Sooo... this story just sorta came to me one day when I was thinking about doing some BB/Rae as well as Rob/Star... *I'll do some flinx or KF/Jinx or whatever you'd like to call it too. This is my second fan-fic so go easy on me... I'm just getting started.

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"I'm leaving for Azarath today." Raven announced to the four other Titans. They had known prior to her announcement that she would be visiting soon, but they weren't sure when.

"Duuuude! For how long?" Beast Boy whined, trying to surpress the disappointment and sadness in his voice.

"Only for a week. I want to expand my powers some and see what all I can do." She replied, noting Beast Boy's sudden mood change. Even if he were good at surpressing the sadness in his voice, which he wasn't, Raven was an empath meaning she could already tell. She was flattered that he'd miss her and the thought of it made her cheeks tint a light pink color against her silky, grey skin tone.

"No problem, Raven. I'll call Jinx and Kid Flash to fill in while you're gone." Cyborg called from the kitchen where he was preparing himself a sandwhich.

"Yeah, have a great time visiting. You unlocking your potential will be a great increase in the team's power." Robin added cheerfully.

"I will do the missing of you very much!" Starfire exclaimed, pulling Raven into a tight embrace.

"Yeah, you too Star. Now please... let go of me." The words were hard to get out through Star's bone-crushing hug.

"Of course." Starfire replied, a little embarrased. She hid it behind a bright, radiant smile and took a tiny step backwards.

"Well, I'd better get going. Don't want the portal to close and have to wait another week."

"Good luck!" The four other's chorused.

With that, Raven spun on her heel and strode out of the common room. When she reached the hallway, her paced quickened. She only had a matter of time to properly execute the spell before the portal closed again. She stopped short when she reached a metal door with the word 'Raven' engraved on the front. She sighed to herself and shot a quick glance at Beast Boy's door before punching in the code to her room. Perhaps she would miss him too... Oh, what was she thinking? When the door opened, she slipped through it and entered her dark room. There was a circle of candles and books in the middle of her room with a faint glow around it. She walked briskly to the center of the circle and sat down to begin chanting.

Beast Boy checked to make sure the coast was clear before slipping out of the common room and into the hallway leading to the Titans' rooms. Cyborg was devouring his sandwiches, Robin was sitting on the couch watching televison, and Starfire was sitting next to Robin, leaning her head on his chest and listening to his heart-beat. As soon as Beast Boy was safely out of the sight of the other Titans, he ran to Raven's door. He took a deep calming breath and knocked. He just wanted to tell her 'good-bye' personally before she left for the week.

"Ahh, Raven. It's me, Beast Boy."

Raven scoffed from the middle of her circle and picked back up with her chanting immediatly. After all, she had barely missed a beat in the first place. She figured he was there to pull a prank on her before she left seeing as he wouldn't get to for a whole week.

He heard a muffled scoff from inside her room. Determined, he shifted into a fly and flew through the crack at the bottom of her door. He flew over to the circle where she was chanting and was about to return to regular form when a white wall of light surrounded him and Raven. He tried to fly out but had no success. The light engulfed his body and he felt as if he were falling. He shifted back into normal form and began flailing his arms like an idiot. He watched as Raven gracefully floated down to the surface of her home, Azarath. He feared what would happen next as he toppled out of the portal and tackled Raven to the ground. The portal shut behind him and a startled looking Raven turned to face him.

"BEAST BOY! What are you doing here?" Raven shrieked. She was shocked and angry at the arrival of this uninvited guest.

"Raven! How did I even get here? I just wanted to tell you good-bye before you left!" He exclaimed, also shocked.

Raven pinched the bridge of her nose angrily, "Beast Boy, how did you get in my room?"

"I... uhh... I kinda went fly and flew into your room to say good-bye." He squeaked out, rubbing his fingers through the back of his hair.

"I have to get you back home." Raven said with a sigh. She assumed the meditating position and began chanting what she had before to get them there. She sat like that for almost ten solid minutes. Beast Boy sat down on the rocky surface of Azarath while he waited. "Great, the portal closed. It only opens once every week. Seems like I'm stuck with you."

"I'm sorry Raven! I really didn't mean to this time."

