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Day 7

The two lay side by side, hand in hand, on the smooth stone next to the crystal clear lake watching the sun creep over the horizon and paint the sky various colors of pink, orange, yellow, and red. It was relaxing, almost like meditation but more joyous. The silence was peacful, as usual. They were genuinely enjoying each other's company, thinking of each other and how amazing it was for them to finally accept the feelings that had grown so strong for one another. As the sun reached the top of the sky, Raven propped up one elbow and looked over to the handsome teenager who was sharing his presence with her.

"I guess it's time to back home." She sighed, a little disappointed.

"Do we have to?" Beast Boy whined, turning to face her.


"We are definitely doing this again some time."

"I can agree with that."

They stood from the rock and Raven swiped a hand that was glowing from dark energy before them. She phased them both back to her room for a quick change. Beast Boy went across the hall to the room he had used before. He pulled on his uniform and waited patiently outside the door for Raven to pull out a fresh uniform and clothe herself. When she was finished, she opened the door to meet the changeling. They walked down the hallway to a lightly golden door and knocked softly. Arella peeked through a cracked door and then opened it to reveal the rest of her.

"I'm returning to Earth." Raven announced.

"Be safe my daughter. Thank you for your stay, and don't hesitate to return." Arella pulled Raven into a tight hug and held her there.

"Good-bye mother."

"Good-bye." Arella let go of Raven and turned to Beast Boy, "Thank you for coming also. We hope you will return. Good-bye."

"Bye." Beast Boy said casually.

They strode back to Raven's dark blue door and entered, locking it behind them as they slipped through it. Raven led them over to a flueorescent white glowing cirlce of books and candles on the floor. They both stepped inside and Raven crossed her legs on the ground. She began chanting and the glowing circle formed walls around them, the ceiling turning into a swirling pattern of white and forming a portal. Just as had happened before, they felt as if they were falling. Beast Boy was flailing like an idiot, which Raven found humorous, and Raven was prepared for a graceful landing. She emerged from the portal with Beast Boy close behind and they found themselves in Raven's room at Titans Tower.

Beast Boy tumbled from the portal and landed on the shag carpeting of Raven's room. Glad that's over with. I have to tell Rob and Cy about what all happened... they're gonna love to hear it. He pulled himself up to where he could stand and followed Raven out into the hallway. He slipped his hand into hers and intertwined their fingers as they walked to the common room. When they reached the door, he punched in the code. They walked into the room with Kid Flash eating everything he saw, Jinx rolling her eyes and watching him, Cyborg playing video games, and Robin and Starfire kissing up against a wall. It was their normal behavior, and the two returning teens had expected no less. Everyone stopped what they were doing and rushed to meet their two teammates, shocked and excited that they were holding hands. What could this mean?

"Welcome back guys! Uh, so what's the deal?" Robin was the first to say anything.

"Yeah guys... what happened?" Kid Flash added.

"Oh you must tell us of your coming together, yes?" Starfire chimed.

"Yo BB! Get it man!" Cyborg yelled, bumping Beast Boy's fist. Beast Boy shot him a warning glance and tried desperately to hide a blush.

"Congrats guys!" Jinx patted Raven's shoulder, giving her a warm smile.

"It's a long story." Raven muttered, half smiling at Beast Boy.

"We have time." Robin persuaded.

As if on cue, the alarm sounded for a robbery down town. With grunts and mutters they all looked at the big screen in the common room revealing the robber. They let out a small sigh of relief when they saw the familiar face of . He was barely a threat to them. Raven and Beast Boy looked at each other, the relief of their explanation being delayed showing clearly across their features.

"Titans, GO!"

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