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Chapter 1- What have you DONE!

Sarutobi Hiruzen the Sandaime Hokage of Konoha was not happy. He should have known that something would happen, it always did, but on this particular day of the year it was always the worst. He thought he could trust his ANBU, he thought his could trust most of his council, but after this he just didn't know who he could trust anymore.

Making his way down the hospital corridor to a special room set aside for when something like this happened, sending nurses and doctors alike to their knees at his barley contained killing intent, he could feel his temper rise more and more at just the thought.


Sarutobi was bored, sat in yet another boring council meeting that seemed to have nothing to do with him.

All they were talking about was civilian affairs, nothing to do with shinobi. He looked around at all the people present, the civilian council, thirty of the most annoying people in the world, that just seemed to blend into each other, nothing really standing out.

The shinobi council however was made up of all the clan heads of Konoha, the Aburame, Akimichi, Hyuuga, Inuzuka, Nara, Yamanaka and of course his own clan the Sarutobi.

Then there were the village elders, Homura, Koharu and Danzo, his old teammates and former best friend. Over the years they had become more and more distant. They still talked, but it was always about village affairs.

He felt a pang of regret for that. They used to be the best of friends, but now it was like they were strangers.

It was then that he noticed for the first time that all of the civilian council seemed nervous. He picked up all the little things, the way that some of them kept looking from the clock to him, the nervous whispers between two or three council members and the fact that they all seemed to be sweating.

His warning bell was screaming. Something was wrong terribly wrong.

Then it hit him.

The room suddenly became very quiet. All eyes in the room shot to the old Hokage in fear. His killing intent seemed to become visible as a dark aura surrounded him. Slowly, he started to stand up, his head lowered.

"What have you done?" he asked in a whisper.

Everyone in the room suddenly stopped what they were doing, all turning their full attention to the old Hokage.

They could barely hear what he said. Even the shinobi had to strain their ears.

Everything in the room was quiet. Nobody wanting to be the first to break the silence that seemed to have spread around the room.

Holding all those inside the room, squeezing their chest and stealing their words before they could even think of what to say.

Surprisingly it was one of the civilian council that broke the silence. He looked like any other middle-aged civilian, short brown hair, brown eyes and wearing a simple grey kimono. He stood up slowly, carefully, as if he was scared of making any sudden movements.

"W-w-what d-do y-y-y-you mean?" He stuttered out, and by the end of his question he was shaking.

"...did you think I wouldn't notice? Did you think I wouldn't realize something was going on? I may be old but I am not senile yet. Now. Tell. Me. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!"

By the end of Hiruzen's mini rant he had gone from a soft whisper to nearly shouting at the top of his voice. Slowly standing, he still did not raise his head to look at the now truly frightened men and women sat across from him in there seats, his eyes hidden in the shadows of his Hokage hat.

Homura, Koharu and Danzo all looked at there old friend in both fear and surprise. But what many, if they were looking them instead of the old Hokage would be shocked to see was the barely restrained hope in their eye.

Finally, after a few more minuets silence, Koharu spoke.

"Hiruzen, what's wrong?" she asked her old friend.

It was at this point that Sarutobi finally lifted his head so that all present could see his eyes. They were not the soft, caring eyes of the old man that so many had come to know.

They were as hard as steal, the pupils of his eyes shrunken in anger.

His voice ice cold Sarutobi spoke.

"Why are we here? Why are we all here? These are not shinobi matters. So far we have heard nothing that couldn't wait until the next official council meeting. So Why. Are. We. Here."

At the end of his questions he spoke each of his last words with emphases.

"I was told that there was an important matter that must be discussed and yet we have been here for fourhours straight and all you have talked about is basic information that has no real importance at all. So I ask you, why are we here."

Again, nobody spoke, nobody moved, the tension in the room becoming more and more intense with every passing minuet.

It was then that he asked a question that had a very big affect on the room.

"What is the date?"

Those four words froze all those in the room, the civilians in fear and the shinobi in sudden realization.

Everything was quiet. Then the killing intent in the room seemed to, if possible, increased tenfold. All the shinobi clan heads and the three elders adding their own killing intent to the old Hokage's.