She raised an eyebrow and released another sigh, "Better contact Robin, let him know you're stuck here."


"Hey Beast Boy! What's the matter?"

"Uhh dude, look around me."

"Beast Boy... how did you get on Azarath? Better yet, where is Raven?"

"Long story short, I accidentally got caught in her portal thingy and now I'm stuck here for a week with an angry Raven."

"Ohh... Have fun with that one."

"Yeah. Bye dude."

"Robin out."

"Follow me, idiot." Raven grumbled as she turned around. It looked as if she was headed for the beautifully golden palace only a little ways away. Beast Boy followed close behind without saying a word. They were silent up until they reached two large, beautifully cratfted doors. "We'll be staying in my room, with the monks of Azarath." She said dryly. His suspisions were correct.

"You have a room here?" Beast Boy's jaw dropped as he studied the marvelous spectacle in front of him.

"I did. Before I moved to Earth under my father's command."

"Won't they be surprised to see you after the whole Trigon thingy?"

"Possibly." She gave a small grin and waggled an eyebrow.

Beast Boy watched as Raven took hold of the large knocker on the door and slammed it down two good times. The door opened ever so slightly as a violet eye peeked through the crack. Suddenly, it burst open and Raven was gripped in a tight embrace. Beast Boy stared in astonishment that Raven did not protest or pull away at all. Actually, she hugged back! Raven hugged someone back? What was the deal? Who was this strange woman? She kind-of resembled Raven, in the prospect that she was beautiful, light skinned, and had violet eyes and hair. Beast Boy's rambling thoughts were cut short by the woman's smooth voice.

"Raven! How ever did you survive? With Trigon and the portal..." Arella trailed off and took Raven out of her grasp, extending her hands to her shoulders and staring deep into her gaze.

"Mom!" Wait, mom? Raven has a mom! "I placed a little of my power in each of my friends, before Trigon took over the Earth, to protect them. One of them found the child-part of me that was left behind. He helped me remember everything and I somehow regained my powers. With them, I was able to defeat Trigon and return the world back to normal."

"Raven, I am so proud of you. You saved the entire universe from Trigon's wrath."

"I couldn't have done it without the help of my teammates. Actually, here's one of them." She pointed at Beast Boy and cut eyes at him as a warning not to say anything stupid.

"Nice to meet you, lad. What do they call you?"

"Beast Boy! Nice to meet you too, Raven's mom."

"You can call me Arella." She said, chuckling at the green changeling.

"Oh! Sorry."

"This way, please."

Arella guided them through the halls of the extraordinary palace. They were decorated with silver trim and lightly golden walls. Almost all of the doors were a deep cream color. All except for one. Arella stopped sharply at the dark blue door, nearly causing Beast Boy to bump into her. He quickly regained his balance and followed her and Raven through the door and into a large room. He should have guessed the dark blue door led to Raven's room. The room was similar to the one back home at the Tower with her 'creepy' spell books and dark tapestries. Arella stepped out of the room and into the hallway to give the two Titans their privacy.

"Dinner is to be prepared upon your arrival, Raven. Be at the dining hall in a hour." She smiled cheerfully and turned down the hall.

"Um Raven, I'm sorry... again." Beast Boy mumbled, staring at his shoes and picking at something invisible on the floor with the toe of his boot.

She sighed and turned away, looking out the window at the abandoned streets of the town that surrounded the palace. "This place used to be full of life... now it's a wasteland."

"What happened?"

"Trigon. He destroyed Azarath like he planned to do with Earth. The only ones who miraculously survived were myself, Arella, and a few monks. They've rebuilt and cleaned for the years that I've been gone and yet, my home is still damaged beyond repair." She could feel tears well up in her eyes as she recalled flashbacks of the carnage of her home, but she quickly blinked them away. They were the same visions that haunted her most terrifying nightmares as a child being placed on Earth, but she wasn't going to cry, especially not in front of Beast Boy.

"I'm so sorry. I didn't know." He said, placing a hand on her shoulder for comfort.

"No one does." She murmured. She stared down at her feet and let a single tear escape from her eyelid's grasp. It crashed to the ground, seemingly in slow motion, "Maybe we should get to dinner."

"Good idea."

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