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Summary: During a routine mission, Violet disappears without a trace. A decade later, she is found. However, the Parrs are about to discover that she isn't the same naïve girl she was before her disappearance.

A/N: Let me start off by saying that this is the first story I've worked on since this time TWO YEARS AGO, so if it seems a little choppy in places and/or just plain BAD let me apologize. I am extremely rusty at writing since I haven't been doing it in awhile. Hopefully, as the story progresses it'll sound better as the gears are working again so to speak. I got this idea a few days ago when I was reading A Stolen Life by Jaycee Dugard (if you don't know who she is, read the book. It's very sad!).


It had been three thousand six hundred days since Violet's disappearance. Helen Parr remembered that day all too well after days, weeks, months, years of going back to it in her mind and digging for a scrap of information she had missed. Countless times, she had gone back to that empty lot where her daughter had disappeared from and ran it over with a figurative fine-toothed comb for any evidence. She had memorized that scene by heart. Violet had been standing three feet away from Bob and seven from Dash. When she had noticed her mother's eyes on her, she turned and smiled at her in spite of the battle they were in. Helen had been forced to look away from her daughter's face and when she had turned back, she had vanished.

At first, they had thought that she had gone invisible and would reappear soon. After an hour had passed, Bob had told her to go home and relieve the babysitter (provided by Agent Dicker's organization and not Kari, thank goodness). He and Dash would continue to look. Three hours later, at seven o'clock, Dash returned home alone looking unnerved. Bob didn't return home until late the next morning. The next day, search teams combed the tri-state area. Every hero, government agent, and telepath in the vicinity was looking for Violet Parr AKA Invisigirl. They looked for six months and gave up. The Parrs and Agent Rick Dickers didn't. Dickers, like Bob and Helen, firmly believed that they would find her—one day.

Even with Violet gone, life in the Parr household went on. Dash turned into a handsome young man and became Quicksilver. After he turned fourteen, he had a continuous line of girlfriends marching through their front door until he met a young girl named Vanessa during his freshman year of college. They had been dating for almost three years. If they married, she'd be the first non-super in the family.

Jack-Jack, who preferred just plain Jack now, took on the name Changeling after he found it in a comic book. He joined the team almost ten years after Violet's disappearance. He didn't remember his older sister. He knew that she was the reason that his mother had Edna Mode put stronger tracking devices in their super suits. Violet was the reason his mother never let him out of her sight. She was the reason that Dash wasn't allowed to date without their parents or Lucius watching. It was also the reason that Jack himself was home schooled all these years. Unlike Dash, who deeply protested being removed from school, Jack couldn't talk his mother into letting him go to public school. It was "too dangerous". He didn't complain aloud very often. After all, if she lost another child, it would be the death of her.


"Hey, Mom, is it still cool for Vanessa to come over for dinner tonight?" Dash asked grabbing an apple from the fruit bowl. At twenty years old he was tall but lanky, not inheriting his father's bulky build. While Helen wouldn't let him wear his hair long, he sported a goatee and wore what his father mocked as "man jewelry": A stone ring around his neck on a black cord, two rings on his right hand, and a diamond earring in his left ear. It was actually Vanessa's, who had gotten the idea from the movie The Breakfast Club.

"Yeah, it's still on." Helen said. Despite the decade that passed, she was more or less the same appearance-wise that she was before Violet disappeared. The only thing that changed was some new "laugh lines" and "worry lines" around her face and streaks of gray in her auburn hair. She fell onto one of the kitchen chairs and put her head in her hands.

"Mom…" Dash's voice was tender as he raced to her side. She brushed him off.

"I'm sorry, sweetie." Helen said, her voice breaking. "It's just today is…It's been ten years since she disappeared."

"I know. Mom, I know we talked about this before, but do you think maybe it's time to consider the fact that maybe Violet just…ran away?"

"NO!" Helen snapped, making her oldest son jump. "She didn't run away. You know your sister wasn't—isn't like that. She wouldn't run away, especially in the middle of a fight. Dash, someone took her from us!"

"Then why wasn't her suit's tracker activated?" Dash demanded harshly. Unlike Bob and Jack, he wasn't as gentle with his mother when it came to Violet's disappearance. Maybe it was because next to Jack, he had lost the most: his privacy for starters. Plus, it wasn't a nice thought to know that your father and a secret government agency ran background checks on everyone you associate with. Sometimes, he almost hated his sister. If she had really been taken, they would have found her suit or her body or something! No, she had to have run away. He'd bet next year's tuition on it.

He knew that something was wrong when he had mentioned Violet's tracking device. Helen had looked away guiltily and was wringing her hands nervously in her lap.

"Dad, why wasn't Violet's tracker activated when she was taken?" Dash asked as his father came into the kitchen. Bob Parr looked very uncomfortable for a moment before looking at his wife. She made a pained expression before slowly nodding.

"Dash…look," Bob sat down at the table and pulled out the seat in between Helen and himself before motioning Dash to sit down. "Your mom and I wanted to keep some hope alive for you so we…we never told you."

"Told me what?" Dash demanded. He hadn't moved, but suddenly short of breath.

"Two days after your sister disappeared, they found her super suit. The tracking device had been destroyed—it was before E made them indestructible," Helen began. Her eyes watered and her voice wavered. "Her suit was ripped apart and bloody and burned in some places. Rick said that there was still some hope that she would be found…just…just…"

"Just the chances that we would find a body would be a lot higher." Bob finished.

"She might be…" Dash gulped and felt guilty. All these years he had thought that Violet had been murdered. Helen rose and pulled him into a hug.

"She's not dead, Dash. I don't know why…but I know she's not. Call it mother's intuition." Suddenly, the phone rang and she released him to answer it.

"Come on," Bob put a hand on his son's shoulder. "Let's get going before you're late for your first class."

Dash grabbed his backpack off of the counter. It was Monday, which meant that he carpooled with his father in the morning and was picked up in the afternoon. He didn't mind too much because if his dad was late in the afternoon it gave him more time with Vanessa. They were halfway to the car when the front door flew open.

"BOB!" Helen screeched. Both men looked at her. Her face was suddenly pale and years seemed to be added to her face. Then, she smiled and said three words.

"They found her"

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