Suddenly, having not being able to stand the killing intent in the room any longer one of the civilians, a woman in her late twenty's with black hair and a expensive looking black kimono with a image of a sakura tree in bloom stood up and screamed in a high pitched voice.


It was then that a VEREY pisst Inuzuka Tsume shot to her feet practical frothing at the mouth, along with every other clan head in the room. Effectively shutting the woman up.


At those words some of the civilian's eyes opened wide in realization and looks f absolute horror crossed their faces. What had they done?

Despite what many would believe many of the shinobi in Konoha didn't hold a grudge against the boy.

Some did, mostly those that lost everything in the attack seven years ago, but most didn't act on this hate beyond glares and harsh words.

Every now and then they would join in with the civilian if there was a mob but they weren't ninja for long after that.

Before anything else could happen, Nara Shikaku started moving to the large wooden doors, a rare serious expression on his normally bored face.

"We don't have time for this, we need to try and stop whatever is happening before it's too late."

That was all it took to snap the attention of all the people in the room the clan heads, elders and Sarutobi himself all quickly making their way to the doors. But before he pushed the doors open he paused.

Looking back at the members of the civilian council and left them with one more thing to think about.

"If anything has happened to Naruto, ANYTHING, I will come back here and when I do I will show you why they called me the 'God of Shinobi'. ANBU! Make sure none of them leave this room before I come back."

Seemingly out of nowhere, five animal masked ninja appeared in the room.

And with that he pushed the doors open.

Only to stop dead in his tracts at the sound that assaulted his and everyone else's ears. He absently thought that someone must have applied a silencing seal to the door while they were in the room.

It was the only way to explain why none of them heard the terrifying scream that seemed to echo across the village.

End flashback

When Sarutobi finally got to the room he stopped at the door.

He wasn't sure if he could go in.

From what he saw when they got to the seen he knew that it would be bad. It was a miracle, depending on your definition of the word, that he was even alive.

Finally raising his courage and taking a deep breath, he pushed the sliding door open.

His breath hitched at what was before him.

A small, malnourished seven year old boy hooked up to several different machines, lying on a hospital bed that made him look even smaller then he was.

His entire body was covered from head to toe in bandages. The only parts of his body that was visible through the bandages were his eyes.

Walking into the room, Sarutobi sat in the single chair set next to the bed.

As he looked at the boy he began to feel tears falling down his face. In a matter of seconds the old Hokage seemed to grow ten years older.

"I'm so sorry Naruto, if I had realized what was going on sooner I could have stopped this. You should never have had to go through that, no one should."

By the time the old shinobi had gotten over his shock from hearing the scream he and all the others were too late.

They found the young boy in the middle of a large crowed tied to a log in the centre of a large fire. Every now and then someone would throw more wood onto the fire or the occasional bottle at the still screaming boy.

But what really got to the group that had just arrived on the seen was that the boy seemed to be healing at the same rate he was burning. Whatever clothes he had been wearing was burned away long ago, giving a clear view of the young child's skin as it sizzled away then grew back.

And then they noticed something that really made them sick, he was still conscious, still screaming.

And those...people were just stood there, laughing and cheering.

After he had slaughtered half the people in the crowd in a blind rage and sent whoever was left to Ibiki, they had quickly rushed the boy to the hospital.

That was twelve hours ago, and in that time they had found out a lot about what had happened.

It seemed that the civilian council had managed to round up a small number of his ninja to help them in their vendetta against the boy.

As soon as the meeting was underway they had applied a silencing seal to the door.

After that they had surprised the AMBU guarding the boy and knocked him out then moved on to drag the poor boy out of his apartment.

The mob had then proceeded to beat the boy to within an inch of his life.

When they had their fill of beating the poor boy they tied him to the post and after some big speech from one Miss Haruno that included telling the barely conscious Naruto that the Kyuubi was sealed inside him they had lit the bomb fire.

The worst part through was that the boy had been burning for three hours straight, the Kyuubi trying to heal it's prison in a attempted to live.

But it seemed that even the great Kyuubi no Kitsune couldn't heal everything. According to the doctors Naruto had suffered third degree burns over his entire body and it seemed that, even though it was healing...

...His body would never be free of the scars.


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