"I made them, so they only responded to my magic, that way they couldn't be used against me if someone got a hold of them," Harry answered calmly.

"Well, Harry, would you mind undoing the tags so we can take them into custody?" Kingsley asked. "I give you my word that I will make sure they all get taken care of properly."

Harry looked at the taller man with a piercing stare. Kingsley felt as if his entire being was being judged, almost like Dumbledore's gaze. A minute, which seemed like an eternity to Kingsley, passed and Harry nodded.

"All right but make sure they're secured beforehand," Harry said. "I don't want people to think that it was my tags that failed if they manage to escape."

Some of the Aurors overheard this and bristled at the putdown but Harry ignored them as he followed Shak around, untagging the surviving Death Eaters and handing them to the Aurors. Once the Alley was clear, Harry turned back to his family.

"So then, now what?" Harry asked.

"Why don't we go to the castle?" Lily suggested. "I'm sure Minerva will be there and we can talk with her. We need to plan our next actions, Voldemort won't be happy that he lost another dozen or so Death Eaters."

"Probably, let me just set something up and we can go," Harry said. He pulled out some slips of paper from his cloak and quickly scribbled some symbols on them. When he had finished, Harry handed a piece of paper to Hermione, his parents, Sirius and Remus.

"What are these?" Lily asked.

"They are tags," Harry said. "I've given one to each of you, they act as alarm beacons of a sort. If you channel your magic into it, I'll know as will. The others with tags so if you're in trouble we can find you and come help."

"But we already have our Order medallions that do the same thing," James said.

"True, but I'm sure that Voldemort knows about those and will take precautions. These are like tattoos that are invisible unless you channel your magic into them."

"That's kind of like the Dark Mark isn't it?" Hermione said.

"True, I did kind of steal the concept from that but these don't drain your magic like the Mark does and it's not permanent," Harry said.

This seemed to mollify the others and Harry told them that to attach the seal to their skin in a place where it would be in easy reach, like on the inside of the wrist.

"All right, let's get up to the castle," Harry said when everyone had finished placing their seals on their wrists. The group vanished with a resounding CRACK, leaving the Alley clear aside from the remaining Aurors.

When the crushing pressure abated, Harry opened his eyes and saw Hogwarts castle before him. The group made their way up the drive to the front doors, where Professor McGonagall was waiting.

"Oh thank Merlin, you're all alright," she said. "I got word from Alastor and Neville that they tried to assist but they couldn't get through the wards that the Death Eaters had erected. How were you able to get through?"

"Don't know, maybe we got there before the wards went up and besides those Death Eaters weren't very strong," Harry said. "Like I told Shak that Riddle probably didn't approve that. I'm thinking we go check with our resident Death Eater to see if Riddle has found out about the raid yet."

"Yes, I've been wanting to have a chat with my old childhood friend," Lily snarled. James, Sirius and Lupin wisely backed away from the redhead.

McGonagall nodded and led the group down to the dungeons. "We thought it best to leave them in the cells that you had Dobby take them too, since you said last night that you had set up special cells from them."

"Right then, who fancies a chat with a greasy bat and a delusional old man who has the most flamboyant taste in clothing I've seen outside of a poofters' pride parade," Harry said.

The others chuckled all their way down to the dungeons. "So who do we talk with first?" James asked.

"Snape," Harry said. "We all know that Albus is nearly psychotic in his belief in Snape, so if we can break Snape, we'll be able to shatter Dumbledore that much faster."

The other agreed and they went to the first cell. Severus Tobias Snape was sitting on a clean but thin cot, starring at a tray that held the remains of a meager meal of bread, cheese and luke-warm water.

"Why hello Severus, how are you enjoying your accommodations?" Harry said cheerily.

"Potter," Snape snarled. "What do I owe this 'pleasure'?"

"Oh you know, just came to get some information about your Master," Harry said.

"I'm telling you nothing," Snape shouted.

"Oh don't worry, you won't be saying much of anything," Harry said with a wide grin. "I understand that you're an Master Occulmens, I'm sure that you're proud of that fact. However, that won't be enough, for you see while I was away, I learned a lot of things. One of them was a very useful alternative to Legilmency, and it can bypass quite a bit of people's shields. I've already tried it on a couple of your Death Eater friends, like Antonin Dolohov and Theodore Nott Sr. to name a few, both of whom were considered very good Occulmens."

"Ha, those two are nothing compared to me," Snape cackled.

"Well then, lets put your boasting to the test, shall we?" Harry said. His hands blurred through several hand signs, "Omoi Yomu no Jutsu!"

Suddenly Harry was transported into Snape's memories, he felt Snape's shields buckle against his probe, then they shattered as Harry focused his probe into a sharp spear and rammed it though, breaking through them completely.

"Let's get a look at what Snape has been trying to hide from us," Harry said. He flashed through some more hand signs and said, "Nagori Jouei no Jutsu!" (Memory Projection). A beam of light shot out of the back of Snape's head, much like a film camera and using the wall as a screen.

