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"S-Such... Such a big school...!" A brown haired girl gaped at the Ouran Academy, her eyes wide behind her glasses. With short, plain hair a slightly curvy, plump body, she wasn't much of a sight to see, especially her clothes which were faded jeans, white zipper hoodie, and dark blue sneakers. She tightly clasped her huge binder to her chest, already feeling the sweat rolling off her body soak the back of her shirt.

The girl cautiously entered the high school section of the Academy, looking around with wide eyes at the elegant school uniforms she had already dirtied before coming here and didn't have the money for cleaning, and the well kept students of the school. She slightly dragged her large zipper binder around, her eyes directed at the pathway in front of her now, ignoring the staring and whispers of the other students. Alright... think... think of manga... think...A bright light gleamed in her eyes and the girl suddenly turned, heading straight for the library. Right before her eager hand grasped the doorknob, she noticed the throngs of people already in the library, and could already hear their loud talking.

"So... So much for peace and quiet for reading manga... that library is hell for an otaku like me..." she muttered under her breath, quietly sliding away, slouching as she sunk into self-pity, "I should go explore this place... it's so big..."

She sighed, thinking about what her best friend would say: "Explore? You enter a school for rich kids and the first thing you do is explore? Well, I would want to too... But no way I'm going to act like a little kid.."

The girl came across a large door with a sign indicating that it was a music room. She first pressed her ear to the door, hearing no sounds at all, being somewhat eerily quiet. The girl slowly opened the door, peeking inside, "Excuse me..."

The sight in front of her was bound to give her nosebleeds for a whole month.

"Welcome! Welcome to the Ouran High Host Club!" the group of handsome guys greeted her in unison... wait.

"Wait... Wait a second... You... You guys are the Host Club I've heard of before I entered this school?" she stammered.

"Ah! Mommy, we're famous!" Tamaki exclaimed, sidling up to the girl who just entered. Kyouya, the "mommy", just glared silently at him.

"Aren't you guys supposed to be male?"

"Uh... yeah? Do we look like ladies?" The twins replied in unison, raising their eyebrows.

"Then why is there a girl here?" The brunette asked, pointing at Haruhi.

From the look on each of the hosts' faces, the girl with her finger pointing at Haruhi realised she wasn't supposed to say what had just left her mouth.

"Wh-wh-what are you talking about? Haruhi's not a girl, no way!" Tamaki laughed nervously, inching away from her now.

"Yeah! He's manly!" The twins argued in unison once more.

"Haru-chan's a guy!" Honey said, hugging Haruhi who had a nearly dead look on his face.

"Don't kid me... I can tell... she's a girl!" The girl protested.

"Well, good thing we don't have any customers at this time, or there would be a big problem and there would be rumors going around," Kyouya muttered.

"Haruhi's not a girl!" Tamaki stated.

"Yes, she is! I can tell just by looking at her!"

"No she isn't!" the twins cried out.

"Yes, she is!"

"No, Haru-chan's not a girl!" Honey pouted.

"Yes, she is! Stop lying!"

"I'm a girl," Haruhi said truthfully.

"Haruhi! Don't give up!" Tamaki sobbed.

"So you're working at the host club because of debt... because you broke an expensive vase?" the girl asked.

"That... that's right..." Haruhi stuttered, "Please, don't tell anyone... It's a secret."

A wild light beamed in the girl's eyes once more, "Of course I'll keep your secret! No problem!" Inside, she thought, Oh my gosh, this is just like a harem! Kyaaa! Just like a manga!

"You must be poor, not wearing a uniform even though you are a student of this school," Kaoru commented, regarding her casual clothes.

"I'm not poor! I got in this school because of a scholarship! My uniform is just dirty!" the girl pouted.

"Then... why don't you clean it?" Hikaru asked.

"I... I don't have enough money..." she admitted, sulking.

"Then you must be the second honor student who came into this school without money," Kyouya noted.

"Yeah... who's the first?"

"Haru-chan," Honey answered.

"Really?" she asked, her eyes wide and now glimmering at Haruhi.

"Yeah," Mori muttered.

"Then, let us poor people be friends!" she exclaimed dramatically, grasping Haruhi's hands.

"By the way, what's your name?" Tamaki questioned her.

"Oh," the girl smiled and said, "I'm Haruko Yamazaki, a first year. Nice to meet you!"

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