An hour after Sam, Dean, and Bobby had left to go help Ellen Castile was sitting on the couch watching TV. He had check on Julie three times already and she seemed to be sleeping alright. He closed his eyes and listened to the peaceful silence. Twenty minutes later the silence was broken by the sound of soft crying from the bedroom.

Quickly he stood up and went into the room Julie was sleeping in. When Castile entered the room he saw Julie sitting up and crying. He turned on the light and stood beside her bed. Julie sniffled, "I had an accident. I'm sorry Cas."

The angel sighed and scrubbed a hand over his face, "Let's get you cleaned up."

Julie wrapped her arms around Castile's neck and allowed him to pick her up. She then sobbed into his shoulder, "I'm sorry. I tried to make it to the potty like a big girl."

Castile felt the young girl's tears soaking into his trench coat and patted her back warily, "Shh. It's alright. Let's just get you cleaned up and back to bed ok."

Julie sniffled some back relaxed into Castile's arms, "I don't feel good."

Castile made a mental note to check her temperature and give her more fever reducer before she went back to sleep, "I know you don't. Those wet pajamas can't be comfortable and you are due for more medicine anyway."

Julie nodded and rested her head on the angel's shoulder. He was concerned about the amount of heat he felt coming from her body. He sat her on the toilet seat and helped her out of her wet things. While he waited for the tub to fill he grabbed the snow white wash cloth and towel as well as the bedtime bath wash and body lotion. He had seen on TV. Somewhere that it helped babies sleep better at night. Once the tub was full he helped the small child into the tub and washed her. Once she was finished with her bath Cas toweled her off gently and rubbed some of the bedtime lotion on her sore feverish body. The he changed the sheets and help her into a new nightgown. Before he tucked her back in Castile got the thermometer, stuck it in her ear and waited for it to beep. He relaxed a little when he saw that it had gone down slightly from where it was when Dean had left. He poured the correct dosage of decongestant and fever reducer into a medicine cup and gave it to her.

Julie looked at the medicine in disgust, "I don't want to take it. Even Dean says it tastes like ass."

Castile sighed he closed his eyes to help himself remain calm knowing that getting upset wouldn't help anyone, "Julie it might taste bad but it will help you feel better. If you take your medicine like a big girl I'll read more of Robin Hood to you. You can also have a small glass of juice to make the taste go away."

Julie took a meds and Castile tucked her into bed again. He then went downstairs to get her juice. He filled the Sippy cup only halfway. He didn't want another accident to have to clean up later. He then brought the juice upstairs only to find Julie sound asleep clutching the two stuffed animals and a baby blue blanket to her chest.

Castile tucked the blankets more tightly around her and carded a hand softly through her hair. He then set the Sippy cup on the night side table and stepped out of the room to call Dean. After three rings Dean answered, "Cas is Julie ok?"

The angel spoke calmly, "Yeah she's alright. Her fever has gone down some."

The older hunter relaxed some and sighed, "Good. With any luck this is just some twenty four hour bug. Sam, Bobby, and I should be back in the morning. By the time we got here dad's friends had the son of a bitch under control. I think Ellen just wanted me to come out so she could check up on me."

Castiel asked, "If Julie wakes up again how do I get her to go back to sleep?"

Dean rolled his eyes, "Sing her a lullaby."

Castile hung up the phone and went to Julie's room again. He had just sat down in the old rocking chair when he heard quiet sniffling coming from the small child. He carded a hand through her hair and asked, "What's wrong?"

Julie sniffled, "Bad dream. I want Dean."

Castile sighed and pulled the crying child into his arms, "Dean will be home soon. You need to sleep."

Julie fisted her hands in the angel's trench coat, "Scared."

Castile rubbed circles on the frightened child's back and softly sang, "Come stop your crying. It'll be alright. Just take my hand. Hold it tight. I will protect you from all around you. I will be here don't you cry. For one so small you seem so strong. My arms will hold you. Keep you safe and warm. This bond between us can't be broken. I will be here don't you cry. You'll be in my heart. Yes you'll be in my heart. From this day on now and forevermore; you'll be in my heart no matter what they say. You'll be here in my heart always."

After awhile Julie stopped crying but she was still awake. She looked up at Castile with wide eyes, "Are you an angel?"

Castile sighed and went to lay Julie back on the bed, "Go to sleep."

Julie sat up in the bed, "You are an angel. Mommy always said angels watched out for us."

Castile nodded his head and pulled the covers up to the little girl's chin, "Go to sleep."

Before Castile could leave the room Julie called out to him, "Cas?"

The angel smiled and went back over to the bed, "Do you want me to stay here?"

Julie nodded her head quietly and slid over to make room for the angel. Castile sat down on the end of the bed and Julie snuggled closer into his side. The angel couldn't help but wrap his arms tightly around her as the four year old fisted a handful of his trench coat.