"What is that?" Lily asked.

"It's an interrogation technique that allows me to project a subject's memory into the actual world," Harry said. "It also allows multiple people to view the memory. Anybody got popcorn?"

Hermione stifled a giggle.

"Though since this is Snivellus' head, we might want to forego the popcorn and conjure up some barf bags," Sirius said. The others nodded, Hermione flicked her wand and each person was holding a paper barf bag.

"Let the horror show begin," Harry said.

Snape entered a large ornate room; the only illumination came from a fireplace at the other end of the room and several candles on the long table in the middle of the room.

"Well then Bellatrix, who do we have here?" Voldemort's sibilant voice hissed through the shadowy room.

"Yes My Lord, I have brought a new recruit to join your glorious vision," Bellatrix Lestrange said. "This is Severus Snape, a Slytherin who just graduated Hogwarts and a very promising Potions maker."

"I see," Voldemort said. "So then Severus, you wish to join my Death Eaters and help me revolutionize our world?"

"I do, for far too long these uppity Mudbloods and blood traitors have desecrated our traditions," Snape said. "I wish to make them pay for their crimes."

"Good," Voldemort hissed. "Now then, before you become a Death Eater, you must pass a little test."

"A test?" Snape asked.

"Yes a test," Voldemort said, rising to his feet. "Follow."

Snape walked after Voldemort as he led Snape down a hidden staircase to the dungeons. Snape heard screams, cries of pain and groans coming from the various cells they walked by. Voldemort stopped at the farthest cell.

"Here we are," Riddle said. "Now I've heard from my sources that aside from a talented Potioneer, you are also a talented duelist and spell creator, am I right?"

"Yes my Lord," Snape said.

"Well then, please show me what you can do," Voldemort said, his eyes gleaming with malice.

Snape smiled, baring his teeth and stepped into the cell. A young woman was curled up in the corner, her body covered barely by a shredded dress; bruises peppered her visible skin, staring off into space. When Snape entered the cell and the door slammed shut behind him, the woman snapped her head around and saw Snape. When she did, the woman began trembling drastically trying to put as much distance between her and Snape.

Snape sneered and flicked his wand at the woman. She froze, unable to move a muscle; Harry recognized it as a Body-Bind. Snape flicked his wand once more and suddenly the cell was filled with the woman's screams and pleas.

The group of memory divers had to grab their barf bags as Snape began toying with the young woman, using low-powered cutting curses to open slashes on the woman's arms and legs, before healing them a moment later. Harry and the others could feel the perverse pleasure welling up in Snape as he sent a cutting curse at the frozen woman that spilt the tattered rags that the woman had been wearing. Two quick spells from Snape changed the woman's hair and eyes from a dark brown and blue to a deep auburn and green, a near copy of Lily Potter.

The memory dissolved as Harry felt his magic begin to rage against it's restraints. He noticed that James, Sirius and Remus were having similar problems. James and Sirius' hands were clenching and relaxing as if around Snape's throat. Remus' eyes had turned from light brown to amber, a sign that Moony was beginning to rear his head.

"Remus, you have to calm down," Harry said, turning to the enraged wolf. "Don't forget who you are. You are the one in charge, not the wolf."

The others took notice of Harry trying to calm Lupin down; Sirius and James slid in front of Hermione and Lily, drawing their wands. No one cared about what happened to Snape.

"Please Remus, remember who you are!" Harry cried as he wrapped the trembling man in his arms. Slowly, the trembling stopped and Remus opened his eyes; they had returned to their normal light brown. Harry released him and stepped back.

"I'm sorry," Remus whispered. "I thought I could keep him under control."

"It's all right old friend," Sirius said, holstering his wand. "I don't know how you stayed human after seeing that."

Lily walked over to Lupin and gave him a tight hug. "It's ok Remus," she whispered. Lupin's shoulders fell, as the tension finally seemed to leave him.

"Maybe we should take a break," Hermione said, her face pale. Harry walked over and put an arm around her shoulders.

"That is probably a good idea," Harry said. "Let me just get the rest of his memories and we can view them in a Pensive rather than a like a home movie."

The others filed out of the room; Sirius, Remus and James quite reluctantly, and Hermione and Lily following them. Harry turned back to Snape, his eyes pulsing with power.

"So you still are after my mother, even back then you couldn't take the fact that she fell in love with James Potter," Harry said. "You are pathetic."

Snape spat at Harry's feet. "I don't need to say anything to you Potter, you're going to die by the Dark Lord's hands in the end."

"Perhaps but you first," Harry growled.

"You kill me, you don't have it in you," Snape sneered. "You're one of those Light weaklings, you can't take a life."

"Many have said that and yet they all died from my hand," Harry said. "But before you die, I'll be taking everything from you."

Harry's hands flashed through some hand signs and said, "Memori-danpu no Jutsu!" (Memory dump jutsu.)

A stream of images flew in front of Harry's eyes as he pulled out every single one of Snape's memories concerning Voldemort and the Death Eaters. With a flick of his wand, Harry conjured a glass jar and placed Snape's memories within it.

"Now then, it seems as if your time has come Severus Snape," Harry growled. "It is time to face your final judgment."

"The Dark Lord is invincible, he knows magic that you could only dream of," Snape said.

"I see," Harry said. "But don't you recall that pesky prophecy you overheard so many years ago. That line about the 'power he knows not.' Well guess what, I have that power and it will be the last thing your pitiful master ever sees."

Harry raised his hand and concentrated. Snape felt Harry's magic spike and his eyes widened as a blue ball of energy appeared in Harry's hands.

"This will be the last thing your pathetic master Tom Riddle ever sees on this Earth," Harry growled. The ball dispersed. "But I won't waste it on you, you aren't worthy to die by it."

"Ha, I knew you couldn't go through with it," Snape laughed. Harry began laughing as well, though his was much colder. It sent shivers up Snape's spine, much like Voldemort's would.

"Oh no, I am going to kill you Snape, I just said that I wasn't going to kill you with the Rasengan. No, I have a much more fitting end planned for you," Harry growled. "Don't worry about that!"

He turned and quietly left the cell, closing and sealing the door as he left. His parents, Sirius, Remus and Hermione were outside waiting for him.

"Did you get them?" Sirius asked his voice lowered to a growl like his Animagus form.

"I got them, now I'm just trying to decide on what to do with Snape," Harry said. "I would love to end him right now but…"

"You don't want to do it in cold blood, no matter how much he deserves it," Hermione said. Harry nodded.

"What do you all suggest?" Harry asked the room at large.

"Can't we just kill him and be done with it," Sirius snarled.

"No, we need Snape alive for now," James said. "Padfoot, as much as I would love to kill Snape, we need him for the time being. We need to worry about Dumbledore right now."

"Right, I've got a special plan for Albus," Harry said. "Just follow my lead alright?"

The other nodded and the group made their way to the farthest cell, where the esteemed Albus Dumbledore was residing in. Like Snape's, the remains of a meal was on the tray on the bedside table, Dumbledore was sitting on the bed, twiddling his thumbs.

"Well, look at what the great Albus Dumbledore has been reduced too, stewing in a jail cell, what has the world come too?" Harry said.

"Ah Harry, welcome," Dumbledore said. "And I see that you've brought company. Wonderful."

"You seem to be in a good mood considering your situation," Harry said.

"Yes well, I'm sure that the time will come when you see your mistake and come to release me," Dumbledore said serenely. Everyone was stunned at this, except for Harry.

"Our mistake, really Albus, please explain this to us," Harry said.

"Those magic draining things must have messed up his brain and made him finally crack," Sirius whispered.

"Well, I am the only one who can help you defeat Tom," Dumbledore said.

"What do you mean?" Lily asked.

"Since Evan was killed, the prophecy has been fulfilled and now I can defeat Tom and end this bloody conflict and usher in a new age of peace for our world."

"So that was your plan all along," Harry said. "You didn't expect Evan to be able to kill Tom. You believed that Evan had a Horcrux in him; he would die in battle taking that piece of Tom with him. But since you hadn't found the other Horcruxes yet, you knew that you couldn't finish off Riddle yet."

"Ah it seems that the young Mr. Potter has gotten it," Dumbledore said with a cheerful smile.

"So you sent my brother into battle knowing he would die," Harry growled, his eyes flashing.

"It was a risk that I had to take for the Greater Good," Dumbledore said. "You wouldn't understand."

"Of course not, because no one knows what the HELL you're talking about!" Harry roared. "You've never explained what this 'Greater Good' is all about."

"The Greater Good is for the benefit of our world," Dumbledore said. "I have been working toward this all my life, and I won't let you stop me. And I must ask you to release Severus, for he is a very important piece in my plan."

"Right, he's your pet Death Eater isn't he? Your inside link to Riddle, however you do realize that Snape has been playing you for a fool all this time. He's been working with Voldemort from the beginning."

"That's just he cover, Severus needs to stay undercover to make sure we don't lose our spy," Dumbledore said.

"Right, then you won't mind if I show you some of Snape's memories that you might find very interesting," Harry said. He pulled out the jar of Snape's memories and placed it on the table. "These are all of Snivellus' memories regarding Voldemort, how about you take a movie break?"

Harry's hands flashed through some hand signs and called out, "Nagori Jouei no Jutsu!"

A screen appeared on the wall opposite of Dumbledore, and Harry transfigured the jar into an old time movie camera and it began playing. "Zenshinfuzui no Jutsu!" (Paralysis jutsu.) Dumbledore froze; his eyes open unable to look away as Snape's memories played in front of him.

"Let's leave him, and then we'll see if Dumbledore thinks that Snape is truly is man," Harry said as he left the cell with the others in tow.